Our Past Shapes Who We Are

Alma Erika Lopez Garza, Executive Consultant

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Our Past Shapes Who We Are
Before Alma started her journey toward becoming a part of the Ambit family, she lived in Mexico and worked as a stylist. When she arrived in the United States, she dedicated herself to caring for her family and their home. Once settled in, however, a major health scare put life into perspective for Alma. “When my children were young, I was diagnosed with Systematic Lupus Erythematosus, a chronic autoimmune disease that attacks organs and tissues of the skin.” To make matters worse, her husband was forced to leave the country suddenly turning her into a single parent. Despite the difficult circumstances she was under, she never gave up.

As anyone in her difficult position would do, she pushed forward. “I decided to take my husband’s pool cleaning business forward as it was my only option,” she says. “But, I longed for something better where I didn’t have to constantly be in the sun which was challenging because of my condition. Soon after, the Ambit Opportunity appeared.”

The Opportunity of a Lifetime
Alma was introduced to the Ambit Opportunity in 2013 and at the time was unsure if it was the right move. It’s a common theme for consultants and their families or friends; uncertainty is understandable, but as we all have learned, all it takes is patience and re-introducing the Opportunity to skeptics to help them change their minds. “Fortunately, Ambit came back into my life in 2018 through a friend,” she says. “What impressed me about the Ambit Opportunity was you didn’t need an academic degree to grow your business and my initial impression, without a doubt, was that it is a great opportunity that anyone can do as long as they’re willing to learn.” Alma knew it would not be easy once she started and that the road to becoming an Executive Consultant would be long, but through persistence and allowing herself to be guided by her leaders, she was able to accomplish her goals. Alma comes from a loving and supportive family, and that helped her when she was trying to get her business up and running. “From the beginning, my family has supported and believed in me, and now they’re very happy that I have reached my goal of becoming an executive consultant,” she says. As far as doing anything differently, there isn’t anything that she would have changed. Taking time to build your business and always being open to learning new things is the mindset Alma had, and it speaks volumes considering how successful she’s become.

The Future Looks Bright
Whether it’s your business or life in general, it’s always good to set goals, and Alma is doing just that. “For the time being, my goal is to find people like me and help them achieve their dreams,” she says. Her journey isn’t complete, and she fully intends on taking her business to the next level while promoting to National Consultant. As she’s made clear from the start of her Ambit journey, she wishes to help people as much as she can while spreading the Ambit Opportunity to as many people as she possibly can. Advice is valuable in this business, and she knows this well. “My advice to new consultants is to be guided by your leaders and to be connected in any way you can. Attend meetings and trainings and go to as many events as possible. When I started as a consultant, I wanted to know more about technology,” she says. The future looks bright for Alma as she sees a better life for herself and her family. Professionally, she sees herself as a better prepared and more confident person.

Five EC Pieces

My/our “Why”?
My children.

Time spent working my Ambit Business:
2-3 hours per day.

What was your single most-effecting Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
My best tool has been to put my business in God’s hands, perseverance and to never give up.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
What I love most about AMBITION is seeing so many people achieving their dreams.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC:
Javier Botello, Josefa Lopez, Alexander Lopez, Claudia Lopez and Claudia Tanguma.


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