EC Spotlight

Every Ambit Consultant has a special story worth highlighting. Here, in their own words, you’ll hear from Consultants who have built their own businesses, overcome obstacles and learned valuable lessons as they pursued the Ambit Opportunity. These stories will inspire, inform and help you set your own goals and operate your Ambit business.

Chanan Oxenhandler

“We started off part-time with Ambit, about 3-5 hours per week. About three months into it, we decided to increase that time simply because the money started coming in. We realized that everything Ambit told us would happen came true when we put in the time and effort. We saw the results.”

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Shawn Cornett

Shawn Cornett
Shawn Cornett says “I was in that position in life where I was just so busy trying to keep my neck above water. Since I joined Ambit Energy, my life has never been the same. The lifestyle that I’m building and the memories that I’m creating for my family because of the freedom Ambit provides has been incredible.”

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Danny Kirby

"This is a business that requires you going out and finding out what people want, and helping them to get that. When I realized that and went out and started to have fun, and look for people who were wanting to change their life’s in a positive manner, that’s when my business totally changed… and I believe in my heart that I have the best financial vehicle on the planet with Ambit Energy."

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David Spina

Age has nothing to do with success as David Spina proved when he became our youngest National Consultant at the age of thirty, "I started my Ambit Business when I was 25. I wanted to retire in five years, and now I’m 31 and my wife laughs because we kind of do have a retired lifestyle!"

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Ronny and Karen Kirkland

Ronny said CMO Chris Chambless once reminded him that "you will get paid for what you start." Ronny was able to work the business for only 14 months. Thanks to Ronny’s perseverance, he and Karen were able to enjoy a happy retirement in Mexico Beach, Florida that they always dreamed of. Ronny’s positive attitude and sunny disposition endeared him to all who had the pleasure of meeting him. He will be missed by all at Ambit.

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Brian McClure

Having been down the road of deregulation riches, Brian McClure definitely knew what to look for in a company. "Ambit offers a compensation plan that provides incredible residual rewards," he says.

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Steve Thompson

"I knew that if anyone ever got energy right, it would be the biggest run in the history of network marketing,” says Steve Thompson. After a year or so with Ambit, he’s building a business like no other he’s ever encountered.

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Carlos Marin

Carlos and Cecy Marin know a great opportunity when they see one "I flew to Dallas and we met with Chris Chambless and Jere Thompson." Says Carlos, "We were just blown away about the concept, the timing, the opportunity, and the future that this company held in store for us and millions of people."

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Damien Pechacek

Damien Pechacek
Damien Pechacek says "Prior to Ambit Energy, I was in the rat race working 70 hours a week at a health club… When I got started, I didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. It was all a matter of just plugging into the proven system that was already there."

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Ray Montie

For National Consultant Ray Montie, Ambit is more than just a business. He says “Ambit has given me a lifestyle that I love to share with other people. It’s a pleasure to be able to share your success with others.”

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Rigoberto Yepez

Rigoberto Yepez was born in Mexico and grew up in California. He started working in the fields of California when he was 15 years old, but he was always looking for the perfect business. One that would give him both time and money. "This is a Family business and we all help each other. I think things are going pretty well because we all believe this is the vehicle. It’s a great opportunity."

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Chris and Debbie Atkinson

Debbie Roy Atkinson was working two jobs, 60 hours a week as a Registered Nurse in a hospital emergency room. Her life changed forever when Chris Atkinson called to show her the Ambit Opportunity. Debbie recalls, "I told Chris I had no time to do this, but he wouldn't take no for an answer."

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Philip Eckart

"When I graduated from college, I never filled out an application to go to work for anybody because I was afraid they would hire me," says Philip Eckart. "I knew if I got a good job, that’s probably where I’d be stuck for the rest of my life."

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Frank and Sandra Schmaeling

Frank and Sandra Schmaeling believe that Ambit has the power to take a family where they want to go in life. "In particular," Frank says, "my goal was to buy back my time and spend more of it with my family."

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Esther Spina

Esther Spina’s enthusiasm for the Ambit Opportunity has continued to grow since her son convinced her to attend an Opportunity presentation in August 2006. She says, "When I saw the Ambit Opportunity, I said, ‘Wow, that’s my retirement.’ "

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