In It Together

Brooke and Terry Thedford, Executive Consultant

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In It Together

For Brooke and Terry Thedford, Ambit is part of a busy family life. The couple have three daughters who are involved in a wide range of sport and other activities, and they’ve included their kids at every step of the way, from the decision to starting an Ambit Energy business to drawing vision boards to changing careers.

This kind of focus and drive is no surprise. Both Brooke and Terry have always known what they wanted. For Terry, it’s been a lifelong dream to pursue a career in law enforcement. And Brooke knew she was going to go into the family insurance business from a very young age. Yet while both achieved success in their dream vocations, they both knew there were other opportunities out there.

Opportunity Walks In

Terry worked the occasional side job while he was in law enforcement. One day, a man walked into the cell phone store where Terry was working. The two got to talking, and introduced Terry to the Ambit Opportunity. “Kevin Duncan had to follow up with us for more than two months before we finally joined the business,” Terry recalls, “Our lives changed for the better that day.”

“Our “Why” was for Terry to stop working all the ‘extra jobs’ he was working,” Brooke says. “He had to miss sporting events, church, it was not a good situation. Within three months of starting our business, he was able to quit all those extra jobs.” Within six months, Brooke was able to quit her insurance job. And after 18 months Terry was able to leave his job in law enforcement. “Now, moving forward we have a much bigger vision for our family,” the Thedfords say. “A bigger house, better cars, dream pool, family vacation, building a legacy that our daughters can be proud of.”

Secrets to Success

“From Day One we followed the system and will continue to do so,” says Terry. “We will continue to expand into new markets and to grow our Houston team and go wherever this opportunity may lead us.”

“Think of this business as raising a new baby,” Brooke says. “You have to put time and consistent effort into it. You will have challenges, and some things will get easier and some things will be more challenging, but never give up.”

Using their experience and insights, the Thedfords hope to become top income earners and helping others to achieve more. Given their track record of rapid success and growth, that’s something they’re likely to accomplish together.

My/our “Why?”
Build a legacy for our family.

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business:
Every single chance we get. We are truly obsessed with building our Ambit business.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Business presentations. We attend a minimum of two a week, sometimes four and always try to have guests present.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Mingling with our Ambit fellow and getting re-energized for the year.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC.
Davis & Xuan Vo
Dany Zelaa
David Henley
Brittany Blackston
Jason Canas

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