Promotions for the Week of August 10, 2020

Promoting is both the reward for and the celebration of a huge amount of hard work. All of us at Ambit are proud to congratulate these Consultants who promoted during the week of August 10, 2020.

Congratulations to our newest National Consultants

Hannia E. Narvaez, TX

Congratulations to our newest Executive Consultants

Nathan Ross, IL
Ana Yanci Lainez y Carlos N Carranza, TX

Congratulations to our newest Senior Consultants

Hector Zapata Hernandez, TX
Estela Hernandez Perez, TX
Ricky Harris, IL
Shauna Clayborn, IL
Rodney Gaynor, IL
Genevieve Scheele, IL
Patricia Alvarez Rivas, TX

Congratulations to our newest Regional Consultants

Tamlyn Fowler-Lee, IN
Prudence Dorsey, IN
Prashan Tkumar Patel, IL
Shawn Skinner, SC
Demarcus Kelly, TX
Randi Lincoln, IN
Angela Monger, IN
Erick Machado, TX
Jaquita Daniel, TX
Daniel Mina, CT
Maria Martinez, TX
Madeline Cooper, IL
Karren J. Hess, TX
Kirven Tillis, TX
Debra Binder, IN
Gloria Dumas, IN

Congratulations to our Fast-Track Promoters

Consultants who promote themselves from MC to RC in 30 days or less, from RC to SC in 90 days or less and SC to EC in 540 days or less are recognized as Fast-Track Promoters. Congratulations to the Consultants for their rapid achievement!

Fast-Track Senior Consultants

Candy Hunter, UT
Andrew Chiligiris, IL
Alejandro Ramirez, TX
Abigail Singh, HI
Teresa J. Martinez, TX
Alice Crider, CO
Juan Mejia, TN

Fast-Track Regional Consultants

Rebekah Ash, IN
Irma Cruz, TX
Graciela Bevilacqua, TX
Juan Santos, TX
Kari Foster, IL
Shanea Thomas, WV
Charles Irvin, CA
Eliezer Krieger, NJ

Fast-Track Executive Consultants

Maria Reyes, TX
Crystal Wilson, IN