My Patience Paid Off

Shamim Khan , Executive Consultant

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My Patience Paid Off

Change was never a big fear for Shamim Khan. It’s the reason he left his homeland for a country he knew nothing about with less than $500. He wanted a change and knew that this move meant opportunities for his family and advancement for his career.  “I have always had the

desire to have a career where I can make my own schedule,” Shamim said.  After stints in the medical, law enforcement and casino industries, it was the recent economic crisis that made Shamim take a closer look at his financial future. An old family friend, Jamy Choudhury,

introduced him to Ambit Energy. Shamim knew that with the severe financial issues, he faced there were things in his career he needed to change.  “I was reluctant at first to start a new adventure, but I followed my instinct and joined Ambit as an Independent Consultant,” he said.

Persistence is Key

It was Ambit’s entry into the South Jersey region that spurred Shamim into action. The Consultants had to generate an interest in Ambit in order to begin selling Ambit in the region.  “We had to collect over 1000 energy bills from our friends and family in the tri-state area,” Shamim

said. “Within two months, I became a Senior Consultant with the help and hard work of my team.”  Shamim knows that a large part of the experiences that he and his family are now able to have are in large part thanks to Ambit.  “I am able to visit my family abroad more frequently.

Thanks to Ambit, I continue to create beautiful memories with my family.”  Though it hasn’t always been an easy path, Shamim still believes that building his business was his motivation to keep going and never give up. There were a few setbacks to establishing the South Jersey

region, but Shamim never stopped.  My work with Ambit revealed that my greatest strength has always been my patience,” he said. “I learned that sticking to something that I believe in will eventually produce results sooner or later.”

Next Steps

Shamim credits his firsthand knowledge of achieving success with being prepared and learning as much as he can about the business. He believes this is sound advice that he can pass on to new Consultants.  “My advice for new Consultants is to always be organized and keep a

portfolio handy,” he said. His next step is simple: to continue to spread the word about his business and inspire others to achieve the financial success he has had with Ambit.  “I often meet new Consultants who want to learn about how to reach out to more communities and

expand their businesses. With my experience launching the South Jersey region, I am able to help them and provide the answers they need to succeed,” Shamim said. It’s no doubt that his patience and great start are two things that make Shamim a great example to teach this trait to others.

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