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Latest Consultant Promotions

Week of November 13, 2017

Promoting is both the reward for and the celebration of a huge amount of hard work. All of us at Ambit are proud to congratulate these promoting Consultants.

Newest National Consultants

Mathieu LaPalm, MI

Newest Senior Consultants

Alejandra Rodriguez, IL
Edelmiro Martinez, TX
Eulalia Mendoza, CA
Kenneth Gibson & Morgan Finch, NY
Faigy herzog, NY
Emily Shulmanovich, IL
Larissa Vlassova, IL
Tam Duong, MA
Carrie Snowman, ME
Lieu Hoang, MA
Daniel Trzcinski, CT

Newest Regional Consultants

Sandra Clark, TX
Juana Bell, TX
Maria de Los Angeles Portillo de Ticas, TX
Liyan Huang, CA
Yesenia Anahi Aragon, CT
Joseph Rickner, CA
Maria Rodriguez, TX
Kimberly Hayford, CA
Daniel Watson, ME
Phillip Westmoreland, MO
Brian Smith, FL
Riccardo Sapien, TX
Ming Puno, TX
Juan carlos Monroy, TX
Susan Fernandes, CT
Alice Walker, IN
Claudia Yañez, TX
Natalia Gutierrez, CT
Jim Garner, MO
Philip Hintz, MO
Devin Jones, OR
Bryan Cao, MA
Joseph Coster, IL
Lynette Crep, IL
Carlos Cubuica, TX
Karla Arizpe, TX
Joshua Itzkovits, NY
Anhtuan Nguyen, MA
Lizette Avila, TX
Nat Klingensmith, OR
Altovise Malone, IN
Sharon Vincent, TX
Mashy Stauber, NY
Donald W Owen, MA
Karen Ogle, OH
Abraham Gutman Muñoz, TX
Joao Silva, MA
Luisa M. Solis, CT
Ifeanyichukwu Amogu, MA
Kimberly Mrozinski, IN
Ami & Maria Barr, NY
Robin And James Covington, MD
Tina Robertson, ME
Julian Emilio Alfaro Beltran, TX
Nadia Mansour, TX
Steven C Govoni, ME
Maria Calvo, TX
Dave Mendoza, CA
Karen Mcclenahan, TX

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Ambit Energy Podcast

November 14, 2017

The latest podcasts from some of our top Consultants, Corporate leaders and other experts on a wide variety of topics.

Podcast Image

Now Open in Canada

Ambit Energy Canada is now open for business in Alberta. Join Ambit Vice President EricJohnstone as he discusses the new international market, and how Ambit Consultants can prepare to succeed there. … Read/Listen More

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Ambit Why

August 29, 2014

Read many Ambit Why's from our Consultants. It's bigger than a paycheck and keeps them motivated.

Lucky Seven

“Val Johnson and her husband's "Why" is simple: After raising a blended family of seven kids, they wanted to be able to retire in comfort.”

Val Johnson

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