Your Ambit Why: Help My Mother

My "Why" is very important to me, which will be very important to many others down the road. As a new Christian man, I want to take the money I make with Ambit and help my mother get her dream house with a wrap around porch, along with helping the rest of my family. I'd also like to help renovate my church I-61 Ministries, as they are a fairly new church. I want to help my friend and his family, then go out in the community and bless people who are in need. God is calling me and I believe Ambit will provide and deliver my "Why." I have much faith in The Lord who gives me comfort knowing I'm with a great company.

Jerry Sharrow
June 27, 2014

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Your Ambit Why

Most Ambit Consultants are motivated by something bigger than a paycheck – something we call their “Ambit Why.” For some, it’s the desire to spend less time working and more time with their loved ones. Others want to build a legacy that enables them to give back to their faith or their community. And some simply want the knowledge they can retire worry-free, with a steady income.

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