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Yassar Ayub, Executive Consultant

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As he’s walking down the busy streets of Brooklyn just after class at Brooklyn College, above the noise and bustle we can still hear the excitement in senior accounting major Yassar Ayub’s voice. He’s talking about how he heard about the Ambit Opportunity. “I was on the phone with my uncle down in Austin who was trying to send me a money order.” Yassar’s uncle doesn’t speak English, so there was a translator on the line helping with the transaction. “The translator told me about Ambit and told me to go to the New York Pre-launch website.” The resourceful translator was SC Khushi Mohammad, who had no idea that Yassar would realize such great success with Ambit. Yassar says, “I went to the website and I got excited and then I had to wait two weeks before I could register. They opened registration at midnight and I believe I was the first person in New York to sign up with Ambit.”

During the New York Pre-launch, Yassar signed up more than 40 people, “and then I hit the jackpot!” He was the first person in New York to promote himself to Regional Consultant. At the New York Kick-Off, he was among the special guests invited to have dinner after the event with Ambit Energy Co-founders Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless. “I sat right next to Jere Thompson at dinner. He listens to what you have to say.”

Leadership and Teamwork
“I couldn’t have made it here without great leadership and my team. [NC] Steve Thompson was up here (in New York) every week. He helped make sure the team was at all the trainings. I did a whole lot of 3-way calls with him.” Yassar also has enormous appreciation for NC Carlos Marin, NC Brian McClure, NC Philip Eckart, EC Chris Atkinson, EC Debbie Roy, EC Richard Rose and SC Justin Title for all the help they gave him as he built up his Ambit organization.

You can’t reach EC level without helping others achieve success. Yassar wants to thank the Senior Consultants who helped him promote to the second highest position in Ambit: Irving Franco, Hymie Serure, Irfan Younes, Robert Braha and David Sarasky.

Yassar’s “Synergy Team” is going strong. Among the key players on his team, Yassar recognizes SC Charles Peterson, SC Darrell Holmes, SC James Celarek, SC Thomas O’Grady, RC Angela Russel, RC Mona Couey and RC Toni Brown Peterson. “Jim Celarek, my man in Illinois,” Yassar beams, “has helped build up my team to have a presence in 28 states now!” Yassar already has somewhere near 120 people on his team in Illinois. During the phone call, as Yassar was talking about Steve Thompson’s leadership, none other than Steve himself beeped in on Yassar’s call waiting. It seems successful leaders are always leading, doing whatever it takes to keep the business growing.

Private Business Receptions (PBR)
One thing Yassar does to help himself and others build their Ambit organizations is to hold Private Business Receptions, or PBRs. “When a new person comes in, we launch the business in their house. I tell them to call their relatives and friends and we pop in the DVD. We watch it, then ask, ‘Any questions?’” Now that’s a cool idea!

Advice for new Consultants
Yassar says he tells new Consultants the same thing Steve Thompson tells everyone, “Get excited, stay focused and never, ever quit. Put yourself into the system and let the system work for you.” Yassar says the system is, “attending the briefings, the trainings, the corporate events and using the tools, which are the websites, brochures and DVDs. You do all those things and one day you’ll be a National Consultant.”

This full-time accounting student has been building his Ambit business on a part-time basis since the New York Pre-launch, but he says, “I’m going full-time in 2009 so watch out! I graduate in December. I’m going to put 600 days into this like the leaders say. Then relax the rest of my life!”

Sounds like it’s going to be a great life for Yassar.

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