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Name Tim & Missy Ulinger
Current Rank National Consultant
State New York
Ambit Since 2010

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At Ambit Energy, we’re inspired, proud, and even awed by the success stories we hear from our Consultants every day. Read the article about Tim & Missy Ulinger, A Family Affair.

Tim & Missy Ulinger were introduced to Ambit by Tim’s cousin Mike Bauer. “Mike had only joined Ambit a couple weeks earlier, but after seeing the presentation I joined on the spot.” Of course, being in a family business was nothing new for Tim. In addition to his career … Read more

Read the Featured Consultant Article: A Family Affair

Consultant Profile

How did you hear about the Ambit Opportunity & what impressed you most?

My cousin Mike, who is a pastor from Texas, shared the Ambit opportunity with Missy and I and we signed on the spot!! We loved the idea of network marketing being married to Energy and we loved the company’s motto of being the Finest and Most Respected Energy Company in America!!

What is your “WHY” that keeps you focused and motivated the most?

Our “Why” is our 5 children!! Tim is a full time police officer and Missy is a stay at home Mother who dedicates a lot of her time raising the kids. We also owned 3 businesses which kept Tim working 80-100 per week. Our goal is to reduce the amount of time Tim is away working so he can be home more to enjoy time with Missy and the kids, something that never happened before Ambit.

What do you see for yourself in your future, personally and professionally?

We see Ambit providing a better future for our family!! Ambit has allowed us to sell 2 of our 3 businesses, and on October 30, 2015, Tim RETIRED at age 42 from the Police Force after 21 years as a Police Officer!! We plan on working Ambit full time and plan on helping as many people achieve the level of success Ambit has brought to us!! We LOVE to help people and look forward to changing people’s lives on a daily basis!!

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

We’ve always believed in order to be successful in life, you should always follow and duplicate who is successful already. NC’s Chris and Debbie Atkinson were our mentors from Day 1 and we never waivered from what they have taught us. We followed the Ambit system to a “T” and encourage others to do the same to achieve great success!!

What advice do you have for new Consultants?

We strongly encourage everyone to “PLUG IN” to the proven system!! Be humble and coachable. Follow those that are succeeding. Attend weekly meetings 3-4 times a week, do as many home parties and one on one presentations as you can every single week. Attend every training and major events (Simulcast and Ambition). Do that and we will see you at the TOP!!

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Thompson Leadership Award 2015 Already members of the $1 million Club, winners of the Pure Energy Award and holders of many other Ambit honors, Tim and Missy Ulinger will probably tell you their greatest accomplishment is securing the future of their children. Together, they have built a successful team and demonstrated the value of hard work and integrity to us all.

Ambit Choice Award 2015
This couple have been tireless ambassadors for Ambit, attending their first AMBITION just six weeks after joining the company and steadily rising through the ranks. Tim and Missy Ulinger are recognized as great team leaders, hard workers and outstanding mentors who are as dedicated to the success of others as they are to their own.