Rise Above the Challenges

Ana faced a difficult challenge when her younger daughter was admitted to the hospital.

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EC Fly-in Program

Newly promoted Executive Consultants are eligible to take part in our Fly-in program, which includes an all-expense-paid trip to our Dallas headquarters for tours, intense training, meetings with executives and field leaders and much more. It’s both a celebration of achievement, and an important first step toward becoming a National Consultant.

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Earning Free Energy shows a consultant has spread the good news about Ambit and earned the trust of 15 referred customers. We recognize this effort with our Free Energy recognition program and present consultants who have earned this honor with a commemorative pin and certificate. Congratulations to our newest Free Energy honorees.

Congratulations to Our Free Energy Winners

The following list is the latest earners for the week

Free Energy

Courtney Cecco
Isael & Maria Ayala
Roberto M Gutierrez
Steve Schafer
Yessica Garcia Verdines
Carl And Janice Greenley
Ricardo De La Pena
Geneva Knight
Rosario Searcy
Osiel Delgado
Gail Mcdonald
Anna Johnson
Ronald Stroud
Melissa Lanfrankie
Brandi Farias
Juan Ortega Aguayo
Nam Nguyen
Nghi Duong

Five-Star Club

Ambit believes in recognizing the hard work of its consultants, and one of the highest honors a consultant can earn is membership in the exclusive Five-Star Club. Twice a year, we welcome exceptional National Consultants, Executive Consultants and Senior Consultants to be part of an exclusive group recognized for their success, dedication to Ambit principles and leadership.

Recent Promotions

Promoting is both the reward for and the celebration of a huge amount of hard work. Whether you’re taking the first step to Executive Consultant, topping out, fast-tracking or finally moving up after years of effort, a promotion is a huge step. All of us at Ambit are proud to congratulate these promoting consultants.

Promotions for the Week of July 31, 2022

Congratulations to Our Fast-Track Promoters

Consultants who promote from MC to RC in 30 days or less, from RC to SC in 90 days or less and SC to EC in 540 days or less are recognized as Fast-Track Promoters. Congratulations to the consultants for their rapid advancement!

Sanjuana T Lundy, TX
Maria Luz Villarreal, TX
Ericka Elizabeth Martinez Castillo, TX
Elizabeth Saldana, TX