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Rey and Sulma Perez, National Consultant

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Rey Perez was always a hard worker. He’d tried his hand as a truck driver, in television and radio, working for large corporations, and selling cars. But he never lasted more than two or three years in any of his positions. It wasn’t for lack of trying. The problem was that Rey knew he wasn’t looking for a job. He was looking for an opportunity.

In fact, that’s what had driven him his whole life. “I came to the United States at the age of 17 with big dreams because I was coming to the land of opportunities,” he says. “But after 18 years nothing was accomplished in regards to my personal goals and I was hardly surviving from paycheck to paycheck.”

Then, one day, Rey got in touch with one of his former customers, EC Genaro Aguillon, who told him about the Ambit Energy opportunity. “I knew that continuing to do the same thing was not going to change things in my life, so I said ‘I’ll give it a shot.’ After a couple of months, I noticed everything Genaro told me was real, so I started to learn more about the business and how to make money.”

Turning Opportunity Into Success
From the start, Rey was motivated. He had a family of his own in Dallas, and was also helping support additional family members in his native El Salvador. Despite frequently working until late in the evening at the car dealership, Rey spent his day off and other spare time spreading the word about Ambit whenever he could. He even visualized himself traveling to other states and cities, building a national network of Consultants. His hard work and visualization techniques paid off—within a few months Rey was able to quit his job selling cars and focus on Ambit full-time. “I now travel to many cities and find friends that open doors for me and they become as close as my own family.”

As his success continues, his family is still Rey’s main motivator. “My children are growing and I would like to provide them with a good education. My wife Sulma has been a great help in building our organization, from signing Customers and Consultants to solving questions our down-line might have.”

Moving Forward With Ambit
For the first time, Rey sees himself having a career with true potential, and not just a job. “I look at my future as being very solid. I will be able to do what I always dreamed because I will have the resources to help others,” he says. Rey has also developed a strong working relationship with his team members and Consultants. “They call me every day, and I call them to ask how I can help them, and sometimes I go with them to do business presentations. I plan to continue to continue preparing myself and improving my skills in this business.

“For new Consultants, I recommend being constant and persistent over time. Show up to meetings and trainings, and never lose sight of your ‘Why.’ The only one who is responsible for your results is you.”

Rey always believed in hard work and the American dream. And for him, Ambit was the perfect vehicle to achieve his goals, and more.

Our “Why?”
Financial Freedom and to leave a legacy to my next generation.

Time spent working our Ambit business:
I don’t really have a schedule set but as soon as I left my kids at school my day starts and I might go as late as necessary. Wherever I go I share to anybody that is willing to listen

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
The one on one business presentation.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION.
The Guest Speakers, the testimonials and the awards;I was impressed when I heard from Jere Thompson for the very first time the slogan of the company: “never sacrifice integrity for growth”.

Thanks to the five ECs who help us reach NC:
EC Ahide Fernandez
EC Irma Lozada
EC Shirley Miller
EC Noelia Gallardo
EC Ludy González

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