Your Ambit Why: Pursue a Doctorate

I started my Ambit Journey a year ago, right after graduating from college. My goal is to pursue a doctorate and teach at a university, but I graduated with so much student loan debt that it was difficult to think about more schooling. Now Ambit is helping me pay my loans so I can focus on graduate school. I am also recently engaged, which has added a new "Why" to the mix. I want us to be able to retire by the age of 30 and spend the rest of our lives living carefree and helping others. The first year of my Ambit Journey has been amazing. I loved AMBITION 2013 and look forward to AMBITION 2014. My parents are now in the business with me, building their Ambit business to supplement their teachers' retirement. I look forward to the rest of this journey and the many more people that I will meet.

Evan Sullivan
July 01, 2014

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Your Ambit Why

Most Ambit Consultants are motivated by something bigger than a paycheck – something we call their “Ambit Why.” For some, it’s the desire to spend less time working and more time with their loved ones. Others want to build a legacy that enables them to give back to their faith or their community. And some simply want the knowledge they can retire worry-free, with a steady income.

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