A Second Chance

Roberto and Reyna Lopez, Executive Consultant

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Reyna Lopez had tried network marketing before. After 18 months, she found herself with a room full of unsold products, $18,000 invested and a mound of credit card debt. “It was an experience that discouraged me from future involvement with any other network marketing companies and I promised myself I would never work for one again. I wanted to focus on a secure job and a safe retirement,” she says.

Still, Reyna never lost sight of the dream that drove her to emigrate to the United States as a young woman. And when she and her brother Roberto heard about Ambit, they decided to give it a chance. “I heard about Ambit at a presentation in Ossining, New York. What caught my attention was there was no inventory, no collections and no delivery,” Reyna says. “It’s a service everybody uses, and no one can live without,” adds Roberto.

For Reyna in particular, Ambit was a second chance to achieve Financial Freedom. As a single working mother, she hoped the extra income would help her recoup her investment in her other business, as well as provide for her daughter’s education.

Staying the Course

Even though she and her brother believed in Ambit’s business model, success took time. At first, many family and friends didn’t believe Ambit would work. They remembered how badly Reyna’s first business had turned out, and encouraged her to apply all her efforts to her full-time job. Their reluctance to get involved made it hard to win them over as Customers and Consultants, too. “Many of them didn’t even want to share their electricity bill with me,” Reyna says.

After more than a year of trying without seeing any positive results, the Lopezes were about to give up. But their mentor, EC Sonia Baffoni convinced them to stick it out a little bit longer. And as Reyna continued to develop her abilities as a public speaker and kept working the proven system, she started to see results. Just two short years after nearly giving up, she was recognized as an Executive Consultant as a ceremony in Elizabeth, New Jersey in front of 200 people.

Sharing Success

As the Lopezes success increased, they were able to share it with others. Reyna was able to buy a new house and a new car, but just as important she saw many members in her organization achieve success, too. “I have Senior Consultants who are earning more than their salaries with Ambit, and they are more committed than ever to success with Ambit Energy,” she says.

She encourages new Consultants to follow the system and listen to their leaders. “Also, you must attend at least one Simulcast or AMBITION,” Reyna says.

Next, of course, is achieving the level of National Consultant. The Lopezes are working on new lists, excited about moving in to solar with Sunrun, and continue to expand their contacts into new markets. They also want to help more people in their organization promote and build on the success they have already achieved.

Given what they’ve accomplished so far, that looks pretty promising.

Five EC Pieces 
(please keep your answers in this section brief - no more than one short sentence)

My/ our “Why?”
My daughter and our future.

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:
12-20 hours per week.
What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Follow the system and attend the monthly trainings from our leaders Cesar and Sonia Baffoni. Use the magazine Success From Home, flyers and dvds, they have been my working tools.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Listening once again to John Maxwell and learn form the knowledge and insights of his speeches.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
Thank you form the bottom of my heart:
Jose Antonio Dario
Clodomiro Falcon
Victoria Freire
Gloria Hernandez
Cesar Flores

For your work, for believing that things are possible, for their commitment to achieve the senior level and for me to become an Executive Consultant.

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