Looking for an Opportunity

Shawn Coleman, Executive Consultant

Shawn Coleman Headshot

Shawn Coleman was always competitive. He’d won numerous awards as a salesman and was always on the lookout for new ways to earn extra money. Despite his work ethic and talent, he found himself working two dead end jobs with no opportunity for advancement and little time to spend with his wife Rebecca and daughter Faith Marilyn.

Then, one day, Rebecca told him her brother Ralph wanted to talk to him. When the phone rang, Ralph told Shawn “I have an opportunity for you.” Shawn says, “without letting him say another word, I replied ‘sure, whatever it is, I’m in.’ You see, when I asked him for Rebecca’s hand in marriage, he’d made me promise I’d always keep a job. So I knew he’d never get us involved in something bad.”

Before long, Shawn started to see all the good things about Ambit, too. “Everyone we know, love and trust uses electricity and we’re just asking them to do us a favor by paying less for something they have to use and can’t live without.”

Sold on Ambit

Shawn cites one particular success story as a favorite. “I signed up a young gentleman named Justin Miller who suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy and is in a wheelchair. He filled a living room with 14 guests at his first home party, and seven of those guests became Consultants. That’s when I knew this was going to work. It’s being able to work with inspirational people like Justin that keeps me moving forward to help as many others as possible achieve success.” Shawn and Justin’s story is a reflection of his belief that Ambit is “a business built off of trust and relationships.”

Of course, Shawn has not only helped others, he’s achieved one of his most important “Whys” as well. He has been able to quit working two jobs to spend more time with his family.

Big Accomplishments

In addition to promoting to Executive Consultant, Shawn has been featured on the cover of Success from Home magazine. He anticipates going even farther, because “my wife and my daughter remind me that I can never quit no matter what obstacles life throws my way.”

With a proven track record of success and a commitment to helping other succeed, it’s likely that life is only going to get better for Shawn and the Consultants whose lives he touches.

Five EC Pieces
My/our Why

Spend more time with my wife and daughter, being with them reminds me why I can never quit no matter what obstacles life throws my way.

Time spent working my/our Ambit business:

Eight to 10 hours a week but its hard to quantify because I’m always building people up and people build Ambit—plus, I wouldn’t consider it to be work, I enjoy building my Ambit business.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

I have to say Kirk Horan, without his leadership and mentoring, I might not have succeeded. I also have to say thanks to local leaders such as Tony Procopio, Ryan Gould, Jay Emma, and Patrick Flanders who helped give me the confidence while building my business. Kirk Horan’s friendship, support, and leadership continues to this day.

Favorite thing about Ambition:

Being around people with the same passion as myself, and making new friends each year.

Thanks to the 5 SCs who helped us reach EC

My parents Richard and Susan Coleman, my best friend Chris Corcoran, Alicia Herritt, Shane McKean, and Kevin Shultis.

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The Important Deadline

Brian Radel, Executive Consultant

Brian Radel Headshot

There was one deadline that Brian Radel wasn’t going to miss. Brian decided years ago when he served in the U.S. Air Force that 2014 would be an important year for him. He planned to retire then at age 50. There was only one small problem. He’d left the military and started a new career as a correctional officer, but then there was the financial downturn in 2008. Brian’s 401k balance took a huge dive because of the economy. But, he still had the 2014 deadline in mind.

Brian, along with wife, Danielle, knew there was more to life than working so hard every day. “Living from payday to payday and working to help others make money is all we have ever known,” Danielle said. But, the pair wanted the chance to know another way of life. It was one they wanted to share with their children, 27-year-old Corey and 24-year-old Chelsie, and future generations. So with thoughts of reaching retirement at an age where they would still be able to enjoy the things they love to do with their family, the two started thinking of ways they’d be able to reach their deadline.

The Visit That Started the Journey

Danielle made a promise to a group of friends to attend their party. Brian was a tough sell, but Danielle was determined to keep a promise to their friends. It was that promise that changed their lives. After a short period of listening intently to a presentation about the Ambit Opportunity, Brian and Danielle were ready to begin their own business. “We both loved the thought of Free Energy for us and our family, but Danielle understood residual income due to her job,” Brian said. As a top-producing insurance agent, Danielle knew the opportunities were endless for them. That passion, and their deadline, was enough to get them started.

Their Ambit business has been earmarked by several achievements – promoted twice within a span of six months and the first ECs promoted on Jim and Julie Brosious’s team, but not without a few minor setbacks. They experienced challenges with sticking to the system and tips that they received in all of their trainings. It was frustrating at first, but once they understood and had a plan, the two started to reach new heights with their business.

Next Stop: NC

Brian and Danielle made their deadline. “Now that Ambit has made it possible for Brian to retire, we are looking forward to getting out of our own backyard and growing huge teams in other states and markets,” Danielle said. They know there are no limits to their success. Their past achievements prove that. But, if they could pass on piece of advice to others, it would be to “get out of your comfort zone, follow the system from Day One and when you decide to do it don’t look back follow the system, use your leaders and ‘Just do it!’”

Our “Why?”

Our why is to retire Danielle from her job 15 years early.

Time spent working our business

We are open for business 24/7 with Ambit.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

Jim & Julie Brosious and the system of course.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:

The camaraderie and sharing information w/people from all over the country.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped us reach EC.

Chelsie Radel, Corey Radel, Tonia Guffey, Michael Haven and Shannon Shrawder.

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Real versus Apparent Success

Mario Price, Executive Consultant

Mario Price Headshot

With 20 years experience in law, finance, accounting and law and business degrees from top-tier universities, Mario Price appeared to have it all. But as the saying goes, appearances can be deceiving. Like many professionals, Mario carried large student loans, as well as a mortgage and the cost of providing for his family. He also had to work long hours, leaving him little time to enjoy any quality of life.

Luckily, he had one more great advantage—a persistent law partner who was determined to introduce Mario to the Ambit Opportunity. After four months of turning down invitations to presentations, he gave in—and immediately saw his chance to change his life for the better.

A Second Chance

Mario had already had the chance of a lifetime and dropped the ball. As a Wall Street executive years ago, he’d passed on the chance to sign on with a little startup company called Amazon, and he’d regretted it ever since. He saw the opportunity to make a significant income with Ambit, and was determined not to let this big chance elude him. What’s more, as a Dallas native who’d earned a Southland scholarship, he believed in the Thompson family and Ambit’s leadership. Mario knew he’d make the most of this second chance at earning his Financial Freedom.

And then…

When he failed to get out of the gate quickly, Mario says “I nearly walked away as a RC with a total downline of seven people.” He’d gone six months with no growth, no checks and nothing but “nos” from everyone he approached. “After attending Simulcast 2012 and receiving encouragement from EC Clet Titus, I decided to make one last invitation. And my business started to turn around.” Before long, Mario achieved the rank of SC, and his Ambit business began to show a profit.

Finding Family

For Mario, being part of Ambit has gone beyond just making money. His Ambit team was a major source of support for his family when his infant son died in 2013. On a more positive note, his work with Ambit has helped Mario develop his skills and become a sought-after speaker and writer. He looks forward to retiring from his law practice to speak and train others who want to make a positive change in their life.
That’s something he’s already doing as an Executive Consultant who inspires his downline to achieve their goals and set new “Whys” every day.

Five EC Pieces

My/ our “Why?”
I am building my business to transform from simply being a person who looks successful, to one who has full freedom of decision making to live a life of abundance and generosity. 

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business
10-15 hours per week

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
My single most effective tool was getting out of my own way fully becoming coachable and teachable. 

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Ambition is like a family reunion/refueling station where everyone who has the audacity to dream out loud receives encouragement and instruction on how to achieve those dreams.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
In addition to the numerous NCs and ECs who offered their support and guidance (especially Pastor Kenny Smith, Brian McClure, Kim & Jim Mason and Thien Bui),  I would especially like to thank the five SCs who helped him to promote - SC Dr. Marques Julius, SC Marion Branch, SC Mike Woltz, SC Brenda Gray Fields, and SC LTC (army) Sonya Friday.

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The Bill That Changed It All

Irma Lozada, Executive Consultant

Irma Lozada Headshot

A $500 electric bill. As if juggling two stressful jobs with often little to no time for herself or family wasn’t enough, Irma Lozada had just received her highest electric bill yet. But, it wasn’t the 60-hour work weeks or two jobs that led her to think about starting her own Ambit business.  It was the $500 electric bill.  “I wanted to pay less for electricity or not pay at all,” Irma said. She had recently moved to the United States with her mother and father to make a better life for her five brothers. She never knew she would eventually own her own business.

Irma was introduced to the Ambit Opportunity by a friend. Her goal was to never have another $500 electric bill.  It was only after learning more about Ambit that she began to see she could have more than a lower electric bill. “What I liked the most is that I can do it from home without neglecting my family,” Irma said. A family that included a daughter and husband. For Irma, her ‘Why’ was easy. “My ‘Why’ is a better life for my daughter, to spend more time with her and buy a home,” Irma said.

Great Expectations
She does admit though it was hard in the beginning. Her family had doubts about her new business. “They didn’t believe it,” Irma said. She also didn’t know how to convince them starting the business was a good idea. “I couldn’t ask them to believe me when I wasn’t sure if it was true myself,” she said. She had one goal in mind in the beginning: to be a Senior Consultant. “It seemed like becoming a Senior Consultant was impossible,” she said adding, “I surpassed all my expectations and now, my next step is becoming a National Consultant.” Her hard work also exceeded her family’s expectations. Now, her mother and sister are a part of her Ambit business. “Their goal is to be Executive Consultants,” she said. 

As a new Consultant, Irma knows it can be hard to try something new. She describes herself as shy. “I didn’t like talking to people because I was shy and scared,” and she added, “But even today, I am amazed to be able to talk to all the Customers and Consultants.” It’s her ability to get over her fears and succeed one of the reasons she wants to help new Consultants. “My best advice is if they really want it, then they can make it.” After all, her story started with just one $500 electric bill. Now, she’s made it a business that’s helped her own life.

Five EC Pieces
My “Why?” 
My family. My daughter.

Time spent working my Ambit business: 
The amount of time that is necessary because I like my job, my business

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business? 
In my case, being consistent in my work has given me good results, and of course, always helping each of my Consultants.
Name your favorite thing about AMBITION: 
The recognition of each person that has achieved success with Ambit Energy. Listening to testimonies and Ambit stories.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC. 
I want to thank my five Senior Consultants because of their tenacity and willingness to work. The result of the perseverance is the place where we are now. They are:
Martha Morales
Noelia Gallardo
Ludibina Gonzalez
Maria De La Cruz Tovar
Martha Patricia Solis

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Making Second Chances Count

Tommie & Polly Raines, Executive Consultant

Tommie & Polly Raines Headshot

It was a second chance at the Ambit Opportunity that made Executive Consultant (EC) Tommie Rains pay attention. “I took an early retirement in 2005 and thought I was through,” he said. “Six months later I was ready for something else to keep me occupied.” That something to keep him busy was a part-time position at a friend’s insurance company for six years. He and wife, Polly of 46 years, were enjoying their time together traveling and with their grandkids. Then, on a lunch date with friends, Justin and Sherri Title gave them a new something that they could do to keep busy. “They told us about the Opportunity and I immediately whipped out my credit card and signed up,” Tommie said.

It was nine years before when another friend tried to get Tommie and Polly to start a business with Ambit. “I was too stubborn to look at it then,” he said. But with retirement in his rearview mirror, they knew they were ready for the challenge, and a change. Ready with this new business venture, his friend was curious about why he was quitting his part-time job at his insurance agency. Tommie’s answer quickly became another win for him. “After I told him why, he became my first Marketing Consultant,” he said. That was only the beginning.

Nearly 33 years as a Marketing Executive sharpened Tommie’s skills in working with people and making customers the central focus of his role. “I was always on call if needed by one of my many customers,” he said. That experience has proved to be helpful in his Ambit business. “Being retired gave me a heads up on most people building their Ambit businesses because I could devote all my time and efforts to doing what I love, helping people,” Tommie said. Now, as an EC, he uses that time to devote to training his new team. “My major challenges have been working with my downline Consultants and keeping them motivated and excited,” he said. He’s managed to use that challenge to his advantage though. “People are very different and what works for one person doesn’t work for someone else. You have to keep trying different ways of motivation,” Tommie said.

Tommie can pinpoint the exact moment when he knew starting his Ambit business was a great idea. “It was when I looked at my 12 months’ electric bills my first year and saw that I had only spent about $140 for the entire year,” he said adding, “That excited me and set me on fire to help everyone I could do the same thing.” Those efforts had a noticeable impact on his business. “As I helped more people reach their numbers and goals, my own business began to take off. It’s hard to believe you can reach your financial goals by just helping others reach their goals,” Tommie said.

Five EC Pieces

Our “Why?”<?Strong> Our “Why” is to help as many people as we can by introducing them to the Ambit Opportunity and helping them feel part of a successful and active team that can change our financial futures together.

Time spent working our Ambit business: We love what we do and we’re lucky to get to do it 24/7. Anyone can do this business if they make up their mind to put forth a little effort and build for the future.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business? Our most-effective Success Tool that helps us grow our business has to be the many local presentations and training events that are available to take prospective Consultants and Customers to. When you see the number and makeup of excited people at those events, there’s no way you can’t see the power of Ambit Energy.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION: Our favorite thing about Ambition is seeing the number of excited Consultants from all over the world doing what we do best, connecting and growing by learning from each other. It gives you the feeling of being part of something that is life changing and extraordinary.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped us reach EC. Our heartfelt thanks and respect go out to the five SCs that helped us reach EC: Moises & Ana Ruiz, Steven and Vimary Nieves, Tonius Frank, Janis Davis, and Josafat & Alma Garcia.

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It Started with a Napkin

Jose and Leticia Castro, Executive Consultant

Jose and Leticia Castro Headshot

For Jose and Leticia Castro, the path to Financial Freedom began with an invitation to lunch from an old friend. “My husband met him during his lunch hour, and our friend wrote out the compensation plan on a napkin. We still have that napkin.” Although the Castros were impressed with Ambit Energy and signed up, they didn’t really start to work their business. Both of them held demanding jobs, and they had two sons to care for. “Our oldest son, Jose, is hearing impaired, and our second son, Jaime, has dyslexia,” Jose says.

Eventually, though, they started to show the plan. Additionally, they received support and guidance from other Ambit Consultants. “Our upline came to our home to give us support and guidance,” they say. And once the Castros started to work the system, they saw results—the couple made Regional Consultant in just one month and Senior Consultant in three months.

Setting the Table for Success

At first, the Castros focused on reaching out to the local Hispanic community. They learned that building trust, even among their family and friends took time. It was also a challenge to build their self-confidence and ability to show the plan. They were challenged by figuring out how to balance their work, family and business schedule as well. “At first, it was difficult, but once we saw our residual income growing we knew we had to find the rhythm to persists,” Leticia says.

As a result of their own early struggles, the Castros are particularly dedicated to training and support. They have instituted generalized training sessions in Spanish for Consultants, as well as establishing “Energia de Mujeres,” for Spanish-speaking women Consultants. While they are active in bringing the Ambit Opportunity to other Hispanics, their organization has grown to include people from all walks of life, all working to help each other succeed.

Cleaning Up

In the beginning, the Castro’s goal was to be able to help both their sons get the extra support and encouragement they needed to succeed at school. Having achieved that milestone, they see even more good things in their future. “We are going to start traveling to open new markets, train more often and organize cross-organization trainings,” the couple says. They are also excited that Juan, who is about to start college, has decided to join them as an Ambit Consultant. “We want to teach him how to build his own business so he can have a residual income.”

The couple also wants to continue their leadership role among Ambit’s growing number of Spanish-speaking Consultants. “We would like to organize a Spanish-speaking Power Trip,” they say, as well as other trainings and opportunities. They’ve also set themselves the goal of building an organization of 100 Executive Consultants in the next 10 years.

Not a bad plan, considering it all started on a simple napkin.

Five EC Pieces

My/ our “Why?”

Our why is to provide our sons the best education possible and help as many people along the way.

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:

We have been doing Ambit part-time for several years and have persistently reached our goals.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

The invitation and the follow-up have been the most influential tool to growing our business.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:

Our favorite moment at Ambition is when Chris and Jere set the path for the future, Chris’s message is always inspirational.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.

We would like to thank Diana and Frank Rodriguez, Pedro Torres, Araceli and Arturo Mora, Pedro and Imelda Perez, and Ana Casares with their hard work and dedication to their business we will all succeed.

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Dollars and Cents Equal Success

Eddie & Lee Bobo, Executive Consultant

Eddie & Lee Bobo Headshot

Free Energy sealed the deal for Eddie and Lee Bobo. They’ve enjoyed a relatively low energy bill since 2008. “I will never forget receiving the bill and it was only $5.90.  I could not believe it! The next month the bill was only $3.73,” Eddie said. It’s when they realized it was possible for them to earn more that their lives turned in a different direction.

Eddie and Lee aren’t new to being in business for themselves. They’ve worked with a company similar to Ambit for nearly 25 years. It was only after speaking with a realtor about their home that they find out about Ambit. “EC John Morrison came to our house and my husband asked about selling real estate. John quickly told us he had something much better than real estate,” Lee said. After that initial meeting, everything seemed to fall into place.

Things were moving fast with their business, but for them, things were moving a bit slower. “In the beginning, we did not understand how large the Ambit Opportunity was, and we aimed too low. Our first year, our goal was just to receive a check each week from Ambit,” Eddie said. Then, their plans changed. Their targets began to increase in size the more their confidence grew. “It took us some time to realize this is the real thing. Now our goals are much larger,” Lee said adding, “Our ‘Why’ and goals have grown with us over time.”

Their objectives now involve helping their team determine their ‘Why’ and moving forward in their Ambit businesses. “We want our team to view Ed and I as business partners and feel free to speak and grow their businesses,” Lee said. One of their challenges was being afraid to tell others about how Ambit changed their lives. “It was a fear of being rejected and not being able to coach our team to the level of their aspirations,” Eddie said. They now focus on helping their team by being available around the clock.

They know being entrepreneurs and having a successful business is possible. They’ve done it themselves. Lee offers one piece of advice for new Consultants. “There should not be anyone that you haven’t introduced to the Ambit Energy business plan,” she said. Although they’ve reached a new level of success, Eddie says their game plan is still simple. “We use the analogy of a college football star going to the NFL. We are on the ground floor and we plan to work harder than ever!”

Five EC Pieces

Our “Why?”
Financial Freedom and generational wealth

Time spent working our business
The time spent has been worth every minute

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
I cannot single out one tool influence that assisted us in growing our business. I have used them all, but word of mouth has been the single best tool we have used to grow and maintain our business.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Our favorite thing about AMBITION is the positivity, seeing people excited about Ambit its contagious, and do not forget the announcements. We feel like little kids waiting to hear what is next.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped us reach EC.
SC Karley and Jake Deck
SC Sherri and David Ruble
SC Matthew Torres
SC Kim and Tommy House
SC Lead and Fred Williams

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A Tangible Dream

Manny and Rosella Salazar, Executive Consultant

Manny and Rosella Salazar Headshot

Manny and Rosella Salazar see their vision every day. Their dream come true is a 3000-square foot building of open space with seating for up to 150 people. It’s the Odessa Leadership Development Center, a place they founded that serves as a learning and meeting hub for other local Ambit Consultants. “We have plenty of room to gather for live Business Presentations and we hold training held every Tuesday night,” Manny said. It’s an accomplishment made possible because of their hard work in their Ambit business.

Their path to owning their Ambit business wasn’t a straight one. Manny and Rosella had previous experience with other network marketing businesses in addition to their professional careers. He’s worked in the engineering and construction field for nearly 22 years, while she was a teacher before taking on a new role. “I retired from teaching after 15 years of service with the school district to be a full-time grandmother,” Rosella said. 

That change prompted them to look at things differently. Her move to being a full-time grandmother and a combined desire to delete their debt and supplement her income led them to take a look at the Ambit business. “We were literally working our tails off to keep customers in the product-based business and learned we were not building a true residual business. We figured our chances of keeping an electricity customer far outweighed the chances of keeping a customer spending money on physical products,“ Manny said.

Next Steps, New Moves
Their ‘Why’ pushed them to action. “The West Texas Economy can be brutal at times and we didn’t have a “Plan B” in place. We wanted our Ambit Business to be able to secure our total living expenses,” Manny said. It was the work to get to that “Plan B” and their next steps that pushed their business in the direction where they wanted it to be. Their expectations soon became reality. “Our expectation was to get Free Energy and generate income to supplement my wife’s income; we qualified for Free Energy in six months,” Rosella said.

That was one confirmation they needed that their Ambit business could get them closer to achieving their dreams. “My wife and I will cry tears of joy when this debt burden is forever gone,” Manny said. Another confirmation was being recognized for the good job they were doing in growing their business. “One of our biggest accomplishments is receiving the first ever SC Dream Team Award at AMBITION 2014. This is an honor we will never forget as we were one of five SCs to win the award,” Rosella said. 

Their connection with others and teaching them how to run their businesses is what keeps Manny and Rosella going. They have lots of new ways in store for how they plan to help new Consultants. Their training center is a good start. They have the space, and the dream, to make it happen. But, first they have a few other things to do and accomplish. “Our next goal is we’d like to outgrow our current Training Center because we feel there are more people to help in our local area,” Manny said. It won’t be long before they’re dreaming up the blueprints to a new building.

Five EC Pieces

Our “Why?”
We want to become debt-free and owe no one anything. We are tired of working for our money. It’s time for our money to work for us. Our everyday life revolves around our family and we want to be able to leave a legacy and an inheritance to our children’s children.

Time spent working our Ambit business:
8-10 hours per week.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
We committed ourselves to Home Presentations every Tuesday Night.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Group Assembly at American Airlines Arena and feeling the electricity in the air!

Thanks to the five SCs who helped us reach EC.
Johnny and Pat Touchstone
Linda Navarro
Hector and Amber Magallanes
Raul and Pearl Zuniga
Raul Rios

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An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Mary Jane Beauregard & John Smith, Executive Consultant

Mary Jane Beauregard & John Smith Headshot

Mary Jane Beauregard and her husband John Smith are both accomplished entrepreneurs. He is the founder of one of the largest janitorial and facilities management companies in New England, and she operated a major printing brokerage firm. With their business experience, they knew a good thing when they saw it. They were impressed that Ambit didn’t require anyone to change their buying habits and that it offered a way to build residual income and generational wealth. “We understood that in just five to seven years top Ambit Consultants have created the same financial independence it has taken us almost 40 years to accomplish.”

Mary Jane continues, “We are laying the foundation on which to build generational wealth.” That’s a major consideration when your combined family encompasses six children and 15 grandchildren.

Elevating Their Game

Mary Jane and John knew they would face many challenges on their way to success. But they were determined to succeed, not only for their own sake, but for the sake of others. “Helping others realize their dreams fuels our motivation, which in turn makes our dreams come true. It’s a never-ending cycle of positive energy,” John says. Over the course of building their business, John has drawn on his many years of experience to bring out the best from Consultants, while Mary Jane has excelled at providing emotional support.

Their approach to working with new Consultants is simple and effective. “We mentor them about asking friends and loved ones for the favor of being an Ambit Customer. We encourage new consultants to schedule their in-home Ambit launch parties within the first week. It’s a powerful business builder. Momentum is the key—we train our team to be examples of fast success,” they say. The result is Consultants who both have realistic expectations, yet are able to qualify for Jump Start One bonuses in their first week.

Toward the Next Level

To reach NC, Mary Jane and John plan on focusing on new markets and hosting elite trainings for especially promising Consultants. “We are seeking individuals with strong leadership skills who have the wherewithal to use Ambit’s system to propel themselves to EC,” they say, “we need to replicate ourselves over and over through mentoring and discovery.”

For new Consultants, Mary Jane suggests “Get a hunter mentality. Go out and get whatever it is you want. Educate yourself by plugging into the system. Mimic the actions of those who have gone before you.”
It’s sound advice from two people who have achieved success on their own, and reached even greater heights with Ambit.

Five EC Pieces

My/ our “Why?”

To seize great opportunity and change the course of many lives mentoring them to take charge of their futures.

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:

We incorporate our Ambit business building into our everyday activities taking it with us wherever we go.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

John’s grit and Mary Jane’s passion to help others.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:

The comradely, inspirational consultant stories and speakers, the integrity of our founders and how they run Ambit (a huge responsibility)

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.

“We are eternally grateful to, and most proud of, the 5 SC that propelled us to EC:
Son-in-law, Stephen Dunker, Business owner, Roselyn Langianese, Son, Michael Smith, Son, John Smith Jr, and Pastor Kimberly Stubbs.”

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No Time at All

Sherell & Rahim Slaise, Executive Consultant

Sherell & Rahim Slaise Headshot

Sherell Slaise was a violist and volleyball player through high school and college. She always thought she’d be able to continue those activities after graduation, but “my aggressive executive healthcare consulting career ended both those hobbies due to a lack of time,” she says. Despite outward success and a great salary, Sherell was stressed out and exhausted. She and a friend started a real estate brokerage firm, but that business declined when the housing market crashed in 2008. She sold real estate, and started a family with her husband Rahim, leaving her with even less free time. Sherell’s views were also shaped by her experience with her mother, who had to work through great physical pain in her final days because she needed the money. “I knew I needed leveraged income, not just linear income.”

So, despite being busy with business, taking care of one child and expecting another, when her father introduced Rahim and Sherell to Ambit, they were ready. “Rahim first saw the vision and what Ambit could provide, but I took action,” Sherell says. “He wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about my split focus, yet he supported me as I crisscrossed the city to share the plan while he took care of our babies. He’d say ‘Show me the money and I’ll get excited.’ So that’s what I did!”

Forward Together

Ironically, one of the most important moments for Sherell and Rahim came when they were apart. “Rahim went to AMBITION himself while I prepared to give birth to our third child,” Sherell says. “That’s when everything changed for him. He saw the big picture. We are now joined at the hip building this business together, forever.”

Another major moment for the Slaise family was when Ambit moved into their home state of Ohio. Sherell spent four months away from her family working to help prelaunch the state, working to build a network of more than 250 Consultants. Not only did this help ensure a successful opening of a major new market, it earned the couple their first Five-Star trip. This success also showed Sherell and Rahim what they were capable of— “If we commit to a goal we can accomplish anything,” they say.

As they move forward, the couple look forward to implementing intensive training programs for their team and to creating a culture of teams having call parties and other get-togethers in their homes.

Family Time

For Sherell, one of the biggest rewards of being a Consultant is that it gives her more time to spend with her family—although that can be a challenge, too. “I initially built the business in 15-30 minute increments between diaper changes and naps,” she says. “Now I have more time between school pick-ups and meals.” Despite these challenges, she and Rahim have worked together to build a team in Illinois, Ohio and Indiana. Their focus isn’t on reaching NC, but on building their team and their income. Becoming an NC will simply follow from doing the little things right.

After all, time has proven that Sherell and Rahim knows how to craft and pursue a strategy for success.

Five EC Pieces

My/our Why
Providing a second income stream for our family and to allow flexibility in our schedule to spend more time at home with our three children.

Time spent working my/our Ambit business:
Sherell initially built the business in 15-30 minute increments in between diaper changes, naps, nursing/feedings and child births (smile). Now both, Sherell and Rahim, spend much more time building the business in between naps, school pick-ups, and meal times.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
We are particularly grateful for the mentorship that we receive from NC Steve Thompson. To know him, learn from him, and be mentored by him daily as we pre-launched Ohio was the greatest gift to our business! We are TRULY grateful for his leadership and friendship.

Thanks to the 5 SCs who helped us reach EC
This promotion comes with gratitude and anticipation for what’s to come with the incredible team we’re building in Illinois, Ohio and Indiana. We can’t wait to see what’s next on our horizon! One thing is for sure…we will continue to build! A special THANK YOU and APPRECIATION to the five Senior Consultants that helped us promote to Executive: Milton Burt, Sherry Thomas, Greg and Daisy Williamson, Isabelle Glass, and Jeanette Fiadzoe. You each are ROCKIN LEADERS! It will be incredible to see you rise “to infinity and beyond!”

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Success Was in the Cards

Simon and Susan Ko, Executive Consultant

Simon and Susan Ko Headshot

Simon and Susan Ko know a thing or two about playing the odds. They both work at a popular California casino, and as Simon says, “I was thinking about retirement, and I knew Social Security would leave me with a significant shortfall. I liked the idea of a part-time business that would gain traction over time.” He recognized that Ambit created a win/win situation, with Customers getting great service at a competitive price and Consultants having the opportunity to grow a business as part of a major company. Simon liked those odds.

Still, it wasn’t easy. Susan was less enthusiastic about the new business venture than her husband. She wasn’t confident about the network marketing model, and was concerned her lack of experience might hold them back. Simon’s own brother wouldn’t become a Customer. And for the first seven months, the Kos didn’t recruit a single Consultant to their network. But the couple didn’t give up.

Not Their First Challenge

After all, this wasn’t the first challenge the Simon and Susan had faced. Both were first-generation immigrants from Hong Kong who’d come to America speaking little English. But they’d worked hard, raised two successful children and put them through college, and weren’t about to give up. “We used this challenging time for self-development,” Susan says. “We went to every Business Presentation and training we knew of the in the San Francisco Bay Area. We attended AMBITION three years in a row, and all the Simulcasts.”

The Kos hard work and investment in time and training paid off. They were honored as Fast Track Executive Consultants and Simon quit his job at the casino in July of 2015 to focus on running the couple’s Ambit business full time. “All our lives we had been chasing jobs in search of a steady income and a comfortable life. Our Ambit business has helped us accomplish that goal and given us the right tools to continue our role as messengers for the redistribution of wealth under energy deregulation,” Simon says.

A Big Payoff

For the Kos, Ambit has really paid off. They’ve more than erased the retirement shortfall that led Simon to look into Ambit in the first place. Their adult children, who where initially skeptical, are proud of what the couple has accomplished. And the Kos are looking forward to achieving the next step in their Ambit journey—National Consultant. “We’re planning to explore new markets and will continue to arrange meetings and trainings to expand the business to a whole new level,” Susan says. “We appreciate every moment of life and are grateful for what this opportunity has brought us,” Simon adds. “We want to continue to help others see and know there is hope and a chance to have a better life.”

For new Consultants, the Kos recommend staying focused, following the system and having the heart, caring and patience to work with their team. As a business starts to grow, they say “Lead team members by training them in the basics, show them it’s a helping people business, be bold, and follow the system so success can be duplicated.”

Given what they’ve accomplished, it’s probably smart to bet on the Ko’s continued success, and on their advice.

Five EC Pieces

My/ our “Why?”
Act as a messenger to spread/share the message to new immigrants “wealth redistribution under energy deregulation”

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:
Started with an hour a day, now both working Ambit business full time

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Constantly training for the right “mindset” i.e. grit, perseverance, patience, truthfulness.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION
Mr. Jere Thompson Jr. expressing his believe “Never sacrifice integrity for growth”, “don’t say what is not”

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
Wing Yan Kei (NY), Donna Doung (MA), Xiu Xing Bu (CA), Yammy Cheng (NY), Dikang Ruan (NY)

Go to Simon and Susan Ko's Consultant Profile

Rocking Out with Ambit

Larry Leafblad, Executive Consultant

Larry Leafblad Headshot

The life of a 73-year-old lead rock singer is made for TV material. But, this is the real life for Ambit Energy Executive Consultant Larry Leafblad. Former newspaper executive turned politician, his band is the fuel that keeps him working every day in his Ambit business.  Larry’s “Why” is simple. “I want a band like Billy Joel, like the one we saw on the big screen at AMBITION 2013. I want to play concerts and sing with my band ‘til the day I die,” he said. 

It was a change in his political life that led to him paying closer attention to his Ambit business. “I blew the first two Ambit years because of my employment and duties as an elected official,” but added that, “It’s when I lost my last election for state senate in Illinois that I finally turned my focus to my then idle Ambit Energy business,” he said. That turn of the tide is what prompted him to rely on skills he’d learned years ago when he was the top consultant with Excel Communications.

He knew a lot about the proven system of Ambit. But, it was the hidden strength of growing his business that caused him more than a bit of a surprise. “I thought I was pretty good at handling rejection, but I never anticipated it being as torrid as it is these days,” Larry said. He said friends and relatives compared him to a “scam operator” and it was tough to handle. But, an old Frank Sinatra line describes it best for him when he was able to show those same people that his Ambit business was legitimate and indeed a triumph. “The best revenge is massive success,” he said. 

His achievements in his Ambit business have shown up in a variety of ways, but there’s one that he’s proud of the most. “We have reached Financial Freedom. Zero debt.  Paid off the house in January. No credit cards, payments or other debt,” Larry said. Now he and his wife of 49 years, Diane plan to travel and focus on training Consultants in other states and continue to grow his business. “I will enroll and develop them into teachers, trainers and Executive Consultants,” Larry said about his future plans for his business. 

He cautions new Consultants to never quit. Larry is a model for his team by believing in the “walk, talk and look of leadership.” It’s his tenacity and leadership that helped him to reach Executive Consultant. That same tenacity is the reason that, even at 73, he’s still pursuing his love of music. “Old fogey I may be, but I’ll make music ‘til I die!”

Five EC Pieces 
My “Why?”
I want to play concerts and sing with my band ‘til the day I die.  We want to add horns, backup vocals, more percussion…and, do our thing!

Time spent working my Ambit business:
Never any more than 30 minutes to three hours a day, but every day (or I get rusty).
What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Events, locally.  Events like Simulcast and Ambition.  Events are what stokes my fire!

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
All the things you would expect…but, the most important is the opportunity to plumb the brains of hundreds of Consultants who encounter the same logjams…to use them, in cities and states from coast to coast. 

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC.
Dr. Tim Canty, Mark and Joy Covalt, Don and Brenda McMillan, Paul Mitchell and Jeff Martell

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Defying His Past

Fred Banks, Executive Consultant

Fred Banks Headshot

Fred Banks had achieved success as a corrections officer and pastor, as well as being the proud father of three children. Where he’d fared less well as an entrepreneur. While he knew owning his own business was the key to Financial Freedom and security for his family, he’d never found the right opportunity. He’d failed in publishing and owning a number of small businesses. Still, he never gave up. “It was my hope that I would find a way to make money using my God-given talents,” he says.

Eventually, he had the chance to meet with National Consultants Kenneth and Terri Smith. After talking to them, he decided he would make an 18-month commitment to Ambit. If he succeeded, he’d stay with the business. If it failed, he’d cut his losses. “Within those 18 months I promoted to Senior Consultant and I was making money,” Smith says.

Rewards of Helping Others

For Fred, one of the best things about being an Ambit Consultant is the opportunity to help others. “For me, Ambit is about helping more people take it to another level. My biggest and proudest accomplishment by far is the promotion of my five Regional Consultants to Senior Consultant.”

But success like that doesn’t come easy. Fred had to deal with rejection, even from his family and friends. “I overcame it by not taking it personally, but recognizing it is a part of the process.” And, eventually, many of those family members and friends recognized Fred’s success. Now he looks forward to expanding his business into new markets and holding additional meetings as he seeks to grow his business as he achieves the rank of National Consultant.

Staying Focused

Having a focus on success is essential. Fred recommends that new Consultants “tell the story over and over again. Recognize what is best and repeat it.” He believes that keeping your Ambit story simple is critical to achieving your goals. He also says “Commit to learning the system. Listen to your instinct only after you have learned the system.”

Eventually, Fred sees himself in a blue jacket and a member of the $15 Million Club. And on his way, he’ll doubtless help many more Consultants to achieve their own success stories.

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Full-Time Financial Advisor to Mompreneur (Mom + Ambit Entrepreneur)

Hannia Narvaez, Executive Consultant

Hannia Narvaez Headshot

Hannia Narvaez knew a few things to be true. She wanted more time with her two daughters. She also wanted the chance to make money on her time, instead of at her full-time job outside of the home. Her full-time job kept her away from her daughters. “My top priority is for the good of my daughters,” she said. They are her main reasons for success. It’s proven to be a very good reason.

“I started my Ambit Journey in December of 2010, but I clearly remember that at AMBITION 2014, I was determined to become an EC,” Hannia said. Her determination kept her going because she now had an ultimate purpose in mind. However, that goal didn’t come easy to her. There were numerous people who told her that starting her own business wasn’t a good idea. The people who said no were plenty, those who backed her decision were few. “A lot of people would say negative comments to me, but I always trusted my instinct,” she said.

That instinct led her to form a great team of people who all shared a common goal. A team that supported one another in various ways with their businesses. “We were like a family,” Hannia said. A family, that although none of them had experience with a business like Ambit, all took advantage of the Opportunity so they could make the most of it. Their common goal was to start their own businesses and create their own lives. “We took all the tools and training Ambit gave us, and benefited from it,” Hannia said.

The tools and training led Hannia to discover a talent she didn’t know she had. “Talking in front of a large crowd was not comfortable for me; however, I’ve come out of that comfort zone to share this great opportunity,” Hannia said. An opportunity that she finds directly connected to helping other people live a life they create on their own terms. That is one reason why her excitement to be a part of Ambit grows daily. “Something I love about this job is not only I get to make my dreams come true, but I get to make other people’s dreams come true,” she said. It’s that role of dream maker that feeds her advice for new Consultants. “Never give up and don’t let anyone crush your dreams!”

Five EC Pieces 

My “Why?”
I thank God for allowing me to reach the position of an EC. To my team of amazing people without their effort and dedication, this wouldn’t be possible. I definitely want my daughters to live a peaceful life without student loans. This is my big Why!

Time spent working my Ambit business:
I work four to five hours daily from Monday to Friday, and I’m still a full-time mom! That gives me satisfaction because I am able to enjoy being with my daughters, taking them and picking them up from school, helping them do homework and going to concerts and movies. In my old job, I was not able to do that. Also, our trust in each other has grown greatly. 

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Now, my purpose is to continue to share this opportunity again and again because I know there are too many amazing people out there waiting to accomplish the American dream. All they need is to find the perfect vehicle, which is Ambit Energy. I’m looking forward to the next phase and to keep on supporting and helping others accomplish their goals. I am very thankful to be a part of NC Rigoberto Yepez’s team because he is a great leader who is always willing to help us, give us advice, and his presentations and trainings are helping us to grow our businesses.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Something I love about Ambit are the promotions! And of course, the training is a fundamental part for our personal growth, and for our business. Thanks to all the amazing speakers that motivate us to keep on moving forward!

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC.
Of course, I can’t go without thanking the five Senior Consultants who I admire and respect. They are great women that fight each day for the good of their families. They have done a great job and I am looking forward to seeing them promoted to the next level one day. They are SC Pilar Salinas, SC Aurora Vergara, SC Judith Sanchez, SC Diana Ortega and SC Johana Nolasco. Let’s go team!

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A Perfect Storm

Clayton & Alva Bourges, Executive Consultant

Clayton & Alva Bourges Headshot

In 2006, Clayton and Alva Bourges were riding high. They owned a thriving company that had business and technology contracts with both federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies, and life looked like smooth sailing.

Then, in a short time, everything they had worked so hard to build was wiped out. Hurricane Katrina displaced many family and friends who needed help from the Bourges. Then, Clayton was diagnosed with a serious medical problem that required surgery. These twin demands forced them to cut back their hours, and eventually go into real estate, with the idea that more flexible hours would enable them to focus on health and family.

Little did they know their new careers as realtors would lead them to an even greater opportunity. But one night, a fellow real estate agent asked them to attend an Ambit Business Presentation. The Bourges immediately recognized Ambit’s potential to generate residual income and signed up as Consultants.

Fast Firsts

“When we started as Consultants, we already had a background owning and growing a small business, so our approach was to hit the ground running,” Alva says. And run they did, becoming the first Fast Track Senior Consultants in Virginia. This despite the fact that Ambit was not available in that state when the Bourges first started their business. “We had family and friends in states where Ambit did have service, so we built our business by leveraging relationships we had in those areas,” Clayton says.

Their success continued after Ambit moved into Virginia. “We are proud to be the first Executive Consultants in the state, and even prouder of the training events we have hosted with our Virginia team and of the lives we have changed.” The Bourges back up this talk with action—they host weekly calls with their team, host one-on-one and group training sessions and regularly host three-way calls. They’ve even set up a team website with additional training and support materials.

Storming Ahead

The Bourges are proud of their accomplishments, but they’re not about to rest on their laurels. They are focused on earning those yellow jackets and have a plan to do so. “We’re going to expand our team in our current markets, reach into new markets and facilitate events in a variety of locations,” Alva says.

For new Consultants who want to emulate the couples success, Clayton has some simple advice. “Work hard and remain teachable. Don’t give up and find a like-minded accountability partner who will provide support.”

Together, the Bourges have overcome challenges and set the pace for their Virginia team, working toward achieving their financial freedom and helping others to do the same.

Five EC Pieces

My/ our “Why?”

Our why is to retire with dignity by having financial freedom, time freedom and building a legacy for our family. 

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:

We work our Ambit business about 30 hours a week.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

The single most-effective tool for growing our business was attending and conducting weekly meetings and attending networking events.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:

Meeting other like-minded people from across the country and learning from all of them.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.

We would like to thank the five SCs who helped us get to EC.  These are:  Aaron Gratz, Tammy Goodhope, Alicia Lucas, Michael Thompson and Valencia and Lydell Nash.

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Setting the Stage

Charn Yuk & Hiu Kei Ko, Executive Consultant

Charn Yuk & Hiu Kei Ko Headshot

In their native Hong Kong, Yuk (C.Y.) and Hiu Kei (Rita) had achieved a high level of success. C.Y. owned an advertising production company that staged large events including International Fashion Shows, the Hong Kong New Year Parade and more, while Rita owned her own import/export business. However, life changed when Great Britain returned Hong Kong to China, and the couple immigrated to the U.S.

Once established in their new environment, they both went back to school and got degrees. However, they didn’t really see the value in going to work for someone else. They started to look for a business opportunity of their own. “We had three major criteria,” Rita says. “No big financial investment. We didn’t want to be ‘owned by the business.’ And it had to be under our control. We knew about the headaches of being in a partnership. Of course, with such strict criteria, it wasn’t easy to find the right opportunity.”

Eventually, though, they heard about Ambit. And, while they were skeptical about the possibilities of direct marketing, they decided to stop by a Business Presentation by Henry Ye.

“We studied the materials, asked Henry some questions and found that Ambit met all our criteria,” C.Y. says. The couple believed that Ambit could be the best business opportunity they’d ever encountered.

Taking the Lead

While they were excited and willing to work, success didn’t come as easily as C.Y. and Rita expected. “We treated Ambit like another traditional business. We were frustrated by people who joined Ambit and quit after encountering a few objections and obstacles,” they say. Despite the challenges, C.Y. and Rita continued working and learning. “We gradually realized this was truly a PEOPLE business,” Rita says. “Our job was to educate Customers and Consultants and to help Consultants see the Opportunity. We engaged in personal development, used positive thinking to lead our team and encouraged them to strive for both time and Financial Freedom.”

Once the couple discovered the key to success, they also found new strengths as listeners, cheerleaders and positive thinkers, abilities that helped them and their team grow and prosper.

Future Performance

Their current achievements only inspire C.Y. and Kei to strive for more. “We are now working on exploring the solar market in California,” they say. “Also, we will continue to expand on the East Coast as well as in Texas, with a special focus on the Chinese community.”

They advise new Consultants “Ambit is not a get rich quick scheme, but a real and solid business that takes time to build. Stay focused and believe to achieve.” The two have set themselves a goal of helping at least five of their Consultants to join them as ECs as soon a possible.

By working together and persevering as a team, C.Y. and Rita have shown they are truly great performers.

Five EC Pieces
(please keep your answers in this section brief - no more than one short sentence)

My/ our “Why?”

Live our dream life by changing people’s lives

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:
We are actually working full time for Ambit business.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Supporting our team selflessly.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
The compensation plan is a great system designed for people helping people.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
We would like to thank the five SCs who helped us promote to EC: Sok Leng Khor (CA), Charles Lee (CA), Mabel Fan (NY), Judy Xue (MA), and Alice Tang (MA).

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Not Afraid to Start Over

Maria Kajmowicz, Executive Consultant

Maria Kajmowicz Headshot

In her native Poland, Maria Kajmowicz was a professional nurse. But she gave up her medical career to join her husband in the U.S. and came here with her daughter and son. Unfortunately, her marriage ended, and Maria found herself a single mother with two children to support. She started working as a cleaning lady. “It wasn’t my idea of the American dream,” she says, “but I did my best.” Her hard work eventually brought her enough customers that she was able to open her own cleaning service. Eventually, she even was able to become a real estate appraiser and own a number of rental properties. “I thought I was set for life and secure—I was wrong.”

Maria knew she needed an income stream that was less affected by economic ups-and-downs. When a friend told Maria about energy deregulation, she was ready to take advantage of the Opportunity. “Everyone uses energy and I can even give Customers savings—it’s a no brainer.”
Maria signed up with Ambit.

Steady Growth

In the beginning, Maria had modest goals. “I just wanted some extra income—eventually a few hundred or a thousand dollars a month. Today, Ambit pays my mortgage, car payment, health, and spoils me with shopping restaurants and travel. I even started skiing at the age of 48.”

Achieving this level of success didn’t come easily. Maria wasn’t fluent in English, her only relative in the U.S. wasn’t interested in joining, and she didn’t know anything about marketing or sales. She was afraid to speak in public, and never thought of herself as a leader. So she threw herself into meetings, trainings, events and conferences. After a year of watching Maria promote, her cousin changed her mind and is now a successful Senior Consultant in Maria’s organization, as is Maria’s daughter.

Still Wanting to Grow

While Maria is very proud of all she’s accomplished, she still sees opportunity ahead. “I want to dedicate more time, to be able to sponsor more MCs personally. I plan to visit new markets regularly, especially Ohio and Maryland. I will travel state-by-state to build my Ambit business and help others.”

And for Consultants who want to replicate her success, Maria recommends “Have a strong “Why” and work with a written list and plan of action every day. Be plugged in to the Ambit system and attend an event every week. And don’t forget to follow-up.”

Smart advice from someone who’s really cleaned up with Ambit.

Five EC Pieces

My/ our “Why?”
Create a legacy and have an impact on the world

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:
3-5 hours a day

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

Success from Home magazine, I carried it with me all the time EVERYWHERE and 3-way calls.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Networking with other successful Consultants and hearing their stories.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
SC Justyna Kajmowicz- my daughter
SC Irena Sowizral- my cousin
SC Maria Kuzdak -my best friend
SC Ewa Broda - my never quitting consultant
SC James Lotko –my pearl

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Sold on Ambit

Peter and Mary Certo, Executive Consultant

Peter and Mary Certo Headshot

Mary Certo was sold on Ambit during a visit to a car dealership. While she was there, a friend told her about the Opportunity, and then Mary watched the 5-2-6 video online. “It just made perfect sense,” she says. Still, it wasn’t until two weeks later that she told her husband Peter that they were in the energy business. He supported her decision, and just three days later the couple promoted to to Regional Consultant.

For Mary and Peter, Ambit was a chance to “explore new adventures and see a brighter future for our five children and five grandchildren.” Both already have successful careers—she is a real estate broker and he owns one of the largest beer distributorships in New York—but both were looking for an income stream that would enable them to retire early.

More Than They Bargained For

While the Certos were pleased with the added income from their Ambit business, they soon found rewards that went beyond money. “We had never experienced this type of company,” Peter says, “and it is far more rewarding than we could have ever imagined.” Both enjoy working with other Consultants, helping them to establish their businesses, set goals and achieve their dreams. “We really appreciate being part of this great company,” Mary says.

Despite their success, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. But the experience of overcoming challenges has been valuable, too. “Sometimes it was frustrating. Although we are successful business people, we had to learn to ask for help. We also learned the value of teamwork and great leadership,” the couple says.

Full Speed Ahead

The Certos are proud to have achieved Executive Consultant status as well as Pure Energy Award winners, but know their Ambit experience is only beginning. “We want to expand into new markets and help others achieve their dreams,” they say. “We are always available to help anyone who asks, regardless of team affiliation.

For new Consultants, the Certos suggest “Do something every day, no matter how small. And always be coachable.”

Sound advice from a couple who have always been successful, but discovered a whole new level of Financial Freedom with Ambit Energy.
Five EC Pieces

My / our “Why?”

Family and community legacy

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:

Approximately 10-15 hours a week

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

Home presentations

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:


Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
Peter Michael Certo
Katie Bruechman
John Mang
Liz Buchanan
Derrick Martin

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Learning in a New School

Sylwia Mackowska, Executive Consultant

Sylwia Mackowska Headshot

The phrase “never give up” more than describes Sylwia Mackowska. It’s also the one piece of advice that she passes on to any new Consultant. Sylwia has experience in making the best of things when the odds are stacked against her. She moved to the United States from Poland in 1997 determined to build a better life for her family. A registered nurse and administrative technician, she couldn’t find work because she didn’t speak English. “To make money, I took chances and had three different jobs,” Sylwia said. She clocked more than 100 hours weekly, but still didn’t have enough money. “I was tired, and I didn’t see my daughter,” she said.

Things started to change once she attended an Ambit Business Presentation with her best friend, Mariola Kulpa Jaskulak. She didn’t understand much of what was being said because of her limited English, but joined anyway. “I joined because she said this is huge and can change my life and I trust her,” she said. Sylwia is the sole provider of her daughter, mother and brother, who are both disabled and unable to work. The opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time for her.

A New School

Sylwia was determined to change her life. Her first step was to learn English. “I went to school to learn English. At the same time, I grew my business and was eventually promoted to EC,” she said. The change signaled things were moving in the right direction for her. “Ambit changed my life and my daughter’s life. Now, I have no worries,” Sylwia said. She considered her lack of English a challenge for her, but there were other challenges she had to overcome as well. Her family was one of them. Her family was skeptical of her new business venture, but she won them over after they saw her three years of hard work. Now, she has the full support of her family. But, there’s been one person who has been her biggest cheerleader, her daughter, Venessa. “She is present at every Ambit event including AMBITION,” Sylwia said.

There are other things that Sylwia learned that kept her on pace to earn the promotion to EC. “I kept it simple,” she said. She found that’s the best advice she can pass on to new Consultants. It’s her ability to keep things uncomplicated that has caused few bumps on the road to reach her goals. “I’m working on being more aggressive in approaching new people,” Sylwia said. Her focus now is finding likeminded people and creating new leaders. “In working with Ambit, I’m able to help people around the USA.”

Earlier this year, Sylwia was able to clearly see the impact Ambit had on her life. “I had an accident, a few surgeries and I was even in a wheelchair for a while,” she said. “I wasn’t able to build my Ambit business during that time, but my income kept coming in every single month. I also made my promotion to EC,” Sylwia said.  It reinforced for her that she made the right decision to start her Ambit business.

Five EC Pieces

My “Why?”
As a single mother, I want to give my daughter a better life and support my mother and brother.

Time spent working my Ambit business:
In the beginning, I just did Ambit on a part-time basis, and now, I work it full-time.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Ambit Power Point payment plan.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC.
SC Wieslaw Bednarz
SC Bozena Mikula
SC Grazyna Bielski
SC Leticia Marin
SC Fabiola Leon

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Writing Her Ambit Story

Maria Gomez, Executive Consultant

Maria Gomez Headshot

In Venezuela, Maria Gomez was a top-rated journalist. She was employed with one of the leading national TV stations in the country and she published with the national newspaper. However, when her family was forced to leave her home country, she knew it was time to start over and write a new way of life. “I came to the USA as a student of my second career in International Business which gave me the opportunity to get a job in the oil and gas industry as a marketing coordinator,” Maria said.

Maria’s life is one of triumph and testimonies to challenges.  “The contrast and drastic changes of circumstances in Venezuela made me more courageous,” Maria said. She remembers her childhood growing up in Venezuela fondly, but also says that while it’s a beautiful country it’s been faced with difficult times in the last decade that have forced families to look for a better future elsewhere. “Everything changed for me in 2008 when I traveled as an immigrant and not a tourist,” Maria said.

Redefine Yourself
Maria realized that she would have to make a change in her life. And soon. “My back was against the wall,” she said. But, Maria relied on something she figured out early on in her life. “I have always been a dreamer and found a way to make it happen,” she said. So, she prepared herself to start from the beginning. It was what she knew had to happen. “When you immigrate, you redefine yourself because you have certain limitations at the beginning,” she said, “And, you also realize that who you were in your country is left there: your name recognitions.”

It was a former co-worker who first mentioned Ambit to Maria. Sure, she didn’t have a problem watching. She was more than happy to do this person a favor. But, it turned out a bit differently than she expected. “I ended up doing a favor for myself,” she said. It was also the draw of residual income that seemed almost impossible to believe. “I saw the residual income chart, and all of sudden I could see my dreams coming back to reality,” she said. She compared it to “a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Maria expected results, but she didn’t expect to replace the income from her job.  “There was a system and I just had to follow it so I had to become that leader that the community needed,” she said. Community was the place she saw herself becoming a leader because she saw the need, and potential to educate others about the power of Ambit. “I have worked hard to make others understand this is their business, the legacy for their future generations and a profession as reputable as the ones they may currently have,” she said. She’s also found that Ambit has given her more than income. “I found in Ambit Energy Financial Freedom, peace of mind and also a partner in life, Executive Consultant and top income earner, Bobby Aymes. I think that is a huge way to exceed my expectations.”

A Different Business
Ambit has helped to change Maria’s outlook for the future. The chance to learn, grow and explore different things has given her a different outlook, confirmation of her wildest dreams. Those dreams include hosting a local TV show for months, co-authoring a book in English, visiting schools to motivate refugees and immigrant students, helping charity students and even one other huge one. “I was able to be the stand-in for Sandra Bullock in the movie ‘Our Brand is Crisis’ in New Orleans,” she said. With any other job, she wouldn’t have had that the time to do those things. But with Ambit, she had the available time during the week to travel to the set. Ambit paved the way for her to do the things she enjoys because she’s learned how to manage her time.

Maria’s new role has inspired her to continue to help others do the same. It’s made her see that she can be an example to others. However, her new role hasn’t changed her. “I used to see Executive Consultants as an untouchable group. Now, I’m one against the odds,” she said. “I am the same person, with the same virtues and flaws, but with the extra confidence that this company rewards the effort and commitment of those that are in for the long haul.”

Through it all her experiences have changed her. They have changed her for the better. “I see greatness in every possible way. It is inevitable when you are surrounded by people of the caliber that you find in Ambit Energy,” Maria said. Her advice to new Consultants can be summed up in a few words. “Protect and defend your dream as much as you protect your family,” she said. But, she cautions you to keep going despite challenges. “It is not the size of our dreams that makes us big, but the ability to work toward them in spite of the obstacles,” she said.

Five EC Pieces
My “Why?”
Family and quality of time with them. Traveling the world and exploring more cultures.

Time spent working my Ambit business:
Some days for a few minutes. Some days from the moment I wake up to the second I fall asleep. I do something every day.

What was your single most-effective Success Too, factor or influence for growing your business?
Hard to choose. It would have to be my “why.” The burning desire to make my family happy.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION.
Seeing many lives changing. It moves me and inspires me over and over again.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC.
My dad, Edgar Gomez: my inspiration. Thanks for trusting me with all of your contacts.
Odalis Olchowy and her supportive husband, Lee
Yamaira and Morel Perez
Iris and Dirck Hornung
Gaby and Junior Urdaneta

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Why Not?

Kelvin Nguyen, Executive Consultant

Kelvin Nguyen Headshot

When Kelvin Nguyen first heard about the Ambit Opportunity, he asked himself a simple question: “If others can succeed in this business and gain financial freedom, why not me?”

Shortly after being introduced to Ambit by his brother Vuong Nguyen, Kelvin was off and running. “Ambit was fairly new in Massachusetts when I joined the company and there weren’t many business presentations or trainings in the area. So I started to host in-home meetings, got good coaching from Executive Consultant Lien Nguyen, National Consultant Frank Schmaeling and most of all, great support from my wife and my business partner Jenny Nguyen.”

Despite the demands of full-time jobs and raising four children, Kelvin and Jenny were able to rapidly build up a loyal following of Customers and Consultants—in fact, they fast-tracked their way to being both Senior and Executive Consultants.

Support System

One advantage Kelvin had was the immediate support of his friends and family. His brother had already explained the opportunities of deregulation and the advantages of selling a product that didn’t require carrying inventory. Still, there were challenges. Kelvin had to develop his sales skills and build up his confidence as he worked to recruit Consultants.

Appreciating the value of a good support system is why Kelvin makes sure he is always there for his downline. “I am just a phone call away. When my teammates need my help to recruit a potential Consultant, I try my best to accommodate them. I explain in simple terms what is required to them to grow and succeed.”

What’s Next

After fast-tracking to EC, Kelvin is giving himself a little more time to reach NC. He’s set a goal of five years, and plans to reach his goal by hosting additional meetings and expanding his networking efforts into new markets.

For Consultants seeking to build up their businesses, Kelvin says to “be consistent, make connections, be honest and believe in yourself.” The payoff? Financial freedom, and more time to enjoy with your family.

After all, what’s the point of fast-tracking to the top if you don’t take time to enjoy the view?

Five EC Pieces

My/ our “Why?”
Financial freedom and work- life balance.

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Simple rule of three

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Training and networking

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
I would like to say thank you to Tien Tran, Vinh Nguyen, Bruce Luong, Andy Tran & Huong Tran who are very passionate about growing their SC businesses to reach the Executive Consultant position. 

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One Letter Changed It All

Marc & Christina Alfano, Executive Consultant

Marc & Christina Alfano Headshot

Marc and Christina Alfano knew that entrepreneurship was their destined career path. It was a family thing after all. “Christina and I both grew up in entrepreneurial families. They were mostly self-employed business owners,” Marc said. Both Marc and Christina started in network marketing. They followed in Marc’s Mom’s footsteps who was the first to tackle the world of network marketing. She paved the way for the two of them. “She chose to ignore the naysayers that said it wouldn’t work,” Marc said. “And, she proved them wrong by moving to the highest ranks of that company.”

The Letter “D” for Dream Life
It was a change in the economy that made Marc and Christina leave network marketing. Specifically, the events of September 2011 and as a result, changes at the company where they worked. “Changes at the company forced us to move into a new direction,” Christina said. That new direction turned out to be a restaurant. Success wasn’t far behind as the pair racked up awards for their prized menu item, the tiramisu. They claimed titles such as winning the Great Chowder Cook Off in Newport, Rhode Island, and for two consecutive years, Sweet Sunday in Pennsylvania.  The couple lived what they called “a dream life” until as it’s been before, change was knocking at their door again. This time it was the economy again, and they lost everything. They also received some devastating news. “This was also at the same time that we were told that we couldn’t have children,” Marc said. “It was a time of hopelessness, but our faith in God kept us focused.”

They moved frequently for the next few years. Bouncing from state to state, patience was the key. They knew things would eventually turn around. When things turned around, they turned around in the form of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That opportunity came in the form as the personal chef for country megastar, Kenny Chesney. An impromptu visit with a friend changed everything about that job though. That impromptu visit led to an offer from Heinen’s Fine Foods, a regional grocery chain specializing in extraordinary cuisine, to stock their prized tiramisu in 17 of their stores. “We were back! We quickly launched Christina Maria’s Tiramisu,” Christina said.  They knew that things were about to change, but they had no idea when or how much.

First Letter of the Alphabet
At the turn of the century, Donoto and Santo Alfano came to the United States. They were told in order to be successful in America that they needed to change their name. So, they did. Donoto and Santo Alfano became Don and Sandy West. “In 1999, I changed my name back to Alfano,” Marc added because he felt it was necessary. “I felt I needed to change my name to walk in my birthright.” Alfano became the key to the reason he discovered Ambit. “The only reason I got to hear about Ambit is because I was the first contact in my sponsor’s phone,” Marc said. He believed that his name change was for reasons other than those he knew at the time.
“Everything happens for a reason. My name starts with n A now, not a W. There are no mistakes,” Marc said. It was six days after the call that they promoted to RC, then fast tracked to SC. It was indeed a momentum shift.

Marc and Christina’s first meeting was nothing short of impressive for them. “I was totally impressed with the transparency of Jim Mason. He made me dream again,” Marc said. But, there was one thing missing. Why were they starting another business? They didn’t have a why that night, but quickly found out the next day. “We got our ‘Why” the next day. We found out we were pregnant and having a son,” Marc said. The two considered Ambit a gift from God just like the gift of their son.

“C” is for Comma Club
There are many of the Alfano’s achievements worth noting. They’ve received the SC Dream Team award and the Pure Energy award. The Comma Club is another one, but even with all of the success it wasn’t always an easy road. “We had a mix of reactions from friends and family. That’s okay. Not everyone gets it,” Christina said. There was a point where they almost quit. They even called to cancel their website. “They told me that I’d paid for the website the day before, so I decided to give it another shot,” Christina said. That other shot led to their move to the next level in six days. That phone call to cancel the website was quickly forgotten as they started their climb to the role of Executive Consultant.

The Alfano’s believe their story isn’t special or uncommon. They use their road to EC to inspire their team. “Becoming an EC is an asset to them because it proves it can be done. If we can do it, then they can do it too” Marc said.

Five EC Pieces

Our “Why?”
To retire our son before he is out of diapers. To have the ability to help others and give generously.

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:
As much as possible while working a full-time business and raising a 2-year-old.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Attending every Ambit event listening and watching others succeed.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
The people you get to know and their personal stories. Sometimes the best things happen in the lobby of the hotel at 2:00 a.m.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped us reach EC.
James and Carol Richey, Denise and Ron Bredie, Don and Rachel Secura, Lisa and Troy Shriver. We would also like to thank Rob and Rhoda Malone, without them we couldn’t have done it. Lastly, we want to give special thanks to Steve and Lilly Turk. Steve passed away last year, and he was an important part of our team.

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Singing Ambit’s Praises

Nathel Johnson, Executive Consultant

Nathel Johnson Headshot

As a pastor and bishop who runs a small ministry, Nathel Johnson has sung for a long time. And now, he’s started singing Ambit’s praises. “Ambit has changed my life financially and it’s happened faster than I expected.”

Still, like many Consultants, Nathel was skeptical at first. “I heard about Ambit at a Pastor’s meeting. I saw the Presentation, but it sounded too good to be true and I said “no.” Eventually, though, he signed up with Ambit to get Free Energy. “I didn’t believe the rest,” he says.

Today, he sees a brighter future for himself, his wife and his sons. “I hope to have financial freedom, to travel the world with my wife and to never depend on Social Security when I am of retirement age.”

Helping Others

One of the things Nathel likes most about Ambit is the way it allows him to help others. “Every time I’ve promoted, someone else did, too.” He also like the way the company does business. “I never knew that character could be built through one simple saying—“Not to trade integrity for growth.”

This desire to help other succeed and do business the right way has shaped Nathel’s approach to running his Ambit team. “I help my downline by staying in touch and teaching them that people are waiting for us to help them with their electric bill. Promotion is just waiting. I also encourage them to learn all they can about the business by going to meetings, AMBITION and Simulcast.”

More Good News

Nathel expects even more good things to happen as he continues his journey with Ambit. “I plan to increase my team training and move into new territory,” he says. “I want to find new ways to reach people who have the drive and tenacity to succeed in life, and to build more really good teams.”

It’s just what we’ve come to expect from a leader who truly believes in the power of Ambit to change lives.

Five EC Pieces

My/ our “Why?”
The system works, it’s that simple.

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:
Wherever there are people I am always working my Ambit business.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Talking to people about Ambit who I thought wouldn’t want to hear about it.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
The success stories and the speeches from Co-Founders Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
Paula Dunn
Cheryl Johnson
Estralitta Thompson
Tandy Caraway
Hoil Nunley

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The Late Night Phone Call

Barbara Bykowski, Executive Consultant

Barbara Bykowski Headshot

Barbara Bykowski knew once she came to America that she wanted to achieve her dreams. Along with her husband and four children, they didn’t have any family nearby. But, Barbara and her husband were determined to support their growing family. At the time they started their Ambit business, three of their four children were in college. “We worked hard having two to three jobs,” she said. The two balanced work and family while going to school to learn English. But, the changes didn’t end there. “We brought my elderly mother and my disabled brother from Poland. Their income was very limited, so we needed to provide them with full financial support,” Barbara said. With a large family to care for plus limited financial options, things weren’t going well for her and her family after the economic downturn. That all changed with a late night phone call.

During that phone call, a friend of friends, practically a stranger, told her to watch a video about Ambit Energy. That 3-way phone call resulted in her joining the business. “It does not matter what website you show. There is no bad presentation for the right person,” Barbara said. Everything sounded great, but there was one small problem. She lived in New Jersey. At the time, Ambit Energy wasn’t available in New Jersey. But, she joined the business anyway. She figured it would be something she would overcome at some point. “My expectation was to promote fast and begin generating passive income,” Barbara said. The promotions started, and they kept coming. Barbara’s past experience taught her a few things. “As previously involved in MLM and product-based businesses, I experienced how difficult it was to maintain the income. We all know what happened in 2008: the market crashed, massive layoffs, credit crunch, etc. My wellness business went practically out of business. People stopped buying my products, significantly hurting my income. With energy, everybody is looking for savings,” she said.

But soon, there was another problem. Barbara was forced to put her Ambit business on hold for a while. “I put my business on hold due to the fact that we brought my elderly mother and disabled brother from Poland and had to organize everything for them here,” she said. Barbara added, “Their income was very limited so we needed to provide them with full financial support. This was an additional reason for us to do Ambit.” She didn’t stop working though. “I stayed in the game by attending AMBITION and Simulcast events, and providing support to my active team members,” she said. The end result showed her dedication to growing her Ambit business: she was promoted to Executive Consultant.

The path to Executive Consultant wasn’t easy one. The first challenge was the most obvious one: Ambit Energy wasn’t available in New Jersey, where she lived. “We started a Polish language Business Presentations in Brooklyn, and attending weekly presentations in Manhattan,” she said. “It was not easy, but it was worth it,” she added. Her efforts paid off because her team grew. The more she helped them, the more successful they became as Consultants. “At the beginning I felt responsible for other people’s failures, but I learned that I can only provide tools and support to others and it’s up to them to become successful,” Barbara said.

Barbara stresses the importance of leading by example. “People in general are afraid to meet with you because they think you’ll expect them to join something and they are afraid to say no to you. They should know that you do not really care if they join or not. Your goal is to share the information and show them what you do and what Ambit did for you and can do also for them,” she said. While she has encountered some with doubts, her life and business are the examples she shows to others. Her advice to new Consultants is about leading by example. “Instead, invite them to take a look at what you are doing. This makes a huge difference.”

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Lucky Number Seven

Nicholas Faith, Executive Consultant

Nicholas Faith Headshot

It was early in life when Nicholas Faith knew that network marketing was the career for him. There was only one problem. He couldn’t find his niche or the right company. “Before Ambit, I was introduced to network marketing when I was 20 years old.  I got completely hooked on the concept of leveraged and residual income,” he said. Fed up with no results, he almost gave up on the entire idea. That is until his friend, Rob Van Wie introduced him to Ambit. Rob was a friend from a previous company. After learning more about Ambit, Nicholas knew something was different this time. Finally, he felt this might be the company for him.

The path to finding the right company was a difficult one. It also wasn’t an easy process for him. He tried multiple times always hoping to find the perfect fit.  “I was working on my sixth network marketing company,” Nicholas said, “and experiencing the same lackluster results I was familiar with from the last five companies.” The marketing concepts were the same. And, he knew them well. He also knew when he should see results. “I thought if what this company is offering is the real deal, then things could get really exciting,” Nicholas said. Then, to his surprise things started happening. “This time, the work I was putting in was paying off and I was watching my team grow,” Nicholas said. The real deal and the right company worked this time. “I guess the seventh time is the charm,” he said.

His expectations and reasons for success are simple. “I really wasn’t sure at first what my expectations were,” Nicholas said. While he wasn’t sure of his expectations, he easily pinpointed his reason for wanting success. “My ‘Why’ is the love of my life, Natalie, and living the life that we’ve always dreamed of together,” he said. He easily translates the reasons behind his drive for success into how he built his team. He considers his team one of his biggest accomplishments at Ambit. “Building a team of people I can truly call my friends and watching their success is one of my greatest rewards of working with Ambit,” Nicholas said.

Nicholas believes his work at Ambit has helped him change things in his life. “I now have more direction in my life and something to work towards,” he said. The change in direction proved to be what he needed and wanted in his life. He also can see how new Consultants can use his story as motivation. His advice to new Consultants is in line with what he practices in his business. “Don’t over complicate this and never quit,” he said. With six companies behind him and finally finding the right one on his seventh time, Nicholas knows had he quit before he never would have found lucky number seven.

Five EC Pieces

My “Why?”
Living life on our terms.

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:
In the beginning, it was a few hours a week, now a few hours a day.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Three-way call

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
The announcements

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC.
Natalie Pajak, Adrian Jimenez, Jaime Rangel, Marcus Moses, Evan Chen and all the hardworking members of Team Dynasty.

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A Family Business

Danny & Islie Tau, Executive Consultant

Danny & Islie Tau Headshot

For Danny and Islie Tau, Ambit Energy really is a family business. “Family is the key and what drives us to action,” says Islie. But working to create a better life for the couple’s two children is just part of the story. Because the Tau’s introduction to Ambit also came from a family member.

“My brother, Justin Zhang, introduced us to Ambit,” Islie says. “Initially, we thought the timing wasn’t right for us, with a newborn and a father-in-law who was diagnosed with lung cancer. But the opportunity was just too good for us to pass up.” The Taus liked the fact that their Customers wouldn’t have to change their buying habits and that there is a constant need for gas and electricity. They were also impressed by Ambit’s track record of success and lucrative compensation plan.  They knew that this could potentially be another stream of “recession-proof” income.  Despite their hectic schedule, they thought that they’d give it a try on a part-time basis since it’s a service and not a product and everybody uses energy.  Although neither of them had any formal sales skills training nor network marketing experience, Ambit’s easy-to-follow proven system allowed them to achieve this milestone.

California Dreaming
The Tau’s believe that their timing in the California market played a major role in their success. “Most people we approached were unfamiliar with energy deregulation,” Danny says. “The open market in our area helped us grow a prosperous business.”

In fact, the Tau’s were caught off guard by just how successful their Ambit business became. They thought they would try it for a couple of months to see how it worked, but after only a few months they had a team of 300 Consultants. “We were surprised at how our team grew exponentially,” Islie says. “None of this could have happened without the passion and dedication of everyone on the team.”

“We didn’t know how much we complemented each other before Ambit,” Danny adds. “Islie is more outgoing and enjoys recruiting potential Consultants.  I’m more detail oriented.  It worked out beautifully for us.”

By supporting each other, attending trainings and applying the 5-2-6 formula, the Tau’s soon had a booming business.

Sharing Their Success

One of the Tau’s primary goals as they move forward is to help more people achieve Financial Freedom. “We want to improve people’s quality of life by helping leaders build more leaders,” Danny says. “We’re in it for the long haul.”

The couple also looks forward to growing their network, moving into newly deregulated markets and adding important new products like solar. “We look forward to the future with great anticipation and know that even better days are ahead,” the couple says.

As for new Consultants, the Tau’s recommend, “Be coachable and don’t reinvent the wheel. Plug into Ambit’s proven system. Never quit, especially after the first few rejections. Stay focused with a consistent plan and you’ll reach your destination.”

For Danny and Islie Tau, following that advice has worked out better than they ever anticipated.

Five EC Pieces

My / our “Why?”

Our “Why” is to achieve financial and time freedom so that we can create generational wealth for our children with a future that allows them choices.

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:

It varies 5 to 15 hours a week.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

Inviting prospects to weekly presentations, home meetings, and Success From Home Magazine.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:

Being around energetic and like-minded people, learning from leaders, announcements of upcoming promotions and new markets.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.

We want to thank our five SCs that took this journey with us – Shahid Saleemi, Hassan Jakhar, Robert Tanner, Javaid Iqbal, and Andy Pham. 

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A Change of Heart

James and Frieda Cox, D. Th., Executive Consultant

James and Frieda Cox, D. Th. Headshot

A Change of Heart

James and Frieda Cox had no interest in starting a network marketing business. For one thing, they were busy enough as it was. James worked for United Airlines, and Frieda was involved in a number of Houston-area businesses, including several Hair Salons, a Dance Boutique and a Dance School. She also has a Doctorate in Theology, and the Coxes were volunteer interpreters for the Deaf Ministry at their church. Their spare time was filled with three grown children and six grandchildren. Finally, they’d watched Frieda’s brother, Pastor Kenny Smith, work with various networking businesses. And when he talked to them about Ambit, Frieda says “I didn’t want to hear anything about any network marketing business.”

But it wasn’t too long before the Coxes had a change of heart. First, they were hit with high electricity bills from a company they’d been loyal to for more than 30 years. After they were unable to resolve the issue, they agreed to become Ambit Customers. Then, James was laid off from his job at the airline. Needing to replace his lost income, he agreed to meet with Kenny. He found his brother-in-law’s story—and the Ambit DVD—compelling, and signed up.

“I joined up with James just to make sure we recouped our original investment. I even threatened my brother that this business better be legitimate,” Frieda says. Her brother not only proved that Ambit was a solid company, he provided the couple with the coaching and training they needed to hit the ground running.

Tragedy and Support

“Our ‘Why’ was to be able to pay for our grandchildren’s college education and leave an inheritance and legacy for the next generation,” James says. That focus on the future of the next generation made the death of their granddaughter, Jade, in a traffic accident caused by a drunk driver all the more tragic.

“It would have been easy for us to stop the business, but we remembered our ‘Why’ and quitting was not an option,” Frieda says. “During this time, love prayers and support came pouring in from family, friends and our newly found Ambit family,” James says. That support helped them to work through their loss and focus on building a future for their surviving grandchildren.

Together, they persevered and continued to build their business.

Looking Ahead, Together

Now that they’ve reached the rank of Executive Consultant, James and Frieda are reaching out to even more friends and family members. “Our message is that this is truly a possibility for them if they just get started, and stick and stay with it until they get there,” James says.

“Perseverance and support are the keys to achieving your goals and will always be what takes you to the top,” Frieda says. “Life will surprise you, but having a plan in place to shield you from financial obstacles brings a sense of peace most people can only dream about. Build your well before you are thirsty!”

Together, the Coxes continue to work, building a legacy for their family and the many Consultants who have helped contribute to their success.

My/ our “Why?”
To provide for our grandchildren’s education and leave a legacy for future generations

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:
We work Ambit part-time, just a few minutes each day. Ambit works!

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Trainings, Power Trip, Pastor Kenny training on speed vs. strategy and various self-development, such as John Maxwell, Darien Hardy and Jim Rohn.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Watching fellow Consultants receive awards for their hard work and hearing their success stories, not to mention fellowship with so many new and old friends.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.

Lisa Okoh-Brown
Phillip Clark, Sr.
Pastor Clayton and Freda Stewart
Jacquie Jones
April Kline

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A Delayed Dream Worth It All

Stephen and Danielle Lee, Executive Consultant

Stephen and Danielle Lee Headshot

Life with four kids under the age of five is hard, but their Ambit business has allowed Stephen and Danielle Lee the chance to spend much needed time with family and build on skills they gained in past careers.  The pair met in Seattle.  Stephen was a hairstylist; Danielle was a flight attendant.  They were both in the service field and loved working with people.  However, they craved more time with their families and flexibility.  “We faced a lot of very difficult financial challenges in 2008,” Danielle said. 
It was the success of family friend, Esther Spina that made Stephen and Danielle consider joining Ambit.  They continued going through financial challenges in Seattle, and they figured it might be best if they were to do something drastic.  After lots of prayer and counsel, the two decided to move to Texas with their two young children.  It was a very difficult decision for them to leave all their family and close friends in the Pacific Northwest, and for Stephen to surrender a hair clientele that took him fifteen years to build in Seattle.  “We lost our home in Seattle, had a car repossessed, and struggled financially even after we finally jumped and made the move to Texas in 2011,” Stephen said.  “There were many times here in Texas we had no idea how our rent and other bills were going to be paid, and the Lord always provided and came through for us,” Danielle said. 

They pushed their Ambit business to the side for their first three years in Texas, but held on to the conviction that they were supposed to be in Texas working their Ambit business.  “In December of 2014, we took a good look at ourselves and areas where we blamed others for our situation.  We decided to stop blaming others for our own bad decisions. We forgave people who we had not yet forgiven and started restoring relationships.  We believe that our business took off after we did this and God blessed it,” Stephen said.

The Time Is Now
Family means the world to Stephen and Danielle.  It was an eventful few years as they expanded their growing family.  In 2010, Elijah was born.  Then, in 2011, Gabriel was born.  Joshua followed in 2012 with Isabella in 2013.  Their reason for working their Ambit business became even more apparent.  “Our “why” is being present for our children and not gone all the time at a job with them in childcare all day,” Stephen said The extra time they had available while working their Ambit business became more important in other ways too when it came to family.

In March of 2015, Stephen’s mom was diagnosed with stage four lung and brain cancer.  “After two brain surgeries to remove the brain tumor, her health deteriorated and she was moved to hospice care,” Danielle said.  Stephen, Danielle and their four young children flew to Seattle to be with her during the last month of her life.  The two credit their Ambit business with their ability to be able to spend that amount of time with her.  “We had all of our expenses covered for our trip to Seattle for six weeks and all our bills paid in Texas with no financial stress because of our income with Ambit,” Stephen said.  They both knew that necessarily might not have have been something they could have done if they didn’t have their Ambit business.  It wasn’t long after Stephen’’s mom passed that tragedy struck again.  “We found out that Danielle’s 55-year-old mother was being moved to hospice care due to liver failure,” Stephen said.  Again, they were on a plane with their four children to say their goodbyes to Danielle’s mother.  “We lost both of our Moms this summer and our hearts were broken,” Stephen said.

The Ambit Effect
In January of 2015, Stephen and Danielle made a pact with each other.  They moved to Texas to start their Ambit business. After years of struggling to make ends meet in Texas, they decided now was the time to focus on growing their business.  Danielle attended Simulcast in January. “After they announced open enrollment, I called Stephen and we told each other that we are doing this” Danielle said.  The countdown started.  We knew we were five people away from being promoted to SC.  We gave ourselves a deadline of Ambition 2015 to hit Executive Consultant,” Stephen said.  In February, they hit their first goal of reaching Senior Consultant.  By August 8, they reached their goal of Executive Consultant.  They were less than one month shy of their AMBITION 2015 deadline.
The pair has always had the idea that they wanted to be in business together as a family.  And, their dream of working together has finally come true.  Their initial goals for their Ambit business were simple.  “When we started as Consultants, we just wanted a little extra money for our car payment,” Stephen said.  They both agreed they have far exceeded that goal. 

Five EC Pieces:

Our “Why?”
Our why is being present for our children and not gone all the time at a job with them being in childcare all day.  Also, helping other people discover Financial Freedom, break poverty mindsets and making other peoples dreams their reality.

Time spent working our Ambit business:
20-25 hours a week

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Writing down our visions and goals daily and weekly.  We looked at them every day to track our progress and worked every day to reach them.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
The best thing about AMBITION is being with like-minded people, the excitement of hearing all the announcements, and all the encouragement your receive to grow your business.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped us reach EC:
Greg Lee, Vanessa Daniels, Aaron Franzen, Deanna Brown and Tim Genoway

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A Healthy Choice

Mark & Silvia Serna, Executive Consultant

Mark & Silvia Serna Headshot

Most people don’t start selling Ambit for their health. But that’s what Silvia Serna did. After 15 years, the stress of her job in the medical field had taken such a toll on her physical well-being that she was looking for a new opportunity.

When her brother Pedro Herrera first mentioned Ambit Energy to her, Silvia passed on the opportunity. “I had a full-time job, two small children and my previous experience with MLM companies left a bad taste in my mouth,” she says. Instead, she went back to school and studied for a new career. After a short time though, she saw the success Pedro was having and decided to give Ambit a try. “Soon after joining, I was receiving weekly checks. That’s when Mark and I realized this actually worked.” In fact, Silvia was so confident of success that she quit school to focus on Ambit full time.

Teaming Up for Success

As Silvia’s business grew, her husband Mark became more and more important to her success. Initially, he not only worked his full-time job, he supported her by taking care of the kids while she worked her Ambit business. Over time, he became more and more involved and he, too, plans to retire from his job and be a full-time Consultant.

“Our families have been very supportive, with some joining the business as well,” Mark says. “We’re especially grateful to my brother Pedro for introducing us to Ambit,” Silvia adds. “Without him we wouldn’t be here.

That spirit of family carries over to the Sernas’ dealings with all their Consultants. “We help them discover their potential and strengths. We work to help them achieve their short- and long-term goals,” the Sernas say. It’s providing this network of support and training that has helped Silvia and Mark successfully promote through the ranks.

A Prescription for Growth

The Sernas have worked hard to not only grow their Ambit business, but to ensure their team members learn to succeed, too. “We want our Consultants to be independent, not dependent,” they say. “Many don’t want to do the work to be successful. I sponsor and teach people who want to succeed as badly as they want to breathe,” Silvia says. “It’s okay to start over or reroute, but never give up on where you want to go,” adds Mark.

Both remind new Consultants that following the Ambit system is the key to success. “Being coachable and being plugged into the system helps you stay disciplined and overcome the challenges life throws at you. The rewards are new personal strengths and Financial Freedom,” the Sernas say.
For this couple, choosing Ambit has led to less stress and a healthier family life. “We have more time to spend with our kids and more time to travel.”

Moving forward, the Sernas hope to continue to learn and to help others. Given their track record, that looks like a pretty good prognosis.

My/ our “Why?”
My family

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:
A few hours each day

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
PowerZone, Trainings and AMBITION

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Being around great leaders

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.

Rachel & Chetan Garg, Liz Rivera, Queren Ortiz, Clara Reynaga, Priscilla Sanchez

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An Energetic Achiever

Todd Carrier, Executive Consultant

Todd Carrier Headshot

Todd Carrier is no stranger to the energy business. He has worked in sales and marketing in the energy and environmental field for more than 30 years, and started his own company, JessCo Enterprises, LLC 24 years ago. He also runs a small music business with his son, Carrier Tunes, and has lead worship services at churches in California and Illinois. In between all that, he’s found time to have a successful marriage with his wife of 31 years, Tina, and raised their daughter, Jessica, and son Jared, both of whom are Senior Consultants with Ambit.

Todd says “Owning a marketing company is like being in a Mario Brothers video game—you’re always trying to get in and out of markets to ride the waves to profit without falling into financial holes. I did pretty well until 2008 when the recession hit. That’s when I started focusing on my plan ‘B’ Ambit which has now become my plan ‘A’.”

A Natural Fit

Energy was a natural fit for Todd, given his experience in the business and his complementary environmental product and service marketing. “Energy and environmental fit very well together,” he says. “I feel I am one-third of the way to complete financial freedom with Ambit Energy as my long-term vehicle.”

Still, despite his market knowledge and the support of his family and friends, Todd faced a major challenge getting his business up and running: Ambit’s rates were higher than some of his competitors in Illinois. His solution was to sell the complete Ambit package, emphasizing service, support, and perks like free energy. Later, when Ambit’s rates fell, he was able to be even more competitive and promoted to EC in just over two years.

“Building this business has been the hardest project of my life so far. There are so many aspects I can’t control. But teaching others how to sell and recruit, then seeing them succeed and promote is more rewarding than I ever dreamed.”

Learning to Lead

Todd had run his own business for many years, but he’d always been self employed. He warns other Consultants against repeating his mistakes. “I have not focused on training nearly enough. I closed way too many deals for people and made them dependent on me instead of learning for themselves. The only backend positive is that some of them learned by osmosis and the Consultants I spent a lot of time with are getting really good at this business.” It was only by trial and error that he learned that leadership is about teaching others to lead, not trying to do everything himself.

As he strives to reach National Consultant, Todd plans to build on the lessons he’s learned. “I have an established speaker rotation and we have been running weekly meetings for 2 and ½ years in Southern Illinois. I am now going to work the phone nationwide and use proven techniques to identify leadership talent.” He plans to visit unregulated markets to expand the borders of his business.

Given his history of building successful businesses, we expect to see Todd create a perfect environment for growth for himself and his team as he moves toward National Consultant.

Five EC Pieces
(please keep your answers in this section brief - no more than one short sentence)

My/ our “Why?”
Financial freedom and a balanced life

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Meeting the mentors and the nuggets that they give

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
I definitely want to thank my SCs Matt & Shawn Howland, Billy Ames, Michelle Vogt and my ‘2’ college kids Jessica and Jared who will be working alongside me growing their SC business to the Executive Consultant position.

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American Dreams Do Come True

Janusz Furgal, Executive Consultant

Janusz Furgal Headshot

It was Janusz Furgal’s dream to move to America. At the ripe age of 24, that’s what he did along with his family of three at the time. With his wife and now, two daughters, Janusz knew it was time to do something that would cement his family’s future. That is when he decided to join Ambit. “They have been my biggest motivation to succeed in this business,” Janusz said.  After 16 years of a leadership role in building automated precision systems, Janusz knew his move to Ambit had the potential to be a great one. He saw the career change as a challenge.

There are a few things that Janusz knows he does very well. His ability to relate to people and find things in common with others are all traits that have served him well in his Ambit business. But, there was one thing that he has never been good at doing: hearing the word no. “My expectations were to build strong relationships and and thrive in the company,” Janusz said. “The toughest part was remaining persistent at the times when you had those occasional people tell you no, they’re not interested in Ambit.”

His trek to becoming an Executive Consultant hasn’t been an easy one. But, it has been one where he’s learned a lot of things along the way. It’s information that he knows would be helpful to newer Consultants as they join Ambit. “There are many individuals that expect success, but don’t have the discipline and persistence to keep going,” Janusz said. That discipline and persistence he’s talking about? “That is the only way to achieve success in this business. It takes patience, and great results come from much perseverance and patience.”

Janusz has found that Ambit has given him the chance to spend plenty of quality time with his family. His plan is one that he’s worked hard to achieve. He also knows that others can do it, too. With his sights on being a National Consultant, his goal is to help others achieve Financial Freedom the same way he did and coach them to success. “For me, my motivation was to be financially stable. I know that for many that is the key motivator to help them succeed in business. As a leader, I hope to get them there.”

Five EC Pieces:

My “Why?”
Family has been my greatest motivation because through Ambit I am able to be financially stable, put my children through college, spend quality time with family, and enjoy outdoor activities along with traveling.

Time spent working my Ambit business:
I enjoy every minute of the business as I get to meet incredibly driven individuals who have similar mindsets when it comes to future goals and success.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Having the ability to build my own success story and seeing presentations of others who have achieved so much through Ambit.

,Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
The best thing about AMBITION is that it motivates individuals to achieve greatness in not only the business, but in life in general.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
Artur Curylo, Piotr Serafin, Vitantonio Giannini, Wojciech Koziuk, and Jerry Podsiadly.

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Taking a Look Beyond the Surface

Chris Niles, Executive Consultant

Chris Niles Headshot

Chris Niles recognized a few things about the Ambit business that some overlook when they begin their journey toward Financial Freedom: the endless possibilities for free energy. It was something he realized most people didn’t think about all of the time. But, it’s something that we all need. “I’m very passionate about helping Consultants and Customers earn free energy for their families,” Chris said. “I understood how purposeful this work could be – to become part of a company that provides people with affordable energy.”

Chris knows it’s something that people don’t think about often because he was one of those people. He was approached several times by different people to think about joining the Ambit business. However, it was something that didn’t interest him. “I had zero interest and assured them he wanted nothing to do with it.” Then something changed. “A good friend insisted that I give the business a shot. I went home that day, went to work, and I haven’t stopped working since that day,” Chris said.

The Drive for Change

His Ambit business has given him the chance to leave a legacy for his sons. It’s that dream of leaving a legacy that has become more important to Chris in recent years. “On March 3, 2011, I was in a life changing accident. I was trimming some storm damaged trees when one of them unexpectedly collapsed, hitting me in my back, and leaving me paralyzed from the chest down,” he recalled about the day of his accident. His two sons, Christopher and Braden, keep him going each day. “I want them to understand that regardless of your circumstances in your life, or the obstacles, the life you’re willing to work for is the one you can have,” he said. It’s something he hopes they remember. 

For Chris, his “Why” is simple. “I want a better life for my sons. A debt-free, worry free life,” he said. He describes life after his accident as one filled with many hardships. That’s made his drive toward Financial Freedom even stronger. Yet, he’s overcome a lot of resistance from family and other struggles to get where he is today with his Ambit business. “I want Financial Freedom.  To do what I want, when I want. I see how Ambit has done that for others. I see what it can do for me,” Chris said.

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A Second Chance

Roberto and Reyna Lopez, Executive Consultant

Roberto and Reyna Lopez Headshot

Reyna Lopez had tried network marketing before. After 18 months, she found herself with a room full of unsold products, $18,000 invested and a mound of credit card debt. “It was an experience that discouraged me from future involvement with any other network marketing companies and I promised myself I would never work for one again. I wanted to focus on a secure job and a safe retirement,” she says.

Still, Reyna never lost sight of the dream that drove her to emigrate to the United States as a young woman. And when she and her brother Roberto heard about Ambit, they decided to give it a chance. “I heard about Ambit at a presentation in Ossining, New York. What caught my attention was there was no inventory, no collections and no delivery,” Reyna says. “It’s a service everybody uses, and no one can live without,” adds Roberto.

For Reyna in particular, Ambit was a second chance to achieve Financial Freedom. As a single working mother, she hoped the extra income would help her recoup her investment in her other business, as well as provide for her daughter’s education.

Staying the Course

Even though she and her brother believed in Ambit’s business model, success took time. At first, many family and friends didn’t believe Ambit would work. They remembered how badly Reyna’s first business had turned out, and encouraged her to apply all her efforts to her full-time job. Their reluctance to get involved made it hard to win them over as Customers and Consultants, too. “Many of them didn’t even want to share their electricity bill with me,” Reyna says.

After more than a year of trying without seeing any positive results, the Lopezes were about to give up. But their mentor, EC Sonia Baffoni convinced them to stick it out a little bit longer. And as Reyna continued to develop her abilities as a public speaker and kept working the proven system, she started to see results. Just two short years after nearly giving up, she was recognized as an Executive Consultant as a ceremony in Elizabeth, New Jersey in front of 200 people.

Sharing Success

As the Lopezes success increased, they were able to share it with others. Reyna was able to buy a new house and a new car, but just as important she saw many members in her organization achieve success, too. “I have Senior Consultants who are earning more than their salaries with Ambit, and they are more committed than ever to success with Ambit Energy,” she says.

She encourages new Consultants to follow the system and listen to their leaders. “Also, you must attend at least one Simulcast or AMBITION,” Reyna says.

Next, of course, is achieving the level of National Consultant. The Lopezes are working on new lists, excited about moving in to solar with Sunrun, and continue to expand their contacts into new markets. They also want to help more people in their organization promote and build on the success they have already achieved.

Given what they’ve accomplished so far, that looks pretty promising.

Five EC Pieces 
(please keep your answers in this section brief - no more than one short sentence)

My/ our “Why?”
My daughter and our future.

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:
12-20 hours per week.
What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Follow the system and attend the monthly trainings from our leaders Cesar and Sonia Baffoni. Use the magazine Success From Home, flyers and dvds, they have been my working tools.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Listening once again to John Maxwell and learn form the knowledge and insights of his speeches.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
Thank you form the bottom of my heart:
Jose Antonio Dario
Clodomiro Falcon
Victoria Freire
Gloria Hernandez
Cesar Flores

For your work, for believing that things are possible, for their commitment to achieve the senior level and for me to become an Executive Consultant.

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The Plan to Save the Radio Station

Oksana and Daniel Johnson, Executive Consultant

Oksana and Daniel Johnson Headshot

It was a plan to save their Christian radio station of 20 years that led Oksana and Daniel Johnson to their Ambit business. The funding for the station slowed as the economy experienced a downturn. Their station struggled to remain on the air.  Daniel focused on fundraising and administration while Oksana continued her art career as an oil painter.  It wasn’t long before they started to brainstorm other ways to save their station. They knew they had to find a solution before New Life Radio-Moscow was forced to close.

The station was able to expand nationwide to all the former Soviet Republics after a successful period of time. Then, Oksana emigrated from Russia with Daniel in 2004. They settled here in the U.S., but maintained their radio station in Russia. Their funds were running low, and they needed an answer fast if they were going to provide for the station. “I had a strange dream of going into the energy business in Moscow, probably because the radio station was located across the street from Russia’s state gas company,” Oksana said.  Of course it wasn’t realistic, but it got her thinking.

The Quest for an Answer
They searched for three years looking for an answer. A solution seemed within their grasp after a friend came to their rescue. “Maureen was a supporter of our ministry and she knew about our situation,” Daniel said. “She invited Oksana to a hotel presentation.” Within minutes of being at the presentation, Oksana had an idea. This could possibly be the answer they needed to save the radio station. She didn’t have her credit card to sign up, so she thought that surely that had to be a bad sign. Then, she had a stroke of luck. “I won a big screen TV during a raffle at a Business Presentation with Kim Mason. I figured it must be a sign!” she said. Oksana signed up to join the Ambit business the next week.

Her goals were simple: she wanted to cover their monthly necessities with the income generated from her Ambit business. Daniel soon joined the business and then they attended their first AMBITION.  “After I saw the Co-Founders and how the company operated, I knew that I’d made the right decision,” Daniel said. After two short years, their Ambit income was enough to cover their monthly expenses. That’s when they knew that their Ambit business could change their financial situation .The impact would be tremendous. “We had three goals after seeing the possibilities of our Ambit income,” Daniel said. “We wanted to help Oksana’s family in Russia and the Ukraine, retire early and pay the bills at the radio station.”

Building a House and Building our Business
The Johnsons know that building a business is a difficult and long process. They compare it to building a house, which they’ve done by themselves for the past seven years. “Like building a house, we have learned from past mistakes in building our Ambit business. We have a more refined strategy on reaching National Consultant status now,” Oksana said. Even though it took them seven years to build their home, they never gave up. That same resilient spirit is what drives their desire to succeed at Ambit. “No matter the problems we encountered, we were undeterred because we focused on our Why. We knew we were going to make it in Ambit,” Daniel said.

There are a few things they have learned that the Johnsons think would be helpful to new Consultants: learning the art of never giving up and exercising patience. “Don’t be afraid of hearing the word “no”. Don’t let others determine how you will live and succeed in your future. We are living proof that perseverance pays,” Oksana said. It’s a piece of advice that has paid off wisely for the Johnsons. They think it can work for others as well.

Five EC Pieces:

Our “Why?”
Our “Why” remains our key goals of financing our Christian radio network, early retirement at 60, financially supporting our family in Russia/Ukraine, and keeping Oksana a full-time artist.

Time spent working my Ambit business:
We work our business every day, treating it like a million-dollar business, which is what it is!

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Being trained by the best Consultants in the business on a regular basis, and having absolute confidence we could trust Ambit’s Co-Founders to do what they said they will do.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Jere and Chris’s speeches, because they reaffirm each time why we love this company and where it is going. And the food and company is great, too!

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
Raisa Zhidkov - Erie, PA
Robert Campbell - Buffalo, NY
Vic Lobkov - Sacramento, CA
Jesse Laird - Altoona/Tyrone, PA
Mark Tarasov - Sacramento, CA

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The Fast Lane to Success

Dale Poage, Executive Consultant

Dale Poage Headshot

When it comes to his career, Dale Poage has done it all. He worked in the telecommunications industry followed by owning a few different types of businesses that he made successful, then sold. His most interesting job had to be racing professional stadium trucks for five years. So, his fast lane to success at Ambit should be no surprise to anyone. But, it was his curiosity that led him to Ambit. “There was a point in my life where my hope was diminishing. At work every day, I saw a man walking to the post office with a big smile on his face, and I wondered why he was so happy,” he said. “I met him one day and he told me about this DVD. He said if I did this part-time putting in three to five hours a week, I would be financially set in two to three years.”

Dale learned the man’s name was Clint Hummel. And, he was telling the truth. Dale credits that moment when he met Clint to him being financially free in February 2014, two years after joining Ambit. It was the start he needed to create the retirement life he’s dreamed about for so long. “I wanted a retirement income of $2,000 to $3,000 a month,” he said. This started Dale’s move into the fast lane to success.

Small Goals, Big Returns

Dale started his Ambit business with small goals. He only had one thing in mind. “I wanted to make an extra $500 a month to get a better car.” But with learning his Ambit business, he soon upgraded and got more than he ever expected. “I got the new car and a new zip code!” he said. That was a big return for a man who within the previous two to four years felt as though he’d lost everything. The year 2010 was a one that was a turning point in Dale’s life. The market crashed which damaged his business and he lost his wife. Two years later, it seemed that things weren’t getting any better. He lost his business and his house that year. “My desire to live was diminishing. I took a job selling life insurance over the phone in Center, Missouri,” he said. The days were long and his determination was dwindling. “My car had no heat. I would often stay late at work and arrive early,” Dale said.

It wasn’t long before he started working his Ambit business, but it wasn’t without its challenges. But building businesses over the years taught Dale one thing, he always had to be flexible. “I live in Missouri where getting Customers was a big challenge,” he said. Dale’s response was easy. He decided to expand his reach beyond Missouri. “I crossed the river to Illinois and started meeting people there that helped me to build my business,” he said. “There are lots of great people in Illinois,” he added. 

The change paid off in a major way, and his family noticed the changes as well. “There were some who in the beginning wanted no part of it, then there were some who wanted to wait to see if I made any money.” But, there were others who saw the Opportunity and jumped at it immediately. “My son, Austin, started in the business immediately. Now, he’s a Senior Consultant,” Dale said.

The Next Leg of the Race

There’s a mantra that works for Dale that he passes on to new Consultants. “It’s been rather easy. I say you have to learn the system, love it, live it and teach it,” he said. He credits teamwork as the key piece to moving forward in your business. “My best friend, Mir, who is also an Executive Consultant, and I plan to go on tour for four weeks, every Saturday, to train others,” he said. These are the kinds of moves that Dale says has helped him to grow his business. For new Consultants, Dale suggests this add-on, “Don’t do it alone. Find someone you can run with and have fun.”

Dale decided he’s doing bigger things and those bigger things are in Texas. “My goal is to own a second home in Texas, so I can also build a team there,” he said. Along with his continued expansion into Illinois, Dale knows his goal to move to Texas is one that will take his business to the next level. “I love Texas, and the bonus is I can keep warm in the winter months.” Dale’s goals for his business may be big, but his success has inspired him to think bigger and dream bigger. One of his next goals proves his pursuit of big goals. “I have set my sights on the Senior PGA Tour,” he said. “And, I have two years to practice.”

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The Language of Success

Regina & Jan Rybarczyk, Executive Consultant

Regina & Jan Rybarczyk Headshot

The Language of Success

When Regina and Jan Rybarczyk came to the United States from Poland, their prospects were limited by the fact that neither of them spoke English. As a result, though they had held jobs in accounting and management in their homeland, they were unable to find rewarding jobs in the U.S. As a way to supplement their income, Regina began to dabble in network marketing.

“I actually got my first business presentation via Skype,” Regina says. “Being an accountant and having previous network marketing experience helped me realize the potential of Ambit’s compensation plan.”

Determined to succeed despite the fact she had limited language skills, a small network of friends and lived in a state without Ambit service, Regina started building her support network.

Learning and Growing

Staying focused was the key to Regina and Jan’s success. They wanted to be able to help their children and to live the American dream. “Ambit is a tool to financial freedom and to change your lifestyle,” Regina says.

“Through our involvement with this company, we have learned the power of positive thinking, hard work and believing in yourself and others,” Regina says.

The road to success was a long one for Regina and Jan—literally. Jan drove Regina from state to state as she met with potential Consultants and Customers to grow their business. The trips also turned into journeys of self-discovery, as Regina learned about the power of her own determination and appreciation. She even learned to speak English fluently.

Talking About the Future

“We’ll definitely continue going to different markets, doing more trainings and making presentations,” Regina says. “It works! However, we’ll do it even more since we are closer to working our Ambit business full time.”

For new Consultants, Regina and Jan recommend taking full advantage of the Three-way Call. “I believe it is very important to let prospects talk to an expert and hear from someone who can show them a different point of view.”

She concludes with the following—“Have a passion, don’t give up, believe in yourself and you can change your life!”

Inspiring thoughts from a couple who embody both the Ambit and the American dream.

My/ Our “Why”: 

Our why is to realize our “American Dream”.

Time spent working the Ambit business:

We spend about two or three hours a day building our business.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

I love “Success from Home” magazine and carry it with me wherever I go. Three-way Calls are the most effective tool.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:

My favorite thing about Ambition are trainings, opening and closing sessions, positive atmosphere and meeting great leaders.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
We want say to thank you to our five Seniors: Marianna U Mazurek, Krystyna Wojtun, Ewa Koszykowska, Barbara Mrozik and Wioletta Bakota.  And to our sponsor Aga Kot and also Maria Ewa Kajmowicz!
Thank you Ambit Energy for this opportunity!

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It Started with a Cup of Coffee

Victor Fontaine, Executive Consultant

Victor Fontaine Headshot

When Victor Fontaine sat down at a Houston shopping mall for a cup of coffee with NC Rigoberto Yepez, his life changed instantly. “I understood at that moment ‘If I don’t do this, somebody else will, and I’ll be wasting time.’ It was the best program I ever heard.”

Right away, Victor saw that Ambit was a way to get the one thing his life was missing: time. “I was in the real estate field, buying, selling and remodeling houses, and working as a financial advisor,” he says. “I worked 12 hours a day—there was no time to share with my children. I hoped Ambit might bring in some extra money I could use to get back time with my family.”

Victor quickly found that he not only got back additional time to spend with his family, he found his financial freedom. Within two-and-a-half years of joining the company, he was out of the real estate business and completely focused on Ambit.

An Agenda for Success

One way Victor has built his business is by sticking to a plan. “I work every week with an agenda with every leader in my team. We plan business presentations, trainings and one-on-ones.” This organized approach helps build support for new Consultants and trains them to take on leadership roles. Yet for all his rigorous planning, Victor is quick to credit others for their role in his success. “I’ve learned from every person I know in this business,” he says. “I urge everyone in this business to build a team, because you can’t succeed working by yourself.”

He also advises others to be patient and success will come. “Keep working within the Ambit system. Never sacrifice integrity for growth. Never, never, never give up!” he says.

A Plan for the Future

Although he’s reached the level of Executive Consultant and only has to work his Ambit business a few hours a day, Victor has no plans to let up. “Enough is never enough,” he says. “I’ll be working hard to help others get their financial freedom. I want to work into new markets and develop new leaders.”

He recommends new Consultants follow a few simple steps. “Do your written list, get a mentor and get started.”

Five EC Pieces

My/ our “Why?”
My beautiful children are my big why

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:
Keep always focused on your goals, have a plan!

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Keep it simple… follow the Ambit System…

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Motivation for your team… great special promotion!

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.

I understand that this promotion came as a result thanks to the efforts of so many people in a great Team. Thank you Universal Ambit Team! You’re the best!... SC Arturo & Patricia Gutierrez, SC Ricardo Fontaine, SC Alba Rivas, SC Maria Rivera, SC Walter & Dolores Mendez

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The Winning Shot

Sam Miller, Executive Consultant

Sam Miller Headshot

It was a chance encounter at a stop light that changed Sam Miller’s life – he learned about how he could get paid doing something he enjoyed: helping people. Later that same night, he learned about the Ambit Opportunity and doesn’t regret following up on an invitation from a woman at a red light. “She asked me to roll down my window and if I wanted to get paid for my gas and electricity. Then, she said come to this meeting tonight,” Sam said. Once there, the information he learned was something he knew he could do and do well. “I was shocked, but I told myself if half of what I saw tonight is true, I’m going to kill this thing. I got into the business that night.”

A Team Effort
Standing out in a crowd is familiar territory for Sam. As the 11th of 14th children, he was accustomed to showing being the go-to individual in large crowds. That trait transferred to his college life. As a standout college basketball player, he played four years of college basketball and spent some time as a semi-professional player before moving on to an award-filled sales career.  “I love to train people and see them develop their skills,” Sam said. That knack for training and educating others helped him garner awards in past positions as the top sales person, highest percentage of sales and top in customer prospects.

Ambit means more to Sam than just a way for him to become a part of a great company. It’s also been the path that led him to the love of his life. Two years ago they met at AMBITION. “It’s my hope that I’ll marry her someday,” Sam said. The decision to join Ambit is a move that he says has changed his life on a personal and professional level.

There are more than a few reasons that keep Sam going each day in his Ambit business. But, his biggest reason is the love of his life. “My why has changed many times, but now it’s about my dream lady and giving her the lifestyle and love I think she deserves to have,” Sam said. Ambit is what brought them together. He looks forward to the two of them building their Ambit business.

Blocked Shots and Rebounds
The biggest challenge was hearing no. However, Sam was accustomed to recovering and turning a no into a yes from his previous roles. It was a challenge, but one that he was able to change and overcome. “My biggest challenge was handling the no responses and getting my business off the ground,” Sam said, “But now, I say not now, but eventually you will get into my business.”

There are a few things that surprised even Sam with all of his experience. Namely, it was the patience he displayed while growing his business and also overcoming all of his fears. There are few things though that will change now that he’s an Executive Consultant. “I’m still the same, but now I have all of the mistakes out of the way,” he said.

The Finals
Sam has a new goal in sight. One that he knows is easily achievable. “I want to take
my business to the next level and build up my residual. I also want to quit my full-time job and be more effective as I continue my work with Ambit,” he said. His next steps is to get to the big game, the highest level known as National Consultant. “I plan to travel more, have more one-on-one meetings and group home meetings,” Sam said. This hasn’t been an easy path by far, but Sam has one piece of advice for new Consultants. “You should get started right away and don’t allow the negative people hold you back,” he said.

Five EC Pieces

Time spent working my Ambit business: 2-5 hours a day

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business? The cold market.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION: This year I’m on the big stage!

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC.
Kim Campbell
James & Tiffany Broadus
Johnnene Gay
Gaynell Boyd
Dosslin Baker

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The Path to Finding the Right One From Energy Broker to Independent Consultant

Eric Rodriguez, Executive Consultant

Eric Rodriguez Headshot

It was a series of what looked like failures that set Eric Rodriguez up for success. He’s run various businesses as an entrepreneur. He’s done everything from selling products over the phone to one of his last positions, starting his business as an energy broker. It wasn’t until a friend told him about the Ambit Opportunity that he began to see things a little differently. “I have always been involved in multilevel marketing companies. But, I kept trying to find the right one,” Eric said.

The choice of deciding on the right one wasn’t an easy task for Rodriguez. After going through a painful divorce and being weighed down with $30,000 of debt, he was skeptical about choosing yet another multilevel marketing company. “I was tired of the multilevel companies and decided to start my own business as an energy broker with no experience of the industry, starting capital or knowledge,” he said. But it was his experience as an energy broker along with his sales background that led him to decide that Ambit Energy may be a good fit for him. When he was initially approached about Ambit in 2008, he turned it down. Then, three years later, he accepted an invitation for coffee to learn more about the company again. “I had a bit more experience in the industry and I understood the power of a compensation plan,” Eric said. 

Developing a Personal System

It didn’t take long for Eric to buy into the thought of trying Ambit as a business. Initially, he limited his involvement because of his past experiences with other companies. “With the other multilevel companies, I had lost credibility, time and money,” he said. But, he quickly learned there was something different about Ambit that he didn’t experience with the other companies. “It was working and the checks were coming in. It became a big help for my daily living giving me security,” he said.

Eric thought it was best to start learning more about how to run his Ambit business, so he started to research and follow the examples of how other Consultants achieved success. He met as many Consultants as he could, attended meetings, seminars and Business Presentations, and listened to Consultants’ testimonials. “I started believing in this business even more. I understood that anyone can do it and started to study the system little by little,” he said. In that moment, his goal was simple. “I needed a way to get out of debt and prove to myself that I can do anything,” he said.

The Challenge is in the Change
After doubling his hours in the business, Eric slowly started to see changes. “I began to study the system and assist in trainings. I decided it was time for me to invest more into my business,” he said. “In 2012, once I decided to put more time into the projects, I saw my results double.” With his persistence, Eric met his goal of reaching Executive Consultant in less than three years.

He saw how his life began to change the more he grew his business. He also can see how Ambit can affect the lives of others. “My new reason for building my business is how many lives and families can change with this Opportunity,” Eric said.

Eric hopes his choice to ignore the fear of failure will prove to be an example for his Ambit team. “I hope to teach my team that Ambit is a lifestyle and few people dare to live it,” he said. “You have to face the personal limitations that keep you in your comfort zone and don’t allow you to go the extra mile to achieve your dreams and live a great life.”  There are a few other things that he thinks he can pass on to new Consultants to help them achieve the same type of success. Eric stresses that it’s important to “stay focused on one goal at a time, attend training and business presentations weekly, learn how to create a check to your organization weekly and most important, have fun, enjoy and be excited.”

Next Stop: National Consultant

Eric’s success doesn’t mean that he’s reached all of his goals. There’s still a few more that he’s looking forward to knocking off his to-do list. Namely, he has his personal and team goals that he’s ready to check off in the next two years. “I want my team to reach 1,000 Consultants and 5,000 Customers,” he said. He combines those goals with earning his yellow jacket and joining the Millionaire Club.

Since joining Ambit, Eric says his outlook has changed for his future. “Ambit has given me great confidence and peace of mind. I know I’m in the right industry at the right time with the right company,” he said. He knows that if he can make changes and achieve success that anyone can do it. He also knows there’s one thing that he’s learned about himself since beginning his Ambit business. “It has helped me to understand the process of success,” he said.

Five EC Pieces

1. In one sentence, tell us your “Why?”
    Financial freedom for my family.

2.  How many hours a week do you work your Ambit business?
    25 hours per week

3.  What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
    Success Magazine and my personal testimonial

4.  Name your favorite thing about AMBITION.
    Jere and Chris’ speech plus the announcements

5.  Who are your five SCs who helped you reach EC?
    David Lugo.
    Imelda Palma
    Claudia Valles
    Beatriz López
    Víctor Ortiz

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A Healthy Approach

Bryan Compton, Executive Consultant

Bryan Compton Headshot

Bryan Compton thought his future was secure. He’d been running a health club for 20 years, and hoped to purchase it from the owner. But when the time came for the deal to take place, it fell through—and Bryan found himself without a plan. But rather than giving up, he kept a healthy, positive attitude and looked for a new opportunity. And that’s when a friend introduced him to Coach Alan Johnston.

“I was looking for a complete financial replacement for the club and I really felt Ambit was the path for me,” Bryan says. “Ambit Energy has me on the path to financial security.”

Finding Strength and Support

At first, Bryan was afraid to tell his family about joining Ambit. “I really didn’t want to share it until I knew it worked,” he says. But after he started to see results, he was happy to talk about it. “Everyone is proud of my promotion to Executive Consultant, and many family members are involved with Ambit.”

Bryan also considers himself fortunate to work with an outstanding team. “My Consultants almost feel like they have promoted with me.” He works constantly to keep his team focused and trained, with meetings in Lufkin, Texas several times a week and frequent appearances at fellow Consultants’ meetings and calls. Above all, he credits his wife of 32 years for supporting him. “I am truly blessed,” he says.

Building on Success

As his business has grown, Bryan’s priorities have changed. “When I started my business, I was looking for income replacement. Now it’s about a legacy income for my three granddaughters and having more time to spend with my family and church.”

He also wants to help his team to continue to achieve. “There are no limitations with Ambit,” he says. “The only challenge is the one we look at in the mirror. The system is truly in place and we have one of the most marketable services available. I’m going to keep doing what got me here—work every day and help all those who want it.”

Bryan is also a big believer in the power of AMBITION. “I have not missed an AMBITION since I joined Ambit,” he says. “I love the relationship building and incredible training.”

All together, it’s all added up to a pretty healthy business for Bryan Compton.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.

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Vacation to Vocation

Piotr Siemieniuk, Executive Consultant

Piotr Siemieniuk Headshot

As a college student, Piotr Siemieniuk traveled from Lublin, Poland to Chicago one summer to visit his mother. He liked it so much, he decided to stay and found a series of jobs ranging from lifeguard to DJ to furniture store owner. Eventually, he settled on a career in real estate. And while the money was good for awhile, like many in that field Piotr found himself caught in the crash at the end of the last decade.

Piotr had already passed on the Ambit Opportunity twice, but the third time “I knew something big was coming and I signed up a few days later. I wanted to make a little extra money to survive tough times.”

After quickly promoting, Piotr thought his future was secure.

Sinking, then Swimming

For Piotr, initial success came too easily. “I thought my team was going to do it for me, so I could take a break,” he says. “I got lazy.” He credits his wife with giving him an “energy punch” that got him back to work on his Ambit business after four years of letting it languish. “It takes hard work and persistence to succeed in any business and Ambit is no different,” Piotr says.

Once he decided to really work his business, Piotr credits Ambit with helping him learn some important life lessons. “I changed myself to be a better person,” he says. “I learned to see what’s best in people and how to help them to achieve their goals.”

Now, instead of counting on others to do the work, Piotr “is always available for phone conversations, for meetings and trainings and motivating my team to get the most out of them.”

Lessons Learned

Piotr has learned some valuable lessons from his experience, and is eager to share them with others. “Work your business every day, even if you only have a few minutes. Plug into the Ambit system. Attend meetings and trainings—this is crucial—listen to conference calls and never stop.”

Now that he’s learned some of the secrets to success, Piotr has some big plans for the future. “I would like to travel the world and inspire people,” he says. “I want to achieve Financial Freedom and have free time, to be able to do anything, anywhere at any time.

Piotr’s road to the top hasn’t always been straight or smooth, but he’s proven that hard work and integrity does pay off—and that’s the Ambit way.

My/ our “Why?”
I would like to provide a better future for my wife Ania and my Mother. I would like to travel the world and settle down by the ocean. I am the only child, so I was spoiled and everything was about me all the time, so now, I would like to give back and help as many people as possible.

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:
A couple hours a day, everyday

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Spending a lot of time with EC Piotr Luda and other leaders listening to their advice and words of wisdom.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Excitement and exchanging experiences with like-minded people.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.

Barbara Hash, Valentina Labovic, Mike Spinks, Maxine & Mike Pixley and Vanessa & Jose Ramos.

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A Career Turn for the Better

Richard and Kalyn Turner, Executive Consultant

Richard and Kalyn Turner Headshot

Like many couples, the Turners underwent a midlife career change. Trick, a police officer, had to leave his job after suffering an injury. And when the couple moved to Illinois, Kalyn had to quit teaching due to certification issues and started a new career in sales.

With her working longer hours, the couple felt they had no time for family, and were looking for a change. When a coworker told Kalyn about Ambit Energy, she was ready to listen. “Kalyn was the top seller at her company for three years running,” Trick says, “but she only got paid once for every sale. Her sponsor told her with Ambit she’d be paid over and over again on everything she sold. At that moment we were in!”

“Our first “Why” was to be able to gas up our pickup truck when gas was $4.89 a gallon,” Kalyn says. “Now it’s Financial Freedom.”

Discovering New Skills

For Trick, selling Ambit was a new and even scary proposition. “I said ‘This isn’t for me. I’ve never sold anything and I’m not about to start now.’ But Kalyn put me in the business.” Trick signed up his mother as his first Consultant, and one week later they had signed up 22 Customers. In three weeks the Turners made back their initial investment.

Along the way, Trick discovered that, like Kalyn, he had a knack for sales.  “I’m growing more comfortable with public speaking. And Kalyn has gotten more patient as she watches PowerZone for literally hours a day.”

“As you start to grow your Ambit business, the more you’ll find yourself focused on helping others grow and be successful,” Kalyn says. “That forces you to take on a leadership role.”

The Turners leadership abilities have been rewarded with recognition as FastTrack Senior Consultant status, a Five-Star Trip, the Top Recruiter in Illinois award and, now, Executive Consultant status.

Building for the Future

The Turners may have just become ECs, but they’re already looking forward to achieving even more. “We want to be the biggest and baddest EC team ever. We’d love to expand into a brand new market. We plan to have even more group trainings and develop even more leaders than ever before,” they say.

The Turners also understand that the best way to succeed in Ambit is to help others. “We have an open door policy. We are always ready to take Consultants out individually for training as many times as needed to help them develop their skills.”

It’s a generous approach that has paid off for this dynamic team.

My/ our “Why?”  Financial Freedom…so we can be blessed so we can be a Blessing!!

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:  1 of us is full-time at all times now

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?  We are pretty Scrappy—-and Tenacious…..Sticktoitiveness (is that a word)?!

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:  The Energy!  Friendships we have made!!  The Networking opportunities!!! The training is second to none….you come back home re-energized!!!  Our Ambit family is absolutely Amazing!!!!! We Love You and Thank You for all your Support!!!

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.

Stacy J Hickam
Larry Burns
Mindy Shaw
Cynthia Hyatt
Keith Magac

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Family Matters

Ryan and Sarah Gould, Executive Consultant

Ryan and Sarah Gould Headshot

Financially, life was good for Ryan and Sarah Gould. Ryan earned enough from his job in the automotive industry that Sarah was able to stay home with their three daughters and they lived a comfortable lifestyle. But they still paid a price.

Ryan worked 70-80 hours a week, leaving him little time to spend with his family.  The Goulds had no time to indulge in their love of travel and Sarah had actually wondered aloud “How long can we go on like this?”

It was then that Ryan’s father called from New York to talk to the couple about a business opportunity.

Making Their Move

After seeing the business presentation, the Gould’s knew Ambit would be a smart move for them. But they saw one obstacle—they lived in North Carolina, where Ambit is not available.

“We called Ray Montie and asked him what he thought we should do. He said ‘Have you considered moving?’ We’d been in North Carolina for 16 years, but we couldn’t let this opportunity get away. Within three weeks we moved to Connecticut,” Ryan says.

A Family Success Story

By joining with his father, the Gould’s were able to assist in achieving the goal of allowing Ryan’s mother to retire early. They were then able to focus on their goal of buying back their own time. “We’ve earned back about 30 hours a week already, and expect to earn even more,” Sarah says.

Of course, the Gould’s success extends far beyond their immediate family. Ryan says “We share openly with our Consultants what we did wrong and what we did right so they can grow their businesses even faster than we did.”

The Goulds have set a goal of helping 100 Consultants get into the Comma Club, supporting their belief that the best way to get ahead in Ambit is by helping others succeed.

Family Time to Come

In the future, the Goulds look forward to traveling together as a family, taking part in mission trips and maybe buying a lake house to spend time together.

“We look forward to not having to stress about money for college, weddings and retirement,” Ryan says. “We want to enjoy the good life while helping others to do the same.”

The couple has advice for those who want to build a successful Ambit business. “Write down your vision of what you want and don’t look back. Keep your eye on your prize until you have it, then set another goal.”

It’s a method that’s worked well for these very successful members of the Ambit family.

Five EC Pieces

My/our “Why?”

Freedom of time and money for our family and to help other who are willing to do what it takes to be free, too.

Time spent working my/our Ambit business:

10-15 hours per week

What was your single most effect Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

Mentoring with mult-million-dollar-a-year earner Ray Montie, Success from Home magazine, Three-way Calls, Keeping it Simple and The use of Brian McClure’s training videos.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:

The Co-Founders, Chris and Jere speaking and networking with the most successful business builders in the company.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped us reach EC.

Thanks to our entire growing team of people who want more out of life and are willing to do what it takes until they get it. It is a team effort and the only thing better than getting promoted is to see our team members promote faster than us! Thank you for your leadership. Let’s keep making it happen… there are a lot of people out there praying for a better way and they need to know about this opportunity. See you at the top!

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Too Busy to Find Success

David & Elizabeth Finch , Executive Consultant

David & Elizabeth Finch  Headshot

David and Elizabeth Finch are a hard-working couple. He has been working in his family’s grocery business since he was 14, and she is the co-owner of a Physical Rehabilitation practice with 25 employees. They’re also the proud parents of three very active children who pursue sports, music and other extracurricular activities.  That left them little time for leisure, or to focus on building multiple reliable income streams.
“Traditional business is not stable in this economy,” David says. “Having an alternate stream of income is a necessity to raise a family and realize your dreams.”

“When I first heard about the Opportunity, I said I was not interested in adding any more to my plate,” Elizabeth says. “But I watched the DVD at lunchtime. I didn’t even get through half of it before my gut said to do it.” In fact, Elizabeth was so excited she could barely sleep until her sponsor came to the house to sign her up.

Thinking Small, Going Big

Starting out, the Finches didn’t have any big expectations. “We didn’t have any network marketing experience,” David says. “But after selling groceries all day I was just glad it didn’t involve selling products.”

“We knew from our traditional business experience that hard work leads to success,” adds Elizabeth.

For such a busy family, time was the major challenge. “We make a conscious effort to do something every day for our Ambit business, even if it’s just one phone call,” the couple says.  And their slow, steady progress has paid off. “Our biggest and proudest accomplishment is the purchase of an investment property in the Florida Keys. We never thought we’d be able to afford a piece of paradise.” The couple is purchasing another investment property in Florida, all using income from Ambit.

Paying Off In More Than Money

“Our hard work in Ambit helped a person in our up-line spend time with his wife when she was very ill and in her last days,” David says. “It makes us feel good that we are affecting other people’s lives.”

That’s not the only way the couple has seen their work impact others. “We are able to push people to realize their potential even when they don’t see it in themselves,” Elizabeth says. “We’ve found that time limitations are what hold people back from doing the business. We show them it can be done.”

For Consultants who are just starting out, David and Elizabeth recommend “Get in serious touch with your “Why.” If you don’t know why you are doing something, when you get a ‘no’ or feel time constraints you won’t continue. This is a long term commitment, not a magic success pill. Plugging into live events and web trainings is essential to your long-term success.”

It’s good advice from a couple who have proven you’re never too busy to discover new opportunities.

My/ Our “Why”: 
To be sure our kids don’t have to struggle financially through college with large loans upon graduation.

Time spent working the Ambit business:

5 hours per week with active weeks going to as much as 10 hours per week. 

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

Traditional business sense; that failure was not an option and most traditional businesses take 5 years to realize a profit.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:

The ability to network with other successful leaders and find out what works for them! 

Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
A journey is a trek, a voyage, an expedition with a long road filled with bumps and difficult climbs to reach the top.  A journey is best traveled and most successful when it is done as a team.  If it wasn’t for the company of our new found friends and business partners, the journey would not have been completed or worth completing.  We want to thank them for all their hard work and dedication in seeing the big picture, staying focused without letting the potholes of life keep them from their personal journey!

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The Path to Ambit

Tony and Diana Procopio, Executive Consultant

Tony and Diana Procopio Headshot

Direct marketing is what brought Tony and Diana Procopio together. The two met while working at a direct marketing company and much of their working life is centered around being entrepreneurs. “We both decided to start our own businesses after working in corporate America so we could have more flexibility with our time and not have to work on someone else’s schedule,” Diana said. The pair knew their history with working with other direct marketing companies had the possibility to make working with Ambit a success. But, their past didn’t mean that Ambit was going to be the choice for them.

“At the time we found out about Ambit Energy, I was in the process of starting a second business in the technology sector using a direct sales method,” Tony said. They were looking to add another business to generate additional monthly income along with their other businesses. The two have done everything from pursuing their passions to capitalizing on their talent. They run a full-time summer camp for kids together and balance other careers. Diana operates a home-based daycare while Tony recruits for the IT and sales sectors.

But, it turns out their path led them elsewhere: directly to a career with Ambit.

Following the Footprint

The Procopios learned about Ambit from their neighbor, Bill Dean. Because of Tony’s background in company analysis, Bill wanted his opinion on Ambit. Less than 24 hours later, the couple watched the Ambit DVD six times and Tony rated Ambit the highest of any of the 800 companies he researched.  They also received a visit from Senior Consultant, Jeff Rollins. The decision was simple; they joined the company that same day. “Our expectations were to earn an extra $1,000 a month, which was equal to an extra week of income from Diana’s daycare business,” Tony said. “Now, three years later, our part-time Ambit Energy income pays us more than our other businesses combined.”

Initially, their family was hesitant to listen to another of their business ideas. “Our families supported us through our other business ventures for more than 17 years. This time they weren’t so willing because of their preconceived notions of our businesses,” Diana said. But, that resistance lifted as soon as their families saw their results and that they were serious. “Now, almost every close friend or family member is either a Customer, Consultant or both.”

The two believe their Ambit business holds the key to getting the future they have dreamed of for years. They want to travel more in their RV and hope to expand their summer camp. “We have a strong desire to fund summer camp programs for children so that parents who normally can’t afford it will have the opportunity to send their kids,” Tony said.

Sharing the Blueprint

Their past experiences in team building prepared them for their Ambit careers. However, they feel the road to Executive Consultant is their most challenging achievement of their careers. But, reaching that goal is what allows them to help others the way they do. “We can talk about the recognition we received, but the most satisfying moments come when we see other people’s lives changing right before our eyes,” Diana said. Their time in Ambit is a journey they willingly share with others. “There is nothing better than seeing people on our team dreaming, growing and succeeding,” Tony said.

Their advice to new Consultants is simple. “You should find your why, use an organized system and never give up,” Diana said. It’s the one thing that keeps the Procopios going. “There are days when we run on faith and over time, we mastered the art of picking each other up,” Tony said. It has been the art of never giving up that has kept the couple focused and determined to make things work. The Procopios know that having a plan is the single most effective thing that Consultants can do for the business. “If you do these things, you will have success in your Ambit business. If you don’t do them, then success might happen,” Diana said.

Five EC Pieces

Our “Why?” To retire from the work-a-day world, and become world explorers, bringing a message of hope and a better way to the people we meet.

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:  15-20 hours

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?  The Memory Jogger.  Your names’ list is the blueprint for your business.  If you want a big house, you need a big blueprint.  If you want a big Ambit business, you need a big names’ list.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:  Definitely the bus trip to Dr. Pepper Field with our team and all the leaders for the corporate vs. Consultants Grudge Match at the stadium!  Diana especially loves the fireworks!

Thanks to the five SCs who helped us reach EC.M
Chris & Jutta Halpin, JD & Julie Doyle, Barbara & George Rompre, Nick Montanaro & John D’Auria

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Singing the Ambit Tune

Barbara Blasik, Executive Consultant

Barbara Blasik Headshot

Music was her life. Barbara Blasik also knew that along with music she loved to help people. While music was how she helped people, she soon found another way to touch people and help them in an even better way. “Before Ambit I had six jobs. I worked at three music schools, a Saturday Polish school, ran a daycare and sang at a restaurant three nights a week,” she said.

However, Ambit has quickly changed her life in ways she hasn’t expected. “Because of this business I no longer have to work three out of my five jobs. I will continue to sing, but I will try to learn more about investing my money and learning how to multiply my income,” she said. The change is a welcome one for Barbara, a native of Poland who is a wife and mother, but not a challenge as she’s accustomed to learning quickly. “My journey to America was a difficult one. When I started the business I did not speak any English and that was a challenge for me,” Barbara said. 

Finding the Time

Her role as a teacher is how she was introduced to Ambit. “I was shown a presentation by a mother of one of the children that I teach,” Barbara said. The presentation left an impression on Barbara. An impression that stayed with her. “The thing that appealed to me was that I would be working with other people. I am a people person and enjoy working with others,” she said. 

Even with her limited free time, Barbara found a way to grow her business. “I focused on becoming a Senior Consultant. I only had about three hours between jobs to do this. I worked in the car on my way to work and in any spare time I could find,” she said.  Although she keeps such a busy schedule, Barbara has managed to keep her goals in mind with the future in view. “My “why” is to make enough one day so that my husband no longer has to work in construction because it’s really bad for his health,” she said.

Taking a Look Ahead
Her business has revealed some hidden talents that she didn’t know she had. “I realized that I am a good motivator and organizer. Also being very positive helps people a lot,” she said. Barbara knows that new Consultants can learn from what she’s figured out is a big key to success. “There is no reason to try and do this alone when together we can all help each other,” she said. Challenges are meant to be overcome. Barbara uses her story to inspire Consultants.
“I remind them that when I started I could not speak English or use the computer. So even with difficulties everyone can achieve this position with hard work and determination,” she said.

Five EC Pieces

My “Why?”
I love helping others.

Time spent working my Ambit business:
This is part-time. I want it to be full-time.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
My cellphone. I use it to communicate with others, and my popularity.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
The high class of the event.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC.
Emilia Bubienko, Aleksandra Sowiak, Piotr Zebracki (my brother), Jagoda Bretner, Marian Niedojadlo and Sebastian Twardowski.

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A Complete Turnaround

Lien Nguyen, Executive Consultant

Lien Nguyen Headshot

A Complete Turnaround

Ambit Energy was a complete about face for Lien Nguyen on many levels. First of all, she’d run a successful chain of retail stores in Michigan until the recession of 2008 forced her to close them. Then, she and her family moved to Plano, Texas. Finally, she says “I have always been anti direct-sales.”

So what changed her mind? Her experience as a Customer, and the convincing sales pitch she got from a friend. “My good friend asked me to let her save me money on my electric bill. After nine months as a Customer, I asked her to show me the business.”

From the start, Lien was determined to succeed. “When I lost my business and had to start over, I knew I NEVER wanted my family to endure that again. I wanted Financial Freedom and stability.” Armed with her determination to never fail or give up, Lien plunged into selling Ambit, full speed ahead!

Rising to the Challenge

As a stay-at-home mom who had just moved to a new community, Lien didn’t have a long list of contacts to reach out to. She credits the support of her husband Norman and NC Frank Schmaeling for helping her achieve her goals. “Everyone needs a mentor and an accountability partner,” she says.

Learning to speak in public was one of Lien’s biggest fears. “I hid for two weeks when I was asked to present at a meeting,” she admits. “Now I’ve gone from fearing the room to owning the room. I now help many companies with their public relations and belong to many networking groups.”

Her willingness to overcome her fears and meet the challenges of owning her own business has paid off. “I have exceeded my expectations by promoting to EC and earning a Five-Star trip,” she says.

Moving Ahead

For Lien, success is less about achieving a specific level as a Consultant than it is about providing for her family’s future. She’s proud that her daughter Jessica is already an Ambit Senior Consultant while still in law school and looks forward to her son Hieuy’s graduation from high school and starting his pre-med studies in college.  “I want to grow my Ambit business in two additional states this year, and help as many Consultants on my team as possible,” she says. “My outlook is as bright as can be. I love my Ambit checks, but I love my Ambit family even more.”

Her advice to other Consultants is simple. “Be coachable and never give up.”

That’s sound advice from a Consultant who overcame the loss of a business, a cross-country move and starting from scratch to turn things around and become a powerful profile of success.

My/ our “Why?”
Options and total Financial Freedom from fear of ever being without!

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
My Family and their total support!

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Being around like-minded positive people!

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
Jessica Nguyen
Dave Khuong
Vanessa Nguyen
Steve Jong
Joe Lara

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Cooking Up Success

David & Catherine Lipinczyk, Executive Consultant

David & Catherine Lipinczyk Headshot

Dave and Cathy Lipinczyk were already successful entrepreneurs before they started their Ambit Energy business. He was a Monroe County Sheriff’s Department employee, and together the couple ran a successful fast-food franchise. But it wasn’t until they remodeled their own home kitchen that they got the chance to earn their Financial Freedom.

“Our sponsor, Vince Alonci, designed our kitchen. During the process we became friends, and he shared the Ambit Opportunity with us. Needless to say, we saw something special and knew we had to take action,” Cathy says.

Ordering Up Opportunity

The Lipinczyks felt certain of that Ambit provided a path to success if they were willing to work hard. Dave says, “You just need to be coachable and teachable. There’s a franchise-like system in place. Combine that with all the company accolades that prove it works, and you only have to add your effort and heart to the equation. You can’t fail unless you quit.”

While the couple suffered some discouraging rejections, they remained committed to their Ambit business. And within four years, they had made enough money to sell their restaurant and focus on Ambit. They also signed up one of their sons and two of Cathy’s sisters as Ambit Independent Consultants.

“Thanks to Ambit, I will be retiring very comfortably. Cathy and I will be able to travel and work when we want to work,” Dave says.

A Full Menu of Experiences

Like many Consultants, the Lipinczyks have gotten more than just financial rewards from their association with Ambit. According to Dave, “We’ve come a long way in being the best leaders we can be. We have a lot more to learn, but we have helped to create many great leaders in our team.”

The couple has also improved their ability to speak in public, and enjoys the rewards of helping other people discover a path to successful business ownership. “We love helping others if they are willing,” Cathy says.

Looking Ahead

Reaching Executive Consultant status is something the Lipinczyks are very proud of, but they see even more in their future. “We want to get to that all-important 10,000 hours that our Co-Founder and CMO Chris Chambless talks about,” David says. “Ambit is the vehicle for us all to achieve Financial Freedom. The true value is in utilizing the leaders as mentors.”

The couple plans to spend their retirement years traveling and having fun with family. For them, Ambit Energy is a vital part of their recipe for a happy life.

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Fourth Time is the Charm

Xinping Ning , Executive Consultant

Xinping Ning  Headshot

“Fourth Time is the Charm”

If there’s one thing Xinping Ning knows how to do, it’s how to run a business. After owning three businesses in three very different industries (a restaurant, hair salon and moving company), Ning knew it was time for her to find a new way of life.  “Despite having my own businesses and making some good money, I lost my time,” she said.  She juggled 12-hour workdays, raised her son as a single mother and focused on building a life for her and her son. After moving to the United States from China, Ning started over and focused on learning everything about her new environment.  “In order to make a living, I had to work and try different things,” she said.  There was one new thing that slowly but surely became her only thing.

Volunteering Leads to a New Energy

It was while using a little of her limited free time to give to others that Ning found out about the Ambit Opportunity.  “While volunteering, a friend of mine told me that he could help reduce my utility bill. But he didn’t tell me that I could also make money at the same time.” Ning spent a lot of time volunteering at Tzu Chi, a non-profit organization in San Francisco. She compared her work at Tzu Chi to her work at Ambit. It was an easy jump for her to join the Ambit Opportunity and start her own business.  “I like volunteer work because I like helping people. Being an Ambit Energy Independent Consultant, I can help others save some money on their utility bills,” she said.
She transitioned her role in her other ventures to her business partners so she could focus on building a business at Ambit. Her rapid ascent to Executive Consultant in 20 months earned her continued dedication to doing and achieving more. “My Ambit business is so unique because there’re no inventories, no deliveries and no collections to deal with; and most important of all—-we are dealing with energy, a necessity in life.”

Growing Pains

Ning’s business at Ambit was no easy task. There were challenges, misunderstandings and discouragement from friends. However, Ning knew that by being persistent and consistent that she could overcome those hurdles.
“I know that no business is easy especially at the beginning,” Ning said.  However, there were a core group of people who stood by her which gave her the support she needed to continue building her business: Kenny Yeung and his wife, her team members, EC Henry Ye and most important, her son.  “I love my son. He’s my #1 and my everything.”

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Swamped By Success

Richard Laidler, Executive Consultant

Richard Laidler Headshot

Swamped by Success

Richard Laidler got in on the ground floor of digital printing, immigrating to the United States to pursue his dream of building his own high-tech company in 1996. And by many measures, he succeeded—his company grew rapidly, and in 2004 he sold his business in a seven-figure deal.

But his big payday came at a huge personal cost. He had worked 15-hour days and seven-day weeks for eight years, causing him to lose touch with his family and friends and ending his marriage. As he says “My failures robbed me of my money in my 20s, but my success robbed me of my time and sanity in my 30s.”

Still, despite being set for life, Richard wasn’t the sort to quit working. He started looking for his next opportunity. “I had failed miserably at other network marketing businesses, so I looked at becoming a life insurance agent,” he recalls.  That’s when a friend asked Richard for his opinion about a new business opportunity.

Simple and Genius

When Richard showed up for the Ambit Business Presentation, he was prepared to be unimpressed. “I sat at the back of the room, arms folded, ready to get out of there before someone could grab me. However, by the end of the meeting, I was ready to get started. The business just made sense. Ambit offers a service everyone uses at a saving. Simple and genius. I was in.”

Despite his enthusiasm, Richard’s Ambit business got off to a slow start. He was held back by the memory of his previous failures in network marketing. Then, he invested in a trip to AMBITION 2010. “When you attend an event like AMBITION, faith and hope that Ambit might work turns into 100 percent belief,” Richard says. “That’s the power of AMBITION.”

The Best Business Ever

“My Ambit business is the best business I’ve ever owned, including the one I sold,” Richard says. “With Ambit, I can earn a traditional business owner’s income, but without the financial or time commitment.” Richard also likes the fact that unlike many other companies, Ambit doesn’t require you to carry expensive inventory that can make it difficult for those who are just starting to build a business.

Today and Tomorrow

Since starting his Ambit business, Richard’s life is better than ever. Now that he has free time, he enjoys many activities with his two sons. He is proud of the fact he has built a good relationship with his ex-wife, and is now happily married to Jasmine, his wife of four years.

Ambit has made such a difference for Richard that “whenever I hear any mention of life’s ‘pain’ from someone, the first thing out of my mouth is, ‘you know, you may want to take a look at something my wife and I are doing—it may not be your cup of tea, but it’s helped us.’ This is where most of my Consultants come from.”

It’s an approach that’s helping Richard Laidler build another successful business, this time on his terms.

My/Our Why:

Absolutely petrified of not having money for myself and my family, and a limited ability to make it, either because of old age, or a sickness. Ambit provides me with a regular income every month that covers my bills whether I work or not.

Time spent working the Ambit business:

The only set time I put into Ambit is two weekly business presentations and a training - so about to 6 - 8 hours a week. But, Ambit is always in my back pocket for when an opportunity to invite someone to take a look arises…. so I am “on-call,” as it were, 24 hours a day.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?


Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:

The keynotes from Jere and Chris.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:

Jasmine Concepcion, Jim Van Den Dyssel, Scott and Michelle Shaffer, Kev and Deb Edwards, Piyushkumar Mehta

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My Patience Paid Off

Shamim Khan , Executive Consultant

Shamim Khan  Headshot

My Patience Paid Off

Change was never a big fear for Shamim Khan. It’s the reason he left his homeland for a country he knew nothing about with less than $500. He wanted a change and knew that this move meant opportunities for his family and advancement for his career.  “I have always had the

desire to have a career where I can make my own schedule,” Shamim said.  After stints in the medical, law enforcement and casino industries, it was the recent economic crisis that made Shamim take a closer look at his financial future. An old family friend, Jamy Choudhury,

introduced him to Ambit Energy. Shamim knew that with the severe financial issues, he faced there were things in his career he needed to change.  “I was reluctant at first to start a new adventure, but I followed my instinct and joined Ambit as an Independent Consultant,” he said.

Persistence is Key

It was Ambit’s entry into the South Jersey region that spurred Shamim into action. The Consultants had to generate an interest in Ambit in order to begin selling Ambit in the region.  “We had to collect over 1000 energy bills from our friends and family in the tri-state area,” Shamim

said. “Within two months, I became a Senior Consultant with the help and hard work of my team.”  Shamim knows that a large part of the experiences that he and his family are now able to have are in large part thanks to Ambit.  “I am able to visit my family abroad more frequently.

Thanks to Ambit, I continue to create beautiful memories with my family.”  Though it hasn’t always been an easy path, Shamim still believes that building his business was his motivation to keep going and never give up. There were a few setbacks to establishing the South Jersey

region, but Shamim never stopped.  My work with Ambit revealed that my greatest strength has always been my patience,” he said. “I learned that sticking to something that I believe in will eventually produce results sooner or later.”

Next Steps

Shamim credits his firsthand knowledge of achieving success with being prepared and learning as much as he can about the business. He believes this is sound advice that he can pass on to new Consultants.  “My advice for new Consultants is to always be organized and keep a

portfolio handy,” he said. His next step is simple: to continue to spread the word about his business and inspire others to achieve the financial success he has had with Ambit.  “I often meet new Consultants who want to learn about how to reach out to more communities and

expand their businesses. With my experience launching the South Jersey region, I am able to help them and provide the answers they need to succeed,” Shamim said. It’s no doubt that his patience and great start are two things that make Shamim a great example to teach this trait to others.

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Building On A Promise

Manny Zumba, Executive Consultant

Manny Zumba Headshot

Building on a Promise

It was at the persuasion of a friend, and a promise, that made Manny Zumba want to learn more about the Ambit Opportunity. At the very least, he wanted to give it a try and keep an open mind.

“I heard about Ambit from a friend who had been talking to me about it for three months,” Manny said. “He convinced me when he said I got to meet Johnny Ventura.”

In addition to meeting popular singers, it wasn’t long before Manny began to see there were potentially some really good things that could come out of joining the Ambit team.

After being in the environmental and construction industries for 22 years, he was ready to try an additional avenue to increase his income.

A Reflection of Success

Manny agrees that it was equally as hard to get his family on board with the idea of him joining the business. Initially hesitant, they now wonder how they can mirror the freedom that he’s gained since starting his business.
They look at me differently and question why I’m so happy,” he said. For him, the change is a simple one and he can clearly see the benefits now that he couldn’t see earlier.  “Now, I have more time for my family and friends,”

Leadership Lessons

There’s a piece of advice Manny suggests that new Consultants keep in mind as they build their business. ”Don’t let anybody tell you something is impossible. It’s alright to fail, but then get up and start again,” he said.
He knows there is a lot of information that he can pass on to his team, but one tool he wants to capitalize on in particular.

“I’m looking forward to training more people on how to find their strengths and to help them lead by example,” Manny said. There is one exercise he guarantees Consultants will see a return on if they put into practice early when starting their business.

“The ability to visualize the ‘Why’ is important for new leaders to uphold. People should always strive for Financial Freedom to become dominant in the market.”

My “Why”:
Family, wife and four kids

Time spent working the Ambit business:
15 hours

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Staying focused, listening, learning and preparing to be a good leader

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
The training and testimonies

Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Diana Cepeda, Pedro Sancho, Wilberto Usedo, Loyda Zumba and Edgar Bastidas

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Initial Reservations Turn to Excitement

Mark and Vicki Walker, Executive Consultant

Mark and Vicki Walker Headshot

Initial Reservations Turn to Excitement

Mark and Vicki Walker almost passed on the opportunity of a lifetime. Mark had recently left his job in airlines reservations to sell insurance, and Vicki was working for a large engineering firm in Houston. They’d both tried various network marketing companies and decided they would never try one again. But with the down economy impacting the insurance business, Vicki decided to attend an Ambit presentation. “Then, as I was walking out the door, I remembered another commitment at the same time,” Vicki says. While her husband agreed to go in her place, she says “Mark was extremely upset that I’d coerced him into attending another one of ‘those’ presentations.”

“I took an aisle seat for a quick exit, folded my arms and hoped it would be over quickly,” Mark admits. “But what I heard and saw at the presentation made sense!”

After a few weeks, the Walkers made their decision. “We jumped in with both feet.”

Slowly but Surely, Ambit Takes Off

At first, the Walkers hoped to make a couple hundred dollars a month, based on their previous experience with network marketing. Mark believed in Ambit, but was less sure of his own abilities. Still, he and Vicki were committed. They held a yard sale to raise money to start their business. They attended as many trainings, Power Trips and other events as they could, often staying at cheaper motels and cutting back on other expenses to pay for their trips. They also looked outside the Texas market, and built up a network of Consultants and Customers. “We had to make money right from the start,” Vicki says.

The Walkers rose through the ranks, reaching the level of Senior Consultant.

Seeing Setbacks as Motivation

Just as Mark and Vicki were starting to hit their stride, they suffered a series of setbacks that might have prevented a less dedicated couple from succeeding. First, Mark was injured and unable to work for several months. Then Vicki lost her job. A series of family deaths occurred and, just as the Walkers looked like they were going to become Executive Consultants, Vicki suffered a stroke.

“We realized the more we focused on the challenges, the more they became excuses. We made a conscious decision to use our challenges as motivation,” Mark says.

Flying Higher and Higher

Their new philosophy paid off. Mark and Vicki earned a spot on the A-List, and are frequently asked to speak at trainings and events around the country. Mark spoke at the first Simulcast in 2011, and Vicki has been featured at the Women Empowering Women Conference.

They’ve introduced their own “Step 8” program, an extension of the Seven Steps of Success in Ambit, to help train their Consultant team. They have also learned the power of perseverance, teamwork and the Ambit system.

Inspiring Advice

The Walkers advice is simple. “Apply immediate action, plug into the Ambit system, and never, never, never give up!

“A few years ago, our future seemed very bleak. When the odds were against us, we never quit. Now we are excited about our future, who we are becoming as individuals, and we know financial security and independence are within reach.”

Five EC Pieces

Our “Why”:
We want a better lifestyle for our family, finally free from financial worry. We have five children (and four grandchildren), living in five states! We need to see them more often!

Time spent working the Ambit business:
We have been building our Ambit business on a part-time basis for 5-1/2 years.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Since much of our business has been built out of the area, we use the online video more than any other tool.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
We love the interaction with other Consultants—having the chance to talk with and learn from other, more successful Consultants, and seeing friends that we’ve made over the years again.

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Swamped by Success

Richard Laidler, Executive Consultant

Richard Laidler Headshot

Richard Laidler got in on the ground floor of digital printing, immigrating to the United States to pursue his dream of building his own high-tech company in 1996. And by many measures, he succeeded—his company grew rapidly, and in 2004 he sold his business in a seven-figure deal.

But his big payday came at a huge personal cost. He had worked 15-hour days and seven-day weeks for eight years, causing him to lose touch with his family and friends and ending his marriage. As he says “My failures robbed me of my money in my 20s, but my success robbed me of my time and sanity in my 30s.”

Still, despite being set for life, Richard wasn’t the sort to quit working. He started looking for his next opportunity. “I had failed miserably at other network marketing businesses, so I looked at becoming a life insurance agent,” he recalls.  That’s when a friend asked Richard for his opinion about a new business opportunity.

Simple and Genius
When Richard showed up for the Ambit Business Presentation, he was prepared to be unimpressed. “I sat at the back of the room, arms folded, ready to get out of there before someone could grab me. However, by the end of the meeting, I was ready to get started. The business just made sense. Ambit offers a service everyone uses at a saving. Simple and genius. I was in.”

Despite his enthusiasm, Richard’s Ambit business got off to a slow start. He was held back by the memory of his previous failures in network marketing. Then, he invested in a trip to AMBITION 2010. “When you attend an event like AMBITION, faith and hope that Ambit might work turns into 100 percent belief,” Richard says. “That’s the power of AMBITION.”

The Best Business Ever
“My Ambit business is the best business I’ve ever owned, including the one I sold,” Richard says. “With Ambit, I can earn a traditional business owner’s income, but without the financial or time commitment.” Richard also likes the fact that unlike many other companies, Ambit doesn’t require you to carry expensive inventory that can make it difficult for those who are just starting to build a business.

Today and Tomorrow
Since starting his Ambit business, Richard’s life is better than ever. Now that he has free time, he enjoys many activities with his two sons. He is proud of the fact he has built a good relationship with his ex-wife, and is now happily married to Jasmine, his wife of four years.

Ambit has made such a difference for Richard that “whenever I hear any mention of life’s ‘pain’ from someone, the first thing out of my mouth is, ‘you know, you may want to take a look at something my wife and I are doing—it may not be your cup of tea, but it’s helped us.’ This is where most of my Consultants come from.”

It’s an approach that’s helping Richard Laidler build another successful business, this time on his terms.

My/Our Why:
Absolutely petrified of not having money for myself and my family, and a limited ability to make it, either because of old age, or a sickness. Ambit provides me with a regular income every month that covers my bills whether I work or not.

Time spent working the Ambit business:
The only set time I put into Ambit is two weekly business presentations and a training - so about to 6 - 8 hours a week. But, Ambit is always in my back pocket for when an opportunity to invite someone to take a look arises…. so I am “on-call,” as it were, 24 hours a day.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
The keynotes from Jere and Chris.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Jasmine Concepcion, Jim Van Den Dyssel, Scott and Michelle Shaffer, Kev and Deb Edwards, Piyushkumar Mehta

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A Breakdown Results in a Big Break

Carter and Josie Mook, Executive Consultant

Carter and Josie Mook Headshot

Carter and Josie Mook have backgrounds in the criminal justice system—he’s a police Captain running a patrol division and she worked part-time as an office-administrator in the court system. Even with both of them holding down jobs, Carter had to put in 60-70 hours a week. On Father’s Day of 2012, he did a 16-hour shift, and only got to see his daughter for 30 minutes. He knew there had to be a better way.
Soon after that, things took an interesting turn at his local racetrack. Carter loves racing cars as a hobby, and one night his car blew an engine. Unable to afford to fix it, he had to borrow cars from friends for the next few weekends. One night, he borrowed a car from his pal Eric McCray, an Ambit Consultant. After a conversation with Eric, Carter knew he had found the perfect way to power his income while putting the brakes on all that overtime away from his loved ones. “This business opportunity is just too good to miss,” Carter says.

Full Speed Ahead
Even with Josie working part-time, the Mooks were still struggling to make ends meet. Their initial goal was to get their income back to the level they’d enjoyed when she’d worked full-time. The couple worked hard to get their business up and running, but just when it looked like the finish line was in sight, their plans were nearly wrecked.

Nearly Walked Away
The Mooks entered a time of life challenges right as they were trying to build their new Ambit business. First, Josie’s father had a heart attack. Then, just four months later, Carter’s father also suffered a heart attack. While both men survived, helping care for them took up a lot of time and the couple’s Ambit business stopped growing. “We were ready to step away from the opportunity,” Carter says. “Then Jeff Craft decided to partner up with us. He led to the momentum that propelled us to Executive Consultant.”

Racing Toward the Top
Reinvigorated by their new partnership and, with both their fathers healthy again, the Mooks rapidly developed their Ambit business. Josie was able to quit her job and become a full-time stay-at-home mom, and Carter has repaired his car and been able to continue his racing hobby.

They’ve also developed their skills. “Carter is shy by nature, but this business has enabled him to step out of his shell,” Josie says. “We’ve helped others create a residual income, and one of our downstream team members has also started working Ambit full-time.”

Up Next
In the future, the Mooks hope to reach a level that will allow Carter to retire, spend more family time together and, of course, achieve National Consultant. Their advice is simple: “Use the Ambit system, and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Reach out to your upline for help.”

Good advice for a team that’s moved into the fast-lane of success.

My/ Our “Why”: To allow Carter to stop working 60-70+ hours per week and to allow Josie to be a stay-at-home mom.

Time spent working the Ambit business: 10-15 hours per week.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business? EC’s Steve and Connie Sunday and NC’s Jim and Kim Mason doing home shows and 2-1’s to kick start our business into gear.
Name your favorite thing about AMBITION: Hearing other Consultants’ success stories.
Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant: Jeff Craft, Robin Green, Tom Petti, Joe Anderson and Bryan Wright.

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He Helps Those Who Want to Help Themselves

Henry Ye, Executive Consultant

Henry Ye Headshot

“Last June, my friend [now sponsor and SC] Hadwin Leow started inviting me to Business Presentations. I said ‘no’ to him three times because I was so busy. The fourth time he asked me, I thought, this is my friend and I don’t want him to keep bothering me, so I went with him.” Henry attended an Ambit Opportunity presentation at the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel and came away thinking, “Wow! This is BIG, and I’ve lost a couple of weeks already.” He went home and started doing his homework. “I went to Google and started learning about deregulation. I went to the New York Public Service Commission website and saw this was a real opportunity.”

Henry joined the business July 2, 2007. Within two weeks he promoted to RC. Within two months he promoted to SC. And on February 23, less than eight months later, he reached Executive Consultant leadership status. “When I came into the business, my intention was simply to help others. After two or three months, my Ambit checks were the same as the pay at my job. I realized, by helping people, I get help, too!” The normally soft-spoken Henry exclaims, “This is big pay, you know!”

Helping people has been Henry’s calling in life. As a social worker for a health care union in New York, he routinely conducted workshops to help people. So presenting the Ambit Opportunity has come naturally to him. “It’s like conducting a workshop.” Two days ago, Henry - who has a wife and three kids - submitted his resignation to the union and has begun working his Ambit business full-time.

Bringing the Opportunity to Chinese immigrants in New York
Two weeks after joining the business, Henry met Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Chambless at a meeting in New York. Henry asked Chris what he would think of approaching the large Chinese immigrant population in New York. “Immigrants don’t have a lot of choices,” Henry says. “I thought this network marketing business would give them an opportunity to help themselves and their next generation to live a more prosperous life in America.”

Chris asked Henry, “What do you need from us?” Henry said he needed the Business Presentation translated into Chinese and a place to present. Chris said, “Go for it!”

Henry got together with his friend from church SC Henry Jia and they translated the Business Presentation into Chinese. (Later, NC Steve Thompson gave Henry Ye and Henry Jia the nickname “Los Dos Henrys.”) EC Henry Ye says, “The day I saw the Chinese translation posted on Power Zone, at that moment, I knew this was the right company for me.” Henry says about Chris, “He took it on faith I would do what I said I’d do. Chris, you are a man of faith and a man of vision and I will not let you down.” Today, “Los Dos Henrys” give the Chinese Business Presentation every Friday evening at the Sheraton LaGuardia in Flushing, New York.
Ambit leadership inspires Henry toward success
“Steve Thompson is a great leader. I didn’t know him very well, only that he was in New York every two weeks. In between those meetings, I would write down a whole list of questions I had and get the answers from Steve when he was here. I learned from him and started working very hard.” About hard work Henry says there is an old Chinese saying, “Failure is the Mother of Success.” He says if that’s true, in Ambit there is another saying, “Duplication is the Father of Success.”

Henry takes to heart Co-founder and CEO Jere Thompson’s mantra, “Never sacrifice integrity for growth.” Henry says, “For some people that’s just a sentence; for me that is the core value of this business. If we keep our integrity, everybody will do well. When we put that integrity into practice, everyone will have success and there will not be any breakdown in our team effort.”

Henry also has great respect for and trust in this from Jere: “We know that every time an Ambit Consultant approaches someone to become a new Consultant or customer, they are putting their reputation on the line and trusting that Ambit will deliver and perform as expected. Ambit’s goal is to be worthy of that trust.”

Knowing our top leadership has this kind of commitment gives Henry great confidence in building his Ambit organization. “The leadership of Ambit has given me the courage and the wisdom to follow them,” Henry says. “I want to thank God, Ambit and the entire team for changing my life and the lives of others; for giving me the opportunity to be part of this and to help more people - ordinary people like me.”

Advice for new Consultants
“Success is a choice,” Henry says. And he always tells the groups to which he’s presenting, “If you have a dream without a plan, it’s just a dream. If you have a dream with a plan, it’s just a wish. If you have a dream with a plan and you put it into action, it will help you achieve prosperity and financial freedom, and it will have an impact on the rest of your life and the next generation.”

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The Process is the Real Payoff

Cletodell Titus , Executive Consultant

Cletodell Titus	 Headshot

“With Ambit, yes the money is good,” claims EC Clet Titus, “but if you’re just in it for the money, you’re missing the whole thing. This is about the person you have to become to be worth a million dollars, which is more important than having a million dollars.”

Clet has learned a lot since he joined the business in July 2007. “If Martians came out of the sky and took Ambit away from me tomorrow it would be okay, because Ambit gave me a new philosophy that I didn’t have before, and now I will always have. It’s priceless!”

“I could never express enough gratitude to Chris and Jere for this business where I could find out so much about myself,” he says, referring to Ambit Energy Co-founders—CEO Jere Thompson and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Chambless. He continues, very excited: “I know I’m going to be a millionaire because my mindset has changed.”

How Clet got into the business
NYPD Patrolman of the School Unit in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy Precinct 81 recounts, “I first heard about it from my sergeant [SC Sondra Duncanson] when I was leaving work one day. She asked if I wanted to hear about a business. I said ‘no.’ Then she asked if I wanted to save some money and I said ‘yes.’ I signed up as a customer and went home and told my friends about it. When I went back to my sergeant and told her I knew a bunch of people who wanted to save money, she asked me, ‘Titus, why don’t you do the business?’” So he got online and became an Ambit Marketing Consultant.

Clet’s rapid rise
Four days later Clet had already promoted himself to RC. Within a month he was an SC. The day before Ambition 2008 began, he had promoted himself to EC. His goal is someday to take early retirement from NYPD so he can start helping people full-time with the Ambit Opportunity.

“When I first started I was on the phone with [EC] Chris Atkinson four or five times a day. He’s the one who introduced me to [NC] Steve Thompson. We’re very close friends now. When Chris and [EC] Debbie [Roy] come to New York, they stay at my house for a week. Steve stays at the hotel closer to where we hold the Business Presentations.” Clet has been hosting Ambit Opportunity presentations in New York since shortly after he joined the business. He’s recently started an Ambit organization in Albany, New York.

How did you do it, Clet?
“I failed really fast,” he responds. “I tell people all the time: ‘Fail faster. You’re not failing fast enough.’” His key advice to new Consultants coming into the business is: “Discipline your disappointments. Don’t get angry when people tell you ‘no.’ Learn from that failure and move on.”

Clet also credits key team members for their dedication to helping people change their lives through Ambit, among them Senior Consultants Milton Davis, Eugene Kotorobai, Sigal Cespuglio, Angelika Gabrielov, Dr. Vinny Calderon and Gabriel Furman.

Clet’s “WHY” 
“My daughter is nine years old.” He says when he first started, “I wanted to be able to give her stuff I never had. I wanted her to never have to work.” But it didn’t take long before Clet’s attitude evolved. “Now I want to teach my daughter a philosophy. I want her to learn about financial freedom—why she doesn’t need to work for someone else. I want her to understand she can be free. I want to help her see the future. If she can see the future, she’ll start paying now so she can reap the rewards in the future. People will only do that if they can feel the future.”

What Clet has found out about himself
“It’s kinda cool. I found out about myself that I CAN! I have the ability to help so many people. It’s just crazy! You’d be surprised at how far you can go if you just let yourself.” Clet’s reading a book right now that’s giving him even more inspiration. The book, Clet says, claims, “We live two lives: the life we live; and the unlived life within us.” He says “resistance” is the reason there is an unlived life within us. He credits Ambit with helping him discover that unlived life.

“I have a young kid in my business about 20 years old, RC Eli Whitehead,” Clet marvels. “I look at how he’s changing. He’s breaking the boundaries of fear. He wants to get up early and stay up late talking to people. He’s wanting to help people. It’s the process. Ambit helps change people’s lives!”

Clet Titus, future billionaire
“The other night I was having dinner with Steve Thompson,” Clet says, “and I told him, ‘I want to be a billionaire.’” But—and Clet truly believes this—“It’s not about the money; it’s the process.”

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Casting the Vision for Ambit Consultants

Pastor Kenny Smith , Executive Consultant

Pastor Kenny Smith	 Headshot

Pastor Kenny Smith jumps into his truck and starts telling the story of how he got into business with Ambit.

“[Then EC] Debbie Roy Atkinson was trying to recruit a limo driver,” he recalls. “But the driver wasn’t interested. So Debbie asked if he knew anybody who might be and he gave her my name!” Kenny says the driver called him to let him know Debbie would call. “They set it up just right.”

When Debbie called, Kenny was ready to talk. He’d been looking for another opportunity in network marketing because he wasn’t satisfied with what he was doing at the time. Only thing was, Debbie had to keep calling Kenny for five months before he decided to join the business in March of last year. “I wish I hadn’t wasted those five months,” he says now.

Even with his delayed start, Kenny got energized, started building his organization and promoted himself to Executive Consultant leadership status just before Ambition 2007 last October. Of Ambit Energy’s first annual convention, Kenny remarks, “I’ve been to a lot of national conventions, and Ambition was as good in its first year as a company that’s been in business for seven, eight or nine years. It was great! I don’t know how they’re going to top it this year. I can’t wait!” (We can all find out at the Hilton Anatole hotel in Dallas this September.)

Praise for upline leaders
Along with his appreciation for Debbie Roy’s persistence and encouragement, Kenny also thanks EC Chris Atkinson for the help and support he’s provided. Kenny notes, “All three of us live in Galveston County and promoted to EC.” Kenny also credits another Houston-area leader for his success: “I couldn’t have done this without standing on the shoulders of Bishop Rose,” he says, referring to EC Richard Rose.

Kenny reserves his greatest accolades for a National Consultant who’s been singled out many times in the Executive Suite e-newsletter. “I am on the right team at the right time. And I have so much to be thankful for, especially the leadership of [NC] Steve Thompson. He is the glue to our organization,” Kenny says. “Steve is just so smooth no matter what. He can talk to large groups, small groups, all different nationalities… the man is just incredible!”

As for Kenny’s downline organization he says, “I have so many great leaders on my team who are doing so well, I’d be afraid to start naming them all because I sure don’t want to leave anyone out. There’s just so many!”

Casting the vision
“I see my role as an Executive Consultant is to become a better and better ‘vision caster.’ I’m someone who’s selling hope, helping people to see ‘what could be’ with your Ambit business,” Kenny says. “What could be as we expand out of Texas, New York and Illinois into other states? What could be with a product that everybody uses? What could be when everybody you know turns on a light switch? What could be when everybody you don’t know turns on a light switch!?” Imagine!

According to Kenny, one of the keys to success is “finding out what’s unknown. It’s getting into the business before the masses know about it.” And, “It’s more than the compensation plan,” he says. “It’s a continual learning experience to make myself better by helping others get better (at building their lives and their Ambit businesses).”

Building business in all three states
“When we opened New York, only one person on my team knew one person in New York, and now our New York organization is doing great. In Illinois, we already have tons of people coming on board and I can’t wait to see how big that business explodes!”

Gathering customers
Kenny advises keeping it “trustful, not technical.” In other words, “Hey, Mom. Do me a favor and try my service.” He says to keep it personal, not about rate plans and kilowatt-hours, but about relationships. And he feels Ambit Energy is a wonderful vehicle upon which to build that trust. “Ambit is the only company that holds true to the aim of network marketing, which is building residual income,” Kenny claims.

More advice
“Don’t stumble upon RC. Don’t stumble upon SC. Get in the business. Then set a date for when you will promote yourself. Work like it depends on you. That’s how Bishop Rose and I did it. That’s how Bishop Rose went to RC in three days and to SC two weeks later!”

Kenny, whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. And keep helping others do the same!

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Ambit Has Something For Everyone

Sandra, Herman & Tony Schober , Executive Consultant

Sandra, Herman & Tony Schober  Headshot

Herman Schober has been married to the love of his life, Sandra, for 51 years. The couple has three natural children and six adopted children, who together have given the couple a total of 22 grandchildren. As Herman says, “Our life is full and happy.”

For 43 years, Herman has been the successful owner of Tri City Canvas Products in the metro St. Louis area. He also pioneered a church in Glen Carbon, IL, spearheading a $2.5 million building project for the church. “It wasn’t easy,” says Herman, “we moved two whole buildings two miles.”

Although Herman truly enjoyed running his business, he’d worked his entire life with no residual income and was truly tied to the ebbs and flows of the economy. As Herman met other entrepreneurs who become successful and obtained residual income, he wanted to learn more. “My son, Tony, presented Ambit to me three times, and it wasn’t until I saw a compensation plan that I thought this could be for us,” says Herman. And so, with his wife and son, Herman set out to develop “the Schober team.”

Ambit Made Our Future Look Brighter
After the incredible business model that Herman saw through successful Ambit Consultants, he saw a new vision of what his retirement could look like. “This spurred me on toward a successful Ambit business,” says Herman. In less than two years, the Schobers reached Executive Consultant status.

In the past, Herman worked to build a retirement that his children and grandchildren could benefit from and enjoy. However, with Ambit, he realized he could build a retirement that he could benefit from and enjoy in his lifetime. “At first, everyone thought it was another ‘too good to be true’ product,” Herman says, “but now they are overwhelmed at the success we have had.”

According to Herman, the biggest challenge they face is finding new customers. “This is overcome by keeping an open mind and constantly being aware of potential customers all around us every day.” They call it “living Ambit.”

We Continually Push Ourselves
While the Schobers have achieved much success with Ambit already, that doesn’t stop them from striving for more. The Schobers continually work the business, while conveying it to others. They know that part of their responsibility is to help teach and train Marketing Consultants reach their highest potential. “We are always happy to help other Consultants achieve their goals,” says Herman.

Herman, Sandra and Tony are constantly reminded how incredible the Ambit opportunity is. At a recent Ambit meeting, Herman listened to several Ambit team members speak. “It was at this moment I really realized all the more that Ambit has something for everyone,” said Herman. Now, they look forward to someday reaching National Consultant status by working hard and continually refocusing on their goals.

My “Why”:
To learn and grow with the progressive company that we know Ambit really is.

Time spent working our Ambit business:
Fifteen hours a week – but Ambit is always on our minds and we are always looking for another possibility. We call it “digging for gold”… “Ambit gold.”

The single most effective success tool, factor or influence for growing our business:
Opening the training center; not only motivating people, but allowing them to also motivate us.

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
AMBITION is a life-changing experience. We got to hear from the leaders and see their hearts. A lot of people there were encouraged by meeting others. We could never say thanks enough to the five Senior Consultants that helped us become Executive Consultants. They were either encouraging us or we were encouraging them along the way and it worked well for all of us. We can’t wait to see each one of them become Executive Consultants and we know that they will… then on to National Consultant.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped us reach EC:
Eric Oetjen, John Suryk, Rick Suryk, Ron Suryk, and Todd Carrier.  We cannot say enough about the tremendous support and guidance of Mr. Chuck Chance, Pastor Kenny Smith and Mr. Shaw

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Thank Our “Phenomenal” Opportunity

Mary & Richard Amoedo, Executive Consultant

Mary & Richard Amoedo Headshot

“I’m in bed in the hospital and I’m getting promoted!” exclaims EC Mary Amoedo. Mary is doing fine. She’s just in for some bed rest during her pregnancy. “All these patients on my wing,” she says with concern in her voice, “are here another two to ten weeks. When they get out, they may or may not have a job, they’ll have big medical bills and an infant to care for.” Then brightening up, “The beauty of this opportunity is when I get out of the hospital, my income will be greater!”

Her husband Richard has run some numbers on their Ambit income. “In less than a year’s time, we’ve gone from making all of $500 in April, to a residual income greater than what you’d earn if you had $600,000 in a CD earning 5% annually.” Mary chimes in happily, “It covers our mortgage! It’s phenomenal!” And their income is growing. Richard immediately points out that they don’t talk about these numbers because he and Mary are impressed with themselves; they are impressed that the Ambit Opportunity can create this kind of income.

A Quest For Better Quality of Life
“Our goal, our focus,” Richard says, “is to improve people’s quality of life. Money does that, but great people do that quicker. We ask ourselves, ‘How are we going to make a difference in people’s lives?’”

Part of the answer comes by way of the example set by some Ambit Energy field leaders. “[NC] Steve Thompson, [EC] Chris Atkinson and [EC] Kenny Smith have all come to visit me in the hospital. [NC] Carlos Marin has called many times,” Mary relates. “And none of these guys are in our organization! It speaks volumes about the culture of our company.”

Richard and Mary joined Ambit after saying “no” many times to their friend and now sponsor, NC Terri Hammack. Mary remembers, “She saw us working 60 and 70 hours a week in our mortgage business, which had recently quadrupled in income. We were traveling all over the country and had no time for our two kids. Terri wanted a better quality of life for us.” Finally, Terri got Richard and Mary signed up. They “laid dormant” for six months, when one day they got a check for $334 in the mail.

Mary says, “I called up Terri right then and said ‘Show me how this thing works!’” The Amoedos had been looking for a way out of their mortgage business, but had “no idea that this was a bonafide business.” Terri showed them the comp plan and Mary said to herself, “I’m just going to play around with this until I figure out what’s next.” Then Mary gets excited again, “We started making lots of money quickly. And we found out it’s easy and it’s fun! I love it!” Within two months, they shut down their mortgage business to pursue Ambit full-time. Nobody Goes It Alone
“We couldn’t have done this without Terri’s daily support,” Richard says. “And [NC] Terry LaCore helped us with some key trainings.” The Amoedos give special thanks to Terri and Terry who are in their upline organization. And they extend their gratitude for help to key individuals who are not in their organization, but who definitely feel like they’re on the same team: National Consultants Steve Thompson, Carlos Marin and Brian McClure.

Mary has all six of her siblings in the business. “We share this opportunity with everyone. In fact, I was more excited about one of our RCs becoming a Senior than us being EC,” Mary says about SC Cassondra Parker, whose recent promotion triggered the Amoedo’s rise to EC level. “She worked so hard! We’re so proud of her!”

Advice for new Consultants
“Start a team with as many people as possible,” Mary advises. Richard believes in the 526 System and the resources available in Power Zone under Ambit University. “If you’re not using those resources, you’re not really working this business.” He also says, “Don’t quit. When you think about it, don’t quit. You’re not going to find a better deal out there. You will find a different deal, but not a better deal.”

Richard and Mary have seen that Ambit’s most successful people attend events held by upline leaders and by the company. “As many trainings as we’ve gone to,” Richard says, “we’ve always come away with something worth more to the business than what we paid for the training.” Mary says, “No matter what level you’re on, there’s always something new to be learned. Learn it, then apply it between sessions. Apply it and you’ll get to the next level.”

Mary continues to work her Ambit business from her hospital bed. Get plenty of good rest Mary. We want to see you at an Ambit Opportunity meeting soon!

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Ambit Is A Simple Business

Abel Alaniz, Executive Consultant

Abel Alaniz Headshot

Before starting his Ambit Energy business, Abel Alaniz owned a construction company, building and remodeling homes in the Rio Grande Valley. Work and money were both plentiful, but Abel struggled to find time for his family and activities outside his job.

When a good friend invited Abel to check out a business, he was too busy to check out the Opportunity. After several weeks, Abel finally made some time to learn more about Ambit, and he immediately saw the benefits Ambit offered.  “I signed up that day and started my new Ambit business by working very little time, but being constant,” Abel says.

When Abel first brought up Ambit to his wife, she was ambivalent. However, she soon saw the positive impact of Ambit and agrees it’s been the best financial decision they’ve ever made. “The one thing that impressed us the most was how simple this business was,” Abel says. “The residual income and financial freedom that you could get in a short time.”

Ambit Lets Me Help Others
For Abel, Ambit was the perfect business, one that would give him the income he needed to live well and the free time he wanted. “Something that gives me a lot of satisfaction from my Ambit business is that I no longer have the stress I had before,” he says. “Now, I have a calmer lifestyle, above all, I know that I can share the hope of improving the family finances of many people.”

Abel believes the best thing about Ambit is being able to help many of his friends and family members get into a business that helps them with their own finances. “It has helped me to be more humble and teachable, to help more people and to share with others what I have learned,” Abel says.

Retirement Is A Reality
Looking ahead, Abel is more than optimistic. Knowing that the deregulation of the energy industry is just beginning and that Ambit is focused on the success of its Consultants is encouraging.  Abel sees a future of success for his family and everyone around them.

One of Abel’s biggest goals with Ambit is to allow his wife to retire after ten years of working for McAllen ISD—after only two years of working his Ambit. “Personally, I see an early, safe and very good retirement,” he says. “Professionally, I look forward to the great satisfaction of having helped and taught many people that there is a better way to acquire an income.”

Abel wants others working Ambit to know that success is within their reach, as well. “If I can reach EC, anyone can do it.” Moving forward, Abel wants to take his business to the next level by presenting the opportunity to at least seven new people each week and working his Executive code while supporting the rest of his organization.

My “Why”:
To have more time

Time spent working our Ambit business:
Ten to 14 hours a week

The single most effective success tool, factor or influence for growing our business:
Presentations and training

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
Training and announcements

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC:
Mario Baez, Clarivel V. Alaniz, Jose J. Puente, Dayna D. Alaniz and Angela K. Alaniz

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Taking Pride In Teamwork Among New Friends

Eddy & Joyce Rowton, Executive Consultant

Eddy & Joyce Rowton Headshot

EC Eddy Rowton was introduced to Ambit Energy way back in October 2006 when his friend, (now EC) Chris Atkinson, was so broke he didn’t have enough money for gas to drive from Clear Lake City to Dallas for a meeting with NC Brian McClure and Ambit Energy Co-founder Chris Chambless. At the time, Eddy didn’t know much about Ambit, but when Chris (Atkinson) asked Eddy for a ride, they jumped into Eddy’s truck and drove to Dallas.

At that meeting, Eddy heard Brian present the Opportunity and met Chris Chambless. On the drive back to Houston, Eddy called his wife, Joyce, and said, “We’re going to get into the energy business!”

Eddy promoted to Executive Consultant working the business part-time. He’s still working at his full-time job in construction sales. You can work your Ambit business part-time for 600 days, Eddy’s friend NC Philip Eckart claims, and retire for the rest of your life. “I’ve seen that!” Eddy says. “In my full-time job, I have a lot of time, and now because of Ambit, I can see retirement coming real soon.”

Goals and good times
Eddy’s goal in joining Ambit was to get his wife retired from her career in the mortgage business. Now, one of his many achievable goals is to make his 12-year-old daughter’s dream come true. “She wants to go to Harvard and become a writer. With this opportunity, I believe I can do this!”

It’s not all about retirement and saving for college, though. “It’s not just about the money,” Eddy’s happy to say. “It’s about expanding your whole life! I have a whole lot of new friends now that I didn’t have before.” And along the way, Eddy and Joyce have had some fun. “We bought a Hummer! We had all this extra income so we bought one. And back in September my wife and I spent eight days in Costa Rica. While we were on the beach, the checks kept coming in!”

Leadership and growth
Joyce Rowton says, “This is bigger than what we both thought it was.” For Eddy and Joyce, customer counts are growing every day and Consultants continue to come on board. Eddy says, “We’re fortunate that the thing about Ambit is we have leaders who lead by example. They clear the path for us and show us what we can do if we just don’t give up. The things [Co-founder] Jere and Chris and the field leaders do are so encouraging. You know if you follow what they say and do, it will happen for you. I see it every day.

“Steve, Brian, Carlos… if they can do it, we can do it,” he says, referring to National Consultants Steve Thompson, Brian McClure and Carlos Marin. “I remember when I had two customers. Now I have over a thousand. I know some people have 12,000 customers!”
Eddy has special thanks for Ambit Energy Co-founders Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless, and for the field leaders who have helped him succeed - Brian McClure, Steve Thompson, Chris Atkinson and Philip Eckart. He’s also thankful and appreciative of the great work his team is doing. SC Kenny Barzilla, SC Mike and Shelly Taylor and SC John Dew, who served in Iraq with the U.S. Marine Corps. Eddy almost didn’t bring in the first SC in his organization. He almost pre-judged his friend SC Randy Irwin as not being right for the business. “Randy’s brought in hundreds of people, and three of the five SCs that got me promoted are on his team,” Eddy says with pride.

Advice for new Consultants: Teamwork!
A career salesman who can “sell anything to anybody,” Eddy says this business is different - not as much like selling as it is like teaching and presenting with a team. “This is more of a team effort, like in football - one person can’t win alone. If you use your team, you’ll be successful. If you go it alone, it will be very difficult.” He says, “Make a list. Let us help you with this.” He continues, “Stick it out. You can’t quit. Sure it’s easy to walk away from, but you can’t do it!”

Eddy advises that when you’re recruiting a prospect, ask them to look at the business with an open mind. Then ask them what they think. He says when you first join the business, “Don’t go out and try to sell this to everyone. Lean on your upline.” He says that some new Consultants get all excited and “say too much and don’t know enough,” and that leads to “no” answers.

Finally, this piece of advice from Eddy is consistent with so many other successful Ambit Consultants’ who have said, “Go to meetings. Go to all the trainings.”

Eddy Rowton is proof that you can promote yourself to Executive Consultant leadership status working your Ambit business only part-time. Eddy’s parting shot? “We’ll see you at the top!”

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The Sky Is the Limit

Ron & Kim Clark, Executive Consultant

Ron & Kim Clark Headshot

Prior to life with Ambit, Ron and Kim owned their own insurance agency, with 178 agents in 34 states. When the recession began in 2008, business took a significant downturn and the couple knew there was no way they could continue to support their family without something changing. “We knew we couldn’t change our business model quickly, so we started looking for options,” said Ron.

In 2011, a friend of Ron’s called to tell him about Ambit, but Ron immediately shot him down, refusing to even look at the Opportunity. However, as Ron and Kim’s insurance company continued to struggle, they knew they needed to consider a new approach. Without telling anyone, Ron decided to take a look at energy deregulation in late March 2011.

“We reviewed seven different companies over a span of two months,” said Kim. “We researched the companies thoroughly.” The couple looked at everything from when and how the companies started, to how they expanded, to the biography of the owner. “When we were done, Ambit rose head and shoulders, not only above the other seven companies, but above everything we’d ever seen!” The couple took a week to think and pray over their decision, and decided to join Ambit in May.

Ambit Exceeded Our Expectations
From their research, Ron and Kim knew quite a bit about Ambit by the time they joined, so they had no doubts about the business. “We knew this would work,” said Ron. When the couple started with Ambit, they were focused on residual income, not weekly bonuses. They wanted an income that would cover all their core bills within five years. “We never imagined that on top of that, we would be on the cover of two Success from Home magazines, win a Pure Energy Award, get on the BP Honor Roll and take an amazing Five-Star trip to Punta Mita, Mexico, in April 2014,” said Kim.

Now We Can Help Others
Ron and Kim both now dream of their future without financial restrictions. The couple has a passion for helping orphans in Africa and has set goals for achieving a level of success with Ambit that will enable them to help those less fortunate. As they continue to gain more and more financial freedom, Ron and Kim strive to build schools and medical centers in the poverty-stricken areas of Africa. 

“It’s amazing how many people die there when all they need to save their lives is just a shot or simple prescription that costs less than a few dollars,” said Kim. “And the education system is so poor that they often cannot break out of the endless cycle of abject poverty that affects millions of people.”

However, before they can focus on Africa, the couple must continue to grow their business. “Our goal is to raise our business to a new level and set the example for our team by our actions and not our words,” said Ron. The couple is working hard to reach National Consultant and receive a Yellow Jacket in 2016. Ron and Kim know they have a lot to do between now and then, but they are committed. “The sky’s the limit,” said Ron. “We pray for growth as leaders and to develop many other leaders on our team.”

My “Why”:
To build medical centers and schools in Africa for underprivileged children/families.  Also, we are privileged to be associated with Project Crossroad, which helps keep young people on the right path and out of the prison system. We believe for every one child saved from a life of crime and institutionalization, there is a future adult who will be a productive member of society.

Time spent working our Ambit business:
30+ hours per week

The single most effective success tool, factor or influence for growing our business:
Success from Home Magazine.

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
Chris and Jere’s speeches. They are incredibly inspiring and they show their heart for the consultants.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC:
Mark and Lori Kaupas, Dan Taylor and Tony Colangelo, Blake and Cheryl Whitcombe, Carol Zelmore-Reineker and Gail Duarte.

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Ambit is a Very Moving Experience

Adam & Michelle Carey, Executive Consultant

Adam & Michelle Carey Headshot

If you want to build a nest egg and pay off debt, Texas is the place to be. That’s what Executive Consultants Adam and Michelle Carey believe. After working the business for six months from their home in California, they picked up and moved to what they feel is the land of Ambit Opportunity.

What could motivate a young couple to do such a thing? Adam’s mother, EC Cheryl Wilson, had something to say about it. Cheryl and her husband, Mark, had been brought into the business by EC Esther Spina. Michelle says that once Cheryl and Mark saw how big Ambit was going to be, “They tracked us down and Cheryl told us, “I don’t care if you want to do it. You’re going to do it anyway. You’re going to join!”

With California’s economy sinking and Adam’s boat sales business going down with it, Adam and Michelle joined the business in December 2007. The following March, they visited Texas to work the business. They met Esther and her sons, David and Aaron. They stayed in Texas ten days and it was an eye-opening experience. Michelle says she and Adam thought, “We can’t miss out on this big opportunity!”

The Spinas were a big influence, providing inspiration through leading by example. “We saw David and Aaron, who are our age, young people making it happen,” Michelle recalls.”“We wanted what they had, the free time with their family. ” ;

Making their move
You can still hear the excitement as Michelle recounts, ” We went home, packed our bags, and everything we couldn’t fit into Adam’s pickup truck, we sold. ” They moved to Texas in July 2008. They promoted themselves to Executive Consultant leadership status August 31, 2009. ” Cheryl and Mark made EC five days before us, ” Michelle remembers. ” It was a race to the finish!”

What did they see during those ten days in Texas? How did they manage to thrive in completely new surroundings? “We saw what an open market it was,” Michelle says. “It was easy to get customers. Cashiers at the grocery store… everyone we talked to had not heard of Ambit yet.” Michelle says her in-laws Mark and Cheryl played a big part in keeping the fire alive, and they stayed plugged-in, surrounding themselves with successful, positive people.

Time in transition
During their first few months in Texas, Adam and Michelle worked at the Gaylord Texan hotel in Grapevine, Texas. Michelle served tables. Adam worked for the hotel’s valet service. Michelle would put her Ambit business card in with the checks at the restaurant. Adam would leave his business card in the cars he parked. “It was a great way to meet people, ” Michelle says, “but we were happy when we were able to quit. It came to a point where it was less productive to keep working [for the hotel] than to spend more time building our Ambit business.”

You can tell Michelle is emotionally committed to the freedom Ambit can provide. “Employees have a difficult time getting free time, ” she says. “In the future, we won’t have to work for anyone. “

Both Adam and Michelle had a bit of network marketing experience prior to joining Ambit, but not for very long and neither had much success. Adam came in on the tail end of the Excel Communications opportunity, and Michelle had worked for awhile with another relationship marketing company. “We both liked the business model,” Michelle says, “but I was too young to have the right attitude, and Adam’s mom discouraged him.” The irony is apparent: “Adam’s mom” is the same Cheryl Wilson who strong-armed Adam and Michelle to join Ambit!
Smooth moves
Adam and Michelle have now hit their stride as they work their Ambit business full-time. They are members of two Chambers of Commerce in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, which gives them access to networking with successful business people. They invite guests to regularly scheduled Ambit Opportunity meetings.

Perhaps their most effective method for building their business is presenting the business at in-home meetings. A downline team member will host a few guests in their home, and Adam and Michelle will be there to make the Business Presentation. They present from the PowerPoint file in Power Zone, and sometimes the DVD. “Especially the Spanish DVD, because we don’t speak Spanish, yet,” says Michelle, as she explains that she and Adam have a growing team of people who know Spanish better than English.

“We always have a meeting Friday and Saturday, sometimes Sunday,” Michelle says. “We’re willing to do it any time they want.” Adam and Michelle also conduct webinars, which Michelle says, “is how we got plugged in with Esther.”

Moving forward
Adam and Michelle look forward to the days when they have a family and can go to their children’s football games or cheerleading events without worrying about taking time off from a job. One of their goals is to help Michelle’s parents have an early retirement “so they can just be grandparents.” Before having children, though, they’d like to travel and get more involved in the ministry they support, the national In His Wakes organization.

Advice for new Consultants
Adam and Michelle say to be careful who you take advice from, and to surround yourself with successful people. She quotes Zig Ziglar: “If you want to fly with the eagles, you can’t scratch with the turkeys.”

Michelle has a daily routine. While she’s doing her morning cardio workout she reads a personal development book. “Start the day off with good advice,” she says. She also notes that she and Adam, instead of falling asleep to the TV, read.

Adam advises, “Stay plugged in. Go to a Business Presentation even if you don’t have a guest. It fires you up again. All the successful people are at those meetings.”

If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and haven’t met them yet, get yourself to an Ambit Opportunity meeting, and you’re bound to meet at least two of Ambit’s fastest-moving successful Consultants, Adam and Michelle Carey.

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Financial Security Is Finally Feasible

Gregg & Fran Day, Executive Consultant

Gregg & Fran Day Headshot

Gregg and Fran Day have been entrepreneurs since they married 16 years ago. For the past 14 years, the couple has owned and operated five Personal Care Homes. In addition to their business, Gregg and Fran love to spend time with their two daughters, Abbigayle and Mackenzie, 14 and ten.

Ambit Was A Happy Accident
Gregg and Fran found out about Ambit thanks to a wrong number. The couple has a hunting cabin in New York, located next door to Jim Mason, who was already involved with Ambit. One day, Jim accidentally called Gregg, intending to call Gregg’s dad, Richard. When Jim learned he had Gregg on the phone, he invited Gregg and Fran to look into the Ambit Opportunity.

The couple visited at the Energy 526 site and decided to meet with Jim and his wife, Kim, ten days later during their trip to their hunting cabin. As soon as they met with Jim and Kim, Gregg and Fran signed up. At the time, the market wasn’t even open in Western Pennsylvania, where they were living.

Right off the bat, the couple was impressed with Ambit. “Two things that we liked best were that you could open this business and recover your investment back by gathering 20 Customers – and get the Free Energy credit in the process,” said Gregg. “Very little risk is what we saw compared to our traditional business.”

Success Came Quickly Through Ambit
Gregg and Fran started off with a small goal: get their money back and earn Free Energy. What they didn’t expect was to turn EC in 18 months after the Pittsburgh market opened and to be on a Five-Star trip with Co-Founders, Jere Thompson, Jr. and Chris Chambless at the St. Regis Resort in Punta Mita, Mexico. “Fran and I stood on the balcony of our room and actually started to dream again of what life could be like with Ambit,” Gregg said.

While Gregg and Fran quickly reaped the ample benefits of Ambit, they were faced with their share of struggles as well. “The time it took to maintain a traditional business and grow a new business was a huge sacrifice for the whole family,” said Gregg. The couple sat down with their entire family and everyone agreed to do whatever it took to get to a higher level of financial security for the future.

These days, the Days are closer to financial security than ever. Now they want to help others achieve the same success. The couple practices advice their pastor gave them when they first joined the business: help everyone in your business get what they want in their Ambit businesses and in a few years, you will have what you want. Although Gregg and Fran are well on their way to getting everything they want at Ambit, they continue work to help others attain their own personal goals! “We tell our entire team to use us and our EC pins in any way that will help them grow their business,” said Gregg.

My “Why”:
Financial security for the family

Time spent working our Ambit business:
Three to five hours a day

The single most effective success tool, factor or influence for growing our business:
The one-on-one, in-home presentation

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
Being a part of AMBITION and experiencing all the bonding and friendships and people in different stages of their own self-development. Also, the moment a new Consultant realizes how big this is going to be is priceless.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC:
We are honored and blessed to have had the five people join our Senior code. They embraced this and became Senior Consultants themselves. It was and still is a great journey together. Justin Redpath, Augustus Delsignore, Jay A Kapusta, Donald Stachelek, and Jan Langland

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Skeptic Turned Ambit Advocate

Alfredo Olvera, Executive Consultant

Alfredo Olvera Headshot

Although Alfredo graduated with a degree in electronic engineering & communications from Universidad Autonoma in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, his first job out of college was completely unrelated to his degree and ultimately unfulfilling. Eventually, Alfredo managed to own his own business in the same field he worked in after college: international commerce and customs.

While Alredo loved owning his own business, it wasn’t until 2007 that he achieved his biggest goal: to become a businessman in the United States. “I built my business with offices and a big warehouse to receive merchandise from my Mexican customers, and I’ve had success in both of my businesses in Mexico and the U.S.,” Alfredo said.

In 2010, the recession caused Alfredo’s business to slow down, so he started looking for other career opportunities. In his search for an alternative business, Alfredo knew he needed to find an opportunity where he wouldn’t have to invest a large amount of money, but would still earn a solid income.

I Was Skeptical At First
When a friend from Taekwondo class of Alfredo’s sent him a link to some Ambit Energy videos, he was intrigued, but unsure. In fact, when Alfredo first discovered Ambit Energy, he was skeptical. Alfredo had invested a large sum of money in his previous business and didn’t believe those who assured him Ambit would become a productive business with a minimal upfront investment.

Eventually, Alfredo understood the benefits of Ambit. “At first I saw it like an extra income and felt satisfied with the residual which paid for my monthly vehicle expense,” said Alfredo. “After being active in Ambit for about a year, I’ve exceeded that goal.” Now Alfredo can pay for a luxury vehicle, his mortgage and his weekend expenses with his family, such as going out to eat, going to the movies and shopping.

Ambit Helped Me Grow
Aside from the financial benefits, Alfredo says he has grown as an individual as well. “My biggest accomplishment in Ambit has been to beat the fear to talk in public,” he said. “I’m not an expert, but I manage this fear and I’ve been preparing more and more every day.” Now, Alfredo just wants to help others achieve success.

“Something very important in this business is that I’ve learned that success comes from helping other people meet their goals and dreams,” said Alfredo. “The more you help your team, the more your own goals and dreams meet themselves.” Alfredo’s advice to those starting off with Ambit is to be prepared, be patient and be persistent.

However, Alfredo also knows he wouldn’t be where he is today without passion. “When you mix knowledge, perseverance and passion, success is triggered,” he said. Now, Alfredo envisions his life free of economic worries, where he can help others meet their goals. Alfredo has made it his personal goal to become better and more professional as he continues to grow with Ambit. He also hopes to someday make his passion for Ambit into his full-time career.

My “Why”:
Having time and money to enjoy with my family

Time spent working our Ambit business:
15 hours per week

The single most effective success tool, factor or influence for growing our business:
One-on-one presentations, business dinners and training

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
Announcements, promotions and guest motivational speakers such as John Maxwell

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC:
Edgar Garcia, Marcela Flores, Susana Olvera, Natalia Maya and Cinthia Muniz.

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Ambit Helped Fulfill Her Life’s Mission as a Mother

Regina Gail, National Consultant

Regina Gail Headshot

Regina Gail promoted to National Consultant on Thursday August 28th!
We congratulate her on this remarkable achievement!

Ambit Helped Fulfill Her Life’s Mission as a Mother

The early days of single motherhood hit Regina Gail hard as she found her time, emotions and finances completely overextended. “My power was cut off and later my business and house were taken away,” she says. “Pathetically, my fondest memory back then involved huddling with my children in the darkness and making hand shadows on the wall by candlelight.” Little could Regina have imagined back in those dark days that she would eventually make a fortune with a service she could ill afford at the time, electricity, teach others to do the same and share her abundance with her grown children all via Ambit.

Opportunities and challenges
Regina was always entrepreneurial. “As a child, I saw my parents struggle financially with jobs,” she says. “I wanted to be my own boss.” Regina owned modeling agencies in her early twenties and later, while staying home with her young children, opened a retail clothing business which she ran through employees. More ventures followed: a business locating service, construction companies and a convenience store. The latter became the last stand of Regina’s conventional business career. “My financial collapse at the convenience store, following in the wake of my divorce, proved providential,” she says. “Soon thereafter, I found network marketing and could feed my family again. I even took an extended period off to spend with the kids.”

A new direction
After that hiatus, a new opportunity awaited Regina- Ambit. “Friends had me call someone in the business who said, ‘If you ever wanted to be at the right place at the right time, this is it’,” she says. “I understood that my previous networking opportunity also involved a deregulated industry where catching the timely wave made all the difference.” Regina jumped aboard Ambit and found fulfillment and prosperity beyond any of her previous enterprises.

Regina particularly enjoys Ambit’s simplicity. “We don’t try to overwhelm people,” she says. “We explain the basics and tell prospects this is something they won’t want to miss. I especially like helping single parents get ahead. I understand their struggles.”

Recalling her former ventures, Regina loves that Ambit takes care of numerous tasks she formerly performed. “I needn’t worry today about collections, employees, accounting or payroll,” she says. “I remember getting up at wee hours to cover someone’s shift at my store. Then at month’s end, I could afford to pay everyone but myself. I didn’t run that business; it ran me! Today, I enjoy the benefits of residual income and time freedom through Ambit without all the typical business headaches.”

As a lifelong business owner, Regina appreciates an opportunity founded on experience and integrity. “The executives of Ambit certainly possess those in abundance,” she says. “I’ve visited with them extensively, learned their backgrounds and even met their families. In this era of expanding deregulation, we have just the right management team to position us for ever-greater prosperity.”

Life is good, getting better
Today, Regina reflects on family matters, like her parents’ career struggles, the original inspiration for her entrepreneurial path. “My mom, from whom I inherited my ambition, eventually became a successful entrepreneur herself,” she says. “My father retired from the railroad and enjoyed traveling, but now endures significant health challenges. Pondering these things made me realize how precious time is and how all kids deserve well-to-do parents. Thanks to Ambit, I never have to say ‘no’ to my kids again. I recently took them on a trip where we enjoyed tubing down a beautiful river, legs interlocked, chuckling about those poor, electricity-less days when our biggest joy was making hand shadows.”

Indeed Regina, who once could scarcely feed her children, is now putting them through college, even graduate school, and relishes their quality time together. Yet she also enjoys time alone. In her luxury high rise, the lady who formerly endured life without electricity gazes across a million city lights, each one symbolizing her ever-brightening future. “I know the longer those lights burn, the more we get paid,” Regina says. “Then as we spread our businesses across the nation, untold lives will be brightened through Ambit as mine has.”

Find strength in your team
Like all successful leaders in Ambit, Regina confirms that you can’t build a successful Ambit business - or any business for that matter - by yourself. But to her, it’s more than just leveraging the efforts of others – it’s leveraging everyone’s strengths that’s key. “Everyone has their strengths, but also things they’re not so good at,” she says. “That’s what’s so great about a team. We pool our differing strengths, and we follow the (Ambit) system as a team.” The result is not just a big organization; it’s a strong, effective one in which everyone is moving in the same direction.

Regina says that’s one of the reasons she so appreciates the success of her “Coach’s Team,” headed by EC Alan Johnston, a high school basketball coach. Teamwork is a way of life for coaches. She admires their dedication to whatever they do, and best of all she says, they’re used to winning! No matter how much they want to win though, they can’t do it unless the entire team is working together, using their individual strengths, and following the coach’s system.

Advice for Ambit Consultants
Let your upline help you. In turn, you help those you sponsor. In other words – you guessed it - follow the system as a team. In particular Regina says, it’s so important to help your new Consultants get that first check. “It instills the belief that Ambit’s going to pay and that this is a real business they can earn money in.” She also believes this is primarily a business built on excitement and belief. There’s probably nothing better to generate excitement and belief than getting that first check.

Much to be thankful for
If there was one word to describe Regina’s attitude, it would probably be gratitude. “I could probably talk for hours about all the different things I’m thankful for because of Ambit Energy,” she says. What’s she most thankful for? “I used to think electricity was boring. I’m so thankful I overcame that and took a look at this business. Now I LOVE electricity!”

So do we, Regina.

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The Power of Leverage

Michael Obay, National Consultant

Michael Obay Headshot

Michael Obay promoted to National Consultant on Wednesday August 27th.
We congratulate him on this remarkable achievement!

“It’s the first bill you pay every month, and the one bill you can’t pay off!” says Michael Obay, Staten Island resident and Executive Consultant.

As a successful franchisee with three ice cream stores, among other businesses, Michael had been approached many times with network marketing opportunities. As a businessman, he could understand the power of leverage in building a multi-level marketing organization. What he wasn’t interested in was trying to sell a product.

“Most of them (network marketing opportunities) offer products, and I don’t like changing people’s buying habits, so I stayed away from them. When I saw this – as a service - I realized that I could get paid a residual income every time someone paid their gas or electric bill. That’s what got me excited the most.“And he also liked that fact that he wouldn’t have to resell anything either.

“Someone becomes a customer one time; they’re a customer for the next 10, 20, or 30 years.”

The business that almost wasn’t
We should back up one step. Michael understood all this after the second time he was presented the Ambit Opportunity. Michael’s experience as a prospect is the classic example of what you should and should not do when contacting prospects.

The first time he was approached, he didn’t see any of the possibilities. He’s not even sure he knew what Ambit was about. Why not?

“(The first Consultant) did exactly what we teach people not to do and he gave me a presentation over the phone. He gave me so much information. I was totally confused.” Michael was already working 110 hours a week, and had no time for a presentation over the phone. He passed without giving it a second thought. What was different the second time around a year later? It was the approach from his best friend and Senior Consultant, Nick Patterson.

“Nick approached me one day and said that he and his wife had started a new business. As I was his best friend and a business-owner, he wanted my opinion whether it would be a good business move for him and his family. So he invited me to take a quick look at a website. I watched the presentation, and took some notes. It blew my mind. I called him back the next day, and asked him if I could do this too.”

Becoming a master inviter

Nick’s approach allowed Michael to see the vision, but he still had a problem. He was already working so many hours. At best, he could devote maybe two to five hours per week. How to allocate those few hours? Nick Patterson had already shown him how in a nutshell – become a master inviter.

His first move was to attend training and learn the Ambit Fast Start system. Not coincidentally, he learned to do exactly what Nick Patterson did. He created his written list, and then he invited everyone on that list to take a look at the business. He used his Ambit personal website, the DVD and Opportunity Meetings. If necessary, he followed up with a three-way call to the likes of Ray Montie or Brian McClure.

“I knew I didn’t have much time, so why am I going to try and give a presentation over the phone? I already knew that didn’t work, and I’m the perfect example. It’s easier for me to have a guy like Ray Montie, for example, do a presentation for me. So I did a lot of inviting over the telephone.”

This simple, duplicatable process worked so well that Michael promoted himself to Executive Consultant in just 11 months.
Seeing his wife and kids again
So let’s get back to that little matter of working 110 hours a week. You read that right. Between managing his franchises, a mortgage company, and a credit repair business, he worked 16 hours a day and 7 days a week. He would go days at a time, he confesses, without seeing his family.

Needless to say, when you ask Michael questions about his goals and expectations for his Ambit business, his answers all seem to circle back to one subject – his wife Christine and his kids, Kayla, 5 and Michael, 3. They are his only “why” for building his Ambit business.

You might also guess that Christine wasn’t happy with Michael’s plans to start another business. Michael says she was “unsupportive” in the beginning. But working the business part time for a few months, Michael began to replace his income at the same time he was recapturing his time. She agreed to accompany him to Ambition 2008. Michael says she became very supportive once she experienced the power of Ambition. Michael was able to close the mortgage and credit repair businesses, and sold one of his ice cream stores. (He has since delegated management of the other two.)

He’s working his Ambit business full-time; nothing close to the 110 hours he was putting in every week. Christine has become Michael’s business partner, and the Ambit Opportunity is now a family affair.

Advice for new Consultants
Plug into the system and get trained as soon as possible. As Michael learned from the very beginning, the system in place does work. Don’t reinvent the wheel, just become a good follower!

“I equate this to my ice cream business,” he says. “When I opened up my first franchise, they required me to go to training. I learned how the business works first. I look at Ambit in exactly the same way.” He strongly believes that consultants who sign up in the business and don’t make training their first priority are setting themselves up for failure.

In turn, he believes that leaders must make sure their people are trained. “It’s so important to get people trained as soon as possible.” He feels the more time and effort you invest in getting people to training and events - especially in the beginning - the more successful they will be. In turn, your success will follow.

The future
Michael plans to make National Consultant by Ambition 2011, and build an organization successful enough to “retire” in three years. At age 35, that would be quite an accomplishment. Even so, he says, he could probably never stop building his Ambit business.

“I’m addicted to this Ambit thing,” he says.

How about that. So are we Michael. Stay energized!

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From “Big Thinkers” to Big Success

Kim & Jim Mason, National Consultant

Kim & Jim Mason Headshot

Kim & Jim Mason promoted to National Consultant on Sunday August 24th.
We congratulate them on this remarkable achievement!

It takes vision and courage to sell your business of 25 years and start a new one. But that’s what Jim and Kim Mason did, and they’ve begun a new life thanks to Ambit Energy.

Raised in a town of about 600, Jim started his own landscaping business at a young age. Kim, his wife of 20 years and bookkeeper for the family business, grew up an “Army Brat” and was used to moving every few years.

As their landscaping business grew, so did their family - with the arrival of daughters Kazlin and Halee, and their son Ryan. But hard work took its toll and Jim often worked long nights, weekends and holidays.

During a trip to Charlotte, NC, Jim and Kim agreed to re-prioritize and re-evaluate things. They followed their instincts and sold their 25-year old landscaping business so they could take a chance on a new business opportunity with a company they had recently been introduced to - Ambit Energy.

“I Think We Need to Do This”
The Masons were introduced to Ambit by friends Greg and Beth Korcyl. Greg just handed Jim a Success magazine and told him to “take it home and let Kim read it.” Kim read through the magazine and played the DVD in bed - and couldn’t fall asleep. She kept poking Jim: “I think we need to do this.”

What impressed them the most about Ambit was not having a product to sell. Having tried another network marketing business years before, they recognized how Ambit was different. Jim was struck by the outstanding income potential, and had never heard of another direct selling business that enabled people to “buy their life back.”

A Fast Start
Jim and Kim were “big thinkers” and committed to try Ambit full-time for three months, with the goal of sponsoring one person per month. After 28 days they promoted to RC right in the middle of the winter holidays. Two months later, they reached SC.

The Masons remember EC Chris Atkinson inviting them to dinner before a presentation and asking, “So, when will you be Executive?” Chris made them realize they could do it, and they worked with whoever would let them until the business took off.

Reaching EC in 9 months was their goal and motivation, and they knew the only way to get there was to help their team.

“We love this business compared to what we had to do to be successful in the past,” says Kim. “This is a walk in the park! We love to hear the ‘dings’ on our cell phones and know that another person is about to change their life.”

Family Support
Currently, oldest daughter Kazlin is in Graduate School and has promoted to SC. Halee, the middle child (also an SC), is a junior in college. Their youngest, Ryan, can’t wait for the day to begin his Ambit business.

Kim advises: “Just stay focused and steadfast. Don’t let anyone shake your tree, even your own family and friends. Eventually, they’ll see that you are serious about your business, and that it’s much more than a ‘hobby.’”

More Helpful Advice
Jim and Kim agree that new Consultants need to “work this business like your life depends on it. Think of this business as a membership to the gym. You paid your $429.00 for the membership, but nothing will happen if you don’t go to the gym and work out. The same holds true here. The more you do it, the better you get.”

“Time is your most valuable asset, so take the time to build your business and to grow personally. If you don’t like where you are, change it! If you plug into the system you will be successful: if you don’t, you won’t.”

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The Value of Hard Work

Mark & Olivia Guerra, National Consultant

Mark & Olivia Guerra Headshot

Mark and Olivia Guerra promoted to National Consultants on August 16, 2014.
We congratulate them on this remarkable achievement!

From their humble beginnings, this team has risen to the highest level Ambit recognizes, with a story that is sure to inspire.

Growing up in South Texas, Mark didn’t have a lot of money. He did, however, learn the value of hard work. “We didn’t have new clothes and brand name stuff, but we had something more important,” he says. “My parents were there for my brothers and my sister no matter what. My mom always told me I could do anything I set my mind to.” That spirit inspired Mark and his wife, Olivia, to achieve their goal of becoming National Consultants.

Driven by his desire to succeed, Mark went into business, supported by Olivia. He owned a home construction company, a limo service and a hotel. But despite their hard work, the Guerras felt like they never had enough time together, or with their growing family. When they heard about the Ambit Opportunity, they saw a chance to not only earn money, but to earn back time to spend with each other and their children. For the Guerras, Ambit has literally helped them achieve everything they dreamed. “We’ve had several ‘Whys’ along the way, but we have achieved all of them so we keep setting new ones,” Mark says. And with this couple’s track record, it’s a good bet they’ll achieve their latest ambitions, too.

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Dreaming Big

Precilla Celara , Executive Consultant

Precilla Celara	 Headshot

“To do this business you must have a big dream,” says Executive Consultant Precilla Calara. “That is what will get you out of the house to build your business every day.”

Precilla has always been a dreamer. “I wanted to have more in life,” she says, “so that my husband and I could give our kids a better life than we had when we were growing up.”

Natives of the Philippines, Precilla and her husband, Rey, came to North America by way of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They moved to Brownsville, Texas, in 1998, to work as civil engineers in the oil industry.

“Growing up as a little child,” Precilla says, “I always wanted to live in the United States, the land of opportunity.”

In Brownsville, Precilla worked as an engineer, then as a real estate broker and investor. She and her family (three daughters) now live in Harlingen, Texas, just a few miles up the Rio Grande River from Brownsville. She discovered the Ambit Opportunity through her relatives and joined the business in October of 2007.

Today her dream, her big WHY, is to earn enough income with Ambit so that Rey can retire. “We have a nice old house with a big yard and a pool. It’s a relaxing place, but we don’t get the time we’d like to enjoy it,” she says, because Rey travels on business quite a bit. “He’s a wonderful husband, and we like to be together.”

Staying focused
After joining the business, she heard NC Steve Thompson speak in McAllen, Texas, during a January training event and got motivated to start building momentum. Then in September she got fired-up again at Ambition 2008. “Every time you go to a big event you get more excitement and more conviction that this business works,” she says. “People see that [conviction] when you talk to them and they see that you’re serious.”

About building her business, Precilla says, “I’m a go-getter. I believe it’s going to work. I tell people that if they want to get ahead in life, here’s an opportunity.” Precilla’s attitude and passion is sometimes all it takes to attract new people into her business. She says a couple of people recently joined her team solely by virtue of their faith in her. Precilla recalls they came to her and said, “You’re doing this and if you’re doing it and doing well, it must be a good thing.” Boom: two new MCs.
Advice for new Consultants
Precilla advises, “Don’t let anything hinder you. You will encounter distractions. Keep your focus on your goal or your dream. Always think of your WHY and stay on the path.” She remembers when she was in high school, “I used to write on my notebooks, ‘If they can do it, why can’t I?’” Today, she’s turned that thought around and tells her team, “If I can do it, you can do it, too!”

Precilla gets very excited about Ambit, “It’s not just you that’s going to be successful. You’re going to bring a lot of successful people with you. It’s great! You have a new ‘Ambit Family’ and it’s fun to do this. You enjoy doing it. I don’t even think of it as work.” She stops to think a second and says, “I want to help a lot of people to become successful. That’s how you achieve success in this business.”

Special thanks
“My special thanks for the full support of my husband, Rey, and my children, Anna, Mariel and Grace. Also thanks to all my downline Consultants, especially my SCs David Fair, Jasmin Pina, Sue Uecker, Jeanno Aquino and Amy Feliciano. And thanks to all my upline, especially NC Lane Winsett.”

A final thought
Precilla remembers that even when she was young, “I always wanted to have my own business. I never liked working for someone else.” Now that she’s helping others achieve their dreams by sharing the Ambit Opportunity, Precilla can say with confidence: “See you all at the top!”

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Keep Going and Going and Having Fun!

Piotr Luda, Executive Consultant

Piotr Luda Headshot

He escaped from Communist Poland when he was only 18. He lived in Berlin and became a German citizen. In 1992 he came to the USA. Now living in a Chicago suburb, newly promoted Executive Consultant Piotr Luda says, “I have worked for others, run my own company, run companies for other people, but I never ever have been so respected as I have been with Ambit, starting with Mr. Thompson and Mr. Chambless and going forward with the experience of our field leaders.”

Piotr, in turn, has immense respect for the people who have made this opportunity possible for him. And he’s having a good time with his Ambit business. “I’m just enjoying the ride. I don’t feel like I’m
doing anything special. I’m just taking the knowledge we have in the system and sharing it with people in Illinois,” he says. “It’s a fun ride.”

Getting started
Prior to joining Ambit, Piotr was in the mortgage business. Like so many others who saw the demise of that industry looming, he prayed daily for a new opportunity for himself and his family. “I got lucky,”
he says. “I watched the DVD and got on a 3-way call with [EC] Pete Maugans.” He says about seeing the Business Presentation for the first time, “I got it. Now the question was will my wife get it, too?”

The next morning at coffee, Piotr’s wife Gosia asked him, “What do you think?” He responded that it was a no-brainer and asked her what she thought. Gosia said that with the bad economy and with Ambit Energy being a solid company it was “worth a try.” So Piotr joined the business.

He had never done any network marketing and knew he needed help. He feels he was fortunate to have met NC Brian McClure at a training session in Dallas soon after joining the business. Piotr had a long conversation with Brian and remembers, “I got to start picking the brain of one of the best in the industry.” With help from Brian and Pete, via many long-distance phone calls, Piotr began building his Ambit business by trading on his good reputation among people he knew from his previous business. “They trusted me and my resources so I called on them.”

Education and training
Soon enough, Piotr took to heart the idea that, “We’re in the educational business. We don’t sell anything.” Today, he and his team conduct training sessions six days a week all over the Chicagoland area. Piotr leads a session on Mondays.
“We can guide people from Day One. If they join on a Tuesday, they can go to a training session on Wednesday. We can tell them what they need to do the first day, the second day, the third day, and so on,” Piotr says. He believes the key to success is getting customers and in February, he’s proud to say his team had a 60% increase in customer enrollment. “We didn’t develop anything,” he says in terms of his training curriculum. “We use what Ambit already has in the system. We give new Consultants some basic, basic rules so people don’t feel lost.” 

Piotr is great at keeping his team leaders motivated, too. As Consultants in his SC code promoted themselves to Senior Consultant, he would have them over to dinner at his house to celebrate. Gosia is famous for her cooking, so a dinner invitation is always a special treat. First, Joanna Lupa came to dinner. Then Joanna along with Dorothy Zastrow. Then those two came to a third dinner with Malgorzata Wrobel. The most recent celebration included those three along with Agnieszka Kot and Iwona Wrobel. “It became fun!” Piotr says. “This is a team sport. Keeping the group happy and excited is part of it. The support we give each other is key to our success.”

A family man with three kids he refers to as his “Whys,” Piotr gives lots of credit to his wife for his success in Ambit. “She supports me. She’s the one who pushed me to quit my job to do this on a full-time basis. She gives me the confidence in my soul to do this. In my mind she is a National Consultant and beyond!”

Advice for new Consultants
When asked what advice he’d give to new Consultants coming into the business Piotr does not miss a beat when he exclaims, “Enjoy it!” He says to smile, stay humble, build one Consultant at a time, don’t try to create anything new, use the knowledge we already have, “keep pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing” and it will happen. “It will get you there,” he says.

From a man who has “been there” in so many ways and is still going places, that’s the kind of advice you want to follow.

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Always Staying Positive

Maria L. Sanchez, Executive Consultant

Maria L. Sanchez Headshot

From the time she was a small girl, Maria Sanchez dreamed of owning her own business. And after years of hard work, she established a pair of small service companies. Yet despite all her efforts, it seemed her dreams of entrepreneurship were not going to come true. Her businesses had failed, she was bankrupt, and Maria, her husband and their children were living in a cramped apartment on Staten Island. Even so, she held on to her hopes. “I knew I could change the financial destiny of my family,” she says.

It was when her fortunes were at their lowest that Maria discovered the Ambit Opportunity. “I was impressed by the strength of the company. The way Ambit paid was incomparable, I knew this was my opportunity, that it was created for me to achieve my dreams.” Despite only having $25 in her bank account, Maria set about raising the money to start her Ambit business. She also drew up her first list of potential Customers. Almost immediately after joining Ambit, Maria experienced a certain level of success, rising to Senior Consultant.

A Big Career Move
There was one more challenge she had to overcome—picking up stakes and moving from her familiar surroundings all the way to the other side of the country.

“In California, my business grew very quickly. Thanks to God, I exceeded all my expectations to become #1 on the list of the Top 10 Senior Consultants in 2013!  And in less than six months I became an Executive Consultant,” she says.

While her progress seems rapid in retrospect, it felt agonizingly slow at the time. When she was initially building her business, Maria remembers being frustrated. “Two years had passed and I didn’t achieve anything. There were too many challenges, and it seemed it might be easier to quit than to continue—but I kept going.”

And it was a good thing she did. Along with her success as a Top 10 Senior Consultant, Maria has been rewarded with a Five-Star Trip to Lake Tahoe.

Helping Herself and Helping Others
For Maria, one of the best things about Ambit was that it let her find her own path to success. “I never accepted help from the government. I didn’t want to be a slave of the system and I didn’t want to work for anyone else either.” Now, she is proud of the fact she has found success both as an entrepreneur and a mother.

Just as important, Maria is helping her team of more than 500 Consultants find their own paths to success. “I have motivated them with my own testimonial and with stories from other Consultants. Above all, I try to present the Opportunity in a simple way that shows them how to accomplish growth. And I always keep communication open with calls and emails.”

Finding Her Way
Maria knows from her own experience what it takes to succeed, and shares that knowledge with others. “Make presentations, presentations, presentations,” she says. “Use the trainings on PowerZone and all the information from Ambit University, take advantage of the webinars and online conferences and, above all, attend AMBITION!”

As she moves forward, Maria hopes to return to New York and achieve the same level of success there that she has in her adopted state of California. With her impressive accomplishments, her well-developed network and her confidence, there’s no doubt she’ll be able to bring her golden touch from the Golden State to the Empire state.

My “Why”:
God put me here and I want the financial freedom for myself, my family, my community and for the missionary project to help kids around the world

Time spent working the Ambit Business:
I could say the whole day, but it is not like that, when you have a family with three little ones, I can only work 3 hours per day, five days a week.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing the Ambit business:
The magazines: Success, Direct Selling News, INC. 500, Presentations and Trainings with leaders

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
Recognition, expansions of territories, learning and the experience that you live with the Ambit people, including the speeches of the Co-Founders.

Thanks to the five SC’s who helped in the journey to becoming an EC:
SC Edwin O. Espinosa Flores, SC Andrino Gramajo, SC Evangelina Ayala, SC Arturo Hernandez, SC Dalia Gomez.

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Ambit’s Hidden Gem

Milton Tito, Executive Consultant

Milton Tito Headshot

Owning a profitable business is nothing new for Milton Tito. After all, he ran a successful jewelry company for years before embracing the Ambit Opportunity. Despite that prosperity, Milton wasn’t happy.

“When I owned my jewelry business, I didn’t have time for my family,” he said. “I made good income, but it wasn’t pleasant. It took years to build my business and I was working 80 hours a week.”

Milton knew there had to be a better way.

“I was looking for a plan B,” he explained. “A friend of mine introduced me, but I didn’t join right away. I’m glad I didn’t let the Ambit Opportunity pass me by!”

Creating a Gem
Milton started at Ambit with the goal of soaking up as much knowledge as he could, and quickly recognized the huge income potential.

“I didn’t expect much from Ambit in the beginning,” Milton said. “Then I started learning more from Ambit and I realized this was the right vehicle for me.

“I saw the opportunity to rise and make this a bigger and better business.”

Even though there were naysayers that said his new venture would flounder, Milton was determined to see it flourish.

“Many people didn’t believe this could work and tried to discourage me,” he admitted. “I’m still here proving it to myself and those who didn’t believe that I can do it!”

Ambit helped Milton see the leader in himself that he didn’t realize existed.

“Ambit revealed that I have the strength in me to not only speak in front of many people, but motivate them as well,” Milton said. 

A Shining Example
It didn’t take long before Milton began to see the fruits of his labor.

“My future looks brighter,” he said. “Now I can see my Financial Freedom.”

The rapid progression of Milton’s Ambit business has been a direct result of his overall vision. He believes in helping people on a larger scale, and it’s been that way since childhood.

“My dreams have always been big since I was a kid,” Milton said. “I wanted to be someone that helped as many people as I can. Now I can do that and assist others to do the same.”

It’s clear that his core beliefs have had a major impact on his Ambit success. 

“I believe in giving people hope, helping them change their lives,” he said. “I’m going to keep learning and working to teach others how to win and work together as a team.”

Milton even has a message for fellow Consultants who are trying to find their way:

“Focus on your ‘Why’ and don’t let anyone steal your dreams!”

My “Why”:
My family.

Time spent working my Ambit business:
25 hours per week.

The single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing my Ambit business:
All of Ambit Energy’s recognitions.

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
I learn so much at AMBITION from people’s success.

Thanks to the five Senior Consultants who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Jose Pedro Uruchima, Rocio Enriquez, Jose Rodríguez, Antonio Mendoza, Mary Magallanes

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My Wife Said Don’t Quit

Tim & Yolanda Hunte , Executive Consultant

Tim & Yolanda Hunte	 Headshot

Tim Hunte was a real estate investor working in ”corporate America.” And he wasn’t all that interested the first time he heard about Ambit Energy…or the second time…or the third, fourth or fifth time either. But for some reason, he was ready to listen the sixth time.

“Yes, six times!” exclaims Tim. “I knew something big was going on with Ambit, and I had to check it out. When I got home, I told my wife Yolanda about the possibility of joining Ambit.”

But Yolanda wasn’t convinced that Tim would stick with it. “Tim, you’ve started so many things and not finished,” she implored him. “Please, just don’t quit on this opportunity!”

So Tim and Yolanda started their Ambit business in January 2008 – and the timing couldn’t have been better.

Two weeks before Christmas of 2008, Tim was laid off. “I was in total shock,” he recalls. “I still remember going down the staircase of the train station in Manhattan, and calling my wife from a pay phone to tell her the news.”

Although he felt like he let his family down, “Yolanda was totally supportive.” She helped him maintain a positive outlook by reminding him of his decision to join Ambit. “What a wife!”

As the proud father of five children, Tim had his “WHY” – and promised to focus on his Ambit business. Soon, he saw that “Ambit kept their promise as well – paying Consultants residual income for the business they get going.”

To keep themselves focused, the Huntes put up a vision board and drew up a road map. But for extra motivation, they attended a “Power Trip” event held by National Consultant and “Ambit’s #1 Income Earner” Brian McClure.

Today, Tim still remembers McClure telling the crowd: “80% of you will not be here next year!” And Tim took that personally – “I’m always up for a challenge.”

He noticed how many other leaders were advancing by “plugging into the system,” and it became evident to him that “becoming a great leader meant becoming a great follower.”

As Tim continued to grow his Ambit business, his wife Yolanda began to appreciate his dedication and consistency. As a show of support, she started to bring the whole family to all of his out-of-town meetings. And together, they watched as their checks started to get bigger. INTEGRITY AND PROGRESS
At Ambition 2010, Tim and Yolanda received the Pure Energy Award at Ambition 2010 for their passion, commitment and consistency. In addition, they qualified for the 5-Star Club trip to Mexico.

While they were enjoying their time in Mexico, the Huntes heard Jere Thompson say something that really resonated with them. He said: “As you begin to make money in this business, you want to do two things. First, you want to get out of debt. And second, pay your taxes.”

Tim was extremely impressed with Jere’s commitment to integrity, as well as his practical advice, including the fundamental building blocks for financial freedom.

“And it’s working,” says Tim. “My family should reach our goal of purchasing a new home by the end of 2012, and our financial outlook is better than ever!”

“We’re very excited about the future we’re creating for our team and our family,” says Tim. “Many people can achieve financial freedom just working Ambit part-time – and keep growing as Ambit launches state after state! It’s a no-brainer!”

Although the path to success is clear, Tim stresses that “we’re successful thanks to the success of others. It’s about helping everyone on our team achieve – and we have such a passion to help others!”

For all of the best reasons, Tim Hunte is glad his wife said “Don’t quit!”

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CONGRATULATIONS! Our Newest National Consultant!

Rigoberto Yepez, National Consultant

Rigoberto Yepez Headshot

CONGRATULATIONS to Rigoberto who got promoted to National Consultant on July 1, 2014…

There’s no higher rank than National Consultant, and now Rigoberto Yepez, Ambit Millionaire and Pacesetter award winner 2013, Pure Energy Award and other honors, will add that achievement to his list of accomplishments.

Rigoberto Yepez was born in Mexico and grew up in California. He started working in the fields of California when he was 15 years old, but he was always looking for the perfect business. One that would give him both time and money.

“This is a Family business and we all help each other. I think things are going pretty well because we all believe this is the vehicle. It’s a great opportunity.”

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Second Time’s the Charm

Beverly Hardwick , Executive Consultant

Beverly Hardwick	 Headshot

If Ambit Energy had come along sooner, Beverly Hardwick thinks she might have been a millionaire.

Earlier in her career, Beverly discovered network marketing after the deregulation of the telecommunications industry. She found that with her strong work ethic, success was within reach.

“That experience sort of spoiled me, because it showed me I could live a lifestyle where I had both time and money,” recalls Beverly. “In the corporate world, you might make good money - but you don’t always have the time to enjoy it. Now, I was able to spend more time with my family and friends.”

But despite her best efforts, her business waned as the telecom industry boom slowed down.

A New Opportunity
Still, Beverly was determined to have her own business, and she found herself in the insurance industry. But there were drawbacks: several certifications and licenses were required, it was very time-consuming, and the industry was extremely complicated. She knew she wanted something else.

Then one day, a friend from her network marketing days showed up out of nowhere. “He’d mentioned to me that when ‘the next big one’ came along, he would let me know. I’m grateful he didn’t forget!”

Her friend told her about another deregulation story - this time, it was the energy industry. “The minute he told me, I knew this would be big. When he started sharing about Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless - I was so impressed.”

Jere’s tale of entrepreneurship and success made a big impact on Beverly - as did Chris’s success story and commitment to his Consultants. She also appreciated the respect each man had earned for their integrity and character.

“It Was A No-Brainer”
But as much as Beverly was impressed by the company, she thought the “product” was equally intriguing. “In comparing the deregulation of telecom to energy, I could easily see that energy was a much bigger market. It’s something people really have to have. It’s a necessity.”

In the end, the compensation plan sealed the deal. “For the first time, I felt like I had found the right compensation plan. I knew that if I could be as successful [with Ambit] as I had been with telecom, I could make an excellent income.”

And when she put it all together, for Beverly, it was a “no-brainer.” She says she “elated” and “excited,” and that she “had absolute certainty” in the Ambit Opportunity.

But even though she had made the decision to start her own Ambit business, Beverly couldn’t act right away because she was in the middle of taking care of her insurance certifications.

“Even though I couldn’t jump in right away, I started to write my list and get my customers lined up. Then, a few months later, I was able to start my business.” Beverly knew that once she built her new business to the right level, she could achieve financial security for her family. The Difference Is Family
Because Beverly is a single mother, ensuring financial security for herself and her family is especially important. “It’s very important for a lot of single people, especially for single females … to build up a residual income and create a solid financial future.”

Having seen the benefits of her previous networking experiences, Beverly’s family has become involved in Ambit, too. Both her daughter and her son have become Ambit Consultants.

Ultimately, her goal is to take care of more than just her immediate family. “My goal is to leave generational wealth for my loved ones.”

Better Than Expected
Even with her high expectations, the business has turned out even better than Beverly imagined. “Everything has been far and above what I thought it would be, because of Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless. They always put their Consultants first, and they’re constantly looking for innovative ways to help us build our businesses.”

Beverly also raves about the customer retention programs, including the travel rewards and free energy programs. “I don’t know of another company that offers free energy,” she beams. “They’re really putting us first – and with many companies, that’s not necessarily true.”

She acknowledges that her team is the real reason she’s where she is. “Other Consultants say that ‘it’s teamwork that makes the dream work,’ and they’re right,” says Beverly. “My team helped me get there, and I really want them to know that I appreciate them.” As much as she has enjoyed reaching her own goals, helping her team achieve theirs has been just as rewarding.

Seize The Day
Beverly’s advice is very simple. “If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count. It doesn’t matter if you live in a non-deregulated city or state; it doesn’t matter if your upline has retired; and it doesn’t matter if you think you don’t have the time. You can always work through it. Carpe Diem!”

She also believes in the importance of helping your team members to achieve their dreams more by example than by words. “I’m focused now on helping my Consultants reach their goals. I want to be wherever they are. I’m energized that — by helping other people—I can reach my own goals and dreams.”

And that’s one more success for Beverly Hardwick.

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A Man of Faith and an Ambit Believer, Too!

Dr. Ronald & Janet Jenkins , Executive Consultant

Dr. Ronald & Janet Jenkins	 Headshot

Having been in the ministry for his entire professional career, it was a unique decision for new Executive Consultant Dr. Ron Jenkins to start his Ambit Energy business.

“It has been my lifelong dream to help and encourage people,” says Dr. Ron, a resident of League City, Texas. “It’s my everyday passion – I love being in the people business.”

When he was introduced to the Ambit Opportunity by a friend, he saw the business as a tool he could use to help people in their financial life. “I was very impressed with Ambit. It gave me the opportunity to help my own financial future and the future of others as well. I knew that so many people were hurting, and now I had another way to help others achieve their financial goals.”

“Like a lot of people, my family asked ‘what have you gotten yourself into this time?’” recalls Dr. Ron. “But I was convinced that the Ambit Opportunity was a great tool. I never even talked to my wife about it – I just came home after signing up [on May 29, 2009] and told her we were in the Ambit business!”

Naturally, his wife Janet was curious about the cost and how they would be able to earn their money back. “I told her we’d have our money back before the credit card bill arrived. And you know what, I did get my investment back by the time we go the bill in the mail. Was I ever glad of that!”

Despite some early doubts, Dr. Ron soon became confident that he could succeed with Ambit. “Especially now that I’ve been promoted to EC – my expectations have far exceeded that I thought Ambit would do for me,” said Dr. Ron. “When I joined the team, I had several ‘WHYs.’ One was to help other people – which I’ve been able to do, and it’s been very rewarding. Another was to help my three sons pay for college, and it’s only because of Ambit that I’ve been able to help them get started on paying their loans.”

Certainly, Dr. Ron was able to change his family’s minds about the Ambit business. “In fact, they were very encouraging and are proud of my success. Our boys have seen our whole journey, and are now at the point where they will be in the Ambit business when they graduate from college.”

And Dr. Ron is proud to be a part of the Ambit family as well. His sponsor was SC Sue Tombrella, and his upline leadership includes RC/SC Phil Toler, NC Debbie Atkinson and NC Philip Eckart.

“No doubt, the team I belong to with Chris and Debbie Atkinson has been a blessing. They have mentored me every step of the way – teaching me so in turn, I could teach my team.” Every new team member gets a welcoming phone call from Dr. Ron, no matter when or where they come into the business. “I work hard at training them on the phone and helping them understand how to use their Dashboard. I also call them from time to time to check on them.

“I do all this because that’s what my team taught me to do. And it’s pretty cool seeing my team taking my lead and doing the same things for their team.”

It took a few months for everything to click, but Dr. Ron likes to say that he came to a point where “it went from the head to the heart.”

“When it reached the heart,” he says, “I think about it all the time, I work on it all the time, and I am always looking for opportunities to share the Ambit Opportunity. My wife and I have become a team and we can’t stop talking about it wherever we go!”

Although he’s enjoying great success, Dr. Ron will continue to work his business on a part-time basis and focus on his ministry. “I suppose I can never fire my Big Boss,” he chuckles. “So I do Ambit part-time. But I find time to go to as many meetings as possible, and attend every training event possible. Ambit just becomes a part of everything you do!”

Like most Consultants, Dr. Ron’s goal is to reach National Consultant status. But his ultimate goals are to set up his family with a solid financial future, as well as helping others in need. “I’d like to teach others to do the same thing we’ve been able to do, and achieve their goals and dreams.”

“My advice for new consultants is to never, never stop doing the business. If it starts out slow, that’s OK. Keep working hard and you will see success. Go to as many trainings as possible, go to as many weekly meetings as possible, and bring as many people as you can to meetings. Believe in yourself and your future!”

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Three Weddings and a Success Story

Vincent Sawyer , Executive Consultant

Vincent Sawyer	 Headshot

After graduating from college and seminary, Vincent Sawyer moved to Queens in New York. For more than two decades, he has served as a full-time pastor for a multi-ethnic ministry which includes members from more than 40 countries.

He and his wife Terri have three daughters and a son. And a few years ago, all three girls were attending private colleges at the same time, so additional income was more than a good idea – it was a necessity!

“We desperately needed a source of extra income,” recalls Vincent. “And Ambit Energy became that vehicle to help our family.”

A friend of Vincent’s invited him to see the Ambit Opportunity, although he was “very skeptical” at first.

“But the more I looked into Ambit, the more impressed I was with what they had to offer both customers and Consultants,” says Vincent. “I really liked the company’s level of integrity, the perks for becoming a customer, and especially the opportunity for free energy – month after month and year after year!”

Vincent remembers his wife Terri’s hesitance about Ambit at first. “But once those orange envelopes began arriving, she realized what a great opportunity it was!”

Once their daughters successfully completed college (“with NO debt,” adds Vincent), it just so happened that each of them got engaged to be married. “Thanks to our blessings through Ambit, we were able to give each of them a beautiful wedding – all of them within a ten-month period, too!”

And the positive effects of Vincent’s Ambit business continue throughout the family. Now that their son is beginning college, Vincent and Terri can rest assured that Ambit will help them afford to pay for his education.

“And most of my family lives in Connecticut, so we’re hoping that someday soon Ambit will have service there – because my entire family and all of their friends are ready to enroll the second it’s available!”

Although Vincent works Ambit part time, he makes it his goal to invite guests to at least one Ambit Opportunity meeting a week.

“When I began with Ambit, my expectations were to reach each of my goals – Regional, Senior and Executive Consultant levels – by working steadily and consistently.”

“And my results have been pretty much on target with my expectations,” claims Vincent. “I always expect a lot out of myself, and it’s a blessing that with Ambit, you get a big reward for your hard work.” Vincent is very appreciative of the Ambit people who have helped him along the way: “They’ve been so helpful and encouraging – always willing to take time to return a phone call or answer a question. The Consultants in my organization have been just great.”

You can tell how much Vincent trusts Ambit – he’s already enrolled each of his four adult children in his Ambit organization!

“That residual income is something that will help them for the rest of their lives,” says Vincent proudly. “Another dream of mine is to travel to other countries to teach after I retire from pastoral ministry – and because of Ambit, I’ll be able to achieve that goal too.”

Within his organization, Vincent truly appreciates the Consultants who are working hard to build their own successes. And he still has a pair of goals: “To produce five Executive Consultants in the next three years – and to promote to National Consultant.”

Vincent believes in the wisdom of “Slow and steady wins the race,” and that’s evident in his journey to success.

Of course, he didn’t have any use for the “slow” part of the famous saying – since he rose through the ranks to Executive Consultant in just two and a half years.

“Work hard and steadily,” says Vincent. “Don’t ever quit, and you’ll eventually achieve your goals.”

And he encourages his team to attend Ambition because it’s “inspiring, informative and especially helpful for new Consultants.”

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From Tough Times to “Epic” Success

Patrick Flander, Executive Consultant

Patrick Flander Headshot

Every Ambit Energy Consultant has their “WHY” – the main reason that they start their own business and strive for success.

Patrick Flander used to work two jobs, with a full-time position “working long hours” as an administrator for a road construction company and a part-time career as a professional disc jockey on weekends. Life was, he admits, “extremely busy.”

And then the resident of St. Johnsville, New York, found not just one “WHY” – but two.

In January 2010, Patrick’s boss called him to let him know that “the company was re-organizing and my job could be in jeopardy.” And a few months later, his older brother – who had made many sacrifices on Patrick’s behalf while they were growing up – told him that his wife was going to need brain surgery.

“When he came to me, I thought about Ambit – which I had recently been introduced to,” recalls Patrick. “I knew that I could go to work and help.”

“It was my neighbor and long-time friend who told me about Ambit,” says Patrick. “Over a couple months, he stayed in contact with me two or three times a week – following up to see if I had checked out his website. He’d invite me to his house and offer to take me to a presentation.”

“But one day he came to my house as I was getting home from work, and he asked me ‘for a favor’ – to go with him to a Business Presentation and take a look, then get a drink. I agreed because I figured the phone calls and invitations would stop. Or so I thought!”

Patrick and his friend went to see a presentation by National Consultant Ray Montie, and “it all made sense to me.” He realized that he could make additional money with a service – “a necessity of life” – and not a product.

He did his research, calling the New York State Public Service Commission and inquiring about energy deregulation. And he remembered a college professor who had demonstrated how network marketing could be successful.

“So I started my business on April 2, 2009, and the journey began!”

Patrick saw all the benefits of being an Ambit Consultant – realizing that it wasn’t asking people to change their buying habits or spend extra money, and that the timing was perfect.

“The idea that this was going to happen, with or without me, kept me up at night,” he says.

But at the beginning, Patrick was not well-received in his community among his family, friends and co-workers. “I went about introducing the Opportunity the wrong way. People were uninformed, and many told me that it wouldn’t work.”

“I still have friends that won’t take the time to look at Ambit or become my customer. But I was presenting the service my way, and not the Ambit way. I couldn’t get anyone to a presentation and got all kinds of rejection.”

His dad became his first customer, though, and a few friends and neighbors signed on as customers – and Patrick started to receive his first commissions.

“But my sponsor Wayne Lynch, Kirk Horan and Ray Montie challenged me to get plugged in and try it their way,” says Patrick. “And it was when I heard NC Brian McClure state that ‘you need to understand before you can be understood’ that I knew I needed to become a student. And then my business started to grow and I began to promote.”

Although he started his Ambit business “extremely part-time” – three to five hours a week – Patrick also kept in mind some words of wisdom from EC Mike O’Bay: “We don’t’ go out to do Ambit – we do Ambit while we are out.”

Patrick attended weekly meetings and started to find more time for his business – and his commissions began to increase while his team grew as well. “I put forth a consistent ten to twelve hours, and was continually educating myself. It was right around that time that I got that call from my boss and soon after, heard about my sister-in-law’s medical needs.”

He took his desire to help his family as motivation to work his Ambit business more and more. “I couldn’t do everything, but a consistent, part-time commitment allowed me to give back and help out. Because Ambit was my vehicle, my niece and nephew still have their college savings – and it was incredibly gratifying to be able to give back to my brother during trying times.”

Then, in March 2011, Patrick’s employer of 16 years told him he was being let go because his position was no longer needed. “I was proud to inform them that the ‘energy thing’ they told me ‘wasn’t legitimate’ and ‘wouldn’t work’ now paid all my monthly bills – and that I made more money last year with my part-time energy business than I did with them after more than a decade and a half.”

He proudly explained to his now-former boss that he had become an Executive Consultant with the fastest-growing private company in North America – “according to a magazine that my boss subscribed to” – Inc. magazine. “In the words of the Rolling Stones, ‘you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need,’” claims Patrick – revealing his music-loving DJ side. “I may not have the largest business in Ambit, and I haven’t reached all my goals. But in 19 months with a consistent, part-time effort, I reached my financial freedom number.”

“So now I’m full-time with Ambit, and I’m very appreciative, thankful and blessed to have what I need.”

Patrick believes that the best way he gets paid “is with the relationships that I’ve built with positive people that I’m meeting. I understand that the only way that I have success is by helping others have success.”

“I have great people on my team, and couldn’t have reached this level without their efforts and successes.”

Although he has achieved the Executive Consultant level, Patrick asserts that “it’s not all about the money – it’s about helping others and changing lives. It becomes more than riches when you’re approached by someone that thanks you because our business saved their home from repossession.”

Despite all the complications in his life, Patrick is confident that both his upline and his own team have helped him overcome these challenges and find his path in life. “Because of Ambit, my family and my future family will be free of financial worries.”


Down the road, Patrick looks forward to becoming a National Consultant, “getting that yellow coat” and spending all the time he can with his family.

“I’m going to keep my end results in mind, but also enjoy the ride by helping others along the way,” he says. “I see myself learning more, becoming a better leader, and passing it on as we all grow our businesses.”

His best advice: “Keep it simple.” Regardless of education or past experiences, Patrick believes that becoming a student of the business is essential to success. “The best thing that happened to me was failing in the beginning – because it helped me understand that I needed the proper training, which finally led to success.”

“With all the times of challenge and frustration, I wanted to quit more than once. But I’m glad I made the right choice by not walking away. It takes perseverance, persistence and passion to make it happen!”

Patrick remembers his first AMBITION – he attended the 2009 event as a Senior Consultant. “By attending AMBITION, it became real to me – what was before me, and that I needed to become more a part of it. I remember saying ‘that’s great for some of these people having all that success – but successes like that don’t happen to me.’”

“Well, if you think that way, then it won’t. But hearing the co-founders speak helped me develop focus. And spending time with Ray Montie helped me find my path. I would not have attained that support if I didn’t go to Dallas.”

“AMBITION made me believe.”

At that first AMBITION, Patrick was grateful to discover that Ambit’s co-founders “care about me – and all of us,” and that “the corporate office in Dallas is full of people that work tirelessly to make this possible.”

And at AMBITION 2010, he took one word home with him from Chris Chambless’ speech: “EPIC.”

“Every morning, I wake up and start repeating my new motto: ‘EPIC,’” says Patrick. “Had I not been at AMBITION, I wouldn’t have felt what I re-live every morning – one word, one choice, one answer. I want to be a part of something EPIC with Ambit.”

“When I get going each day, whether I’m on the phone or going to help someone on my team or driving to Pennsylvania – none of this happens if I’m not there for AMBITION. It’s a ‘must’ to attend. You can’t explain it, you just have to experience it for yourself.”

And that’s coming from someone who has truly grown from his entire Ambit journey. Starting as a struggling new Consultant with two “WHYs,” and now as an Executive Consultant striving for “EPIC” success, Patrick Flander is truly an Ambit success story.

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The “Favor” that Changed Our Lives

Sigal & Joe Cespuglio, Executive Consultant

Sigal & Joe Cespuglio Headshot

Sigal Cespuglio and her husband Joe are used to having their own business – they had a company restoring and rebuilding antique cars, custom cars and custom motorcycles.

“I came to here 15 years ago from Israel and met Joe,” says Sigal. “We fell in love and got married, and together we ran our automotive business.”

They got married in 2000, and spent all of their savings on medical bills in their efforts to have a child.

“And then the economy collapsed – and so did our business,” recalls Sigal. “So we were looking for new ways to make additional income.”

Sigal decided to go into real estate, and started taking classes. Then one day, she got a phone call from her Aunt Hanna. “She said that she just started a new business – helping people save money on their gas and electric Bills. So she asked me to do her a favor and become her customer, and I did.”

A few days later, she received the three-day, two-night hotel stay from Ambit, just for becoming a customer. “I got excited, and we started telling all of our friends – and they got excited, too!”

Sigal called her aunt again to ask if she could help her friends, too, and her aunt – knowing that Sigal and Joe were looking for additional income opportunities – invited them to an Ambit Business Presentation in Staten Island.

“As soon as they mentioned energy deregulation and saw the Ambit compensation plan, we knew that we needed to take advantage of this opportunity. So we joined Ambit Energy – and that favor that we did for my aunt changed our lives!”

Less than two months after starting their Ambit business, Sigal and Joe attended AMBITION 2008 as Senior Consultants.

“We were very impressed by Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless, the company, the training sessions, and the energy of the crowd,” says Sigal. “The event got us even more excited, knowing that we were in the right place at the right time.” “We came back from AMBITION very motivated to work with our team, supporting them and passing on all the knowledge that we obtained. And as we continued to build our Ambit business – attending all the Business Presentations and training events with our team in New York, it helped us all to grow and learn more from our top leaders.”

Sigal and Joe are very thankful for all of the time, knowledge and experience that their fellow Consultants have shared with them, and do their best to share it all with their team.

“Building our Ambit business as partners is truly a blessing for us,” says Sigal. “It’s wonderful to be able to work on our goals and dreams together – and also to be helping others change their financial futures, while we build lifelong friendships, too.”

“Today, we’re building our Ambit Energy Business full time. Because of the Ambit Opportunity, we’re now saving up the money we need to start our family with no worries!”

Sigal also feels fortunate to have found a business that pays residual income. “You’ll always hear stories about someone becoming successful thanks to an opportunity that changed their lives – while you sit on the sideline asking ‘why couldn’t that be me?’”

“Our advice for new people coming into this business is to stay persistent and consistent, and to make it happen – don’t watch it happen. Because when you take control of your financial future, you can become the person in that story!”

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Unable to Bear the Wall Street Bull

Robert Giamboi, Executive Consultant

Robert Giamboi Headshot

Rob Giamboi had what many might consider a dream job, working for a prestigious hedge fund on Wall Street. But he was unhappy and stressed out. He missed using the values of teamwork, leadership and commitment that he’d developed as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, and longed to find a career that would be more emotionally rewarding. Because Rob taught mixed martial arts in his spare time, he hoped to open a school and teach MMA. Just when it looked like he would achieve his dream, the banking collapse of 2008 left him without funding.

Though disappointed, Rob didn’t give up. He started researching other business opportunities that would allow him to make money without quitting his job. It was about this time his old high school friend Rob Verardi introduced him to the Ambit opportunity.

“What impressed me was that I didn’t have to sell anything. My potential customers were already using my product and already paying for it. I wasn’t asking them to reach into their pocket and pay for something they may or may not need—especially in these current economic conditions.” And as an Ambit Consultant, he’d be able to put his leadership skills and commitment to teamwork to good use.

Fighting To Make A Dream Come True
When Rob started to work with Ambit, his goal was to raise enough money to open his MMA school. “It’s completely changed now. It’s about FREEDOM. I have the opportunity to create my own life and my own success.” In fact, Rob’s Ambit business has grown so rapidly he is working on a way to transition out of his job at the brokerage firm. “The dread of having to go to a job I don’t like for the next 40 years is gone,” he says. “I’ve learned how to recognize an opportunity. There’s no more getting up at 5:30 a.m. to travel two hours to a job that doesn’t excite me.”

Of course, the journey wasn’t always easy. Many of Rob’s friends ridiculed his decision to start his Ambit business. He had to get over a fear of public speaking, and work hard to learn the Ambit system.

Once he’d invested the time and effort, though, Rob found success came quickly. “To be an Executive Consultant after only two years means I completely exceeded my expectations.”

Making A Winning Investment
Rob advises new Ambit Consultants to make sure they are completely trained before they try to sell, and to always follow the system. “Become a professional inviter and maximize the number of people you share the business with. Role play with your fellow Consultants until you sound natural and not rehearsed. Really, we get paid to do two things, so doesn’t it make sense to get really good at those two things?”

Rob’s goal for the next AMBITION is to have 50 people on his team attend, and he sees reaching his goal of having a five-figure month in the next year. The bottom line is that after nine years of working on Wall Street, Rob saw that the best investment was in himself.

My “Why?”
My mixed martial arts school initially…now it’s simply FREEDOM!

Time spent working my Ambit business:
5-7 hours a week.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Not quitting thanks to a phone conversation with EC John Nicolauo.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
The announcements!!!

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
Dominic Light, Tommy Moudatsos,  Lee Moudatsos, Loretta Giamboi, and Ryan Kiena

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Moving to the Beat of His Own Drum

Blake Hunter, Executive Consultant

Blake Hunter Headshot

Blake Hunter has owned and operated a DJ and audio/visual company since 2003, and worked hard to keep his business going. Even though he’s had success and enjoyed his work, Blake had to make a change. With his 5-year old daughter, Kylee, at home, working nearly every night until 3 a.m. wasn’t what he wanted.

“I was not getting to spend as much time with my daughter as I’d like,” he explained. “I knew I wanted a way out of working so much.”

Although it took more than two years for Blake to embrace the Ambit Opportunity, he finally took his friend Bobby Aymes’ advice. Learning about Bobby’s journey to being a successful Executive Consultant with Ambit was the motivation Blake needed to pull the trigger.

“After seeing how Bobby had retired from being a HVAC tech and was on his way to Financial Freedom, I was all in,” he said.

Climbing the Charts
Soon, Blake’s minimal time investment into his Ambit business began paying dividends. He knew the importance of soaking up knowledge from his upline, and used that information to his advantage.

“I listened to my leaders and followed the system,” Blake said. “I worked the business part-time and, with only 3-5 hours per week devoted to Ambit, I fast-tracked to Regional Consultant in 19 days. Just 90 days later, I became a Senior Consultant!”

Setting specific goals played a huge role in Blake’s fast start.

“I am always working towards accomplishing my Vision Board goals,” he said. “My personal goal was to become an Executive Consultant before my 30th birthday, which I was able to achieve the day before I turned 30.”

Because of his rapid success, it wasn’t long before Blake was able to quit being a DJ full-time. Now he’s able to spend more time with his daughter and concentrate on his Ambit business. Those long nights are a thing of the past.

“With my determination and consistent effort, I was able to retire from spinning and playing music in the clubs,” Blake said. “Now I’m just doing special events on Saturdays for extra cash.”

Becoming a Number One Hit
Like all successful Consultants, Blake figured out quickly the key to building a strong Ambit business.

“I love how you succeed with this company by helping others succeed,” he said. “I look forward to helping many more people achieve their dreams in the future.”

The results have allowed Blake to pursue other dreams.

“Recently I was able to purchase a brand new truck and take a trip to Italy,” Blake said. “This business has also allowed me to start building my lifelong dream of owning a wakeboard school on Lake Austin.”

Blake’s transformation from late night DJ to Ambit Consultant is a testament to the hard work he’s put into changing his life, and shows his desire to make it to the top with Ambit.

My “Why”:
Buying back my time and putting money away for my daughter’s college.

Time spent working the Ambit business:
5 to 10 hours per week, including the Wednesday lunch BP that I also host. 

The single most-effective success tool, factor or influence for growing your Ambit business:
The three-way call!

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
Getting the opportunity to see how Ambit is changing the lives of people from around the country as well as the amazing recognition of top Ambit performers.

Thanks to the five Senior Consultants who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Dr. Gerard Liboiron, Onaje Givan, Sean and Charu Robertson , Matthew Ekhart and Tracy Qualls.

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Our Life is Changed Forever

Peggy and Ernie Force, Executive Consultant

Peggy and Ernie Force Headshot

Peggy and Ernie Force know something about commitment. After all, this dynamic duo already has more than 50 years of marriage under their belt.

Professionally, their dedication was no different. Ernie enjoyed a rewarding teaching career for 35 years, while Peggy helped others as a medical assistant. Ernie also spent 46 years on the couple’s local church board.

Even though they both enjoyed long and fruitful careers, they weren’t able to sustain the lifestyle they desired in their golden years.

“The challenges came as we entered the fixed-income stage of our retirement,” Ernie explained. “We continued to want to travel, but at the end of the month we simply couldn’t with the money leftover in our checking account.”

Finding the Ambit Opportunity
Fortunately for Mr. and Mrs. Force, a former student of Ernie’s introduced them to an exciting opportunity.

“Our former pastor’s son Ron Long, whom Ernie taught in school, gave us a call,” Peggy said. “Ernie decided to look at the business plan. He immediately saw the potential and decided to go for it. The rest is history.”

Even though it took some convincing to get Peggy’s full support, the Force’s Ambit business quickly started booming.

“Peggy wasn’t on board at first, but when the money started to come in she got excited,” Ernie said. “We realize that we’re building a legacy for our kids and our grandkids.”

Given their backgrounds in careers that were based on helping others, it’s no surprise that Peggy and Ernie have thrived with Ambit.

“Our life is changed forever as we strive to help others realize their potential and move forward with their lives,” Peggy said.

Next Step: Oldest National Consultants
Despite their success, one of their goals is to never stop growing – both professionally and personally.

“Personal growth through reading and listening to others is just as important as being financially free,” Peggy said. “We want to give a lot away to our church and charity, and help others to achieve their dreams.”

They found out in the spring of 2014 that success with Ambit can result in added perks. Peggy and Ernie received an all-expenses paid vacation after earning their way into Ambit’s exclusive Five-Star Club.

“Our proudest accomplishment was to make the Five-Star trip to Punta Mita, Mexico,” Peggy gushed. “Being able to spend time with Chris [Chambless] and Jere [Thompson] and their wives was priceless.”

Always ready to provide inspiration, they have a simple message for Consultants that are just starting out.

“Get started and never quit,” Ernie urged. “Don’t let any amount of ‘No’ answers slow you down, and don’t let anyone ruin your chance to achieve Financial Freedom.”

Ambit has been a dream come true for the Force’s. It’s only a matter of time before they accomplish their next goal: becoming Ambit’s oldest National Consultants!

Our “Why”: 
We want to be the oldest National Consultants!

Time spent working the Ambit business:

The single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your Ambit business:

Staying plugged in to Brian McClure, Chris and Debbie Atkinson, Jim and Kim Mason, Bev & Ron Long and Jim and Julie Brosious.

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
We love getting fired up by meeting other leaders and listening to their stories, and meeting with Chris and Jere.

Thanks to the five Senior Consultants who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Wade and Pam Vonada, George and Linda Elder, Tom and Amy Palfey, Dick and Kim Stever and Rodney and Sherri Wellar. 

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Doing His Homework

Aharon Shain, Executive Consultant

Aharon Shain Headshot

Aharon Shain comes from a family of educators, and has more than nine years of teaching experience to his own credit. He also authored a book, worked as a curriculum salesperson and is busy raising a family.

As his family continued to grow, his expenses were increasing faster than his income and he needed another income stream. Also his children needed more care so his wife became a full time mom. “This left me to be the sole breadwinner of the family and I was struggling to make ends meet” he says.  It was at this moment in time when his school shared the free energy referral program to the teachers and he joined as a consultant. When he learned of the financial opportunity he took off.

“The income was slow to come, I was working overtime and this was especially challenging for my wife,” he admits. But he continued to work his home-based business and build a strong team. “It took persistence and a consistent effort to develop and grow, but this has created an atmosphere for our team to thrive and develop key skills and the entrepreneurial mindset necessary to succeed.”

Getting an Education
For Aharon, Ambit was a true learning experience.

“I had to learn to think like an entrepreneur. I see the value of teamwork, and how much more we can accomplish than doing it alone. And I learned to value residual income—the ability to earn passive income on cumulative effort over time.”

Of course, as a teacher, it was natural for Aharon to share what he learned with others. “I took the initiative to create an attractive culture to support what would become my team, and attracted a group of exceptional Consultants who are committed to promoting Ambit’s values. We work hard to ensure our Customers and Consultants enjoy their benefits.”

These efforts have paid off. Today, Aharon & his wife are moving toward their goal of financial freedom. Many of his family members are earning free energy, and his wife is proud of their Ambit business. But perhaps the best part is when consultants comment what a difference it made in their lives being a part of Ambit Energy. Or when Customers ask “How much do I owe you for keeping on top of my plan?” “I just thank them for being their loyalty,” Aharon says.

Keeping Focused
Another important lesson Aharon has learned is the importance of keeping his team focused and positive.

“We have a support system—a weekly routine. It starts with our Sunday Training Hour, then our Tuesday Business Presentation and our Thursday Night Support Call. In addition, I spend a lot of personal time with the Consultants who are working hard, to guide and support their effort.”

This experience is the basis of his advice to new Consultants.
“Be part of your team. Learn and grow from them and offer some value back. Treat your business as a profession where you will learn and develop skills and add value to the marketplace.”

Planning the future
Now that he’s achieved his goal of becoming an Executive Consultant, Aharon sees even bigger things in his future. He wants to continue to develop his networking skills and attract more top-level talent to his team.

“I envision myself adding value to people’s lives, leading efforts to educate and coach and bettering the lives of people who want to make a positive change in their lives,” he says. “This is the beauty and reward the network marketing model has to offer.”

So far, Aharon has proven himself to be both a good learner and a masterful teacher as he continues to rise in the ranks of Ambit Consultants.

Our “Why”:
Time freedom conducive to living a balanced life.

Time spent working the Ambit business:
Around 20 hours a week.

What was your single most-effective success tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Personal development – the learning environment that gave me the knowledge & direction for every step of the way.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
The keynote addresses from Jere & Chris. We listen to them over & over again!

Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Nathan Engel, David Massre, Menachem Winer, Raphael Bamberger, and, Sam Yellin, I couldn’t have done it alone and for that I’m very thankful. It truly was a team effort in every step of the way. We all had mutual interests and put our heads together to make it happen. I thank my team from the bottom of my heart and I’m looking forward in seeing you all at the top!

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The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Rafael Ramirez, Executive Consultant

Rafael Ramirez Headshot

Rafael Ramirez left Mexico for the United States for the same reason that so many people do: to seek new opportunities. After he arrived here, Rafael worked in carpentry for 26 years.

“I had been working a regular, 9-to-5 job for a carpentry company,” says Rafael. “But then the Ambit Opportunity was presented to my wife by a co-worker, and she then shared it with me.”

Tremendous Potential
Rafael was excited by the idea of a residual income, and the possibility of becoming his own boss.

“Although my wife saw the tremendous potential in this opportunity, most of our family and friends were skeptical,” says Rafael. “They didn’t see what we saw, but they are happy for me. Some have even begun to join, too!”

Making it Happen
In the beginning, Rafael wanted to make extra money. Then he began to see the potential of unlimited growth.

“Plus, I was also looking for a change,” recalls Rafael. “Now, it gets better every day. I’m realizing that what I imagined is now coming true.

“I have been able to leave my old job and work Ambit full-time!”

A strong team is vital to every Consultant’s success, and Rafael is very grateful for the people in his organization.

“Over time, my Ambit team has become like a family to me,” says Rafael. “They have meant so much to my success, and it makes me happy to see my team succeed as well. I want to help more people by bringing them to Ambit because it’s the opportunity of a lifetime!”

Moving Forward
Rafael is thrilled with the freedom provided by his Ambit business.

“I can dedicate more time to my family, and I don’t have to wake up early to get to my job,” says Rafael. “I’m now my own boss!”

Looking ahead, Rafael has big plans for his family. “Getting my dream home, helping to set up a great future for my kids, putting away college money for them and helping my church, too!”

As for his Ambit business, he wants to continue supporting the efforts of his team and work his way up to the next level: National Consultant.

Words of Wisdom
“The advice I give to new Consultants is simple: To persist,” explains Rafael. “Don’t listen to those who want to discourage you and say you can’t do it. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain!”

Rafael also “absolutely” recommends that both new and experienced Consultants attend AMBITION.

“It motivates you, and the entire team gets driven,” says Rafael. “You get to see what a tremendous business Ambit is.”

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Ambit Was the Perfect Fit

Blenda Aycock, Executive Consultant

Blenda Aycock Headshot

Blenda Aycock is a problem solver. Working in ministry, Blenda spends much of her time helping children deal with emotional trauma. She’s been dedicated to helping others for much of her life on both a local and international level.

Even with her busy schedule, Blenda was interested in finding a way to supplement her income. It wasn’t long before her pastor encouraged her to visit with Sheila Stokes, a successful Ambit Energy Independent Consultant.

“I was in need of something part-time but with great income potential,” Blenda said. “Ambit was the perfect fit for my ministry schedule.”

The Ambit Opportunity was hard to pass up.

“What impressed me most was that it was a service, not a product,” Blenda explained. “Everyone I know uses electricity, and I had high expectations from the beginning.”

Early Returns
Blenda’s decision to become an Ambit Independent Consultant quickly paid dividends.

“I became a Consultant and got my Jump Start Bonus in two weeks.” Blenda said, “This helped pay for a mission trip I had planned to Brazil.”

Blenda’s fast start was helped by her family, who were in her corner from day one. Her husband of 31 years, David, and two adult children have provided the inspiration she needed to succeed.

“My family was very supportive from the beginning,” Blenda said. “I have no business experience and they have encouraged me to learn while I earn.

“My biggest challenge has been to discipline myself to become a student,” she admitted. “I have always had the desire to learn more and never be satisfied, so it wasn’t too hard.”

The more familiar Blenda got with the Ambit system, the more the coach in her began to take center stage.

“The teacher in me has been highlighted,” Blenda said. “It is fun learning something new and sharing it with others. I love to train people and bless their success.”

Looking Toward the Future
Blenda understands that the key to success at Ambit is helping others. It’s no coincidence that her main goal as a Consultant has been to make things easier for those around her.

“Most of all, I try to be available for everyone,” Blenda said. “We have actually opened a local Ambit training center in San Angelo, TX. Consultants can stop by for training, use the building for Business Presentations, make flyers and practice presentations. Pretty much anything they may need to succeed.”

Blenda’s success in such a short time with Ambit reflects her desire to encourage and support others. She’s looking forward to a bright future with Ambit, and she believes her promotion to Executive Consultant is just the beginning.

“Promoting to EC expands your realm of influence and gives you a platform to help even more people,” Blenda said. “I want to personally sponsor more Consultants, continue to build more leaders and have a six-figure income!”

Helping people comes naturally to Blenda. Because of that trait, she’s been able to help herself – and her Ambit business – reach new heights.

My “Why”:
My “Why” is a deep desire to see people set free from the mindset that their circumstance is their identity.

Time spent working the Ambit Business:
I spend at least 4-6 hours a day growing my organization.

The single most-effective success tool, factor or influence for growing the Ambit business:
There was a huge shift in my business when I attended the 2013 women’s conference. This was a great time of networking and encouragement. 

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
I love being trained, and I appreciate the Co-Founders speeches that impart the vision of the company.

Five SC’s who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Jim Slaughter, Kaysie Smashey, Kelsey Aycock, Jerry Inskeep and Anna Johnson.

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A Model Opportunity

Lukas Moffett, Executive Consultant

Lukas Moffett Headshot

As a young man, Lukas Moffett had tried a bit of everything—installing Christmas lights, waiting tables, working as a jeweler, promotions and even modeling for high-end retailers. However, none of these offered the stability and long-term opportunities he was seeking.

“My dad was in the million-dollar club in another MLM company, so I had spent most of my life around the business model,” Lukas says. “I always knew I wanted to create a residual income for myself, I just hadn’t found the right company.”

Then, during a slow time, his friend EC Randy Cox showed him the Ambit Opportunity. And the timing couldn’t have been better.

A Powerful Business Model
Lukas says “I was impressed by the people and the compensation, but mostly by the electricity and gas service. Everyone has to use it, and we can help them get it for free!” Indeed, Lukas was so impressed by what he saw he set some unrealistic expectations. “I thought I’d be an Executive Consultant within my first month in the business, but it took me three years.”

Still, what started out as a way to supplement his modeling income during the off-season has turned into an opportunity to become financially free. “I see my residual increasing every month, and I am very optimistic about reaching my goal.”

Life Lessons and a Lifetime of Opportunity
While many find working with Ambit a chance to learn new skills, Lukas has found it humbling. “I thought I was going to be the best thing to ever happen to the company. How I have been humbled. I have discovered I suffer from a lack of patience, horrible leadership and an aversion to teaching. I have worked on these areas for the last three years, but I still have mountains to climb.”

Despite his stern self-assessment, Lukas does believe he brings a positive mental attitude to his team. He works hard to stay in contact with his Consultants and to keep them focused. “The phrase ‘never quit’ is overused to the point of being a cliché, but it is true. I have walked away many times, but I always came back and I eventually made it. I want to become a great leader and help many other achieve their goals in Ambit.”

A Great-looking Future
With Ambit, Lukas anticipates a great future. He hopes to start adding ECs to his team quickly and he believes that he will achieve even greater things while helping others. “I’m a dreamer,” he says. “I like to shoot big.”
So far, Lukas has been a model of success.

My “Why”:
To have the freedom to choose what I do and when I do it.

Time spent working the Ambit business:
3.5 years

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
The in person business presentations. NC Justin Title and EC Randy Cox have been instrumental influences.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
The announcements

Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Thomas Avery, Charley Carroll, Karl Drexel, Rick Moffett, Lauren Tussing.

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My Vehicle to Financial Freedom

Yosef Ben-Zev, Executive Consultant

Yosef Ben-Zev Headshot

A community activist and volunteer for a Chicago-based first responders group called Chaverim (friends), Yosef Ben-Zev is no stranger to helping people. He’s also spent time working with at-risk children in Chicago.

The son of a landlord, Yosef decided to forge his own path and became a realtor – which gave him the ability to help others find a home while maintaining a flexible schedule.

“I knew I didn’t want to be woken up at 3 a.m. because a tenant didn’t have heat,” Yosef admitted. “So I became a real estate agent, which is essentially the best of both worlds.”

Being able to manage his time at work is important to Yosef because he prefers to spend time with his growing family. He met his wife, Rachel, while the two were studying abroad in Jerusalem. Now they have six children – five boys and a girl – and are excited about their future together.

Making the Right Decision
Yosef’s career in real estate left him yearning for more. He was looking for the freedom to expand his horizons outside of Chicago. Coincidentally, a friend from north of the border was determined to introduce Yosef to the Ambit Opportunity.

“My eventual sponsor, SC Mendy Bergovoy, flew into Chicago from Canada and took me to a presentation,” Yosef explained. “I needed some convincing. If he hadn’t flown in and come to pick me up, I wouldn’t have gone.”

Despite his initial skepticism, Yosef went to the meeting and saw firsthand the excitement of Ambit.

“The meeting was huge,” he said. “This was after electricity deregulation was introduced in Illinois, and both Ambit Co-Founders were there, along with more than 1,000 people. I was curious to give it a shot.”

Yosef was fascinated with Ambit’s direction.

“What impressed me most was the leadership in place and the teamwork that brought the package all together,” he said.

Ambit Blew My Mind
In the beginning, Yosef had very little expectations for what this new venture would provide.

“Starting out I was just curious if it would work,” he said. “After just a few months, I was earning more with Ambit than my real estate business and I was only an RC. It blew my mind!”

“From the start, my family was right behind me,” he said. “It helped my confidence and I discovered through Ambit that I really like public speaking.”

The Best is Yet to Come
Even though he’s accomplished many goals in a short period with Ambit, Yosef can’t help but strive for more.

“I would like to help every new consultant become or find the next superstar,” Yosef said. “I want to help everyone on my team who wants to advance in this business.”

One of Yosef’s biggest strengths is his servant’s attitude. He’s intent on helping others.

“My overall goal as an EC is to be able to help even more people achieve their goals and reach financial freedom,” he said. “I see a very bright future.”

With dreams as big as the Chicago skyline, it’s clear that Yosef is just getting started and will continue to make his mark with Ambit.

My “Why”:
My “Why” is my lovely wife and family.

Time spent working the Ambit Business:
I work 3-5 hours a week.

The single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing the Ambit business:
The teamwork help of my dream team; EC Shimon Kalyakov , my sponsor SC Mendy Bergovoy and my accountability partner SC Shaya Goldmeier

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
It’s great to meet so many positive and happy people.

Five SC’s who helped in the journey to becoming an EC:
Brian Weinstein, Gerry Ibarra, Samuel Benzev, Michael Shapiro, David Singer.

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Ambit Changes Lives

Laura Mohr, Executive Consultant

Laura Mohr Headshot

For Laura Mohr, getting laid off from the Binghamton Press after 11 years wasn’t going to diminish her will to succeed. In fact, it was just the motivation she needed to get her life on the right track.

“Looking back, I am fortunate that I lost my job at the press,” Laura admitted. “Now I know the sky is the limit.”

Massive layoffs in the newspaper industry forced Laura to turn her career path in another direction. She decided to start her own massage business and, one fateful day, a client of Laura’s introduced her to the Ambit Opportunity.

“Executive Consultant Bob Granger came in one Friday afternoon in April of 2010 and the rest is history,” she said. “I went to a business presentation that night and the decision was a no-brainer.”

“If it wasn’t for Bob, I would not be financially free today,” Laura continued. “That day was pivotal for my future.”

Overcoming Obstacles
Laura has supported herself financially since the age of 17. She’s also raised her 15-year old daughter on her own.
Laura’s no stranger to overcoming adversity. In spite of facing some initial obstacles at the outset of her Ambit journey, Laura never wavered. She knew her hard work and dedication would pay off.

“While building my Ambit business, I struggled to balance my full-time massage business and raising my daughter by myself,” Laura said. “I found time when I could to work Ambit part-time. After three years, I’m really glad I persevered because it’s paying off in a miraculous way.”

Persisting through those early struggles helped Laura notice attributes in herself that she hadn’t recognized before, but the process didn’t happen overnight.

“I have come a long way, but it took me a while,” Laura noted. “I never wanted to be up in front of a crowd, but now I do presentations twice a week. If I can do this, anyone can, and I’m going to help others accomplish their dreams.”

Ambit Changes Lives
After seeing firsthand the potential Ambit presents, Laura can’t wait to show the Ambit Opportunity to everyone she comes into contact with.

“Before Ambit, I felt I would be struggling and working for the rest of my life,” she explained. “I have the ability to take this as far as I want to, and I’m committed to helping others that are ready to help themselves do the same.” 

Her desire to help others doesn’t stop there.

Laura’s family has always come first. She’s intent on not only helping her daughter to have a better life, but also to make her parents’ lives as joyful as possible.

“I want to secure a future for my daughter’s college and my retirement someday,” Laura said. “I come from a family where my mom and dad worked hard all their lives, so I also want to be able to help them enjoy their retirement.

“It’s an amazing feeling when you have that kind of positive impact on someone’s life.”

Thanks to Ambit, Laura now has the financial flexibility to do just that.

My “Why”:
College for my daughter, retirement, financial freedom, help my parents enjoy their retirement and to help so many others succeed at their goals!

Time spent working the Ambit Business:
Five hours a week at first, but now I do it about 25 hours a week.

The single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing the Ambit business:
EC Bob Granger. I could not have done it without his leadership and mentoring.

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
Realizing the true mission and integrity of the company! My first AMBITION was in 2010 and it changed my life! I haven’t missed once since.

Thanks to the five Senior Consultants who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Carol Wright, Brian Salah, Mike Tumulty, James and Sharon Teague and Leigh Morrissey.

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I will achieve financial freedom

Justin Zhang, Executive Consultant

Justin Zhang Headshot

For Justin Zhang, achieving success in a variety of fields wasn’t enough. He wanted more, and the potential to secure financial freedom with Ambit Energy was simply too enticing for Justin to pass up.

“The decision to take advantage of energy deregulation and join Ambit was a no-brainer,” Justin said.

Before joining Ambit, Justin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He worked as an accountant, in IT and as a financial planner before trying his hand in the real estate market.

As a realtor, Justin excelled quickly and was consistently ranked among the top of his peers.

“In my first year as a realtor in late 2008, I was in the top five percent of producers in the entire Sacramento County of California,” he said.

One Call Changed Everything
Even though Justin had seen his share of success, he wasn’t prepared for the eye-opening possibilities presented by Ambit. Cong Zhao, a close friend of Justin’s, called him to share his story. It didn’t take long for Justin to jump at the opportunity.

“What impressed me most about Ambit Energy was its track record, and the ability to utilize the direct selling model to take full advantage of energy deregulation,” he said. “What I like the most is how much I enjoy working the business.”

Justin quickly saw his Ambit business grow even faster than he anticipated.

“When I started as a Consultant, I had the goal of achieving financial and time freedom in five years,” Justin explained. “Through 14 months of consistent hard work and effort, I’ve put myself in the position to achieve that in well under five years.

“There’s no doubt that I will achieve financial freedom.”

I Learned Something about Myself
The initial challenges of starting your Ambit business can be an excellent teaching tool.

“I figured out how much I have to grow personally and professionally to excel with Ambit in terms of prospecting, presenting, training and leading a team of Consultants,” Justin said.

Another challenge was dealing with the initial concern and hesitation he faced from his family and friends.

“I faced skepticism from many of my family and friends about my Ambit endeavor in the beginning,” Justin said. “Now many of them are convinced that I can achieve substantial financial results.”

Family Comes First
For Justin, being able to spend quality time with his family is the main force behind his success. Justin’s wife and two daughters mean the world to him, and the financial freedom he covets would provide more time with the three people he cares for most.

“It’s my goal to achieve financial and time freedom.” Justin said. “To get out of the rat race, and spend quality time with my two lovely daughters and wife.”

After reaching Executive Consultant in just 13 months, it’s clear that Justin is well on his way to doing just that.

My “Why”:
My “Why” is to achieve financial and time freedom, get out of the rat race and spend quality time with my two lovely daughters and wife.

Time spent working the Ambit Business:
25 hours a week.

The single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing the Ambit business:
I’m diligent in inviting prospects to weekly presentations. 

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
Seeing people from all walks of life achieve success with Ambit.

The five SCs who helped me reach EC:
Hanh Nguyen, Wendy Voo, Lucky Nwokocha, Joel & Oriole Beland, and Chris & Stephanie Tham.

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Family First

Elizabeth Jimenez , Executive Consultant

Elizabeth Jimenez  Headshot

Making the choice to venture out on your own in search of a better life isn’t easy. But that’s exactly what Elizabeth Jimenez did when she left home without any financial support from her parents.

Parting from her family, that includes six brothers and sisters, and leaving Mexico was the most difficult choice she’s ever made. In fact, Elizabeth considers this her first major achievement.

“I was the only one in our house to leave the country in search of better options,” she acknowledged.

After graduating with a degree, Elizabeth set her sights on the American Dream. It wasn’t long before a friend enlightened her about the Ambit Opportunity.

“I couldn’t have been more impressed with Ambit,” Elizabeth said. “You don’t need to win the lottery to live your dreams.” 

Making an Impression
As is the case with most new ventures, Elizabeth had to deal with her share of doubters. However, after seeing her progress, most of those same naysayers have changed their tune.

“They didn’t believe in it,” Elizabeth explained. “Now many are Customers and others Consultants.”

Even her husband was skeptical in the beginning, but it didn’t take long for Elizabeth to convert him.

“He didn’t agree with my decision to join Ambit at first,” she said. “He changed his mind when I showed him the results. After seeing the checks I received just for helping others and getting free energy, he was a believer!”

No More Worries
Embracing the Ambit Opportunity has its share of benefits. Now Elizabeth has more time to focus on the most important thing in her life.

“Thanks to Ambit, I can spend more time with my family,” she said. “I don’t have to worry about not having enough money to pay the bills.”

Elizabeth’s success hasn’t made her complacent. As an Executive Consultant, she’s determined to help others succeed by supporting them with her experience and knowhow.

“I’m going to hold more frequent trainings,” Elizabeth said. “I want to teach Consultants and show them how much they can progress in this business.”

With a servant’s heart guiding her, it’s clear that the sky is the limit for Elizabeth.

My “Why”:
My “Why” is to achieve financial freedom and not have the routine of an employee.

Time spent working the Ambit Business:
15-20 hours a week.

The single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing the Ambit business:
Trusting God.

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
Getting to know Ambit’s great leaders.

Five SC’s who helped in the journey to becoming an EC:
Damallanty Guzman,  Maria Villalpanda,  Jose Leon,  Uriel Barrios,  Jose Escamilla.

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Ambit Came into Our Life at the Right Time

Aura & Louis Guzman, Executive Consultant

Aura & Louis Guzman Headshot

Change is never easy. For Aura Guzman, leaving her home country of the Dominican Republic was one of the toughest decisions she’s ever made. After all, she was saying goodbye to her family, along with a bustling career in broadcasting that was her passion in life.

However, the potential to be able to live the American dream was simply too much for Aura to pass up.

“After modeling and hosting a couple of television shows, I came to this country at the age of 19,” Aura said. “I left my family behind to search for a better opportunity in America.”

Prior to embracing the Ambit Opportunity, Aura worked in a hospital helping others. Her husband, Louis, is not only Aura’s support system in Ambit, but he also protects and serves his community as Chief of Police. Before joining Ambit, Aura worked in the mortgage industry. Louis split his time in the real estate business and law enforcement.

“One day, I realized I was capable of doing something better and decided to challenge myself,” Aura said. “I knew it was time for me to move on, so I totally changed my career. Ambit came into our life at the right time.”

Ambit Was the Right Choice
Ambit provided the opportunity that the Guzman’s had been waiting for, and it all started with a call from a family friend.

“I’ve been blessed to have known Johnny Ventura since I was a kid,” Aura said of her sponsor. “One day he called our house and informed us of an amazing opportunity that was right in front of us. What impressed Louis and me the most was how perfect the compensation plan was, and how organized the system is.”

Working with her husband in the real estate/mortgage industry, Aura was uneasy about the volatile housing market, so moving on to Ambit was an easy choice. On her own in the beginning, her husband finally saw the light after witnessing Aura’s success.

“At first my husband would tell me, ‘I have to see it to believe it,’” Aura said. “He was a little skeptical, but not anymore. He is very supportive towards this great business opportunity. We both realize Ambit is our passport to Financial Freedom!”

Everything was falling into place for Aura and her husband, with success coming rapidly. According to Aura, the ease and straightforwardness of Ambit’s system helped make the transition simple.

“It’s so simple to navigate the business online – whether keeping track of how many people have joined your business or just your overall progress,” she said.

The Right Fit from the Beginning
From the very start, it was clear to Aura that Ambit was the right choice. It didn’t take long for her husband to incorporate himself in the venture by providing leads on potential Consultants and Customers.  Aura’s confidence in the Ambit Opportunity was contagious, and her business was received positively by her family.

Furthermore, Aura believes that Ambit has played a role in making her marriage even stronger. Being around positive people produces positive results. Aura’s husband, Louis, achieved success in his career with hard work and commitment, and Aura has done the same with Ambit Energy.

Our Future is Bright
Even with her success, Aura is intent on helping others.

“Our future absolutely looks brighter,” she said. “We are looking to help out a lot of families. Being a part of Ambit is more than just electricity and gas. It’s about going out of your way to enhance someone else’s life by giving them the right vehicle.”

Aura has a message for all potential new Consultants out there.

“You can achieve any dream you may have in this business,” Aura said, “but first let’s do the work so we can be compensated later.”

Our “Why”:
We want to be able to provide the best for our family, and have a quality and enjoyable life.

Time spent working the Ambit Business:
I started part time but now my mentality has changed – every time I leave my house I am constantly networking. I do my best to build relationships with prospective clients where ever I am, and continue expanding my list.

The single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing the Ambit business:
The Success from Home magazine is a very good tool and attending Simulcast will impact your business. Plus, the opportunity to earn FREE energy is ENORMOUS.

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
Besides what you learn, it’s a lot of fun and full of SUPRISES!

Thanks to the five Senior Consultants who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Sócrates Oliveros, Michael Guzmán, Wilson Benjamín, Lilian Rodríguez and Kevin Guzmán.

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My Financial Burdens Are No More

Joseph Dean, Executive Consultant

Joseph Dean Headshot

Before he joined Ambit, Joe was both a teacher and a coach. With a beautiful wife of 41 years, Dorris, and two children, Joe knew he needed to find a way to continue making money when the time came for him to retire from teaching and coaching. 

“When I retired from teaching, I knew I had to supplement my income. Ambit gave me the opportunity to do just that and it has been great,” said Joe.

For Joe, his main motivation behind joining Ambit was to one day achieve financial freedom, something he knows may take some time. “I am not where I want to be yet, but I am still working on my goals,” he added.

Friends and family see the light!
As with many Ambit consultants, Joe’s friends and family took some time to finally hop on the Ambit train. In fact, many of his close friends questioned what Joe was getting himself into. But after only a short time at Ambit, those closest to Joe saw what an impact it was having on his life. “Now they can see it is working for me,” said Joe. “Some are even becoming my customers, joining me at Ambit Energy.”

Nonetheless, Joe said the two biggest challenges he faces are getting people to try Ambit as a customer and building his team. “My attitude has always been ‘you win when you win,’ so I just keep working my Ambit business every day,” said Joe.

My financial worries have disappeared
One of Joe’s proudest accomplishments upon joining Ambit has been to see his team start to get their residual income growing. Joe noted that he’s also been able to see his own residual income grow each month as well.

“This has taken a lot of financial worry off of me,” said Joe. While Joe added that he’s always had the ability to maintain a positive attitude, Ambit has helped make that skill even stronger. “I try to always be a positive example, and show them if I can do it, they can too,” Joe noted.

During his time at Ambit so far, Joe has made some new goals for himself. He is striving to show his team how they can get to the next level, while building his own next level at a faster pace than he did EC.

Joe can now see a future without the financial burdens he used to face thanks to Ambit, and he is excited to share that with his team. His advice for new Consultants is plain and simple: Write your goals down, make a large list and work your Ambit business every day.

In his attempt to become an NC, Joe plans to do a few specific things. “I’m going to build a team with a leader when they come into Ambit. I also want to recruit people who are business-minded team leaders with a positive mental attitude,” said Joe.

My “Why”:
My “why” is financial freedom.

Time spent working our Ambit business:
I work about 15 hours per week on my Ambit.

The single most effective success tool, factor or influence for growing our business:
The one-on-one and group meetings are by far the most effective tools for my Ambit.

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
The announcement is my favorite thing about AMBITION.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC:
Kenneth Williams, Lorenzo Williams, George Coleman, Eddie Williams and Michael Williams

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Increasing Charitable Contributions

Greg & Beth Korcyl, Executive Consultant

Greg & Beth Korcyl Headshot

Before joining the Ambit team, Beth and Greg both held steady jobs of their own. Beth worked in corporate America as the owner of a brokerage/consulting firm, while Greg served for 30 years in law enforcement with Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy sheriff.

However, 15 years ago, Greg was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, progressing to the point that there was a concern as to whether or not he could continue to perform his duties as a deputy sheriff.  “Even though after 30 years of law enforcement, retirement was not an option for us as we were not ready to change our lifestyle.” said Greg At age 26, Beth was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease, myasthenia gravis. She was told that she would be in a wheelchair within five years and was handed disability papers.

Despite this news, Beth forged ahead and continued to work. She also ran half marathons and stayed as active as she could. Two years ago, however, she was diagnosed with a blood cancer called multiple myeloma. “Unfortunately, the two diseases have become a huge challenge in my life and it has become necessary for me to receive treatments to hopefully subdue the progression of both.” said Beth.

Discovering Ambit
After one of Greg’s co-workers shared the Ambit website with him, the couple saw the Ambit business opportunity as a way to reach retirement and to allow them to maintain their current lifestyle.

“Our goal was to be able to get Greg to retirement within 2 years, and within 18 months we were producing enough income with Ambit to allow Greg to retire,” said Beth.

Since Beth’s business is set up with residual income already, her goal was to buy back her time so she could concentrate on her health and enjoy the rest of her life. “Within 18 months Ambit had also allowed me to leave the corporate world which allowed me to buy my time back,” said Beth. “I do not wake up to an alarm clock any more!” 

Working their business
Since the beginning, Beth and Greg’s friends and family have been very supportive of the couple’s endeavors. Their biggest challenge is maintaining momentum during Beth’s treatments, as she is down for two weeks at a time.

Beth and Greg have learned that the two most important aspects of the Ambit business are learning how to become a “master inviter” and how to overcome objections.

Looking ahead, Beth and Greg imagine themselves working towards NC and earning “the yellow jacket” as they continue to help others reach their goals.

“Ambit has allowed us to become financially free and increase our charitable contributions. Our time freedom has allowed us to give back to the community and the ability to donate more charitable foundations.  The biggest gift is knowing that we were able to help a family in need that was not able to provide a Christmas for their family.. “ said Beth & Greg.

Our “Why”:
Retirement & financial freedom

Time spent working the Ambit business:
When we first started in Ambit we spent 15–30 minutes a day inviting people to take a look at the opportunity and attended two local BP’s a week. As our business grew and new markets opened, we quickly realized what we had our hands on and knew the more time we dedicated to building our business and helping others would only benefit us in the long run.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Using the Magazine with the DVD for one-on-one’s and home meetings

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Bonuses and announcements of course….but the time learning from others.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
John and Billy Jean Hubert, Sarah Hallberg, Rhonda Callan, Casey Stoll and Joe Justka




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Ambit Opened Up My Future

Syed & Syeda Nasreen Iqbal , Executive Consultant

Syed & Syeda Nasreen Iqbal  Headshot

Syeda Nasreen and Syed Iqbal migrated to the United States from Bangladesh in search of a new lifestyle. Their goal was to help others who have been deprived in their own lives.

Growing up, Syed was the youngest among his brothers in a large family. After adolescence, he worked hard to get his education. Syed excelled, finishing his master’s degree with honors in business from the Chittagong University of Bangladesh.

When Syed came to the U.S. after college, he was searching for a better future. He worked hard to find a job after arriving in America.

Unfortunately, he struggled with very low self-esteem due to difficulty speaking and understanding English. However, Syed’s hard work and dedication led to quick promotions at the various fast food restaurants he worked for at the time.

“I got so comfortable,” said Syed. “I did not want to look for any other opportunities.” 

Syed’s wife Nasreen helped motivate him to attend Wichita State University in Kansas. He attended college part-time and received a degree in management information systems in May 2004. 

Before Syed began working with Ambit, he served as an auditor and QA technician for a Fortune 500 company called Palco-LSI Inc., in Kansas.

Ambit turned my life around
In May 2010, Syed called up a friend for a business building seminar address and was rerouted to an Ambit meeting. Syed was impressed by the lucrative compensation plan and believed it was a better business opportunity.

“I’ve always wanted to run my own company and be my own boss, so this business was an answer to my prayers,” said Syed. “I was excited about the business from the beginning.”

With a student loan to pay off and very little understanding of the magnitude of the business, there was a lot of learning and changing to go through for Syed.

My future finally looks brighter
Syed feels confident that he can give his family a better home and a better future thanks to Ambit. Of course, there were many challenges and struggles along the way. There is no Ambit service or system in Syed’s area of Wichita, Kansas. In fact, the closest business meeting is nearly six hours away.

“I have driven hundreds and thousands of miles to understand and learn since I did not have any systems or services available in Kansas,” said Syed. “But I had made a commitment to build this business. Most weekends I would drive hours to attend the training.

“I learned a lot, including how to start my own meetings.”

Syed noted that sometimes only one or two other people would show up, which made his team stronger and more determined to succeed.

“Soon my business expanded,” said Syed. “More and more people caught on to the dream and started building the business with me.

“If I can do it from out of Kansas where Ambit is not in service, anybody can succeed with Ambit.”

My “Why”:
I have always had a great desire and passion for being an owner of my own business and to help others become successful.

Time spent working our Ambit business:
I took on my Ambit business as a means to be successful after losing my full-time job.

The single most effective success tool, factor or influence for growing our business:
The Ambit training center in Las Colinas by Bryan McClure and the support system in Power Zone have been great tools in my success.

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
Trainings, new market openings, new open state for Ambit and seeing our business grow geometrically.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Syed Akram, Dr. Arief, Abdullah Al Mahmood, Syed Anam and Ruma Akter.

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Ambit Brought Out My Best Qualities

Fernando Zaragoza, Executive Consultant

Fernando Zaragoza Headshot

Fernando has always considered himself an entrepreneur. In fact, he has never worked for a company that he did not own. While in school in Mexico City, Fernando studied business administration. Prior to joining the Ambit family, Fernando and his wife, Norma, owned their own sign company for more than 15 years.

“One of the talents that God gave me is the power to listen to people, which allows me to help them,” said Fernando. “So it is very easy to relate to everyone as I am a very positive and motivated person.

“I never lose the hope.”

Despite owning his own sign company, Fernando and his family were going through a very difficult financial situation.  With two daughters to support, Fernando and his wife were beginning to receive late charges as they found themselves unable to pay bills on time. Most of their monthly earnings were going to his oldest daughter’s college tuition.

“We were not able to have a holiday, and I often felt lost,” said Fernando. “I did not know what was going to happen to our financial situation. I’ll always be grateful to my wife and daughters because they never stopped supporting me.”

Ambit Changed Things
Fernando’s friend Mireya invited him to see what she was able to do with Ambit to earn extra money. He initially refused, saying he did not have the time.

“It’s either time or money,” Mireya replied.

Immediately it clicked in Fernando’s mind, and he decided to see what the Ambit Opportunity was all about.

“I saw then that she had found the project of my life,” said Fernando. “I would have residual income and I thought, ‘I have to be part of this.’”

What Fernando expected was the ability to pay his bills on time and to have time for his family.

“My ‘Why’ is my family,” Fernando said. “I enjoy the good life with my family.”

I Have Time to Enjoy my Family
The most difficult part of Ambit for Fernando was adjusting the perspective of the people who signed up to be Consultants.

“Some people do not believe in themselves and they are embarrassed to talk to their family and friends,” said Fernando.

For Fernando, the solution has been leading by example, giving a lot of support and training and helping others gain more self-confidence while growing their business.

“We basically show them what we do and how we do it so they learn when it’s their turn,” added Fernando. “Repetition is the mother of all skills.”

With Ambit, Fernando has now accomplished several things that he is proud of.

“First and foremost, I have time and money to enjoy with my family,” said Fernando. “I also feel very good when I help my consultants to achieve their own goals. My rule is to help any consultant to reach the next level.”

For Fernando, he can now see the future differently, believing he will be able to finally retire and enjoy time with his family. His Ambit business has also brought out his best qualities.

“I have discovered that I am patient, who I never considered I was,” said Fernando.

Looking ahead, Fernando is working to become an NC in two years and to earn himself a yellow jacket. Another goal he has for the near future is expanding to other markets.

“I am looking forward to accomplishing many things, while using presentations and training workshops to help my team,” said Fernando.

My “Why”:
My family.

Time spent working our Ambit business:
Anywhere from 30-40 hours a week.

The single most effective success tool, factor or influence for growing our business:
The emails from Ambit have so much good information including training, podcast interviews and stories.

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
Going to AMBITION 2013 as an EC for the first time with one other EC from my downline.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to become an Executive Consultant:
Maria Alicia Gonzalez, Jose Sanchez, Eliseo Trevino Hernandez, Gonzalo Andrade, and Edgar Flores

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On the Road to Success

Phillip Felton, Executive Consultant

Phillip Felton Headshot

Phillip Felton started his career as a nurse, but soon realized he couldn’t stand the sight of blood. That understanding drove him in a new direction—to a career as a truck driver and owner of his own trucking company. Philip is a member of the “Two Million Mile Club” and claims: “I have more miles backing up than most people have going forward.”

While he enjoyed his work and found financial success, Phillip didn’t like being on the road away from his two children for days and weeks at a time. So when a woman from his church told him about the Ambit Opportunity, he was ready to listen.

“I was impressed by the low start-up cost and the fact it was a service and not product sales,” he said.

On a Roll
Once he started, Phillip went at his Ambit business with the same drive and determination that led him to be named a high school All-American football player. Despite being questioned by many of his friends and relatives, he made Senior Consultant in just 62 days. Along the way he developed new sales skills and learned to overcome his fear of speaking in front of people.

“I am very committed to my team, and always available to help them in every way possible to help them grow their business,” Philip said. “I now fully expect to reach National Consultant.”

Because of his hard work, Phillip now envisions a better future for himself and his family.

“I see myself with financial freedom,” he said, “time to spend with my family, and opportunities to travel and do other things we enjoy.”

Full Speed Ahead
As he moves towards the future with Ambit, Phillip has one big goal in particular.

“I plan to design a mobile training facility to help my partner,” Philip said. 

He has gained an improved outlook, knowing he is obtaining financial freedom and that his children are going to be secure. Philip also has important suggestions for other Consultants.

“Do something every day, and keep in mind that the beginning is always the hardest. No matter what, stay plugged into the system,” he said. “Keep focusing on your “Why” and you will succeed.”

As he works to achieve his goal of becoming a National Consultant, Phillip hopes to encourage others to reach for their dreams despite any obstacles they may encounter. Given his success so far, it looks like he’s really in the driver’s seat.

My “Why”:  
My daughter Kyah and my son Joshua.

Time spent working the Ambit business: 
15-20 hours/week.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business? 
Taking high volumes of guests to presentations.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION: 
Meeting and greeting others from around the world.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Thomas Principe, Diane Principe, Cecil & Karen Milliner, Zina Brown, and Michael & Katherine Davis.


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We Want To Help Others

Pablo & Telana Nieves, Executive Consultant

Pablo & Telana Nieves Headshot

Growing up in a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, Pablo witnessed plenty of violence. From a very young age, Pablo has had the desire to help others – which eventually brought him to a career of firefighting. Currently, Pablo is a professional firefighter with the City of Rochester, NY. He has also operated several successful businesses throughout his career, including: snowplow removal, private security advisor and a stint as a musician.

Telana grew up in a military family, which gave her the opportunity to live in many different countries and states, including: Japan, England, Pennsylvania and California. After graduating from college, Telana worked as a sales representative, stock broker, government account executive and vice president of marketing for various companies. For the past 15 years, Telana worked in New York as a senior marketing specialist in the economic development department for the City of Rochester.

One fateful day, a snow plow customer of Pablo’s tapped him on the shoulder, gave him a DVD and asked him to watch it. When Pablo and Telana saw the DVD, they decided to go to a business presentation. The couple recognized that the Ambit Opportunity could help them get in control of their financial future, and they quickly decided to join together.

We wasted no time
As soon as Pablo and Telana joined Ambit, they immediately started calling their friends and family to ask them to be customers.

“In the first three days, we had 17 customers and had triggered a bonus in the amount of $300,” said Pablo. “We knew the business worked.”

The couple continued to gather more customers, while inviting more and more people to take a look. They had their initial investment back within a few weeks and were promoted to RC within a month.

“The money we started making with our business helped us with our first ‘Why’ of relieving the stress of living paycheck to paycheck,” said Telana. “We know that our Ambit business is a blessing from God.”

When Pablo and Telana started their Ambit business, Pablo was still working as a professional firefighter – while juggling four other businesses and part-time jobs to make ends meet. After working on his Ambit business for just eight months, Pablo was able to replace those incomes. He is now able to concentrate on his full-time job as a professional firefighter along with his Ambit business.

While working full-time for the City of Rochester, Telana was contemplating starting a marketing consultant business just to help out financially. Ambit came along just in time. After working Ambit part-time for 19 months, she was on the path to replace her income and was able to retire early from her job with the city.

We converted many of our friends
“Some of our friends, family and colleagues were initially skeptical when we started,” said Telana, “and, in some instances, actually quite negative.”

However, as Pablo and Telana were promoted and achieved success over the past two years, some of their family and friends joined the business. Other friends who were initially skeptical have even called and asked if they could be customers, then went on to refer other customers to Pablo and Telana!

“As Executive Consultants, we will continue to focus on helping many Consultants on our team achieve their financial goals first,” said Pablo. “We foster a positive environment in which we encourage our team to maintain a positive attitude at all times, and to focus on helping others get what they want first.”

Looking forward, Pablo and Telana are working to qualify for the Five Star Trip and to help five MC’s in their EC code promote to EC. They would also like to help their team to promote to RC and SC, helping them to build a life changing residual income and help them to earn free energy.

“Take action in your business every day, stay positive, focus on your why, and never, ever give up,” advised Pablo.

Our “Why”:
To eliminate the stress of living paycheck to paycheck, getting out of debt, saving up for college for the kids, and being in control of our financial future.

Time spent working the Ambit business:
When we started working the business, we spent five hours each per week. Now we spend between 15 and 20 hours each per week.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Showing the DVD and getting a leader on the phone to do the three-way call and answer our prospects’ questions.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Being surrounded and trained by the most successful leaders within Ambit.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Dr. Melody Cofield, Robert & Darthenia Moss, Pastor Sammie and Tonya Drayton, Pastor Wilbert & Celestine Harley, and George & Carrie West.

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The Future Finally Looks Comfortable

Pedro Perez, Executive Consultant

Pedro Perez Headshot

Before joining Ambit Energy, Pedro owned a company dedicated to commercial electric installations in the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas Mexico. In this position, Pedro performed repair services, installations and sold electric energy generation equipment that was gas and diesel based or ran on solar energy and wind.

“After finishing college, I started building businesses from which I could earn enough money, always with my wife’s support,” said Pedro, “and we have been able to reach our goals each year.”

Eventually, Pedro moved to the United States and opened another store – an extension to his company in Mexico. Before long, someone who was offering advertising tools for businesses approached Pedro.

While working in advertising, Pedro was soon enlightened as to the comparable rates and benefits of being an Ambit Customer.

I couldn’t wait to tell my wife
Soon after hearing about Ambit, Pedro made the decision to switch.

“When I got my first bill, it was lower and I referred my friends,” said Pedro. “Then I learned that I could earn money with the referrals. I didn’t need to know much more than that and I became a Consultant to make extra money right away!”

Pedro became a Consultant in February 2011 and invited two friends to become Consultants as well. At the time, Pedro’s friends knew very little about the business, but joined because they trusted Pedro.

“Then I got invited to an event: AMBITION 2011,” said Pedro. “I didn’t want to go. I didn’t make any money on my Ambit business. I had just gotten my investment back, and going meant spending money again.”

But Pedro decided to attend, thinking of the trip as a vacation, and instantly understood the Opportunity and potential of the Ambit business.

“I was so excited that I wanted to go home and explain it to my wife and friends, tell them how great it was, tell them about everything I learned and discovered,” said Pedro.

I decided to commit
After looking at the promotions and witnessing the enthusiasm of AMBITION 2011, Pedro decided to commit to the business. However, he wasn’t ready to leave the business he owned in Mexico. Pedro was waiting to see more lucrative earnings with Ambit.

It didn’t take long. 

In December of that year that Pedro decided to close his stores and dedicate himself full-time to his Ambit Business.

“That is why I have time to help my Consultants promote quickly and earn money,” said Pedro. “That way I have a weekly income for my family.”

For Pedro, Ambit is the best way to keep his family’s financial future secure. Each level is a challenge to Pedro, who is striving to get all of his Consultants promoted.

“The most important part is that it helped many people to have financial benefits by being in this project together,” said Pedro. “Now I have more time with my wife and children. I enjoy vacations, family reunions or just staying at home to play.

“It is very different to have this kind of income without the major stresses of life.”

My “Why”:
I am committed for the welfare of my family.

Time spent working our Ambit business:
40 hours per week.

The single most effective success tool, factor or influence for growing our business:
Success from Home magazine to validate the information.

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
The motivation of the special guests.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC:
Brenda Alvarez, Diana Castorena, Sergio Nunez, Rosalinda Perez and Claudia Reyes.

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