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After graduating from college with an electrical engineering degree, Jason Samuels ran five businesses before joining Ambit Energy. When a couple of former business associates with experience in the energy industry told him about Ambit, he agreed to attend a presentation by EC James Christoffel. Jason says “My initial impression was that I had found a gold mine and would just need to learn the Ambit system. I was impressed by the ability to go after residential customers and help educate them on the pitfalls of not having the right energy supplier on their bill and how to read their electric bill.”

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Why Recognize So Much Exceptional Work?

Whether just starting out or seasoned pros, fast-scoring pace setters or solid, steady performers – Ambit Consultants are destined for great things. And we’re here to celebrate their successes and support them every step of the way.

Why Are So Many Choosing Ambit?

Consultants who start a business with Ambit Energy have a strong advantage over traditional network marketing opportunities. Simply by helping friends, family and new contacts save money every month on their energy bills, Ambit consultants begin earning residual income immediately.

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Celebrating Your Ambit Journey

The EC Fly-in program recognizes your accomplishment, and prepares you to reach new heights as an Executive Consultant.

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