The sunny beaches and famed perfect weather of Southern California welcomed our winning Consultants to their Five-Star Club adventure. During their trip our group enjoyed the unmatched beauty of America’s Pacific Coast, challenging golf courses, amazing cuisine and a host of other activities at one of the nation’s most prestigious resorts. Check out our trip in the photo gallery.

Pictures from Pelican Hill

Pelican Hill Winners

Cesar & Sonia Baffoni
Chanan Oxenhandler
Charlie Melchner
Eduardo Teixeira
Frank Nagel
Isaac Neuwirth
James & Kim Mason
Jim & Jacqualine Costello
Julius & Shellie Weems
Leslie & JJ Hart
Melanie Anderson
Nathan McCary
Norka Corvera
Olga & Shimon Kaylyakov
Phil Moser
Regina Gail
Rigoberto Yepez
Shalom Lamm
Shamim & Mahbub Hossain
Shawn Cornett & Damien Pechacek
Stacy Price
Yakov Koppel

Five-Star Club Archives

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