Ambit Shout-Out: Hannia Narvaez and Victor Fontaine

I want to send this most deserving shout out to two people whom I respect dearly. You cannot speak of one without the other because they are the true epitome of POWER COUPLE. ALWAYS, working side by side for the betterment of all in Ambit land. Since 2012 and 2010 respectively, Hannia Narvaez & Victor Fontaine have worked selflessly out of Houston, Texas long hours to bring top notch presentations and sold out power trainings for all to attend. Primarily in Spanish they have opened the doors for many in our community to excel and reach top levels in Ambit Energy. Throughout the year they host annual events such as Ambit Women's breakfasts, the annual conference Mujeres Ambit en Accion & consistent weekly presentations. They are true to one of Ambit's core values which is TEAMWORK! thank for raising the bar and for encouraging all of us to always stay positive. GRACIAS HANNIA & VICTOR EC LAURA FERNANDEZ

Laura Fernandez about Hannia Narvaez and Victor Fontaine
August 09, 2019

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