Frank Schmaeling

2018 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner

NC Frank Schmaeling leads with integrity, inspires others to not only reach, but surpass their goals and always strives to build up those around him. His training, mentorship and motivation has helped thousands take the next step with the Ambit Opportunity. His positive influence and steadfast, impactful work continues to change the lives of everyone who comes into contact with him. Congratulations to Frank on his well-earned accomplishment as this year’s Co-Founder’s Impact Award winner.

Jeff Rollins

2017 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner

This year’s Co-Founder Impact Award-winner, EC Jeff Rollins, is an unstoppable force of nature with an impenetrable positive attitude. He’s known for always moving his business forward and constantly serving people, and for an undeniable passion that is contagious and inspiring. Already recognized with a Pure Energy Award, Jeff Rollins embodies the characteristics that define this award.

Jim and Julie Brosious

2016 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner

Before Ambit, ECs Jim and Julie Brosious made an impact through community activities. Today, they not only remain active in may local organizations, they impact countless Consultants through their training, teamwork, motivation and work ethic. Ambit is proud to honor them with the Co-Founder’s Impact Award.

Philip Eckart

2015 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner

Philip Ekart’s hard work has paid off for not only himself, but for the more than 200,000 Consultants and 700,000 Customers in his organization. This year, he received both the Co-Founder’s Impact Award and the Royal Blue Jacket representing more than $15 million in earnings. If you’re associated with Ambit, you’ve felt his positive impact.

Jim & Kim Mason

2014 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner

Active in the Northeast, ECs Kim & Jim Mason have built a large and successful business through their attention to detail and concentration on training. Their track record of success and emphasis on building a legacy for others are key reasons they were recognized with this award.

Shawn Cornett & Damien Pechacek

2013 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner

Cornett and Pechacek have a positive impact on all who they come into contact with. They lead through example, teamwork, training, motivation and by displaying a tireless work ethic. This dynamic duo consistently sets the standard in leadership by which others are measured.

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2013 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner, Shawn Cornett & Damien Pechacek

Ray Montie

2012 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner

Also a Thompson leadership Award winner, Ray exemplifies these four pillars of success: training, teamwork, motivation, and a tireless work ethic. He has built an amazing team in the Northeast and is a leader to admire.

2012 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner, Ray Montie

Chris & Debbie Atkinson

2011 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner

National Consultants Chris and Debbie Atkinson met through Ambit in 2006 and married shortly after. Since then they have launched and maintained one of the nation's most thriving and success-driven training centers in the Houston area.

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2011 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner, Chris & Debbie Atkinson

Steve Thompson

2010 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner

Steve believes in helping others achieve success. This award is given to the Consultant who has had the greatest impact by best exemplifying training, teamwork, motivation and a tireless work ethic. With his yachtcast and trainings he exemplifies all of the above while traveling the country.

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2010 Co-Founder's Impact Award Winner, Steve Thompson