Alan Johnston

2018 Pacesetter Award Winner

As a coach and teacher, EC Alan Johnston developed his innate talent for bringing out the best in his team. As a mentor, trainer and leader in Ambit he uses those same skills he honed as a coach. Known as a motivator, the “Coach” shows others how Ambit can foster personal development in their lives and provide other tangible benefits. We’re honored to present him with the Pacesetter Award for the second straight year.

2018 Pacesetter Winner, Coach Alan Johnston

Alan Johnston

2017 Ambit Pacesetter

This year’s Pacesetter Award winner never believed a home-based business was for him, but when EC Alan Johnston discovered the Ambit Opportunity he jumped in with both feet, bringing the same passion, energy and mentoring ability that served so well as a coach and teacher. Known for his belief that personal benefits developed through Ambit are as important as the financial rewards, the “Coach” is indeed an apt nickname for this year’s Pacesetter Award winner.

Clint and Shana Hummel

2016 Ambit Pacesetter

The Pacesetter Award goes to the Executive Consultant with the greatest number of SCs in their Executive Code. This year’s winners have built an organization of almost 9,000 Consultants and more than 42,000 Customers. We are proud to announce that ECs Clint and Shana Hummel have added the Pacesetter Award to their list of honors. Congratulations!

Henry Ye

2015 Ambit Pacesetter

Since joining Ambit, EC Henry Ye has always been ready to step up. He’s a five-time Top 50 income earner, a Pure Energy Award winner and has become a regular on Five-Star Trips. His organization has Consultants in all 50 states and Customers in almost every open market, and he is known for his helpfulness and positive outlook. He is a true example of the values of the Pacesetter Award. 

2015 Pacesetter Winner, Henry Ye

Jim & Kim Mason

2014 Ambit Pacesetter

ECs Kim & Jim Mason have been setting the pace since joining Ambit in 2010, building their Ambit business into one of the largest and most prosperous in the Northeast. 2014 Millionaire Club Inductees, Crystal Sphere Award winners and multiple Five-Star winners, this couple proves that hard work is well rewarded at Ambit Energy.

Rigoberto Yepez

2013 Ambit Pacesetter

Rigoberto Yepez has been recognized multiple times as a Top 10 income earner. He has also earned his Yellow Jacket and been recognized as a Pure Energy Award Winner. He has achieved so much by continuing to build and support his team and this award is proof of that.

2013 Pacesetter Winner, Rigoberto Yepez

Shawn Cornett & Damien Pechacek

2012 Ambit Pacesetter

This dynamic duo prides themselves on building strong teams. Ask anyone who has met them and they will say they are Ambit Pros.

Chanan Oxenhandler

2011 Ambit Pacesetter

Full of energy and raring to help, Chanan Oxenhandler knows just how to motivate his team to success.

Philip Eckart

2010 Ambit NC Pacesetter

Think of an NC who is invested in helping others and you think of Philip Eckart.

Ray Montie

2009 & 2010 Ambit Pacesetter

A tireless work ethic and training others to succeed is what Ray Montie is famous for. Ray's back-to-back Pacesetters are due to the attention he pays to the well being of his team.

Steve Thompson

2009 Ambit NC Pacesetter

Steve's dedication to team building is evident to all who meet him, and the reason why he is our NC Pacesetter.