My Financial Burdens Are No More

Joseph Dean, Executive Consultant

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Before he joined Ambit, Joe was both a teacher and a coach. With a beautiful wife of 41 years, Dorris, and two children, Joe knew he needed to find a way to continue making money when the time came for him to retire from teaching and coaching. 

“When I retired from teaching, I knew I had to supplement my income. Ambit gave me the opportunity to do just that and it has been great,” said Joe.

For Joe, his main motivation behind joining Ambit was to one day achieve financial freedom, something he knows may take some time. “I am not where I want to be yet, but I am still working on my goals,” he added.

Friends and family see the light!
As with many Ambit consultants, Joe’s friends and family took some time to finally hop on the Ambit train. In fact, many of his close friends questioned what Joe was getting himself into. But after only a short time at Ambit, those closest to Joe saw what an impact it was having on his life. “Now they can see it is working for me,” said Joe. “Some are even becoming my customers, joining me at Ambit Energy.”

Nonetheless, Joe said the two biggest challenges he faces are getting people to try Ambit as a customer and building his team. “My attitude has always been ‘you win when you win,’ so I just keep working my Ambit business every day,” said Joe.

My financial worries have disappeared
One of Joe’s proudest accomplishments upon joining Ambit has been to see his team start to get their residual income growing. Joe noted that he’s also been able to see his own residual income grow each month as well.

“This has taken a lot of financial worry off of me,” said Joe. While Joe added that he’s always had the ability to maintain a positive attitude, Ambit has helped make that skill even stronger. “I try to always be a positive example, and show them if I can do it, they can too,” Joe noted.

During his time at Ambit so far, Joe has made some new goals for himself. He is striving to show his team how they can get to the next level, while building his own next level at a faster pace than he did EC.

Joe can now see a future without the financial burdens he used to face thanks to Ambit, and he is excited to share that with his team. His advice for new Consultants is plain and simple: Write your goals down, make a large list and work your Ambit business every day.

In his attempt to become an NC, Joe plans to do a few specific things. “I’m going to build a team with a leader when they come into Ambit. I also want to recruit people who are business-minded team leaders with a positive mental attitude,” said Joe.

My “Why”:
My “why” is financial freedom.

Time spent working our Ambit business:
I work about 15 hours per week on my Ambit.

The single most effective success tool, factor or influence for growing our business:
The one-on-one and group meetings are by far the most effective tools for my Ambit.

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
The announcement is my favorite thing about AMBITION.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me reach EC:
Kenneth Williams, Lorenzo Williams, George Coleman, Eddie Williams and Michael Williams

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