Making Sense of the Numbers

Narcizo De La Cruz, Executive Consultant

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As a former Accountant who’s conducted numerous audits, Narcizo De La Cruz knows numbers. And that’s what attracted him to Ambit. “In my previous jobs, my income was dependent on a weekly check. But when I discovered the opportunities Ambit offered to obtain a residual income every month just by helping people, I was attracted to the business. The numbers made sense to me.”

As a result, shortly after being introduced to the Ambit Opportunity by a friend in Connecticut, Narcizo signed up. He even fast-tracked his way to Senior Consultant, but was then distracted by other events in his life. He let his Ambit business slump.

People Really Helping People

Luckily for Narcizo, his mentor EC Cesar Baffoni, noticed. He stayed in touch with Narcizo, gently but consistently encouraging the SC to come back to his Ambit business. “I started with Ambit again thanks to Cesar Baffoni,” Narcizo says. He set himself a goal of registering 100 Consultants, and by his target date he’d registered more than 120.

Of course, it wasn’t always easy. “Many people I shared the business with didn’t envision the opportunity Ambit offers,” he says. “I had to be patient and persistent.” However, as is often the case, Narcizo found that the rewards more than compensated for the challenges. “One of the talents I found in myself is the ability to teach others,” he says. “I’ve learned to focus more on helping people and not just myself.”

For Narcizo, success is now about helping his team members to define their “Why” and encouraging them to believe that achieving it is possible.

Adding up to Success

Planning for a residual income, mentoring fellow Consultants and hard work has added up to a high level of success for Narcizo. But he’s far from finished with his Ambit journey. “I’m 56,” he says, “and my “Why” is to retire in three years and have the Financial Freedom to help my family obtain their goals.”

He tells new Consultants “If I was able to obtain my original goals, you can, too.” Narcizo’s focus, helpfulness and success are tangible proof he’s giving good advice.

Five EC Pieces
My/ our “Why?”

Obtaining the Financial Freedom necessary to a successful retirement and helping my children with their education.

Time spent working my/ our Ambit business

Since May 2012

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?

The most effective tool that I use is the business presentation face-to-face.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION

My favorite thing about AMBITION is the motivation that comes from the professional mentors.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped me/ us reach EC

Encarnacion Roman
Beatriz Vigil
Sara Pineda
Glenys Mendez
Bernardita Mendoza

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