Your Ambit Why: My Babygirl

I want to be a father who will be a part of my baby girl's life. I want to see every dance recital, softball game, tennis match, talent show, etc. I want her to see two proud parents there that are going to be proud with whatever her little heart desires. No regrets, and no worries or stress about bills or money or future retirement. That will be perfect smile

Dustan Stoltzfus
March 10, 2014

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Your Ambit Why

Most Ambit Consultants are motivated by something bigger than a paycheck – something we call their “Ambit Why.” For some, it’s the desire to spend less time working and more time with their loved ones. Others want to build a legacy that enables them to give back to their faith or their community. And some simply want the knowledge they can retire worry-free, with a steady income.

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