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Abel Alaniz, Ambit Is A Simple Business
Adam & Michelle Carey, Ambit is a Very Moving Experience
Adriana Adams, Learning How to Succeed With Ambit
Aharon Shain, Doing His Homework
Alfredo Duenas, Just Say No to Student Loans
Alfredo Olvera, Skeptic Turned Ambit Advocate
Alma Garcia, Fashioning a Successful Career
Amanda & Aaron Spina, Goodbye Corporate – Hello, Family
Amber and Alex Hassett, Small Expectations, Big Results
Ana Bonilla, The Drive to Succeed
Angela Cotten, Financial Freedom is Finally Here
Anna Calara, A Family Tradition
Anthony Furniss, Right on Target
Anwaar & Naureen Qureshi, The Power of Perseverance
Ari & Barbara Ben-Yishay, A Family Operation
Arie & Mali Lengel , Big City, Bigger Dreams
Arye Jacobs, Heading Up in a Down Economy
Ash Krishna, Leading from the Front
Assene Moise, Finding Time for Success
Aura & Louis Guzman, Ambit Came into Our Life at the Right Time
Barbara Blasik, Singing the Ambit Tune
Barbara Bykowski, The Late Night Phone Call
Beatriz Lopez, A Better Opportunity
Beverly Hardwick , Second Time’s the Charm
Bhupen Patel , Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Bishop Eric & Karen Johnson , The Commitment to Success
Blake Hunter, Moving to the Beat of His Own Drum
Blenda Aycock, Ambit Was the Perfect Fit
Bob Bollman, It’s a Matter of Perspective
Bob Granger, He Found His “Exit Strategy”
Brandon Wilson, Starting Over With Ambit
Brian Radel, The Important Deadline
Brooke and Terry Thedford, In It Together
Bryan Compton, A Healthy Approach
Bud and Barbara Weathers, A Winning Team
Calvin Swan, A Rough Start
Carl Scott, The Fast Track to Success
Carter and Josie Mook, A Breakdown Results in a Big Break
Cecilia Pizarro, An International Success Story
Cesar & Sonia Baffoni, Nobody Could See What I Could See
Chad & Kim Pechacek, We Hope for This to be Our Sole Profession
Chad Vermillion , A Passion for Music- and Helping Others
Charlie Melchner , A Rock-Star Lifestyle
Charn Yuk & Hiu Kei Ko, Setting the Stage
Cheryl & Oady Spencer, Taking Off for New Destinations
Chris Niles, Taking a Look Beyond the Surface
Chuck Chance, It Came Down to a “Light Bulb Moment!”
Claudia Elisa Perez, Looking for a Job, Finding an Opportunity
Clayton & Alva Bourges, A Perfect Storm
Cletodell Titus , The Process is the Real Payoff
Clint Hummel , It’s All About Family
Coach Alan Johnston , Coach Alan Johnston’s Secret to Success: “Be Coachable!”
Cong Zhao, The Time Freedom Dream Comes True
Cory Helms, Playing as Work
Dale Poage, The Fast Lane to Success
Dan & Donna Kardos, Recommitting to Success
Danny & Islie Tau, A Family Business
Darryn McClure, Painting a Masterpiece of Success
Dave Larkin, Ambit Lets Me Help Other People
David & Catherine Lipinczyk, Cooking Up Success
David & Elizabeth Finch , Too Busy to Find Success
David Daniel, A Burning Desire to Succeed
David Johnston, No Obstacles
David T. & Ann Hutcherson, Ambit is a Game for David
Davis and Xuan Vo , Worth the Shot
Debbie & Bruce Heckendorn , Her New Family- Ambit
Debbie and Roger Stutzman, A New Plan for Success
Debra Hicks, From Energy Markets to Energetic Marketing
Don & Brenda Boyd, At Home With Ambit
Doug Parker, Success Meets Success
Dr. Nancy Cappiello-Larson, From Cheesemaker to Chiropractor to Consultant
Dr. Ronald & Janet Jenkins , A Man of Faith and an Ambit Believer, Too!
Duane & Kathleen Fetherbay, From Various Jobs to God’s Plan
Dundy & Holly Aipoalani, A Commitment To Integrity and Excellence
Earle & Maria Chapa, Looking for Their Place at the Table
ECs Jay and Teresa Sanborn, Connecting to a Dream of Financial Freedom
Eddie & Lee Bobo, Dollars and Cents Equal Success
Eddy & Joyce Rowton, Taking Pride In Teamwork Among New Friends
Eduardo Teixeria, Getting the Word About Ambit
Elizabeth Jimenez , Family First
Erandy Montano, Tired of Waking Up at 3:00 a.m.
Eric & Sharon May, Fixing a Financial Fiasco
Eric Rodriguez, The Path to Finding the Right One From Energy Broker to Independent Consultant
Estela Alvarado, Designing a Path to Destiny
Fernando Zaragoza, Ambit Brought Out My Best Qualities
Filto Tas, Building on Experience as a Business Owner
Frank Nagel, Doing “Whatever it Takes” to Help Others
Fred Banks, Defying His Past
Fred Damon, Succeeding Beyond His Estimations
Gabriela Aldrete , Looking for the Right Chemistry
Gary Prenger, A New Way to Bring Home the Bacon
Genaro Aguillon, I Saw the Vision
Georges Montillet, Using His Gifts
Geovanni Ventura, Living the American Dream
Ghulam & Nasrin Murshed, An American Success Story
Ginger Chachere & Robert Meyer, Redefining “Retirement”
Glenda Farmer, “The Life I Thought I’d Never Have”
Greg & Beth Korcyl, Increasing Charitable Contributions
Gregg & Fran Day, Financial Security Is Finally Feasible
Hannia Narvaez, Full-Time Financial Advisor to Mompreneur (Mom + Ambit Entrepreneur)
Hector Cuevas, Driven to be Successful
Henry Ye, He Helps Those Who Want to Help Themselves
Ingrid & David Yardley, A Prescription for Success
Iris and Dirck Hornung, In It Together
Irma Lozada, The Bill That Changed It All
Jace & Dalia Garza, Birthing a New Business
Jacinto & Laura Rivera, New Challenges, New Opportunities
Jack Davis , Banking on Success
Jake & Nancy Ensign, Hunting for a New Opportunity
Jake Hughes, Serving the Ambit Way
James & Susan Simek, Rocking With Ambit
James and Frieda Cox, D. Th., A Change of Heart
James Christoffel, One More
James Hall, A Chance to Soar
James Penny, Bad News, Good News
Jane Bell, From Skeptic to Believer
Janelle Cline, Rising to Meet Every Challenge
Janusz Furgal, American Dreams Do Come True
Jarrad Abshire, Insuring a Better Future
Jay Emma, Cleaning Up With Ambit
Jeannie Smith , A Lifetime of Commitment
Jeff & Kym Gable, Born to Perform
Jeffrey Rollins, Carving His Niche
Jen & Jim Morton, A Crash Course in Economics
Jennifer & Rick Vahl, Finding an Opportunity
Jennifer Burns, From Selling Homes to Powering Houses
Jerry Watts, From Small-Town Beginnings to Big-Time Success
Jie Viviano, Scripting a Story of Success
Jim & Jacqualine Costello , Off-Season Opportunity for a Busy Family
Jim & Julie Brosious, Cleaning Up With a New Venture
Jim & Kim Mason, From “Big Thinkers” to Big Success
Jing Li, Singing a New Tune
John Haas, It’s Just Step by Step
John Morrison , A Long Journey Leads to Success with AMBIT
John Nicolaou, On the Lookout for a New Opportunity
John West, A Second Chance to DREAM and SUCCEED
Jonathan Drew, Crunching the Numbers
Jose and Leticia Castro, It Started with a Napkin
Joseph & Josephine Derby, Ambit Brought Me Ease
Joseph Dean, My Financial Burdens Are No More
Josephine Ozougwu, Taking Care of Business
Juan (Johnny) Ventura , Johnny Ventura Hits the Bigtime Overnight!
Julia & Emerson Fuentes, So Much to Do, So Little Time
Julius & Shellie Weems, Information Technology Couple Gets the Word About Ambit
Justin & Joshua Duncan, From High School to Executive Consultants
Justin & Sara Ledford, Fast-Tracking to Success
Justin Zhang, I will achieve financial freedom
Katheryn Stains, “Watching My Team Grow & Develop”
Keith Begly, Finding a Way for Himself
Keith Doughty, Something was Missing
Kelsey Hicks, A Real Job, A Real Education
Kelvin Nguyen, Why Not?
Kent Hansen, A Perfect Foundation for Limitless Success
Kevin Cochran, High-Energy Passion to His Ambit Business
Kevin Finch, “Pretty Cool, Huh?”
Kevin Kerrigan, This Opportunity is for Real
Khaled Qureshi, My Whole Family Works Ambit
Khushi (Happii) Mohammad Najmi, Many “Happii” Returns
Kim & Jim Mason, From “Big Thinkers” to Big Success
Kirk & Trisha Horan, “Never Give Up”
Kris Brooks, A Big Hit
Kris Krozel, Starting from Scratch
Lamar and Ann Steen, Entrepreneur at Heart
Larry Leafblad, Rocking Out with Ambit
Laura Fernandez, Fostering a New Community
Laura Mohr, Ambit Changes Lives
Leslie & JJ Hart, The Right Opportunity at the Right Time
Lien Nguyen, A Complete Turnaround
Lin & Bin Huang, A Business Background
Lisa Pulliam, From Housewife to Entrepreneur
Lonnie Butler, The Drive to EC
Loraine Nelson, Ambit Made Me More Confident
Luigi & Anita Chiaravalle, On the Fast-Track to Retirement
Luis Alcaraz, From Puerto Rico to Chasing a Dream
Luis Mario Remache, Teaching a New Lesson
Lukas Moffett, A Model Opportunity
Manny and Rosella Salazar, A Tangible Dream
Manny Zumba, Building On A Promise
Marc & Christina Alfano, One Letter Changed It All
Mari Yuro, Invested in Career and Family
Maria Antonieta Gomez, Writing Her Ambit Story
Maria De Lourdes Cardenas, A Dream Deferred
Maria Kajmowicz, Not Afraid to Start Over
Maria L. Sanchez, Always Staying Positive
Mario Price, Real versus Apparent Success
Mark & Olivia Guerra, The Value of Hard Work
Mark & Silvia Serna, A Healthy Choice
Mark and Vicki Walker, Initial Reservations Turn to Excitement
Martha Ramirez, Ambit Stuck In My Mind
Mary Jane Beauregard & John Smith, An Entrepreneurial Spirit
Md Shahidul Rana, Around the World and Back Again – to Success
Melynda Lilly , Building on Experience
Michael & Stacey Dunkley , In a League of Her Own
Michael Obay, The Power of Leverage
Michelle Hopper, Breathing Life into a New Career
Michelle Matthews, Discovering a Life of Fulfillment and Balance
Miguel and Itza Munoz, A Military Match
Mike & Ellie Tornatore, “Have Faith & Plug In”
Mike and Jeni Sherrard, Traveling the Right Path
Milton Tito, Ambit’s Hidden Gem
Mohammad Alam, From Zero Opportunities to Endless Possibilities
Nancy Gonzalez, Daring to Dream
Narcizo De La Cruz, Making Sense of the Numbers
Nathel Johnson, Singing Ambit’s Praises
Nghi Ly, An Agent On Her Own Behalf
Nicholas Faith, Lucky Number Seven
Nir Golan, Just as Excited Today
Nora & Joey Carter, A Legacy of Network Marketing Success
Norbert Hennessy , “Who is Kidding Who?”
Oksana and Daniel Johnson, The Plan to Save the Radio Station
Orshi Csak , “Ask the Right Questions!”
Pablo & Telana Nieves, We Want To Help Others
Pastor Kenny Smith , Casting the Vision for Ambit Consultants
Patrick Flander, From Tough Times to “Epic” Success
Patrick Flander, From Tough Times to “Epic” Success
Paul and Lisa Easton, Ambit Wedding Bells
Paul Campanello, Building a New Dream
Pedro Perez, The Future Finally Looks Comfortable
Peggy and Ernie Force, Our Life is Changed Forever
Peggy Goggans, Tough Times, Tough Choices
Pete Maugans, It’s About Growing Leadership
Peter & Miriam La China, Getting in on the Ground Floor
Peter and Mary Certo, Sold on Ambit
Phil & Jennifer Toler , Making Sweet Music With Ambit
Phillip Felton, On the Road to Success
Piotr Luda, Keep Going and Going and Having Fun!
Piotr Siemieniuk, Vacation to Vocation
Precilla Calara , Dreaming Big
Rafael Ramirez, The Opportunity of a Lifetime
Raggy and Visa Arumugham, Recognizing a Good Business Opportunity
Ralph & Ann Nicosia, Opportunity in the Nick of Time
Ralph & Paige Irizarry, Driving Hard on the Road to Success
Randall Foster, Sharing Ambit’s Values
Randy & Rosanna Irwin , Didn’t Want to Miss the Boat
Rebeca Garcia, Destined for New Dreams
Regina & Jan Rybarczyk, The Language of Success
Regina Gail, Ambit Helped Fulfill Her Life’s Mission as a Mother
Rey and Sulma Perez , Searching for a Career
Richard and Kalyn Turner, A Career Turn for the Better
Richard Laidler, Swamped by Success
Richard Laidler, Swamped By Success
Richard Schloss, From Four Jobs to One Big Success
Rick Geraci, Let the Opportunity do the Talking
Rick Stockman, Driven to Ultimate Ambit Success
Rick Suryk, Eagle Scout to Executive Consultant
Rigoberto Yepez, CONGRATULATIONS! Our Newest National Consultant!
Rob & Laurie Marchiony, Making a Case for Ambit
Robby Mott, Full Speed Ahead
Robert Giamboi, Unable to Bear the Wall Street Bull
Robert Wujda , From a Long Vacation to a Long-Term Opportunity
Roberto and Reyna Lopez, A Second Chance
Robin Polin, Overcoming Obstacles
Rocio Enriquez , Helping Out
Ron & Elizabeth Tamlyn , The Seeds of a Big Idea
Ron & Kim Clark, The Sky Is the Limit
Ronnie and Carla Johnson, A Journey That Would Come Full Circle
Ronny Kirkland, In Loving Memory of Ronny Kirkland 1942-2013
Rose & Kevin Duncan, Two Careers, Too Little Time Off
Roxana Cook Blanks, Cooking Up Success
Ruth Velez, Looking for an Opportunity
Ryan and Sarah Gould, Family Matters
Ryszard Tarnacki , From Humble Beginnings to Thriving Success
Sam Miller, The Winning Shot
Shalom Lamm, A Successful Journey from Square Feet to Kilowatts
Shamim Khan , My Patience Paid Off
Shantee' & Mark McPhee, Motivated by Ambit
Sharon Kendall, From J. O. B. to Financially Free
Shaun Roberts, On the Lookout for Another Opportunity
Shawn Coleman, Looking for an Opportunity
Shelley Robertson (Walshe), Taking Care of Kids, Taking Care of Business
Shelly & Randy Cox, An Electrifying Opportunity
Sherell & Rahim Slaise, No Time at All
Shimon & Olga Kaylyakov, Why Ambit Computed
Shirley and Dean Chisham, Life Changes
Sigal & Joe Cespuglio, The “Favor” that Changed Our Lives
Simon and Susan Ko, Success Was in the Cards
Stanley Ducharme, A Renewed Hope and Game-Changing Opportunity
Stephen and Danielle Lee, A Delayed Dream Worth It All
Stephen Daire, From Managing Payrolls to Making Money
Steve & Connie Sunday, Retirement is Now an Option
Steve Miller , The Light Goes On With Ambit
Steven Testoni, Looking for the Right Opportunity
Sue Ucker , A Chance to Blossom With Ambit
Susan Battelstein, Helping People Save Money Was Irresistible
Suzanne & Johnny Duque, Finding Hope
Syed & Syeda Nasreen Iqbal , Ambit Opened Up My Future
Syed Taqvi, Setting Goals, Achieving Dreams
Sylwia Mackowska, Learning in a New School
Teresa and Michael Percifield, The Decision That Changed It All
Thang Bui, Pursuing The American Dream
Thien Bui & Jill Tran, Sharing the Light with Others
Thomas O'Grady, PhD, An Economic Expert, Building Success
Tianxia Yang, Small Steps to a Big Dream
Tiffanie Wood, Learning to Work Smarter
Tim & Missy Ulinger, A Family Affair
Tim & Yolanda Hunte , My Wife Said Don’t Quit
Tim & Yolanda Hunte , My Wife Said Don’t Quit
Tina Henderson, An Energetic Energy Expert
Todd Carrier, An Energetic Achiever
Tommie & Polly Raines, Making Second Chances Count
Tony and Diana Procopio, The Path to Ambit
Truc Le, Nailing Down the Perfect Opportunity
Valerie and John Candee, Landing the EC Position
Victor Fontaine, It Started with a Cup of Coffee
Vincent Sawyer , Three Weddings and a Success Story
Ward Miller, The Right Place, The Right Time
Wasim and Farkhanda Zaman, Wanting to Do Better
Wayne and Nancy Hill, Focused on Success
Wenqing and Aurelien Bouche-Pillon , An Outstanding Performer
Wesley Brace, A Side of Success
William (Jeff) Brogan, A Story of Success and Inspiration
Wilson Montoya, Helping People in Brand-New Ways
Wojciech Liczkowski, Painting a Brighter Future
Xinping Ning , Fourth Time is the Charm
Yassar Ayub, Crediting Leadership, Training and Teamwork to Success
Yosef Ben-Zev, My Vehicle to Financial Freedom
Yun Yan Huang, The ABCs of Helping Others
Yunguang Zheng , Overcoming Adversity
Zeph Blake , Around the World to Ambit