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Charlie Melchner , Executive Consultant

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Charlie Melchner is driven to succeed at everything he does. In fact, when he’s not working as an Ambit Executive Consultant or running his family business, he’s winning awards for his driving skills. Charlie is an avid rock crawler, a challenging motor sport that involves driving specially modified vehicles across nearly impassable mountain terrain. And he brings that same winning attitude to his work with Ambit. “Everyone has the same chance at success but how you go after it is key. I went all out,” he says.

Charlie also learned a great deal about business success from his involvement in his family’s business, the Mahopac Marina on Lake Mahopac, New York. He says he was “raised on hard work ethics” as his parents worked to make their venture a success. Without the support and encouragement of his Mom, Dad, and Wife he says he could never have done this and keep doing it. Their support combined with his own willingness to work hard has made a difference in the steady growth of his Ambit business.

Ambit: a ship comes in
While the marina was doing well, Charlie was looking for other sources of income and more time to spend with his wife Stephanie and their three children. A friend, RC Chris Noga, asked Charlie to look into Ambit, and when he did, he saw that this might be the opportunity he was looking for. “What impressed me most was the residual income from a public utility.”

At first, it wasn’t easy. “Getting turned down is tough,” Charlie says. But over time he developed his abilities. “I learned to talk in front of a room full of hundreds of people, how to run meetings and change the lives of others. I even found out I can wear a jacket and dress shoes!”

While his initial goals were simply to make his car payment, Charlie’s goals are now far higher than that. “I’ve been able to purchase a new rock crawler and some quads, but what’s really important is the chance to change people’s lives for the better.”

Driving for success
Charlie is glad to share his insight with other Consultants. “Work with your team members. I do phone calls and conferences for mine and constantly educate them on how to work the business. I have a money plan I’m working toward, and I always show a new person how they should set goals as well.” He also knows that getting started can be a challenge. “Don’t give up,” he says, “get trained and go to meetings each week.” Making Executive Consultant is a major milestone for Charlie. “I want people to see that hard work pays off. I will be working for my team so we can all see results.”

With his positive attitude, strong work ethic and dedication to teamwork, it’s easy to see why Charlie Melchner is as successful with Ambit as he is behind the wheel of a rock crawler, conquering the steepest mountain trails.

He’s one EC who’s constantly working to move onward and upward with Ambit.

My “Why?”
My why is my wife Stephanie and my children Hannah, Charlie and Danielle.

How many hours a week do you work your Ambit business?
I work about 20 hours a week in my Ambit business.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Having the proper invitation to bring someone to a meeting. Don’t confuse invitation with presentation.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION.
My favorite thing about AMBITION is the camaraderie.

Who are your five SCs who helped you reach EC?
Bob Pozzi, Sal Fertucci, Nick Crecco, John Nolan, Bob Carducci

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