“Pretty Cool, Huh?”

Kevin Finch, Executive Consultant

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“It’s exciting!” gushes newly promoted Executive Consultant Kevin Finch. And not just for him; it’s exciting for people on his team as well. He says, “There’s a guy in my downline that says about me, ‘If that guy can make it to EC, anybody can.’ I think he’s probably right!”

Kevin is in the commercial real estate business in Dallas and has four daughters enrolled in private schools. About his oldest daughter’s college aspirations he says, “She can go to any school she wants to and Ambit will pay for it. That’s pretty cool, huh?” Kevin says that a lot when he’s talking about Ambit.

Why Kevin joined Ambit Energy
Kevin has been approached by network marketing companies all his life but never joined one. He never saw the right company. “Network marketing has never been my cup of tea. I almost walked away from Ambit, too, but I’m glad I didn’t!”

Kevin attended the first Ambit Opportunity meeting ever held on August 8, 2006. “My brother Brian and [NC] Dan Robison invited me. The space was empty then. [Co-founders] Jere and Chris were there and about 30 other people. I had known of the Thompson family and Jere because we went to the same church growing up. I had the sense of confidence that if Jere Thompson was behind this, it was not another one of those questionable network marketing companies. It’s not potions, lotions, pills or some other product with questionable health benefits. Electricity is something every single person uses and they have to have it. And we’re selling it at a discount.”

Kevin says, “The beautiful thing about Ambit is the only way you succeed is by helping other people succeed, too. I help people achieve their dreams and when it happens, I get a piece of it. Isn’t that cool?” He’s been working his business with his friend SC Ward Miller. “We’ve been working arm-in-arm since we started. In any business you’re going to have ups and downs. When I’ve been down in the dumps, Ward has pulled me along and vice-versa.” Kevin also gives a ton of credit to Senior Consultants Ash Krishna, David Gleave, Barry Hyde, Tene Williams and Gem Morrison for playing a huge role in his success. “I owe my promotion to them.” Setting goals
“I set goals for myself, but I have important goals for all of my team members. Right now we’re working hard to get Ward his promotion to EC.”

Kevin’s first goal was to earn his $399 back. “My second goal was to make enough money working for the electric company to pay my electric bill.” He set another goal for himself in November 2006 when a fellow Dad’s Club member at his daughter’s school said no to joining the business. Kevin thought it would be pretty cool if Ambit could pay his daughter’s tuition. In August 2007 Kevin saw the man again at another Dad’s Club meeting. The man asked pointedly, “So how’s that electricity thing going for you? Paying for your daughter’s tuition yet?” Kevin by that time had two daughters enrolled at the school. He replied, “No. Now it’s paying for both of my daughters’ tuitions.” Nice comeback!

Advice for new Consultants
Kevin says first, get two customers on your own. It’s important to feel like you’ve accomplished something. Second, find a good friend to build your business with. Work on this and have fun together. Keep each other going and share in success. Third, it’s not a race; it’s a marathon. “It doesn’t matter that I wasn’t the first to cross the finish line. What matters is I crossed it. You might not get there the fastest; just get there.”

And, “Don’t quit! Never quit. Have a dream. Even if five people say ‘no,’ you never know who the Lord is going to put in front of you tomorrow.” Kevin strongly believes in doing everything taught by your upline and the company. “Do it and you’ll make the money and you’ll have fun doing it. It’s more than the money. This business can be a whole lot of fun!”

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