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Claudia Elisa Perez, Executive Consultant

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When Claudia Elisa Perez’s husband Elmer lost his job, she applied for a job as a waitress. During the conversation, she also mentioned she happened to mention she was also looking for an electricity provider. While the waitressing job didn’t materialize, an offer to attend an Ambit Energy presentation did. “We both went, but Elmer had to stay I the car with the baby. When I came out, I told him I had made the decision to start a business, and he supported me.”
Claudia was determined to hit the ground running. “I became a Customer and a Consultant. Then I invited my neighbors to become Customers and earned my first check. That’s what started my path with Ambit.”
Organization is the Key
With four young children and a husband working full-time, Claudia believes discipline is critical to her success. “The way I have built my business is by being organized in the mornings. I make appointments and dedicate the time my kids are in school to work on my business.” And while she appreciates the time flexibility Ambit offers, she takes her business seriously. I went to presentations and trainings to learn to communicate in a professional way.”
The payoff was powerful. Claudia Fast-Tracked to EC, and is especially proud of the fact she is a role model for her children as a mother and entrepreneur. She’s also developed her self-confidence, and reminds her fellow Consultants that “we have to break down barriers and overcome fears.”
Looking Ahead
“To become an NC I plan to continue with presentations. I am always willing to help my team, to show them the system, go to trainings with them and have good communication and respect with them,” she says.  Claudia advices new Consultants to “take advantage of the tools Ambit provides in PowerZone and don’t be afraid to talk to people.”
In a few years she hopes to be able to have her husband retire early and be able to pay for her children’s education. She also wants to support schooling for youngsters in her homeland of Guatemala. It all seems very feasible for someone who’s planning and organizational skills have take her so far, so fast.
Five EC Pieces:
My “Why?”
My loving family.

Time spent working our Ambit business:
Full time since 2016.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Sharing the opportunity with everyone, the power of words, following the Ambit system.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Listening to the testimonies of other Consultants and seeing how many people are achieving their goals and the awards.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped us reach EC.
I am very thankful because I have had the pleasure and honor to meet these people and I wish to them success in all aspects of their lives.
SC Reny Batiz Lino
SC Lucy Solis
SC Natailia Helena
SC Luz and Jose F. Alfaro
SC Flor Guemez

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