Rewarding Success

Ambit Energy believes in supporting consultants and recognizing their many achievements. Our incentive trips both reward our consultants for a job well-done and help them focus on future success.

Five-Star Club

Even the hardest working consultants need to recharge their batteries now and then, which is why we created the Five-Star Club. Twice a year, our winning Executive and Senior Consultants along with their guests, join top Ambit Energy executives for a trip to an exclusive, five-star resort. It’s our way of recognizing their important contributions to our success.

Five-Star Advisors Club

The Five-Star Advisors Club has been created to reward the top Ambit Advisors with a one-of-a-kind trip. Once a year, the qualified Ambit Advisors, along with their guests, will join Ambit Energy executives for a spectacular vacation at a luxurious five-star tropical resort. This is our way of recognizing their important contributions to Ambit Energy’s success.

EC Fly-in Program

Newly promoted Executive Consultants are eligible to take part in our Fly-in program, which includes an all-expense-paid trip to our Dallas headquarters for tours, intense training, meetings with executives and field leaders and much more. It’s both a celebration of achievement, and an important first step toward becoming a National Consultant.