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Name Steve Thompson
Current Rank National Consultant
State Texas
Ambit Since 2006

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NC Steve Thompson – The Power of the Comp Plan

Ambit’s compensation plan is one of a kind, but how can new Consultants use it to their advantage to accomplish their goals?

Today’s podcast features Simulcast 2014 training from bestselling author and Co-Founders Impact Award winner, National Consultant Steve Thompson. Listen as this $5 Million Club member explains how to make Ambit’s compensation plan work for you.

Listen to Podcast: NC Steve Thompson – The Power of the Comp Plan

National Consultants on Recruiting for Success

With AMBITION fast approaching, we speak with four of Ambit's Top National Consultants about the importance of recruiting locally. Brian McClure, Esther Spina, Debbie Atkinson, and Steve Thompson know the value of your warm market and tell you why this is where you should always start.

Listen to Podcast: National Consultants on Recruiting for Success


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Profile of Success

There are as many ways to succeed with Ambit as there are individual Consultants. Hear one of our most successful Consultants talk about business building and achieving financial freedom.

"I knew that if anyone ever got energy right, it would be the biggest run in the history of network marketing,” says Steve Thompson. After a year or so with Ambit, he’s building a business like no other he’s ever encountered.

2010 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner
Ambit's inaugural Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner, Steve Thompson, believes in helping others achieve success. This award is given to the Consultant who has had the greatest impact by best exemplifying training, teamwork, motivation and a tireless work ethic. With his yachtcast and trainings he exemplifies all of the above while traveling the country.