Your Ambit Why: Ambit Changes People’s Lives

My financial struggles and hardships brought my adrenalin up to continue my Ambit Energy business. Borrowing money from people to pay my monthly apartment rent, car insurance and to supply my personal needs and to help my family financially as my monthly paycheck cannot accommodate my basic needs. These are now things of the past. Ambit Energy enables me to stand up to monetary hardships, and the company raises my hope up again. Now I am capable to give back and double the favor to people who helped me when I was down. Ambit Energy truly changes people's lives. I am very thankful to Ambit energy and of course, to our Almighty God who is continuously giving me favors and high abundance as well.

Angelita Bantog
November 26, 2013

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Your Ambit Why

Most Ambit Consultants are motivated by something bigger than a paycheck – something we call their “Ambit Why.” For some, it’s the desire to spend less time working and more time with their loved ones. Others want to build a legacy that enables them to give back to their faith or their community. And some simply want the knowledge they can retire worry-free, with a steady income.

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