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Top Illinois Recruiters

Illinois has always been a bellwether state, and if the efforts of our Top Recruiters there are anything to go by, the state is well on its way to being a giant Ambit success story.

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Top Maryland and Washington D.C. Recruiters

This is one of the most densely populated, wealthiest areas in the country, and our Top Recruiters are working to make it a top Ambit market as well.

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Top Massachusetts Recruiters

Massachusetts may be home to some of America’s oldest and most famous towns and institutions, but our Top Recruiters there are introducing people to new opportunities on a daily basis.

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Top Pennsylvania Recruiters

If there’s one thing Pennsylvanians know about, its independence. And our Top Recruiters are helping countless new Consultants declare their financial independence.

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Top New Jersey Recruiters

The state’s motto is “Liberty and prosperity” – a motto that our New Jersey Recruiters could adopt as their own as they help others achieve financial freedom.

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Past New Jersey Winners

Steve Queen, 2014
Astor & Janet Chin-Lyn, 2013
Jose Reategui, 2012

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Top Connecticut Recruiters

Little Connecticut is a big opportunity, as our hard-working Top Recruiters continue to bring in outstanding Consultants and work to grow this promising market.

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Top California Recruiters

No other state inspires us to follow our dreams like The Golden State of California – dreams these top California recruiters are pursuing.

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Past California Winners

Derron Lee, 2014
Justin Zhang, 2013

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Top Delaware Recruiters

Known as “The First State,” Delaware presents a first-rate opportunity for Ambit Consultants, with its high density, affluent population and compact size. Top Recruiters there are establishing new firsts as this market continues to grow.

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Past Delaware Winners

Dana Long, 2014

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Top New Hampshire Recruiters

The Granite State provides our Consultants firm bedrock to build successful businesses, with its affluent population, diverse economy and historically strong employment rates. Like our other smaller markets, New Hampshire makes up in opportunity what it lacks in size.

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Past New Hampshire Winners

Mary Jane & John Smith, 2014

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Top Rhode Island Recruiters

Rhode Island is famous for being the birthplace of American industry, so it’s no surprise that its home to some of Ambit’s most industrious Consultants. Through their efforts, our Top Recruiters are helping the state create a new business model for the 21st Century.

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Past Rhode Island Winners

Steven Holland, 2014

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Top Virginia Recruiters

They say “Virginia is for Lovers,” and Ambit Consultants in the Old Dominion seem to agree. They sure love to share their success with others, helping each other build successful networks that spur major growth in this important market.

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Past Virginia Winners

Dr. HL Barner, 2014