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Name Carter and Josie Mook
Current Rank Executive Consultant
State Pennsylvania
Ambit Since 2012

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At Ambit Energy, we’re inspired, proud, and even awed by the success stories we hear from our Consultants every day. Read the article about Carter and Josie Mook, A Breakdown Results in a Big Break.

Carter and Josie Mook have backgrounds in the criminal justice system—he’s a police Captain running a patrol division and she worked part-time as an office-administrator in the court system. Even with both of them holding down jobs, Carter had to put in 60-70 hours a week. On Father’s Day of … Read more

Read the Featured Consultant Article: A Breakdown Results in a Big Break

Consultant Profile

How did you hear about the Ambit Opportunity & what impressed you most?

Carter heard of the opportunity from a friend, Eric McCray, who knew how much overtime he had been working to support our family. I had given up my full-time job to be a stay at home mom. Eric asked Carter to listen to a “sizzler call,” which piqued his interest. He followed that up with asking Carter to attend a local business presentation. Carter signed up on the spot and we’ve never looked back. Carter was impressed right away with the opportunity to supplement his income without having to work all the overtime at his regular job as a police officer.

What is your “WHY” that keeps you focused and motivated the most?

Our initial “Why” was to allow Carter to quit working all the overtime in order to spend more time with our family, and that initial goal was quickly reached. We’ve revised that goal and are now working toward giving me the opportunity to “retire” from my part-time clerical job.

What do you see for yourself in your future, personally and professionally?

We see Josie walking away from the workforce sometime soon, likely in the next 18 months. We’ve been working closely with EC’s Steve and Connie Sunday, and they say that I won’t need to work the next eight years, which is when I will be eligible for a full-retirement from the police department.

What advice do you have for new Consultants?

In the early going, EC’s Steve and Connie Sunday and EC’s Kim and Jim Mason assisted us with home shows and 1-1 business presentations in order to build our business and to teach us the proven system. Carter took it upon himself in the first month of our business to attend a training event held by the Mason’s, and this helped immensely. Carter learned from Jim how to become a “master of inviting” to ask people to take a look at the Opportunity.

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