The Road Less Traveled

Perla Flores, Executive Consultant

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Perla Flores’ journey begins at the age of 17. Originally from Durango, Mexico, and one of five siblings, she immigrated with her family to the United States. “I was raised by a single mom who I am very proud of. She taught me the biggest life lesson which is to never give up,” she says. Perla began attending college but was unable to continue her studies due to getting married at 19 years old. Shortly after getting married, she welcomed her first child to the world. She was unable to continue her school career due to the newfound economic hardship that comes along with raising a child.
After a few years, Perla’s marriage ended in divorce which was not only a heartbreaking experience, but also one that brought the added stress of now being a single mother. “Getting divorced was very devastating for me and this led me to depression. It was very hard.” Perla now had two children and knew that something had to change if she was to give her kids the life that she wanted for them. After all, her kids were everything to her. “They are my biggest inspiration,” she says glowingly.

Change Was Coming
Perla knew that something had to change, and becoming more established in life, including financially, was of the utmost importance. As luck would have it, Perla’s friend and hairstylist invited her to learn about the Ambit Opportunity and the rest, as they say, is history. “At the beginning, my family did not care about my business because they didn’t take me seriously. Even now being an Executive Consultant, my siblings still don’t support me on my business because they are used to ‘traditional’ jobs,” she says.
Did she let that get in her way of achieving her dream of being able to provide for her children? Absolutely not. “When I first started, my biggest challenge was to believe in myself and what I was able to accomplish. I always believed I failed in life due to my divorce,” she says. Believing in yourself and knowing yourself, while accepting your weaknesses, can only make you stronger, and that’s exactly what Perla did as her career as an Ambit consultant continued.

The Grass is Greener on the Ambit Side
Life finds this strange way of kicking you when you’re down but finding a way to get back up is what counts. “Ambit has opened my mind and vision to do new, creative stuff. The experiences I have had in my Ambit journey have helped me discover my inner strength which I now know is much stronger than I originally thought,” she says. The Pandemic of 2020 could have spelled doom for her business, but not only did her business flourish during this time of uncertainty, but she was also able to leave her traditional job to focus solely on her Ambit business. “Since I am a single mother, I thought about it twice. But, finally, I decided to go full-time with Ambit,” she says. Because of this, Perla has created a web of trustful relationships with her team which has given each team member the opportunity to help one another. “My team knows I am always here to help.”

Five EC Pieces

My/our “Why”?
My Why since the beginning has always been my kids and our future. It keeps evolving every step of the way looking better with great hope for a brighter future.

Time spent working my Ambit Business:
Full time

What was your single most-effecting Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Do Ambit everyday even that is for a short time. I Remember when I started, I used to use my 30 minutes lunch break to make my phone calls and follow ups. If you are persistent your business will eventually grow.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
The testimonials. It is always so encouraging to hear the success stories of all the amazing leaders we have in Ambit Energy. It helps us a lot to continue with our journey.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC:
I want to thank these five SCs that helped me become an EC. I am so blessed to have them on my team: Guadalupe and Salatiel Osorio Luis Arevalo, Karen Navarrete, Luna Cruz and Carmen Galindo.

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