Your Ambit Why: Our Boys

Our oldest son was born with two rare birth defects. The road has been long and yet that is a blessing because the doctors predicted his road to be short. In fact as I write this story I am sitting on a day bed in a hospital as he is awaiting another surgery. Our youngest is healthy and he has another challenge which impacts learning. As any good set of parents, we worried about what the future might be like for them when we are no longer on this earth. However we had no idea how to set up finances for what we really wanted to leave for them. Then Ambit came across our path. The fact that we can will this business to our boys, is the reason we do what it takes to build this business now. We see, touch and love our why every day. Our boys are who inspires us to be better each day.

Regina and Doug
July 17, 2015

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Your Ambit Why

Most Ambit Consultants are motivated by something bigger than a paycheck – something we call their “Ambit Why.” For some, it’s the desire to spend less time working and more time with their loved ones. Others want to build a legacy that enables them to give back to their faith or their community. And some simply want the knowledge they can retire worry-free, with a steady income.

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