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Name Ernie & Peggy Force
Current Rank Executive Consultant
State Pennsylvania
Ambit Since 2011

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Executive Consultant

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At Ambit Energy, we’re inspired, proud, and even awed by the success stories we hear from our Consultants every day. Read the article about Peggy and Ernie Force, Our Life is Changed Forever.

Peggy and Ernie Force know something about commitment. After all, this dynamic duo already has more than 50 years of marriage under their belt. Professionally, their dedication was no different. Ernie enjoyed a rewarding teaching career for 35 years, while Peggy helped others as a medical assistant. Ernie also spent … Read more

Read the Featured Consultant Article: Our Life is Changed Forever

Consultant Profile

How did you hear about the Ambit Opportunity & what impressed you most?

Ernie received three invitations to look at the Ambit Opportunity and refused each time. Finally, he received a call from Ron Long asking him to go to a local meeting and look. He immediately saw the money and got excited. In his excitement, he stayed up most of the night making a list. I (Peggy) at that point was not excited. However, as the money started to flow I too got excited. Today it is hard to hold us back.

What is your “WHY” that keeps you focused and motivated the most?

Due to a past experience in network marketing, and an early retirement resulting in a bad experience, Ernie’s goal - which is intense - is to be the oldest National Consultant. I’m as excited to strive for this goal realizing what goes along with that promotion!

What do you see for yourself in your future, personally and professionally?

We see ourselves helping a lot of people to reach their goals, the changed lives and the rewards that come from helping people find themselves and be successful entrepreneurs. We are building a legacy for our kids and grandchildren. Ernie is 76, acts like 56, thinks like 46 and wants other seniors to realize the power of Ambit Energy in their lives.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

The mentoring of Brian McClure, Chris and Debbie Atkinson, Jim and Kim Mason, Ron and Bev Long and Jim and Julie Brosious. Also we immediately plugged into the system which is in place.

What advice do you have for new Consultants?

Set a goal to do it quickly. Don’t be discouraged by the “No’s.” In fact, the more “No’s” you get, the faster you grow. Latch on to your upline leadership, hang on to their coat tails and stay laser-focused on your goals!

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