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Precilla Calara , Executive Consultant

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“To do this business you must have a big dream,” says Executive Consultant Precilla Calara. “That is what will get you out of the house to build your business every day.”

Precilla has always been a dreamer. “I wanted to have more in life,” she says, “so that my husband and I could give our kids a better life than we had when we were growing up.”

Natives of the Philippines, Precilla and her husband, Rey, came to North America by way of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They moved to Brownsville, Texas, in 1998, to work as civil engineers in the oil industry.

“Growing up as a little child,” Precilla says, “I always wanted to live in the United States, the land of opportunity.”

In Brownsville, Precilla worked as an engineer, then as a real estate broker and investor. She and her family (three daughters) now live in Harlingen, Texas, just a few miles up the Rio Grande River from Brownsville. She discovered the Ambit Opportunity through her relatives and joined the business in October of 2007.

Today her dream, her big WHY, is to earn enough income with Ambit so that Rey can retire. “We have a nice old house with a big yard and a pool. It’s a relaxing place, but we don’t get the time we’d like to enjoy it,” she says, because Rey travels on business quite a bit. “He’s a wonderful husband, and we like to be together.”

Staying focused
After joining the business, she heard NC Steve Thompson speak in McAllen, Texas, during a January training event and got motivated to start building momentum. Then in September she got fired-up again at Ambition 2008. “Every time you go to a big event you get more excitement and more conviction that this business works,” she says. “People see that [conviction] when you talk to them and they see that you’re serious.”

About building her business, Precilla says, “I’m a go-getter. I believe it’s going to work. I tell people that if they want to get ahead in life, here’s an opportunity.” Precilla’s attitude and passion is sometimes all it takes to attract new people into her business. She says a couple of people recently joined her team solely by virtue of their faith in her. Precilla recalls they came to her and said, “You’re doing this and if you’re doing it and doing well, it must be a good thing.” Boom: two new MCs.
Advice for new Consultants
Precilla advises, “Don’t let anything hinder you. You will encounter distractions. Keep your focus on your goal or your dream. Always think of your WHY and stay on the path.” She remembers when she was in high school, “I used to write on my notebooks, ‘If they can do it, why can’t I?’” Today, she’s turned that thought around and tells her team, “If I can do it, you can do it, too!”

Precilla gets very excited about Ambit, “It’s not just you that’s going to be successful. You’re going to bring a lot of successful people with you. It’s great! You have a new ‘Ambit Family’ and it’s fun to do this. You enjoy doing it. I don’t even think of it as work.” She stops to think a second and says, “I want to help a lot of people to become successful. That’s how you achieve success in this business.”

Special thanks
“My special thanks for the full support of my husband, Rey, and my children, Anna, Mariel and Grace. Also thanks to all my downline Consultants, especially my SCs David Fair, Jasmin Pina, Sue Uecker, Jeanno Aquino and Amy Feliciano. And thanks to all my upline, especially NC Lane Winsett.”

A final thought
Precilla remembers that even when she was young, “I always wanted to have my own business. I never liked working for someone else.” Now that she’s helping others achieve their dreams by sharing the Ambit Opportunity, Precilla can say with confidence: “See you all at the top!”

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