Ambit Changing Lives

Many of our Consultants say the best thing about Ambit isn’t just that it changes their lives, it’s that it allows them to impact the lives of others. From helping new prospects start their own journey to developing new skills to giving back to their communities, our Consultants are dedicated to making an impact on the world around them. Here are some of their inspiring stories.

Ambit Changing Lives, Social Selections

Here are a few different perspectives on how Ambit Energy has helped to change the lives of their Ambit Energy Consultants. Many thanks to those who have contributed.

Ambit Changing Lives, Series #1

At Ambit, we’ve learned that making people our top priority means more than good business and satisfied Customers. It can generate life-changing results.

Whether we’re providing our Customers the right products to enjoy a better life, or fostering a vibrant, rewarding work culture for our family of Employees – we are committed to making a difference, one relationship at a time.

We couldn’t tackle this project without getting impact from those who have experienced a change firsthand. That’s why we’re asking you—Ambit, Customers, Consultants and employees—to tell us your story. “How has Ambit changed your life?”

Ambit Changing Lives, Series #2

One of the things we hear back from many of our Consultants is how Ambit has impacted not just their finances, but every aspect of their lives.

It seems that often times, owning and operating their Ambit Business has helped our Consultants discover new skills, gain confidence, even find strength they didn’t know they had. Not only that, when they work with Customers and their fellow Consultants, they find they are able to share these newfound abilities with others, creating a chain of change that ripples throughout their circle of friends and their community.

One of our goals is to collect real, meaningful stories from people who have had their life impacted by Ambit. So we’re asking you – Ambit Consultants, Customers and Employees – to tell us your story. “How has Ambit changed your life?”

Ambit Changing Lives, Series #3

At Ambit, we’re about powering homes and small businesses, and empowering people.

That’s why we work to create a culture that values teamwork, rewards effort and offers a variety of possibilities for our employees and Consultants, all while valuing and caring for Customers. This attitude has allowed us to have an impact not only on people’s lifestyles, but on their lives. Whether it’s owning their own business or finding exactly their right energy product for their needs, people all over America around the world are discovering the Ambit advantage.

That’s why we want to hear from you. If you have a true, meaningful story about how Ambit has impacted you as a Consultant, employee or Customer, please share it. “How has Ambit changed your life?”