Ralph & Ann Nicosia

2018 Ambit Horizon Award Winner

The Horizon Award goes to a Consultant who looks beyond the traditional limitations and sees unlimited possibilities. This year’s award winners, ECs Ralph and Ann Nicosia, established new business roots in Canada while maintaining their U.S. teams. Now well-regarded in Canada for their hard work, it’s only fitting that they would receive this year’s Horizon Award.

2018 Horizon Award Winner, Ralph & Ann Nicosia

Chad Crenshaw

2017 Horizon Award Winner

The winner of the inaugural Horizon Award, EC Chad Crenshaw hired a tutor to learn Japanese and took three months off from his job to go to Japan to support his small but growing business there. This vision and dedication led to the growth of a successful Ambit business, and is a direct reflection of the values the Horizon Award represents.

2017 Horizon Award Winner, Chad Crenshaw