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Latest Consultant Promotions

Week of January 13, 2017

Promoting is both the reward for and the celebration of a huge amount of hard work. All of us at Ambit are proud to congratulate these promoting Consultants.

Newest National Consultants

Richard & Mary Amoedo, TX

Newest Executive Consultants

Douglas Dial, IL
Hector Cuevas, TX
Mark Dawson, TX

Newest Senior Consultants

Matthew & Tammy loncar, CT
Maria Leticia & Michel Bravo, IL
Rebecca Clark, IL
Ellen Steinhiser, IN
Maritza Castellanos, FL
Christina A. Mendoza, TX
Milon Wild, MI
Maria Arrazola-Jabs, TX
Kevin Countermine, NY
Amanda Lopez, TX
Angela Arrazola, IL
Micah & Lauren Arcadipane, NY
John Edward Gonzales, TX
Arturo Macias, IN
Maleli Perez, TX
Altina Sala, TN
Ernesto Mendez Barrientos, TX
Jillian Wilkinson, MO
Tammie Waitley, TX

Newest Regional Consultants

Rafael Garcia, TX
Aaron Escalante, TX
Cora Mc Morris, IN
Claraluz Velasco, TX
Carlton Holley, MD
Jason Cross, TX
Chana Singer, NY
Kara Singleton, TX
Laura Martinez Barojas, IL
Maria Teresa & Barojas Solano, IL
Mike Petrash, TX
Paul Gonzalez, TX
Isidro Molero, OH
Agustin Gonzalez, TX
Eugene Lewis, MO
Jesus Saucedo, TX
Leo Chavarria, TX
Jeffery Wiseman, OK
Clara Aguilar, IN
Darthy Stewart, IN
Borath Men, MA
Henry Kemp, IN
Sylvester Cason Jr., IN
Nathaniel Armstrong, OH
Dindo S. Suarez, IN
Chivvon Savage, IN
Roy Bond, TX
Janeth Alvarez, TX
Victor Thomas, MD
Thomas Caco, IN
Tiffany Tran, MA
Larry E. Tucker, TX
Johnna Barton, TX
Vaughin Waldron, TX
Marlene Trimuel, IL
Dominga Cardenas, TX
Eduardo Juvier, FL
Ralph Belmore, MA
Shawniqua Mcadams, NY
Lee Cotten, TX
Jesse Castaneda, TX
Walt Bianchi, PA
David Fernandes, MA
Kenia Itzel Vasquez, TX
Katherine Michaud, NH
Jason Fan & Jin Huan Tan, CA
Geovani Mendez, NY
Linda Cardinal, RI
Maria Osorio, TX
Raymundo Ocotitla, IL
Melissa Nixon, NY
Alejandra Arrigunaga, TX
Gena Curtis, TX
Daniel Karkusiewicz, IL
Mosie Hunter, TX
Alec Soreff, TX
Cherise Irons, MD

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Ambit Energy Podcast

November 29, 2016

The latest podcasts from some of our top Consultants, Corporate leaders and other experts on a wide variety of topics.

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Simulcast 2017 Preview

Get all the latest info on Simulcast 2017 from Ambit Energy Vice President Darrell Starkweather. He’ll fill you in on all the trainings, recognition and announcements that are going to help you get your new year off to a strong start. … Read/Listen More

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Ambit Why

August 29, 2014

Read many Ambit Why's from our Consultants. It's bigger than a paycheck and keeps them motivated.

Lucky Seven

“Val Johnson and her husband's "Why" is simple: After raising a blended family of seven kids, they wanted to be able to retire in comfort.”

Val Johnson

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