Ambit Shout-Out: Shout- Out Joe and Josie Derby

We are so lucky to have great leaders like Joe and Josie Derby here in Northern California. Here is just one story about them. They host Business Presentations in numerous locations almost every day of the week. Last night they hosted a BP in Elk Grove. Training started at 6:30. Four guests had confirmed they would be there at 7:30 for the BP. Unfortunately no guests showed for the BP. So what did Joe and Josie do? They went straight into a new training section. They spend 90 more minutes training and answering questions. When I looked around I noticed that none of the consultants in attendance were in the Derby's downline. When I mentioned that fact to Joe he said he hadn't even noticed. He said, "This is just what we do." The team motto for Team 526 is People Helping People. We don’t know anyone who does that better than the very first Executive Consultants in California, Joseph and Josephine Derby.

Stephen & Brenda Napolillo about Joe and Josie Derby
June 18, 2018

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