Ambit Shout-Out: Accountability Partner

She gives 100% percent without any hesitation with anyone in Ambit, education 3ways, mentoring, support. The real story is when you meet her, she is always full of energy, always ready to jump in, help you with any part of your success with your business and as a person. She is a fantastic leader and mentor. Even if you are not in her down line she is more than ready to help you in any way you ask. When I first saw and heard Tracy, I was in awe of her energy, positive attitude, her success. I don't have an up line that has helped me. I started to get to know her and listen to her powerful energy and guidance. I then asked her to be my accountability partner to help me. She said of course! She truly walks the walk of "People Helping People". I recommend for you to watch and listen to her. She is even worth a Pure Energy Award. She puts in countless hours for not only her team as well as others. She gives it all with her huge heart to help others change their lives!!

Dawn Incerta about Tracey Tidwell
February 24, 2016

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