A Story of Success and Inspiration

William (Jeff) Brogan, Executive Consultant

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“I always tell people I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could,” says EC Jeff Brogan.  Raised in Friendsville, Tennessee, a small Quaker town in the foot hills of the Smokey Mountains, Jeff set his roots in Texas early on. 

After graduating from East Texas Bible School he moved to South Texas to continue his studies at Kings-Way Missionary Institute Language School and Pan American University.

There he met his future wife, Ester Ybanez. The two were married in 1983 and soon began to pursue their dreams of starting a family and owning their own business. Over 16 years the couple had three children April, Ashley and Aaron, their family business venture grew and flourish. But their plans were cut short when Ester passed away unexpectedly in 1999.

Looking forward Jeff knew things would be difficult; doing his best to be both mom and dad to his three children his life began to take a new direction. Jeff and his children began to travel with a Native American Ministry helping other less fortunate.

The Next Chapter, a New Beginning
A few years later just after Jeff had returning from a trip with the Ministry to Peru, Adriana Adams and her husband Jack stopped by his house and introduced him to Ambit.
As they shared their Ambit experiences with him, he began to see the opportunity it offered and the potential for the time freedom he was looking for. His thoughts began to grow, it was perfect timing because while on the trip to Peru, Jeff had what he called his “light bulb moment.”

“I found myself checking on my ‘conventional’ business on my cell phone one day,” Jeff recalls. “The economy had gone down the drain and I was struggling to get my clients to pay for their services. The problem was, however, that I was sitting by a beautiful river running into the Amazon. I thought, ‘You need something where you don’t need to be concerned with people paying their bills.’”

Jeff was ready and looking. He says, “After hearing Jere Thompson’s vision statement, To become the Finest and Most Respected, I knew the company’s leaders were men of character and the kind of people I would like to be associated with.”

Jeff admits, in the beginning, running his conventional businesses and being a single parent/new grandparent posed a significant challenge. So he made the decision to work Ambit part time by committing to attend a minimum of one presentation a week, to never miss an AMBITION and attended every training event he could. Soon his persistence paid off and it was only a matter of time until he found his stride in the business.

The Story Continues
“Today, the same family and friends who teased me about my $30 checks are asking me how much my check grew in the last month,” he says. “I am now able to buy back much of my time and I no longer stress about clients paying their bills.”

Today, Jeff is working toward passing his other businesses on so he can focus fully on Ambit. Taking a sneak-peek to the next exciting chapter, Jeff is eager to become NC and a member of the Millionaire Club by June of 2014.

“I have always loved to help people, and now I have the vehicle which enables me to help so many – From Free Energy to earning thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars each month,” Jeff says. “And my advice to any new Consultant would be to Dream, and Dream Big.”

My “Why?”
To buy back my time and be able to spend it with my kids and grandchildren wherever and whenever we would like.

Time spent working Ambit
At first I only could spent 2-3 hours a week working my Ambit Business, but as I began to rearrange my schedule it became more, until now I work my Ambit business from 20 to 25 hours weekly.

Most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing the Ambit business.
Attending Ambition and getting my team to attend and also using the Success From Home Magazine. 

Favorite thing about AMBITION.
Getting to meet and help people.

Thanks to the five Senior Consultants who helped us/ me become an EC.
Gayla Huerta, Jaime Rodriguez, David Nunez, Isela Gomez and Aaron Brogan.

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