Promotions for the Week of March 18, 2019

Promoting is both the reward for and the celebration of a huge amount of hard work. All of us at Ambit are proud to congratulate these Consultants who promoted during the week of March 18, 2019.

Congratulations to our newest Executive Consultants

Carlos Zertuche, TX
Julia Saldivar, TX

Congratulations to our newest Senior Consultants

Dan Heilman, MI
Erin Munoz, TX
Nancy Carbajal, TX
Jared Burris, TX
Diana M. Duran, TX
Billy W Pointer, CA
Joel Burris, TX
Maria Montejo, TX
Dustin Welsh, IL

Congratulations to our newest Regional Consultants

Bruce Hopper, IL
Tyler Jonas, IN
Eugene Medina, TX
Mark Holody, MI
John Young, TX
Maria Flores, TX
Carmen Ortega, TX
Kenya Wagner, TX
Elizabeth Navarro Tapia, CO
Tom Booth, IL
Zhijun Zhang, NY
Cassandra Gomes, CT
Jeffrey Lankston, IL
Judy Hope, IL
Leticia Diaz, TX
Scott Mitchell, ME
Paulina Guajardo, TX
Roger Beals, IL
Carrie Whitehead, IL
Heleodora Calixto Chavez, NY
Rafael Perez, TX
MWV Consulting LLC, NH
Maria Lopez Salgado, TX
Virgil Griffin, IN
Ronald Vieregge, IL
Sharon Hennesy, TX
Chris Milcarek, IN

Congratulations to our Fast-Track Promoters

Consultants who promote themselves from MC to RC in 30 days or less, from RC to SC in 90 days or less and SC to EC in 540 days or less are recognized as Fast-Track Promoters. Congratulations to the Consultants for their rapid achievement!

Fast-Track Regional Consultants

Alexandra Ji, PA
Devon Logue, IL