Badges of Success

At Ambit, we’re proud to recognize the hard work and success of our Consultants with a series of badges that let you quickly and easily see what each one of them has accomplished. Below, you’ll see what each badge looks like, as well as the accomplishment it represents.

Ambit Consultant Icon

Ambit Consultant

The Ambit Consultant Badge means a Consultant is an active Consultant in good standing with Ambit Energy. That means they are currently serving and acquiring Customers, recruiting new Consultants and are available to help you arrange service, learn more about starting your Ambit business or answer any questions.

Ambit Consultant Website Icon

Active Consultant Website

This Consultant has an accurate, up-to-date website with current contact information, list of markets, and other details you may find helpful if you are looking for service or want to get information about the Ambit opportunity.

Ambit Rank Icon

Ambit Promotion Level

There are five levels of Ambit Consultants: Level 1, Marketing Consultant (MC); Level 2, Regional Consultant (RC); Level 3, Senior Consultant (SC); Level 4, Executive Consultant (EC); and Level 5, National Consultant (NC). The Consultants level is indicated in the badge

Fast-Track Icon

Fast-Track Promotion

To Fast-Track, a Consultant must promote from Marketing Consultant to Regional Consultant in 30 days or less, or from Regional Consultant to Senior Consultant in fewer than 90 days. SCs who promote to Executive Consultant in under 18 months are also recognized for Fast-Track promotion. 

Ambit Anniversary Icon

Ambit Anniversary

Simply tells you how many years a Consultant has been with Ambit.

Founding Consultant Icon

Founding Consultant

A Founding Consultant is a Consultant who was among the first Consultants that Ambit recruited when it was founded.

AMBITION Attendee Icon


Attending AMBITION, Ambit’s annual event, is one of the most important steps a Consultant can take to success. Research has proven that Consultants who attend Ambition have higher incomes and bigger networks than those who don’t. These Consultants are not only taking advantage of a great networking opportunity, they’re also getting the scoop on new information for the upcoming year as well as excellent training, opportunities for recognition and – last but not least – all kinds of fun.

Simulcast Attendee Icon

Simulcast Attendee

Held in select cities, the annual Ambit Simulcast kicks off every new year with an extensive program of information, promotions and other important developments. Outside of AMBITION, it’s the most important Ambit event a Consultant can attend.

State Certification Achievement Icon

State Certification

State Certification shows that an Ambit Consultant has undergone training and testing to be thoroughly qualified to conduct business in a specific state. This helps ensure that all our Consultants are familiar with applicable laws and regulations.

Japan Certification Achievement Icon

Japan Certification

Because of the significant legal and cultural differences between the U.S. and Japan, Consultants who wish to do business in Japan are required to be certified. Those who make the effort to review the materials and pass the certification quiz are awarded the Japan Certification badge as well as the right to enroll Customers and Consultants in the world’s third-largest economy.

Massachusetts Certification Icon

Massachusetts Certification

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires Ambit Consultant to undergo training and testing before they are allowed to conduct business. Ambit Consultants who are certified to sell products in Massachusetts have met all requirements and demonstrated that they are familiar with the Commonwealth's laws and regulations.

Customer and Consultant Gathering

It’s simple. Consultants grow their business by gathering Customers and additional Consultants. That’s why we’re proud to recognize Consultants who are especially good at achieving these goals. As a Consultant’s network grows, so does the level of recognition – and income.

Downline Consultants Icon

Downline Consultants

Downline Consultants are those Consultants who have been recruited by both the named Consultant and their team.

Downline Customers Icon

Downline Customers

These are customers brought into your network by your sponsored Consultants and downline Consultants.

Ambit 5-2-6 Icon

Ambit 5-2-6

Ambit’s 5-2-6 is the basic building block of success—basically it is a pattern of a Consultant with five personal customers, two personally sponsored Consultants and six total Consultants (personally sponsored or downline). This is also the requirement to be promoted to Regional Consultant.

Ambit Cares Icon

Ambit Cares

Ambit Cares volunteers participate in local, community efforts that work toward ending hunger. Because at Ambit, we’re all about people helping people.

Ambit Awards

Every year at our AMBITION event, Ambit recognizes those Consultants who have truly exceeded expectations with the major awards listed below. To win any of these awards is to be recognized as truly representing the very best of Ambit.

Thompson Leadership Award Icon

Thompson Leadership Award

Thompson Leadership Award winners are hand-picked by co-founder Jere Thompson for upholding the company’s core values.

Co-Founder's Impact Award Icon

Co-Founder's Impact Award

Co-founder Chris Chambless selects the Co-Founder’s Impact Award winner based on a Consultant’s dedication to training, teamwork, motivation and a tireless work ethic.

Crystal Sphere Award Icon

Crystal Sphere Award

The Crystal Sphere Award goes to the Consultant who best embodies the Ambit Spirit.

Ronny Kirkland Perseverance Award Icon

Ronny Kirkland Perseverance Award

Named after its first recipient, the Ronny Kirkland Perseverance Award recognizes a Consultant who has triumphed against major challenges.

Pure Energy Award Icon

Pure Energy Award

Energy drives Ambit’s business – and the Consultants who receive a Pure Energy Award bring genuine passion and excitement , a pure energy, that is so important to our business.

SC Dream Team Award Icon

SC Dream Team Award

Selected by upline Leadership, the SC Dream Team consists of five Senior Consultants who work diligently to build their team and are driven to become the next great Ambit Leaders.

Ambit Choice Award Icon

Ambit Choice Award

Ambit Choice Award winners are selected by their fellow Ambit Consultants for exemplifying the Spirit of Ambit – teamwork, a commitment to excellence and passion.

Shout-Outs Award Icon

Shout-Outs Award

Want to give an Ambit Consultant or employee credit for doing a great job? This is the place, via Twitter, our Facebook page or

Founders Leadership Council Icon

Founders Leadership Council

Handpicked by Co-Founders Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless, these Consultants help steer many of the top-level decisions affecting members in the field.

Horizon Award Icon

Horizon Award

The Horizon Award was created to honor Consultants who look beyond their current circumstances to a future of hope and prosperity and take radical, decisive action to create a new reality for themselves and for others.

Ambit Cares Award Icon

Ambit Cares Achievement Award

The Ambit Cares Achievement Award recognizes Consultants who stand out as true volunteer leaders and embody the giving spirit of Ambit as they tirelessly work to fight hunger in their community.

Solar Service Award Icon

Solar Service Award

This award honors the Consultant who has gathered the greatest number of solar Customers, resulting in the highest projected savings, most tons of C02 mitigated and the greatest number of equivalent trees planted.

Ambit Achievements

Ambit Consultants are driven to achieve, and we are proud to recognize their accomplishments. We honor our outstanding Consultants for a variety of achievements, from career earnings to recruiting new Consultants to preparing outstanding business presentations. While doing a good job is its own reward, we think it also deserves a little recognition.

$30 Million Achievement Icon

$40 Million Club

The highest and rarest accomplishment Ambit recognizes, the $40 Million Club represents the pinnacle of leadership, service and dedication. Those who achieve this lofty goal are honored with a custom-tailored black-and-platinum jacket with a unique crest marking them as the epitome of the Ambit spirit.

$30 Million Achievement Icon

$30 Million Club

To reach the $30 million level is something that is a truly rare accomplishment and one worthy of celebration. Members of the $30 Million Club receive a custom-tailored black-and-platinum jacket with a special crest to signal their inclusion in this most esteemed group.

$20 Million Achievement Icon

$20 Million Club

The $20 Million Club represents an exceptional level of success that only a select few are able to attain. Consultants who have reached this milestone are presented with a custom-tailored black-and-platinum jacket as a symbol of their incredible accomplishment.

$15 Million Achievement Icon

$15 Million Club

The tireless efforts of our Consultants mean we’re always looking for new ways to recognize their efforts. The $15 Million Club consists of Consultants who have achieved $15 million in earnings with Ambit, and members have earned the distinction of wearing a royal blue jacket.

$10 Million Achievement Icon

$10 Million Club

Our Consultants are always raising the bar. And so are we. The success of our Consultants inspired us to create The $10 million Club. Members are rewarded with the right to wear a special gray and purple jacket, symbolizing their amazing accomplishment.

$5 Million Achievement Icon

$5 Million Club

To earn this distinction, Consultants must achieve $5 million in earnings with Ambit. Membership in the $5 Million Club is the highest and rarest achievement Ambit recognizes.

Millionaire Club Achievement Icon

Millionaire Club

The Millionaire Club is comprised of Ambit Consultants who have achieved over $1 million in earnings with Ambit.

#1 Income Earner Achievement Icon

#1 Income Earner

Ambit Energy’s #1 Income Earner Award recognizes the Consultant who achieved the highest total earnings of commissions and bonuses in a given year.

Top 10 Income Earners Achievement Icon

The TEN, Top 10 Income Earners

Every year, Ambit recognizes its Top 10 income earners. It’s our way of saying thanks for doing such a great job.

Top 50 Income Earners Achievement Icon

Top 50 Income Earners

Ambit lists its Top 50 income earners as a way of honoring them for all the hard work they do in the course of a year.

Five-Star Club Achievement Icon

Five-Star Club

Twice a year, 12 Executive Consultants, 10 Senior Consultants and 3 National Consultants along with one guest each, join Ambit Energy’s Co-Founders on a vacation at an exclusive, five-star resort.

Ambit Pacesetter Achievement Icon

Ambit Pacesetter

The Ambit Pacesetter Achievement recognizes the Executive Consultant who has the most downline Senior Consultants in their executive code.

BP Honor Roll Achievement Icon

BP Honor Roll

Consultants earn their spot on the BP Honor Roll by earning an evaluation score of 95% or above on their hosted Business Presentations as evaluated by an independent survey team to ensure consistent and unbiased results.

Free Energy Achievement Icon

Free Energy

Ambit gives you more than just a great rate. We give both our Consultants and Our Customers the chance to earn Free Energy for helping others to switch and save. By referring or signing up 15 new Customers, you can receive Free Energy from Ambit.

Free Gas Achievement Icon

Free Gas

A great Ambit rate is good. But free is even better. That’s why Ambit gives Consultants and Customers the chance to earn Free Gas just by signing up or referring 15 new Customers.

Comma Club Achievement Icon

Comma Club

Upon receiving an initial residual check for $1,000 or more a Consultant is automatically inducted into the “Comma Club.” The comma represents the “,” in the 1,000.