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Name Ray Montie
Current Rank National Consultant
State Pennsylvania
Ambit Since 2007

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National Consultant

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NC Ray Montie – The Proven System

There’s a reason there are so many successful Ambit Consultants. The proven Ambit system does the work for you!

Don’t take our word for it. Just listen to award-winning National Consultant Ray Montie’s Simulcast 2014 training. Ray talks about the importance of following the Ambit system and tells you the three things you need to do to be successful in 2014.

Listen to Podcast: NC Ray Montie – The Proven System

Ambit U- NC Ray Montie says “Get Them Paid”, 212

This is our last in this current series of Ambit University Podcasts. We hope you found them a useful tool for both you and your team. Stay tuned for new Ambit University episodes in the future or download and replay this expert series. But don't worry, we have plenty of new episodes with vital information and riveting interviews every week!

Get Them Paid 212.

Getting prospects to join is only the beginning. National Consultant Ray Montie teaches why – and how – to get your new Consultants paid as soon as possible. It’s a practice that definitely yields financial returns.

If you want to listen and download more Ambit U episodes, please subscribe to us at iTunes. Or surf the Ambit U episodes here at www.ambitenergypodcast.podbean.com. In the meantime, plug into this great episode and listen now!

Listen to Podcast: Ambit U- NC Ray Montie says “Get Them Paid”, 212


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Profile of Success

There are as many ways to succeed with Ambit as there are individual Consultants. Hear one of our most successful Consultants talk about business building and achieving financial freedom.

Ray's wife Danielle says, "I think that we're very blessed that we can be the architects of our own future. We get to design what we want our life to look like, and then we get to go ahead and execute that plan together as a team."

Millionaire Club: $5 Million Purple Jacket Presentation 2013
Ray Montie, National Consultant - You don't reach this level without total dedication to your team and to the integrity of Ambit Energy. Ray has proven this and adds to his already impressive resume featuring the Thompson Leadership award, Co-Founders Impact award, Founders Leadership Council, Pacesetter award and Pure Energy award.

2012 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner
Also a Thompson Leadership Award winner, Ray exemplifies these four pillars of success: training, teamwork, motivation, and a tireless work ethic. He has built an amazing team in the Northeast and is a leader to admire.

2009 Thompson Leadership Award Winner
Also the winner of the EC Pacesetter Award, Ray leads one of the fastest-growing organizations in the company. He seconds his upline Brian McClure by saying, "to be a great leader, you have to be great follower."