Promotions for the Week of July 23, 2018

Promoting is both the reward for and the celebration of a huge amount of hard work. All of us at Ambit are proud to congratulate these Consultants who promoted during the week of July 23, 2018.

Congratulations to our newest Executive Consultants

Bud and Barbara Weathers, TX
Yecenia De La Paz, TX

Congratulations to our newest Senior Consultants

Lawrence Purke, TX
Lilia Garcia, TX
Evelia Martinez, TX
Maria Magdalena Gamez, CT
John Wolter, IL
Elizabeth and Austin King, CA
Christopher Collier, IL
Crystal Nguyen, TX

Congratulations to our newest Regional Consultants

Norma H. Espinoza, TX
Lorenzo Hernandez Colunga, TX
melina salas, TX
Jarren Johnson, TX
Tina Schieferstein, OH
Beontis Walls, AL
Azarie Smith, ME
Jeannine Penna, CT
John Roca, NJ
Joseph W Longo, IN
Daniel Martinez, TX
John Guernelli, OH
Amanda Rodriguez, TX
Dina Tsigler, NY
Michala Cross, AZ
Monica Harrell, CT
Antonio Gallardo, TX

Congratulations to our Fast-Track Promoters

Consultants who promote themselves from MC to RC in 30 days or less, from RC to SC in 90 days or less and SC to EC in 540 days or less are recognized as Fast-Track Promoters. Congratulations to the Consultants for their rapid achievement!

Fast-Track Regional Consultants

Lessi Cruz, TX
Xing Lu, NY
Christopher Moore, IN
Robbie Davis, TX
Miriam Ramirez, TX
Horacio Flores jr, TX
Kevin Treadway, TX