About Ambit Energy

Since opening our doors in 2006, Ambit Energy has made it our mission to celebrate the strengths and achievements of our amazing consultants, employees and leaders. This culture of recognition and excellence has become an inspiration the way we treat our business, and each other.

Our Consultant Levels

Ambit Energy Independent Consultants work to grow their business and make progress as they promote through five levels.

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Level 1: Marketing Consultant

Starting out, Marketing Consultants are learning the details of the business and discovering everything that’s possible with the Ambit Opportunity, both for them and their future teams.

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Level 2: Regional Consultant

When consultants promote from Marketing Consultant level to reach RC, they are beginning to understand the big-picture potential of their Ambit business while deeply focusing on 5-2-6, setting goals and consistently working toward them.

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Level 3: Senior Consultant

Upon promoting from Regional Consultant level, Senior Consultants focus more on growing and developing even more as effective leaders as well as building teams of future leaders.

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Level 4: Executive Consultant

For those promoting from Senior Consultant, reaching EC status means an increased focus on mentoring. This includes developing speaking and training skills to inspire and educate the next generation of leaders.

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Level 5: National Consultant

This elite, top level is achieved by our finest Ambit ambassadors, who partner with Ambit Corporate to achieve Ambit's goal of becoming "the finest, most-respected energy retailer."


Ambit Energy provides electricity and natural gas services in the United States and Canada, primarily marketed through a direct sales channel of Independent Consultants. The company serves more than 1 million active customers in deregulated markets and earns over $1 billion annually in revenue.

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The Ambit Story

Find out how a simple meeting over turkey sandwiches grew to become one of the most successful, game-changing opportunities in energy today.

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Ambit's Leaders

Ambit was co-founded by Jere Thompson, Jr. and Chris Chambless, two experienced entrepreneurs with years of experience building companies.

Their goal was to create a company that would give other business-minded people the chance to take advantage of the opportunities created by deregulation without the high start-up costs, inventory or other expenses usually associated with a new business.