Ambit Shout-Out: Ana Bonilla

Hello everyone, I would like to give a HUGE!!!!! Shout-out to Ms. Ana Bonilla a lady that I would like the world to know what she does for her team and Ambit. I would like to say just a little bit of what she has done for me: when I first met her, she drove 4hrs to come to my home and show me Ambit presentation from that moment on she has taking me under her wing. I called her for every question I have any moment of the day or night but that is not just it; it doesn’t matter how many times I called she always have an answer for my questions. And many of those occasion she been extremely sick with high fever but even on those moments she always answers with so much love, caring and never there’s a NO for an answer, Ana Bonilla works so hard every day every moment she is so dedicated to Ambit that she even says that she’s engaged with Ambit (Lol) for that and many more I would like to say THANK YOU MS. ANA BONILLA

Mily Arias about Ana Bonilla
March 13, 2019

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