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Name Riley Harpool
Current Rank Senior Consultant
State Texas
Ambit Since 2009

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How did you hear about the Ambit Opportunity & what impressed you most?

I received a call from long time friend Justin Title who asked me to take a look at his website. I was very impressed with the service and prospect of buying my time back.

What is your “WHY” that keeps you focused and motivated the most?

Originally, I joined Ambit because I had no time to spend with my family, and I wanted to buy my time back. I’ve bought some of it back and my “Why” has changed. Most recently, my “Why” has been to get my wife out of jail. She has been in law enforcement as a corrections officer for over 19 years. I want to build our Ambit business enough to where she doesn’t have to go to the jail - which is not exactly a positive environment - and work with criminals any more.

What do you see for yourself in your future, personally and professionally?

In the future, I see myself continually working to become a better leader, helping others to succeed with their Ambit business and adding value to as many people’s lives as I can. I enjoy helping others and Ambit is a tremendous vehicle to do just that. With Ambit, I can help folks with their finances and personal development.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

The Success from Home Magazine, hands down, has been the single most effective success tool for me. Not only is it great to loan to someone so they can read it and watch the DVD, it is a fantastic reference tool during live presentations, home meetings, and lunch presentations. The stories of the other Consultants, real people, many of whom I know well speaks volumes of credibility for the Ambit Opportunity.

What advice do you have for new Consultants?

Invite! Invite! Invite! The invitation to take a look at Ambit is not only what determines each of our successes, but it is the one thing that each of us has 100% control over. How many people have you invited to take a look at Ambit this week? When my business seems slow, I ask myself that very question. Then I get to work inviting others to take a look!

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