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Latest Consultant Promotions

Week of October 30, 2017

Promoting is both the reward for and the celebration of a huge amount of hard work. All of us at Ambit are proud to congratulate these promoting Consultants.

Newest Executive Consultants

Sophea Um, MA
Daniel Zlotek, NY

Newest Senior Consultants

Dan Hartman, PA
Elbert Clark Jr., ME
Mark McCallum, TX
Anthony Sou, IL
Kandace Kimble, MO
Rosa Cintron, CT
Cliff McAnthony, MA
Guadalupe Rodriguez, TX
John P. DeJac IV, NY
Sarah Perras, MA

Newest Regional Consultants

William Stofle, TX
Katie Deutscher, IN
Amy Abbott, TX
Richard Hageman, ME
Wolf Rosenberg, NY
Bruce Horstmann, IL
Fraidy Rosenberg, NY
Andrew Jervis, RI
Candace Nesbit, CT
Purnima Siva Kumari Yavanmanda, NC
Susan Johnson, IL
Yesica Roldan, CT
Mike McDonald, TX
hualan an, NY
Wilson Alacron, CT
Richard Lewallen, TX
Jaime Duarte, TX
Maritza Miranda, CT
John Salazar, TX
David LaPlant, NY
Shirley Monterrosa, CT
Virginia Marshall, TX
Deborah Osborne, IN
Shawnda Henry, TX
Sharon Lengel, NY
Malya Steinberg, NY
Dennis Kouts, OH
Dennis Fiegl, NY
Sherry Partain, NM
Chanie Shalmon, NY
Andy Torres, TX
Julie Ruffino, TX
Kendall Kendrick, DE
Yvonne Gavirio, TX
Philippe H. LaVerne D. Victor, IL
Eleanor Connors, NH
Heather Carson, CO
Maria Isabel Ruiz Rodriguez, NY
Isaac Bennett, IL
Tamara Francois, NY
Fradel Klagsbrun, NY
Sue Fattibene, PA
Steve V Paguio Jr, TX
Robert & Joan Miller, PA
Laura Ferguson, MO
Luks Kunkle, PA
Anthony Sionni, RI
Zurech Sollof, NY
Yitty Ruttner, NY
Yoel Leifer, NY
Sharon Lambert, ME
Chandler Bair, TX
Stacy Lynch, TX
Sheena Duckett, TX
Longdi Liu, TX
Elizabeth Garcia, TX
Derek Horton, TX
Joshua Buckner, IN
Helen Christian, TX
Ryan Williams, IN

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Ambit Energy Podcast

September 11, 2017

The latest podcasts from some of our top Consultants, Corporate leaders and other experts on a wide variety of topics.

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We made some major announcements at AMBITION 2017, so listen in and catch up on all the reasons this year’s event is going to be remembered as one of the most momentous ever.Ambit VP Darrell Starkweather has the review of everything you need to know to grow your business. … Read/Listen More

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Ambit Why

August 29, 2014

Read many Ambit Why's from our Consultants. It's bigger than a paycheck and keeps them motivated.

Lucky Seven

“Val Johnson and her husband's "Why" is simple: After raising a blended family of seven kids, they wanted to be able to retire in comfort.”

Val Johnson

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