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Name Teresa & Michael Percifield
Current Rank Executive Consultant
State Texas
Ambit Since 2014

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Executive Consultant

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At Ambit Energy, we’re inspired, proud, and even awed by the success stories we hear from our Consultants every day. Read the article about Teresa and Michael Percifield, The Decision That Changed It All.

Teresa Percifield was a single mom with a demanding job. Working in the oil and gas industry had great opportunities and benefits, but there was also a demanding travel schedule. “My territory was the entire United States, and my first year, I spent only one weekend at home.” She … Read more

Read the Featured Consultant Article: The Decision That Changed It All

Consultant Profile

How did you hear about the Ambit Opportunity & what impressed you most?

My friend Paul Easton kept trying to get me to take a look for a while. Once he finally got me to meet with him and Darryn McClure, I knew right away that the company was solid because of the leadership. Then after they told me about how they worked as a team I knew that this was it!

What is your “WHY” that keeps you focused and motivated the most?

It has been the most amazing experience seeing people’s lives change. This is a way to help a lot of people in the process of changing my financial future as well. This is marketplace ministry at its finest! I love what God is doing thru this business.

What do you see for yourself in your future, personally and professionally?

My goal is to be EC in May which I can really see happening. My team is the best and we are in this together!! I think I am more excited about the fact that more and more of them are promoting to RC and now we are starting to pop out SCs. When I promote in May I am looking forward to treating myself to a few of the items that I have on my vision board….but then it will be back to work because all my team will be right behind me reaching EC…..and for that I truly cannot wait!!!

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

Because I was so busy I really just focused on inviting people to take a look and getting them in front of EC Ward Miller or EC Darryn McClure. I use the short video on the energy526 website. Then either get them on a three way call or to a local meeting or both. I am so grateful for EC Ward Miller for introducing my team to Jordan Buckingham’s training videos. It really helped us. It taught us how to gather customers in a way that is totally duplicable.

What advice do you have for new Consultants?

Keep it simple. Get your money back by getting your customers as fast as you can!! Invite, Invite, and Invite people to take a look. Get connected. We are a team so go to the local meetings, Ambition, Simulcast and Power Trip. Connect with as many people and leaders as you can to hear their stories and to learn.

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