Ambit Energy Achievements

Ambit Consultants are driven to achieve, and we are proud to recognize their accomplishments. We honor our outstanding Consultants for a variety of achievements, from career earnings to recruiting new Consultants to helping others promote. Because while doing a good job is its own reward, we think it also deserves a little recognition.

Millionaire Jacket

Millionaire Club

The Millionaire Club is comprised of Ambit Consultants who have achieved over $1 million in earnings with Ambit.

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Top Income Earners

Top Income Earners

Every year, Ambit recognizes its top income earners. It’s our way of saying thanks for doing such a great job.

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Top Recruiters Trophy

Top Recruiters

Ambit recognizes the top recruiters in every state in which we are active, because adding Consultants is essential to our growth.

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Five-Star Club Icon

Five-Star Club

Twice each year our top-performing Consultants are awarded with a Five Star trip to an exclusive destination with our Co-Founders as their hosts.

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Ambit Pacesetter Trophy

Ambit Pacesetter

This award recognizes the Consultant who have added the most Senior Consultants to their Executive organization.

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AMBITION A-List Trophy


Every year at our AMBITION Conference, we recognize the 25 Consultants with the highest point totals during the year’s contest period.


EC Fly-In

EC Fly-In

The EC Fly-In program brings newly promoted Executive Consultants to Dallas for a series of events. This honor both recognizes their accomplishments and prepares them to take the next step up to National Consultant.

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